tagFetishThe Waiting Room Ch. 01

The Waiting Room Ch. 01


This story is a complete fantasy and has no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.


I was in my first year at Teachers Training College and I was volunteering for everything to impress the Head even if I didn't like it. That was how I found myself playing hockey against a neighbouring college. All the women were between 19 and 22 and some of them were quite big lumps. I hated hockey and seemed to be getting knocked over constantly.

When we came off the field I felt dirty, bruised and ever so so sweaty. I knew my mother would be waiting in the car for me so I didn't bother to change and just picked my bag up from the Changing Room and made my escape with relief from this God forsaken place which was out in the wilds of South West England. I felt so mucky and hot.

As I made my way to the Car Park, where I thought my mother would be waiting, my mobile phone rang. It was my mother with a text message "Elizabeth, I have been delayed. You will have to catch a train and I will pick you up at this end. I have checked the times, and if you hurry you can just get the connection at the local station." I could have cried.

I couldn't do much about it so I just turned around and trudged off on the trek to the station. I had seen it on previous matches but had never been inside. It was a rush and after playing in the horrible hockey match I couldn't run to save my life. I just walked as fast as I could.

Apart from feeling tired I felt that I must have looked an odd sight in my hockey clothes. I was clearly too old to be a schoolgirl and yet here I was in a quite short pleated skirt which barely protected my underwear, white cotton knee socks and a white blouse which was a bit discoloured.

I didn't feel like a Junior School Mistress and knew that I must have looked like a senior girl from St Trinian's.

It was lonely and there was no one on the platform and it took me a few minutes to realise that I had missed the train. I checked the time table and almost cried. The next one was due in 2 hours. I made my way to the Waiting Room.

Whilst the station itself was very lonely and bleak, the Waiting Room was a pleasant surprise with a nice electric fire and some easy chairs and a settee. I just settled down with a magazine. It was 3 months out of date.

After I had settled down to read, a man in his mid fifties came in. He nodded and murmured that he had missed his connection and he would miss his wife's birthday party and the kids would be upset. I smiled as he had difficulty in not swearing. He even said a few funny things which made me laugh.

He picked up one of the magazines which was about 4 months old and tried to pass the time away. We were both bored out of our minds.

I tried to suppress a giggle when I spotted him peeping over his magazine to try and look up my short pleated hockey skirt and his hand pushing down forcibly onto his crotch area.

When he realised that I had spotted him, I saw his agitation as he tried to disguise his actions and muttered a weak excuse "Your skirt is very short."

I nodded, not knowing how to respond and gave a sort of excuse "I have been playing hockey." It was such a surreal situation and almost unconsciously I reached across and pressed his trousers tentatively without saying a word.

He looked nervous but could see that I am not threatening, but that I was very curious.

I have never seen a man do it to himself properly in front of me and I take a chance and ask quietly "Do you want to do it to yourself?"

As soon as I said it, I coloured up. What on earth was I thinking about.

He was still nervous and didn't answer at first and there was a horrible silence for a minute or so.

Then he took a deep breath and asked "Do you want to watch?"

I think we both felt out of our depth and moving on blindly. The consequences were frightening us.

We both half nod and he said cautiously "I can't risk getting caught."

I couldn't understand my own actions. I think the secrecy was so exciting and I said "I can't risk getting caught either. I am a trainee teacher and I have been playing hockey for the school."

He breathed heavily and muttered "It looks like a school uniform. Its nice and short. I like uniforms on big girls."

I smiled at his confession. I must have looked like a big schoolgirl. It was so honest and heartfelt. The station was so clearly deserted that I said "There is no risk. No one will come here this evening and we have over an hour until the next train."

He sighed and squeezed himself and tried to look to his side at my legs but it was awkward.

It was the sort of crazy situation I (and many girls and women I suppose) had thought about so often late at night in bed or in the bathroom. Suddenly all the boredom had vanished. I could see the excitement on his face. I felt as if a 100 butterflies were loose in my tummy.

I remembered what he had said about uniforms and murmured "Do you like my school uniform?"

He nodded and I went a bit further "Do you like girls in school knickers?" He gasped and wriggled.

I asked him "Do you want me to sit directly opposite you?" He nodded. We were both gaining in confidence.

As I sat in front of him and he could partly see up my skirt, he muttered "Can you lift your foot up?"

I realise what he wanted. He was so polite. I knew this was as strange to him as it was to me.

My heart is pounding as I lifted one foot up on the seat and he sighed. I wanted to know more "Do you like my little knickers?"

He had undone his trousers now and we are both feeling more confident that we are so anonymous and alone.

He said "I really like the way your panties pull in tightly between your legs."

I giggled "That part is my panty gusset and it feels nice pulling into my crotch."

He muttered "What is your name?"

I don't think he intended to ask. It came out sort of automatically

I felt confused and started to say "Eliz..." before stopping and told him the first name that came into my head "It's Wendy, what's yours?"

His briefcase had the initials R.R in gold lettering. He hesitated for a few seconds and then said "John. Its John Smith." We both knew they were false names. It gave us freedom. We were anonymous.

He spoke nicely "Wendy, I like your crotch."

I smiled. We were both getting personal and I told him "I have been playing hockey. I have been sweating a lot. My drawers are a bit grubby."

He had his thing out now and gripped in his fist. It was the first time I had seen one that big. It excited me.

As he did it he said "I like thinking that you are wearing dirty knickers and I can see your panty gusset."

He was groaning a bit and I was panting and feeling heavenly. I wanted to improve things further and asked "John?"

"Yes Wendy?"

"Would you like me to open my legs more so that you can see my knickers better?"

He groaned appreciatively "I would love that, Wendy."

I lifted both my feet up onto the seat and splayed my knees and felt my panties pull in even tighter.

It seemed that the loneliness of the Waiting Room and both false names allowed us to be totally honest as he told me "I like the way your panty gusset is pulling into your crotch Wendy."

I nodded "I like doing that deliberately John. Most girls like doing it. It excites us."

He was looking intently between my legs and said "Can I ask a personal question, Wendy?"

It seemed silly to say 'no' so I just nodded.

He said "You said you had been playing hockey and you had been sweating."

I nodded.

He panted "Does that mean your crotch is sweaty right now?"

He had been right. It was a personal question. It also made me realise that I was still feeling sweaty for a totally different reason. I didn't go into any explanation but just told him "Yes it is John."

He groaned and squeezed his penis again and I could see the top of it turning sort of red and getting round. He saw that I was curious, and explained "That's my knob Wendy."

I wasn't sure what to say but I did tell him "I like your knob, John."

He smiled, as my comment must have sounded childish but he returned the compliment "I like the way your panties are really pulling in now Wendy. They are so tight. I can see a line."

It was my turn to smile now as it was feeling gorgeous and wanted to explain what the line was "They are trying to pull right up me John."

He must have known what I was saying but he queried "Up you Wendy. Do you really mean 'Up you'?"

I felt really womanly as I explained "Yes John. Up me. My drawers are trying to pull right up into my slit."

I saw his knob surge a bit and the whole shaft thickened. He liked me saying these words.

He said "I expect you have a nice little slit, Wendy?"

I smiled "I am almost 21 now John. It is a nice slit but it is quite a big slit now."

I had started to press myself now in front of him using two fingers.

He fisted himself as he watched me, saying "Wendy?"

"Yes John?"

"I am wanking for you."

I was unsure how to respond. It was a mannish sort of word. Then I thought we were both using false names and I would never see him again and I told him "I am wanking for you as well John."

We both went quiet as we did it for each other in the empty Waiting Room.

He asked me "Do you wank very often Wendy?"

The conversation was so personal. I wouldn't even talk to my best friend like this. But it was also so liberating.

"About once every two days John."

"Where, Wendy?"

I loved the conversation. I wanted to giggle.

"Usually in the toilet John?"

It was such a light frivolous conversation but I could see this was exciting him and knew he could easily ejaculate too soon if I wasn't careful. Men were like that.

I knew I could do it a number of times. All my friends could. But I was old enough to know that men can only do it once and asked him "How long can you last John. We still have an hour before the next train."

He understood my question. "I am pacing myself Wendy. I can hold on for another 40 minutes. I am enjoying it too much, to cum just yet."

This pleased me that he was trying to be nice to me.

He was fisting gently and I was staring with fascination at his cock and knob enlarging. He was staring at my panty gusset and I realised he couldn't see me. I asked him "Do you want to see my slit, John?"

I liked the way he gasped "Oh God, yes please, Wendy."

I couldn't go too far and I said "I will show it to you John but I cant take my knickers right off."

He nodded understandingly "I know that Wendy."

I explained "If I pull my gusset to one side I can open my legs wide for you to see it all." I didn't wait for him to answer and eased my knicks to the side which fully exposed my slit to him.

He groaned "Its lovely Wendy."

I remembered he had liked me telling him about playing hockey and teased him "Its a bit sweaty, John, like my drawers."

He groaned and tugged his thing up and down and muttered "Can I smell it Wendy?"

I gasped but nodded. I gasped again as he pushed his face in and sniffed me. He seemed to like it. I liked being sniffed.

I would never ever have this opportunity again. I made up my mind "John, I would like you to lick it."

He didn't hesitate as he pushed out his pink tongue and licked my pussy. It was wonderful.

We stayed like that for several minutes.

Then I eased his face away and said "John I want to see you do it to yourself properly now."

He sat back in his chair but was seriously fisting himself now as I watched with my panties still to the side with me using my finger.

It was very quiet except for some slurping noises to which we were both contributing.

I had already 'happened' twice but knew I could do it another three times. He was coming to the end. I didn't want him to hold back and told him "John, I want you to cum properly."

What was so wonderful about this experience was that we were both openly doing what the other asked. We wanted each other to enjoy everything without any silly reservations.

He immediately agreed to my request "I will Wendy but there will be a lot of it."

I wanted all the description and words "A lot of what John?"

He looked straight at my face "Spunk, Wendy. There will be a lot of spunk. Do you want me to spunk for you?" He was tugging up and down quite hard now.

He had turned my excitement back on me. I panted "Yes John, I want you to spunk for me."

We were both panting now, saying the right things to each other. He muttered "I want to spunk up your school skirt Wendy. I want to wank over you."

I knew he was talking about the things he liked, but I liked talking about them as well.

"That's lovely John. I want you wanking right up my pleated skirt. I want you to spunk over my little school knickers."

It was a silly conversation but it was what we both wanted.

He had reached the end and moved forward so that he was partly on his knees still tugging himself up and down.

He was looking straight between my thighs as he muttered "Keep your skirt right up Wendy."

"Yes John."

"Keep your knickers well to the side Wendy."

"Yes John."

"Wendy, I am going to spunk up now and I want to see your hairy cunt properly."

"I want to show you John."

He looked plaintively at me whispering "I know you cant take your knickers off Wendy, but can you pull them down for me?"

This wasn't a difficult request and I told him "Yes John. I will pull my knickers down to my knees for you."

"Oh God Wendy. Thank you so much."

I knew he was on the point of squirting. I was standing directly in front of him as I pulled my panties down to my knees.

I had my skirt up to my waist as I egged him on "Can you see my slit John?"

He squirted a great big gush as he panted "I can see it plainly Wendy. A nice black hairy slit with a nice pinky line running up it."

We were both subsiding but I gave him one last booster "The pinky line is my cunt John. You have made me so juicy. Thank you so much."

He let go and it was wonderful for both of us. It just kept spurting out just as I was having my third happening.

When it was over he pulled out a large handkerchief and wiped his penis dry before putting it back in his trousers.

He offered me the hankie but I declined. I had a few small tissues and did the best I could. Most of it was soaking into my panties.

Just then his mobile phone rang. It was his wife. She had a high pitched voice so I could hear everything. "Where are you Robert. Are you still stuck in the railway station?"

"Yes Alice but the train is almost due now. I am doing my best to pass the time away."

"That's good Robert. The boys are here with their wives and we will keep some wine for you. You must be fed up stuck there in the wilderness."

"Yes thanks Alice. Bye."

"Bye Robert."

We heard the train approaching and we both stood up. I smoothed down my pleated skirt and we made our way to the platform and got on the train.

The carriage wasn't very full and we didn't say much.

By the time we came to my stop the carriage was empty. I got up and reached my bag down from the rack. He offered to take it to the carriage door. I smiled and accepted.

As I left, we both smiled and he asked me very caringly "Wendy are you alright?"

I smiled back. I knew it was over and this was my last chance to be really naughty "Yes of course John except that I can feel that my knickers are very wet and spunky."

He chuckled and handed me my bag.

I could see my mother waiting for me on the platform.

As I walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek she murmured "You look a sight Elizabeth and I think you need a bath."

I got into the car with as little movement as possible. I knew very well that I needed a bath.


This is the first part of a series entitled 'THE WAITING ROOM'. Part 2 will be submitted shortly.

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