tagBDSMThe Wager Ch. 01

The Wager Ch. 01


He had been waiting for this night for what to him seemed like an eternity. It had been almost three weeks since he had last been in her presence. He had spent that whole time yearning, anticipating, and fantasizing, and now it was Friday night and he was finally at her door. He tried to savor the last few seconds of anticipation.

Before tonight, because of his family situation, he had always only met her for a few blissful hours at a time. One time they had both played hooky from work and they had spent a whole day together. Their time together always was too short. But this time it was different. This time he was free for the whole weekend. There would be no interruptions, no distractions and no reason to leave until Sunday evening. The possibilities seemed endless.

She had playfully toyed with him over the phone this past week, telling him in her seductive voice how she had something very 'special' planned for him. "Are you hard thinking about this weekend, sweetie?" she whispered over the phone. "Just wait 'til I finally get you to myself for the weekend. I've got some naughty surprises planned for you!" But she would not give him any details. "You don't want to spoil the surprise, do you sweetie?" She only told him she wanted him strong and rested for the weekend.

He had dressed to impress her. He had spent hours picking out the perfect shirt and slacks, even though he hoped he would be spending very little time wearing any clothes over the next two days. He had a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in one hand, and a bouquet of red roses in the other.

The door opened and the radiant vision of the perfect woman he saw in front of him made his legs wobbly. She was wearing a frilly black, satin bra that accentuated her amazing hourglass figure. Dangling suggestively just above her cleavage was the Egyptian cartouche he had given her. This was complemented by frilly black satin panties, and thigh high stockings with garters. She towered above him in 4 inch patent leather Christian Louboutin pumps that he had sent to her for her birthday. All he could do was gaze in awe at her with his mouth gaping and cock bulging noticeably in his trousers. She smiled, knowingly glancing at the bulge in his pants and said "hi sweetie, it is so good to see you." Still stunned by her radiance, she pulled him in the door and wrapped her arms around his body, giving him a kiss that he felt like electricity through his whole being.

"Oh, flowers for me? You are such a sweet man! And you know how much I love Veuve Clicquot. Make your self at home in the living room while I put this champagne on ice and take care of these roses", she said taking the gifts from him and making her way into the kitchen, heels clicking on the wooden floor. As she walked she sniffed the roses and declared, "why, you must be the sweetest man in the world!"

"It is because of you, my queen. All I want to do is anything I can to please you and make you smile", he said while settling down into a sofa in the living room. He tried to calm himself down a bit, looking at the candles that had been lit around the room, but was unable to when she came strutting into the living room with a bucket of ice holding the champagne and two champagne flutes.

"Here sweetie, pour us both a glass so we can make the first toast", she said. Once poured, she held up her glass and waited for him to toast.

"May all of our fantasies become realities tonight," he said, downing the contents of the flute.

"Mmmm, what a great toast," she purred, and brought the flute to her lips. He noticed that she left a burgundy mark of lipstick on the rim of her flute. He couldn't help but imagining those burgundy lips wrapped around a certain part of his anatomy. She placed the flute on the coffee table and then put one hand on her hip and the other in her hair, while giving a little bump and grind. "So, what do you think of the little outfit I'm wearing for you? You know about my little fascination with the dark side of things, and I think of this outfit as my gothic wear!"

"It is stunning. You are a true Goddess in the flesh," he said while patting the space next to him on the sofa, inviting her to sit down.

"Yes, I do look pretty damn sexy in this, don't you think?" she asked with a devilish grin while sitting down on the sofa. She didn't wait for an answer and gave him a deeper kiss this time, using her lips to playfully and suggestively suck on his mouth.

"So I thought we would just stay in tonight for dinner, I hope you don't mind," she whispered, while slowly tracing the outline of his erection with her French tipped fingernails.

"No, my Queen. I don't mind. We should try to have as much time alone with each other as possible."

"I didn't think you would mind," she laughed while giving a little squeeze to his cock through his pants. "So since I have you here all to myself, why are your clothes still on?" She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipper, and then with a quick motion pulled his pants off of his legs. His cock was bulging somewhat uncomfortably in his boxer-briefs. She playfully ran her fingers along the seam of his underpants while he groaned. She then quickly pulled the underpants down his legs and off of his body. Free from the confines of his underwear, his cock sprang to attention, jutting out from his body. As he began unbuttoning his shirt she took the cock in her hands and gave it a few playful squeezes. "So let's see how our little friend is doing tonight," she said while expertly manipulating his cock. It was literally purple with desire and she remarked with a laugh, "well it looks pretty happy to see its owner after all this time."

The last time they had seen each other, he had offered ownership of his cock to her. He had said that he wanted her to always know that even though he couldn't give himself to her and be with her permanently, his cock was her property. At the time she had exclaimed, "oh I love the idea of being a cock mistress!"

Now she was closely examining it, remarking on its size and color, tickling it and giggling at every flinch and groan it caused in him. He was flinching and shaking terribly. "How am I supposed to closely inspect my property with you flinching so much!" she demanded. "Maybe it is best to tie you up while I continue my examination. Come into the bedroom with me."

He followed her into the bedroom and obeyed as she told him to lie down on his back in the middle of her canopy bed. She tied his hands to the top posts of the bed, just tight enough to be secured but not uncomfortable. "Spread your legs. A little wider. Wider. Good." She bound his ankles to the bottom posts of the bed, and he was left in a spread-eagle position.

"Mmmm, that's much better!" she remarked, examining her handiwork. "So where were we? Oh yes, the examination of my property." She puckered up her burgundy colored lips and blew a light stream of air onto the cock-head, and giggled as it twitched and made spasms. She took his balls in her hand, scratched them lightly with her manicured nails, and carefully weighed them with her palm. "Hmmm. These balls seem a bit swollen and heavy. When was the last time you ejaculated?" she asked, green eyes piercingly looking into his own.

"It has been three weeks, my Goddess. The last time I came was when we were together," he answered.

First she laughed thinking it was a joke, but when he remained silent, she looked at him again with those truth serum eyes that pierced right to his soul. "You're serious, aren't you? Why haven't you cum since you last saw me?" she demanded, slightly squeezing his balls now.

"Well, I was really aroused a lot, thinking about you, but it just didn't feel right to do it alone without you." he said.

She smiled. "Are you saying that you only want to cum with me?" with fingertips tickling his balls.

"Yes, only with you," he said, his voice husky with gigantic desire, his arms and legs pulling on his bindings.

"You are such a romantic," she whispered in his ear, her perfume slipping around him and her fingers confoundedly tickling his shaft. "You cum only with me," she smiled, eyes glittering, "I love the idea! It is the best gift that you have yet given to me," and then she passionately and deeply kissed him, lips sucking on his lips and tongue.

His cock felt like it was on fire, that it would explode at any moment. He was getting so close to that point of no return. And then suddenly she broke away from him, and his cock was left bobbing straight up in the air, his hips moving up and down, seeking the friction for his cock that it could not find. Her hand remained just out of reach of his cock, his bonds prohibiting him from getting any closer. "But we must have rules, I like rules, don't you?"

"Yes, yes," he moaned.

"My rules?" her fingers brushed his face.

"Yes," he panted, "anything!"

"I know," she said, her finger scratching his inner thigh, "since I own your cock it's not really up to you at all when you get to cum, is it? You may only cum when I give you permission. I control your orgasms. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes, whatever, yes."

"So," she said softly, her warm breath tickling his ear, making his cock pound even harder, "you want me to decide when you cum, is that it?" Her hand rested on his leg and he could feel its warmth.

"Yes," he moaned.

"And what if you don't honor the rules and you cum without my permission?" she asked, fingers again slightly squeezing his balls. "Then I would have to punish you, wouldn't I?"

"Yes, my Queen," he answered nervously.

"It's such a romantic idea of yours, baby," she said huskily. She started kissing his ears, nibbling on them, while breathing, "Thank you for the gift baby. I will treasure it."

"It is my pleasure to give it to you my queen," he said between sighs and moans of desire. "I only wish I could give more."

She laughed deviously and said, "maybe I should tie you up more often. It certainly makes it easier to have these little conversations with you!" Then with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Having you tied up like this also makes it easier to tease you." And she started lightly kissing and licking his cock-head and shaft. "I intend to make you cum more times than you thought possible and I want to

taste EVERY single drop," she said in between kisses and licks. His hips moved upwards thrusting his cock at her, at which she looked at him, smiled and said, "sweetie, I did not mean today, I meant tomorrow!" and with that she laughed a kind of evil laugh, and returned to her oral teasing.

Somehow, she sensed every time he was about to go over the edge, and then she would focus her attention on his hips and inner thighs, licking, nibbling and kissing them, while her breasts tormentingly pushed against his erection. But one time, he felt sure she had kept her lips and tongue wrapped around his cock for too long, and this time, he felt an irresistible wave of passion and he knew no matter what, he was going to explode in an ecstatic release. As his breathing became more ragged and strained, she let her hand firmly grasp his cock. Placing her fingers firmly around his penis, squeezing hard, she quickly thwarted his orgasm.

"Ohhhh God!" he loudly moaned, gasping for air, feeling his pulsing organ straining in vain to expel its load after again being brought so close to orgasm.

"Didn't you mean to say, 'Oh Goddess?'" she asked teasingly, while reveling in the power and control she had over him and her ability to make him feel so much desire and so much lust.

"Yes Goddess, you are right, as always", he replied.

"I love the way your body responds to my every move and touch," she said, and lightly blew on his cock-head once more. As his cock made twitching spasms, she remarked "It's like playing a musical instrument!"

"My Goddess, if I am your instrument, then you are a true artist! I am sure you are capable of anything."

She pondered a moment and said, "Maybe we should put that claim to the test. When I told you before I wanted to make you cum more times than you thought possible, I wasn't lying. I really intend to do it. But maybe we can make things even a little more interesting. What's the most number of times you have orgasmed in a day?" she asked in her interrogation voice, with those hypnotic green eyes staring into the window of his soul.

He had never really kept count. With her he had cum as many as three times in an evening. But after three times he was always extremely worn out and couldn't imagine cumming again without a long recovery period of at least a day. Of course in his adolescent days he had probably orgasmed more than 3 times a day on occasion, though that was many years ago. "I think the most was probably 5 times, but that was when I was much younger. I am sure that would be impossible now."

She gave an expression of mock surprise and said, "Only five times? I am sure I could easily make you surpass that record! I mean look at you, you almost had an orgasm just by seeing how I was dressed tonight!" and she brought one of her stocking clad legs over his chest.

Seeing how sexy and beautiful her legs looked in the stockings just inches away from his eyes, he said, "Yes, I am sure you are right. You could easily break the record."

"Well five times would be too easy. Look at how purple and straining with desire your cock is. Let's make things interesting. Let's double it. I bet I could make you cum ten times in a 24 hour period", she exclaimed, rubbing her leg across his upper chest.

"My Queen, I really think that would be impossible, but I would sure be willing to try it!"

"Not only will I make you cum ten times, but I will make you beg each time before you cum!"

He replied with sincere certainty, "I really don't think you would win that wager."

"Hmmm, sounds like a challenge to me," she said licking her lips. "But what should we wager, hmmm? We have to think of something that we both really want. We both need to be motivated to try and win this wager." She pondered a bit more fingers again softly tracing the skin outlining his cock. "I know! Listen to this. I know how much you like it when I wear sexy lingerie. How about if you win and I am not able to make you cum ten times, we go lingerie shopping and you can choose any lingerie you want me to wear, after I model them for you privately, of course. Then we could come back here and I would be your personal blowjob slave for a weekend. Our rules of cock ownership would be ignored for the weekend. You would not need my permission to cum. Anytime you want a blowjob I would have to give you one. In between I would give you loving massages and pamper you like a King. What do you think about that?" she asked and brought her mouth to one of my hands and began to demonstrate on each finger a sample of what it would be like to receive a blowjob from her mouth and tongue.

The visualization of what she had just described almost made him faint, and all he could answer was, "YES, YES, YES, PLEASE!!!!"

Once she finished all five fingers, she refilled her champagne glass and while sipping it she slid her hand down his body and began to rub small circles on his thigh. "Be patient, dear. You still haven't heard the other side of the wager. Now if I win, you will be my personal slave for a weekend. You will give me massages, you will bathe me, you will wash my hair, you will cook succulent gourmet meals for me, and you will serve them to me on your knees. You will pamper my feet and give me pedicures. You will also be my pussy licker and provide me with your services on demand. I will punish you if at any moment you don't perform up to my expectations. If you perform well I might let you cum at the end of the weekend. Are those acceptable terms for you?" she smiled lightly rubbing a fingertip up and down the length of his cock.

Knowing there was really no way he could lose, he quickly answered, "Yes, we have a wager."

"Wonderful! Sweetie, it has been two hours now since we started to play and I think it's time to start," she said as he felt the light tickles and rubbing start to be slightly more firm on his cock.

He expressed a huge sigh of relief and said, "Thank God I can't wait to cum."

She looked at him and said, "Oh dear I was afraid you were going to think that. It's only 9PM now. I said I would start making you cum tomorrow, so that won't start until midnight. What I meant was that it was probably time to start the real heavy teasing. Remember, I am going to make you beg before each orgasm!"

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