tagFetishThe Waiting Room Ch. 02

The Waiting Room Ch. 02


This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.

Over the years I remembered the incident in the Waiting Room as if it had happened yesterday. I had played it over and over in my mind at least once a week and the secret pleasure it gave me was incredible.

I had been 20 at the time and a very Junior teacher in the local area. I tried so hard to please and be a success that everyone recognised my efforts. Most of my colleagues joked with me about my efforts at playing hockey. I was forever falling over and showing my underwear. It was such a horrible game.

My efforts had paid off though, and my promotions had been gradual but continuous and 17 years later as Head Mistress, it was lovely that I was genuinely congratulated by my colleagues and most importantly by the parents telling me that I deserved my elevated status.

I know my mother and father were so proud of me. My mother kept telling everyone "Our Elizabeth is such a lovely girl and did you know she is Head Mistress of St Agnus's now?"

My mother was a really perfect person and her friends used to smile at her description of me being a lovely girl. I was after all 37 years of age now and married but in her eyes I was still her little darling. I had married when I was 22 years of age to a fellow teacher Malcolm Welsh who was also from the local village.

Again my mother had been the main organiser. She kept telling me what a nice lad Malcolm was and that his prospects in the education field were very bright and we would be and ideal married couple.

Everyone saw us as the ideal married couple and indeed we were. Malcolm was a really nice man and as everyone had predicted he had moved forward in the promotion stakes and now just when I was made Head Mistress he was also appointed as Head of History Department and with the added responsibility of being my Deputy Head.

Malcolm was a great help at home and in our marriage generally, but as my Deputy Head I could not have asked for a more supportive member of staff. Whenever there were any problems his advice was so sensible and wherever possible if there was any flak he would be in the front line to take it for me or at the very least to share the burden. I really loved him so much.

As I said at home he was the ideal partner. He would always come with me to visit my parents who thought the world of him and we both attended church regularly at least once a week. I used to organise the flowers for the alter and Malcolm would be singing in the choir. It was idyllic.

We did have one serious problem which we discovered after we had married. Although he was quite a good looking man, Malcolm did have a rather small stature. Unfortunately this also reflected in that in that he was very poorly physically endowed. He was quite small really.

In those early years he could still get excited and it would become quite stiff but it was still so little. We would still enjoy things but to be honest I was never sure if he was in or out.

I found it easier to give him manual satisfaction and whilst I didn't mind, he felt it was demeaning to put me in that position. He didn't feel manly.

As far as I was concerned he was still such a lovely man and I loved him so much.

As I said earlier I could never forget that exciting time in The Waiting Room and even after just a few months of marriage whenever I felt that 'special needy way' I could get full satisfaction by just spending half an hour in the bathroom alone or if Malcolm was out I could lock the door and spend a quiet time feeling 'nice' just sitting on the settee quietly touching myself with all the curtains drawn.

I was very happy. Whilst there were a few untoward things, they made little difference to me. It wasn't quite that way with Malcolm as he was very aware of his own shortcomings. He said a number of times "Elizabeth, I love you so much but I cant satisfy you as a husband should be able to. I am letting you down."

My heart went out to him. I hated to see him unhappy. I tried to assure him that I was OK and not to worry about it.

It was no good. He was so concerned that I couldn't achieve satisfaction with him. I couldn't bear seeing him so unhappy so I felt bound to tell him about my lone bathroom visits and the enjoyment they gave me. He seemed so relieved.

It did take a few more years but gradually I told him about my excitements that were very much due to my Waiting Room Experience when I was just 20. He seemed intensely interested in it and I had to tell him over and over the full event. He seemed to ask for the same details over and over again.

To be honest I enjoyed going through the details myself and could feel myself getting juicier and juicier. He still kept asking the questions and although I was obviously elaborating on the details and making them sound dirtier and dirtier he was exceptionally curious and kept asking for more details.

I could see in the end that his trousers were moving slightly and realised that Malcolm was as excited as I was. After about an hour of talking he would always visit the bathroom and would spend a considerable time there. I felt I knew what he was doing and so I did the same in his absence. In one way it was an ideal solution. We were both getting satisfaction out of The Waiting Room. Over the years we would go through this little happening many many times and although we never talked too much about it later, we were both very satisfied.

I think we must have been married about 15 years when suddenly he told me "Elizabeth, I know we love each other very much and we are so happy together but I know that my problem has made it less than perfect so I have decided to do something about it."

I was amazed and protested that it was unnecessary. I was very satisfied with our marriage. I was not pretending, I really loved Malcolm and didn't want anything to disturb our home or work relationship.

He was adamant. He told me "I want to make you even happier Elizabeth. I have arranged a full afternoon appointment with a Marriage Councillor in Bristol. He has a tremendous reputation and has only agreed to see us because we knows we both have successful careers and can afford him." I shook my head in bewilderment, but I could see he was determined. He always put my needs above his own.

On the following Thursday as we drove up to Bristol, I could see that Malcolm looked tense. It didn't worry me as I wasn't too bothered about seeing the Councillor.

Malcolm however kept telling me "We must tell him everything Elizabeth or we are just wasting money. He is very expensive but that is unimportant. The most crucial thing is that we, and especially you, benefit from the experience."

I nodded. It did make sense. If we were spending a lot of money and time we may as well see the benefit.

When we arrived at the Councillor's offices we couldn't fail to be impressed. They were magnificent. For the first time my tummy bubbled. If he could afford all this, then he must be good.

A young efficient looking woman met us at the door and escorted us up to the most luxurious offices I have ever seen. The young lady told me "Perhaps you wouldn't mind staying in the Waiting Room for ten minutes. Mr Rogers is with another client at the moment but he will probably see you in here, as it is very comfortable."

We nodded as she left only to be replaced by another young lady with a silver tray with tea and biscuits.

As we sipped our tea I noticed a Brief Case tucked away in the corner. It looked very old but it was still looked very expensive. There were large gold letters on the front R.R.

My tummy did a giant flip flop. I muttered "Malcolm. I have seen that Brief Case before. It has his initials on it."

I had told Malcolm the story so many times he knew it as well as I did. He murmured "R.R. Do you think it is him, Elizabeth?"

I was unsure but simply said "That is his brief case."

Malcolm was equally taken back "And his name is Mr Rogers."

I nodded. Then Malcolm whispered "You know where we are now, don't you Elizabeth?"

I just felt confused as he muttered "We are in his Waiting Room."

The similarities were mind boggling. As we were whispering a very smart elderly gentleman entered. Now, I knew there was no doubt. It was him.

He must have been in his late sixties but still looked very trim. He had a wonderful smile as he shook our hands saying "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Robert Rogers. I own the company and I am the Head Therapist. I am sure I can help you with your problem."

He was so reassuring. Malcolm blurted out our names and I saw Robert looking at me a little keenly. I wondered if he recognised me. He spoke to my husband "I have read your letters over the last few minutes Malcolm and about your wife's earlier experience and how you are now managing. To be honest it seems to me that you and Elizabeth are a very loving couple and are coping really well with your size problem. I really admire how you are handling it."

I felt a lot better myself as he spoke those words and I could see Malcolm sigh in relief as he mumbled "Thank you so much Mr Rogers. We are grateful that you found time to see us."

Robert was really looking at my face now and I could tell he recognised me. He said quietly "And tell me Elizabeth about the Waiting Room in the Railway Station. Was it very comfortable?" I bit my lip and nodded. It was difficult as we all knew what had happened.

Robert turned to my husband "From what I can understand, Malcolm, you enjoyed your wife telling you. Did it excite you?" It was Malcolm's turn to look embarrassed but he nodded.

Robert told him "You shouldn't feel embarrassed Malcolm. You obviously enjoyed it and your wife also enjoyed telling you. I think you are both handling the situation very well and should be complimented." I felt a little better and I could see that Malcolm was perking up. With Robert's compliments he seemed positively proud of himself. I realised then, what an expert, Robert was. He made me and my husband feel good about ourselves.

He turned to me "I hope you understand Elizabeth, that for us to make real progress, I need to ask very personal questions."

I knew he was right and said "Yes of course Robert. We need you to help us."

Malcolm also chipped in "My wife is right Robert. You can ask us anything you like and we will try to answer honestly."

Robert smiled and said to me "As you enjoyed the period in the Waiting Room, Elizabeth I can only assume you still masturbate thinking about it?"

It was still awkward but I nodded "Yes I do Robert."

He turned to my husband "And I assume you like the story as well Malcolm and you masturbate over it as well?"

Malcolm nodded "Yes Robert I do."

Robert made some notes and then surprised Malcolm "And do you like talking about it now Malcolm and has it made you stiff?" Malcolm blushed. Actually when I looked I could see the swelling and realised that Robert had as well. Malcolm blushed again but nodded.

Robert asked me "And where do you masturbate regularly now Elizabeth?"

It was all in the open now and I simply said "In the toilet and in the lounge."

Robert made a note "In the bathroom I suppose when you are having a pee?" I blushed but nodded.

"So your knickers are off?"

"No Robert. Usually around my knees."

"And how do you manage in the lounge. That must be risky?"

I was totally open now "No, it is usually when Malcolm is in work and I have locked the door."

Before he could ask I said "And I usually keep my panties on."

"And you use your fingers to rub your panties or go in the side?"

"Yes, both."

He then spoke to both of us "I hope you are happy with these questions? They are necessary if the interview is to be a success."

Malcolm answered immediately and a little too enthusiastically "Yes of course Robert. We want you to be as frank as possible." Robert smiled at me. We could both see that Malcolm was quite stiff now and wriggling quite a bit.

I was feeling quite flowy myself but was trying to control it. He asked me "When you are in the lounge on your own Elizabeth do you open your legs?"

"Yes, Robert."

He turned to my husband and said "Your wife has nice legs Malcolm and her skirt is quite short."

I could see the way he was leading my husband who very willingly agreed "Yes Robert."

He then turned back to me "Are they tights or stockings Elizabeth?"

I felt nervous as I answered "Tights, Robert."

"Its very hot today Elizabeth. They must be very warm and a little sweaty."

I just nodded. I felt it was too personal.

"Would you like to take your tights off Elizabeth?" For the first time I really hesitated He saw that I felt awkward.

He changed his approach and asked tactfully "Is it because I know that you are Mrs Elizabeth Welsh and you are a Head Mistress and your husband is your Deputy Head? Is the identity thing too personal, Elizabeth?"

I nodded. He seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. He said quietly "Would you prefer if I called you Wendy?"

I felt so relieved and nodded. I was being taken back in time to that special night.

He smiled in such a friendly fashion as he said "You are a very attractive lady Wendy. My name is John."

I found myself relaxing. It was more anonymous now. I answered "Hello John."

We were on a clearer footing now as he asked me again "It is so hot Wendy. You will feel more comfortable if you take your tights off."

It seemed more acceptable now as I said "Yes John." and stood up and reached under my skirt.

As I bent forward I knew that both John and my husband could probable see my underclothes up my skirt but it wasn't so awkward now. I felt as if I was Wendy again.

I gripped the waistband of my tights and dragged them down.

I was fully dressed in front of two men with my tights in my hand looking for a convenient spot to deposit them.

I saw John look at my husband and ask casually "Would you like to hold her tights Malcolm?"

My husband was looking very red and his swelling really noticeable as he murmured "Yes please John."

"Give him your tights Wendy. He needs them."

I simply handed them over to a grateful Malcolm and sat down again.

John said "I would like to recreate the old Waiting Room atmosphere, Wendy. Would you sit on this straight chair for us."

It was getting deeper all the time but I felt more relaxed as Wendy, and sat on the simple straight chair which was slightly padded. It did show my legs up more though, so I crossed my legs to be more protective but it did show more of my thighs.

"Does this remind you of the old Waiting Room, Wendy?"

It was so similar now that I simply murmured "Yes, very much so, John."

He asked my husband "From what she has told you Malcolm do you think it is like the old Waiting Room and does it excite you?"

"Yes John. It is exciting."

"She masturbated in the Waiting Room, Malcolm and so did John."

Malcolm was panting now.

John smiled at him encouragingly. "Would you like to masturbate now Malcolm?"

This threw my husband as the question confused him as he muttered "Masturbate?"

John smiled at me saying "Tell him to pull his cock out and masturbate Wendy."

It all seemed to fall into place as I told my husband "Pull your cock out, Malcolm."

Malcolm was in a excited daze as he undid his trousers and pulled his penis out. It was bigger than I had ever seen it before. Although it was still small it was very stiff and rigid in his fist as he moved it up and down.

John turned to me "Open your legs Wendy and lift one foot up onto the chair. Keep your knees well apart." The instructions were very soft and gentle and yet so explicitly simple that I did exactly that.

I knew that in this pose all my underclothes were fully exposed.

"I like your panties Wendy."

"Thank you John."

Both Malcolm and I were breathing rather heavily and secretly I was hoping that John was affected as well.

He turned to Malcolm "Do you like her panties Malcolm?"

Malcolm stuttered "Yes John."

"Which part is best, Malcolm?"

Malcolm didn't know where he was and muttered "The middle bit."

John laughed "Good choice Malcolm. Her panty gusset. Shall we have a look inside?"

Malcolm mumbled.

John turned back to me and pretended innocence "What's inside your panties Wendy?"

It was so embarrassing but the conversation just seemed to be rolling along on its own accord. I murmured "You know John. You have seen my slit."

John chuckled "Of course Wendy. I remember. "You showed me your little slit before."

I nodded but the term was not right now and I whispered "I was only 20 then John. Its bigger now."

Momentarily that took him off his conversation flow and he asked "Much bigger, Wendy?"

I nodded agreement "Much bigger now John."

He smiled "So its a big slit now Wendy?" I nodded. I didn't want to surprise him on that score.

He went on another tack "Of course in the old Waiting Room we didn't call it a slit did we?"

I nodded. Malcolm already knew. Anyway he was looking so flushed it didn't matter.

John turned to my husband "Shall we have a look at her cunt Malcolm. From what I can understand she has a nice big cunt for us."

I noticed the possessive tone in Johns voice. My husband just nodded.

John was still pleasant to us as he asked me "Show us your cunt Wendy."

I was unsure what to do and asked "Should I take my knickers off John?"

He shook his head "Not yet Wendy. Just pull your panty gusset to the side but make sure we can see all of it."

My foot was still up on the chair with my knees splayed as I used my fingers to ease my panties well to the side.

I was self conscious but felt better when John gasped "Goodness, Malcolm. Your wife does have a big cunt. No wonder you had a job filling it."

I could see John's trousers swelling now. Not really like my husbands trousers. The bulge in his was much bigger.

This seemed to be a massive thick snake only contained by his smart trousers. It must be like a big cobra. I knew they had big heads.

He saw me looking. So was Malcolm. He dropped his right hand and grasped it through the material and whispered loudly "Do you want to see it Wendy?"

I looked at my husband and then back at John. I very deliberately nodded.

He smiled as he undid the front of his trousers and explained to my husband "She wants to see my prick, Malcolm."

Malcolm nodded as if it was inevitable. Actually I had the feeling that Malcolm wanted to see it as well.

Out it came. I gasped and I also heard Malcolm gasp. It was massive.

Even the top part of it looked like a snakes head. A very big snakes head. It was like a cobra.

He chuckled "Wendy if this goes up it wont fall out. My knob will keep it in."

It sounded funny. I giggled. I looked at Malcolm. He was in a daze but still rubbing himself.

We were all ready now. Both John and I knew what we were both thinking. He said "Do you remember what we did in the old Waiting Room Wendy?"

I didn't even have to answer. I started to let my finger run along my slit as John started to move his fist up and down. It was huge and getting even bigger. I was very wet but getting even wetter.

We both looked at Malcolm as he excitedly went up and down with his little thing. I could see that John was concerned about him and I reassured him "Nothing will happen with Malcolm for a long time, John."

John smiled as he understood what I had been telling him. He even said "Your husband is a good man Wendy." I smiled my agreement.

John was concerned about him and said "Are you OK Malcolm?"

"Yes thank you John."

"Your wife is wanking for us Malcolm. And I am wanking for her. You can watch us."

Malcolm just kept doing it to himself.

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