tagBDSMThe Waitress

The Waitress


Jack was driving and he was in a hell of mood. Road workers who didn't know they were supposed to control the flow of traffic, not stop it dead, diesel prices jumping for no reason, grandma driving at half speed along a long stretch of winding road with no way to pass. It was all happening today. Who wouldn't be in a bad mood? Maybe relaxing over lunch and a coffee would help. There was a good roadhouse up ahead. The cook was really good and Old Ma, the waitress, knew all the regulars and was willing to spread cheer and give good service. He rolled into the roadhouse, pulling into the truck area, mildly surprised to see only a few trucks there. The place was normally crowded.

Headed into the truckies section and found that his day was not improving. Old Ma was not there. Still, the new waitress looked to be in her early twenties, blonde, stacked and altogether easy on the eye, so things could be worse he guessed. On his way to take a table, he stopped for a moment to chat with one of the other truckies there. Asked what had happened to Old Ma and was told that she'd had an accident. Broken hip and would be off for a couple of months. "The cook's niece is lending a hand until she's better. Her names Denise."

Jack grinned. "Easy on the eye, isn't she. What's she like as a waitress?"

Andy looked pointedly around the near empty room. "She does her best, I guess. You'll find she has her own style."

Jack took a seat and waited. And waited. Then waited some more.

Eventually, Denise wandered over to him and took his order. No apology for the long wait, no smile or small talk. A big change from the friendly Old Ma.

More waiting while his order was prepared, but he was used to that. Noted his order being placed ready to be fetched over to him and sat up expectantly. And waited. And waited some more. His dinner was getting cold while she painted her nails or something. Eventually Denise wandered over with his meal and dropped it on the table in front of him. Literally dropped it, from about six inches above the table.

Jack gritted his teeth, smiled and pointed out politely that she hadn't provided any cutlery, and he was still waiting for his coffee. Watched as the waitress wandered away to fetch these items and then turned his attention to his meal. Or someone's meal. It wasn't what he had ordered.

Looks around for the waitress and she's coming towards him, hot coffee in her hand. He could see the steam rising from the coffee, so she couldn't have screwed that up. He was just starting to mention the incorrect meal when Denise dumped the cutlery in front of him and then dropped his coffee onto the table. Only dropped it a couple of inches maybe, but the results were spectacular. The knife she'd dumped had bounced and was lying right under where she dropped the coffee. The saucer snapped clean in half and tipped the hot coffee all over Jack, his meal, the table and the floor. That is, it would have been all over Jack if he hadn't scooted his chair back fast, cursing under his breath.

"Now look what you've done," complained the waitress. "I'm going to have to clean that up you know. And you'll still have to pay for it because I've already delivered it to you." "I'm a patient man," thought Jack. "Some things you just take in your stride and put up with them. Did I run that old grandma off the road earlier? I did not. Did I abuse those workmen? I did not. Do I have to put up with this idiot waitress? I do not."

Without saying a word, Jack just smiled, reached out, pulled Denise across his lap, tossed up her dress and laid a very large, very hard hand very quickly across her pink polka dotted panties. He heard Denise squeal in shock, and heard chairs scraping back as the other truckies in the room turned to see what was happening. He'd just landed his second spank when he heard Andy say, "Hold it up a second, Jack."

Jack turned a furious face upon Andy. He was in the right mood for a fight and if Andy wanted one he'd be glad to oblige. Andy, he saw, was laughing at him and he heard him say, "If you're going to do something, do it right." Then Andy reached past him, grabbed those pink polka dot panties and pulled them down and off. He then gave a friendly swat to the pretty white bottom on display and headed for the door, stuffing the panties in his pocket as he went.

Jack glanced down at Denise, still furious with the way she had acted, but before he could resume the spanking he was interrupted again. The other two truckies who'd been in the roadhouse were standing there, and the elder of the two politely pointed out that they'd been there before Jack, so should have first go. While he watched startled, they both gave Denise a hearty smack on the bottom, then waved to Jack and left.

"It seems to me, Denise, that you have managed to seriously piss off more customers than me," he murmured, ignoring her squealing and struggling. "Now where were we before that interruption?"

Once again his hand came down, and Jack proceeded to give Denise half a dozen good hard swats. He then swung her back to her feet and told her to go and replace the order for his meal, set a new table for him to sit at and then clean up the mess she'd made.

Denise gave him a look designed to kill at fifty paces and bolted into the back room, returning shortly with the Mitch, the cook.

Mitch glared at him. "Jack, Denise says you just assaulted her. Care to tell me what's going on."

Jack looked back at him. "I can do better than that. I can show you. But first of all, where are all your customers, Mitch?"

At the question Mitch looked discomforted. "Damned if I know what's happening, Jack, but since Old Ma had her accident custom has just dropped right off. But let's not change the subject. What about Denise?"

"I wasn't changing the subject, Mitch. This is about Denise," Jack returned. He explained in detail Denise's style of waitressing, and the frustration that had led to him spanking her. "You might take note of the fact that the few truckies that did come here today were only too willing to give her an extra swat of their own. You're a damn fine cook, Mitch, but if we can't get decent service the boys just won't stop here."

Mitch was now looking at Denise in a way that suggested that he might like to join the queue of people who wanted to spank Denise, but just quietly suggested to her that they needed to talk. He turned to Jack and told him he'd cook a fresh meal for him. It wouldn't be long and Denise would be only too happy to make sure that everything went well.

After that, dinner went smoothly, and Jack went on his way a lot happier.

- - -

A couple of weeks later Jack was travelling back in the other direction. It was evening and getting dark fast, so Jack decided to call it a night. He was near Mitch's place. He'd eat there and bed the truck down for the night at the back of the roadhouse. Pulling in he noticed that custom seemed to have recovered as there were a number of trucks parked.

He assumed that Old Ma had returned but no, when he went inside he found it was still Denise, but it would seem that Mitch must have had a very pointed discussion with her, because she was now polite and efficient, friendly without being obsequious. Jack noticed that she gave a small start when she spotted him, and that she kept a wary eye on him all the time he was there, making sure everything went smoothly for him.

After an enjoyable meal Jack returned to his truck and hopped into the cabin, intending to read and listen to the radio for a while. He was still up, enjoying the quiet night when the lights on the roadhouse were turned off and shortly after he noticed movement and was able to make out Denise leaving by the back door. Where's she going, he idly wondered, and then spotted the car parked in the shadows. He saw the blinkers flash as she unlocked it, and also saw their light reflect off someone who was waiting near the car and moving towards Denise.

Jack hurriedly hopped down and headed over towards Denise, getting there to find the stranger coming on very strongly to Denise, who was trying to push him away.

"Is there a problem?" he quietly asked.

"Oh, no," said Denise, with relief in her voice. "Roger is an ex-boyfriend, and he's leaving now, aren't you."

"Yes, leaving now," muttered Roger, following up his words with a swift withdrawal.

"Thank you for coming to see if I needed help," said Denise, "but as you can see, no problem."

"Like you say, no problem. But in future you will park in front of the roadhouse under one of the lights there. Tell Mitch to reserve one of those spots for you."

"I can't do that. They're reserved for customers. Staff park here."

"From now on you park in the front. I'll make sure Mitch knows why. He'll agree that I'm right, so don't bother arguing."

"Well, thank you for your assistance." Denise nodded goodbye and turned to get in her car.

"Before you go, if you're not in a hurry, would you like to visit me in my truck and talk for a while," Jack said, slipping his hands into his pockets and moving back a little, not wanting to give Denise the feeling that he was crowding her.

Denise hesitated. "Talk about what?" she asked.

"Oh, this and that. How you like your job. Are you settling into it, what are your plans for the future. Just general things. I've got quite a spacious cabin and a very nice bed in there, too.

"Bed? Are you propositioning me?" Denise demanded, angry. "After what you did the other week? You have got to be seriously kidding me or you have monumental gall."

"Why would I be kidding you?" Jack demanded. "You're really pretty and sexy to look at. I'd love to have you in bed with me, but I didn't say you had to. Just letting you know it's on offer."

"But do you seriously expect me to climb into your cabin for a talk, knowing your real intent is to pull me into your bed?"

Jack considered this for a moment, then nodded. "Yes."

"You're nuts. Why on earth would you think I'd agree?"

"Why not? I'm a regular customer, a nice guy and I'm a good tipper. Why can't you get to know me a little better."

"Getting to know you is one thing. Hopping into your bed is another. And are you trying to tell me that the spanking was a tip?"

Jack waved that off. "Forget that. You earned that for bad service and it's behind us. I said I tip for good service. Left you a reasonable one tonight, didn't I? Anyway, you could consider hopping into my truck for a talk as an extension of your waitress work."

"How do you work that out?"

"Easy. You give me good service and I'll leave a good tip."

Denise was intrigued. "How good a tip?"

"How good will the service be?"

Denise was dithering slightly, knowing she should get in her car and leave, but reluctant to end this odd conversation. "Umm. Ahh. I don't really do that sort of thing, you know."

"Are you a virgin?"

"No. I mean, it's none of your business," she snapped.

"Then you won't really be doing something new to you. Just doing it with someone new. If you're not on the pill I do have condoms in the truck, so you will be safe," Jack said persuasively.

Denise found herself to be confused. Did she dare? "I'm not sure," she sighed. "It seems strange to be propositioned like this."

"I guess I'm a bit blunt when it comes to talking," Jack said. "I tend to just say what I want and you're what I want. Felt I had to give you a chance to say yes or no. I want you to say yes of course, but there'll be no hard feeling if you don't."

"I don't know. I feel I shouldn't," returned Denise.

Jack smiled. "If you feel you shouldn't, that means you want to, but are wondering if it's the right thing to do. And it is. We'd just be consenting adults enjoying some time together."

Denise gave him a wry smile. "Maybe, but saying you'll tip makes me feel you're buying me. And I couldn't for money."

Jack was indignant. "No such thing. A tip is just an expression of gratitude for a job well performed, like the spanking was an expression of displeasure at poor service."

Denise bit her lip. She felt she shouldn't, but she could use some extra money, and he had left a nice tip earlier.

"Tell you what," said Jack. "Hop up in the truck with me and we'll discuss it there. That's not committing you to anything. You can hop down anytime you want to."

"You won't just grab me or make a heavy pass once we're up there?" she asked, a trifle suspicious.

"Of course not. We're all alone here and I haven't tried to grab you have I? Come on," Jack turned and started slowly back to his truck.

Denise chewed even more frantically on her lip, and then hurried after him. They reached the truck and Jack helped her up before crossing to the other side and ascending himself.

Denise looked around. "The cabins really quite large, isn't it. The seats seem large enough for two people." Chatting to cover her nervousness, she continued to look the cabin over. "Where is the bed you mentioned?" she asked curiously. There doesn't seem room for one. Do the seats convert?"

"No. It's up there, on that ledge," Jack said, indicating the sleeping cubicle at the back of the cabin.

Denise felt herself relaxing as soon as she saw it. It might be a comfortable bed up there, but no way was it going to fit two. She was surprised that Jack could fit into that narrow space, let alone expect to have a guest.

Jack didn't bring any pressure to bear on Denise. He just relaxed and started to talk, asking about her job and how she was doing. Pointed out that her waitressing had improved dramatically since the first time he saw her. How had she managed that little trick, he wanted to know.

"After that little contretemps with you," she said, "and don't think I've forgotten or forgiven, Mitch spent half the afternoon yelling at me, then the next day he dragged me around to see Old Ma, and she spent a few hours outlining my shortcomings and what I should do to improve them. It was a bit embarrassing, but Mitch's threat ensured that I'd pay attention and listen. So I did and I tried to work the way Old Ma told me to and I think I'm doing OK now. My tips are a lot better, anyway, and custom is picking up again."

"What was this threat that Mitch held over you. Was he going to fire you," asked Jack, curious.

"Ha! Fat chance. Mum wouldn't let him," she laughed. "No. He said that you'd be back this way soon and that he'd let you explain to me why my waitressing was no good. So I listened to what Old Ma said. But that reminds me. I want my panties back. You had no right to take them."

Jack grinned. "I didn't. If you'll cast your mind back, you'll realise one of the others did that."

"Oh," she said in a small voice. "There were others there. I'd forgotten that. And you all took turns ogling my bottom," she added in a frustrated voice.

"Not really. They were only too happy to leave everything to me. They decided discretion was the better part of valour and they were out of there. The only one ogling your pretty bottom was me, and that was only to make sure it got an even tan."

"It wasn't funny," Denise protested. "It was humiliating and painful."

"But if you look back at it, it was also funny. If it had been a normal day for me I wouldn't have dreamed of spanking you, but you were the last in a long line of irritations, and one I could do something about, so I did. But you have to laugh, really. Did you think at the start of the day that you'd be spending lunch bent across a stranger's knee, getting your bare bottom spanked in public?"

Denise giggled, and slapped at his arm. "Of course I didn't. I still find it hard to believe that it actually happened."

"Well, pretend it didn't and to show that I'm forgiven come over here and give me a little kiss."

Denise glanced at where Jack sat behind the wheel. "I would," she said sweetly, "but there doesn't seem to be enough room for both of us there." She sighed and gave a little shrug, a mock look of regret on her face.

Jack smiled. "Don't let that worry you, sweetheart," he said, flicking a couple of levers. Before Denise's startled eyes, the steering wheel folded down and under the dash, while the driver's seat slid back another six inches. "Plenty of room now," he added, and before she really understood what was happening he'd reached over, picked her up, and installed her on his knee.

Denise glared at him, a trifle irritated to be outplayed so easily. Then she smiled. "OK. You got me. But a few kisses only. I haven't agreed to anything else," she warned.

Jack just tilted her head back slightly and lowered his own. The few kisses started slowly, but soon grew deeper and longer as they tasted and teased each other. Denise felt Jacks hands wandering lightly over her, tensing slightly as they brushed her breasts then relaxing as they wandered on without trying to claim them.

Jack continued to distract Denise with his lips while his hands started to wander further afield. He gently stroked her knee, before letting his hand wander slowly along her leg, slipping up and under her dress. He felt her legs tighten slightly, hinting far enough, thank you, and stilled his hand for a moment. Then gently withdrawing from the inside of her leg, he let his finger run up the front and outer side of her thighs, before drifting in above her panty line.

His hand drifted down across the front of her panties, not trying to reach between her legs or to capture her mound, just caressing lightly across the top of her mound. He drew back for a moment and looked at Denise, who was looking back, a bit startled and nervous. He wasn't lunging to grope at her, but his hands were a little too close for comfort, but definitely close enough to stir up a little excitement.

Denise felt Jack slip a finger under the edge of her panties leg, but he didn't seem interest in touching her, just pulling her panties slightly away from her body as he traced the edge of the panties leg. She felt him let go again, feeling her panties snap back into place. She relaxed again, letting Jack start to kiss her again.

Jack also relaxed. He realised that Denise hadn't realised that when tugging on her panties he had also gently moved them sidewards, so that he had effectively tucked them to the side of her mound, leaving it bare and available for his touch.

He traced his hand lightly back up her body, brushing her breasts again, this time lingering and gently squeezing them. He could feel Denise breathing a little harder as she turned slightly, letting his hand capture her breast more easily. He played with it lightly for a while, feeling a slightly increased tension in Denise, and then let his hand slip away again.

Denise felt Jack's hand drift back to her knee, and then start running slowly back up her leg, dipping under her dress again, but not trying to slip between her thighs, just running it lightly and teasingly up her outer leg until it reached the edge of her panties. Happy to have him touch her and not trying to dive under her panties, she let his fingers trace along the panties line, not really believing what was happening when it dawned on her that he was fondling her pussy, his fingers tracing along the inner edge of her lips, gently pressing as he went, with no panties to prevent him. "How," she thought, "did he do that?" Her hand dropped down to stop him, but she found to her shock that instead of stopping his hand she was just holding it in place, enjoying the feel of it.

Jack watched Denise as she moved her head back slightly to look at him. She was flushed and breathing harder and her excitement showed.

"What did you do to me?" she asked.

Jack smiled and moved his hand so that he could tug the hem of her dress up, showing how he had slipped her panties to one side, freeing her pussy to his intrusive explorations. Even as she watched his hand dipped back down and she gasped as she saw and felt his finger slip between her folds to caress the inner flesh.

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