tagIncest/TabooThe Waitress Ch. 02

The Waitress Ch. 02


The Waitress...Cabin Fever

Following her recovery from the accident, Betty resumed her job at Mike's Café. She no longer took the shortcut. She drove the main road to and from work. Winter had already settled in. The entire area for miles around was knee deep in snow with more predicted for the night.

Mike told her, "Don't come in tomorrow if it snows over night. We don't want to send out another search party."

She pointed her four wheeler toward home. As she approached her house, she noticed the fresh footprints in the snow and knew her boys were home. She parked in the lean-to along side the house, plugged in her block heater and went in.

"Hi mom," the boys greeted her.

"Hi yourself. How was school?"

"They told us not to come in tomorrow. There is a big blizzard coming tonight. We've already brought in a bunch of firewood and have refilled all the lanterns in case the power goes out."

"That's good. It always goes out in a blizzard. Mike told me to stay home too, so it looks like we're stuck together. I can't wait until spring. Trout season starts in April."

They all heard the wind pick up outside. Soon there was a full force gale blowing and the snow was so thick and heavy they couldn't see the carport. The lights went out. Power was gone.

John and Jimmy lit a couple of the lanterns and stoked the fire. The boys loved their mom and would do anything for her. In fact, John was already doing "everything" for her.

She closed her eyes and remembered Christmas Eve when John had first made love to her. They had been having sex regularly since then. She was hopeful it would happen again tonight. She looked at John and he smiled his 'come and get it' smile. She settled next to him on the sofa.

Jimmy brought them some blankets and all three of them cuddled by the fire. He turned on the emergency radio. "Forecast is for fifteen to eighteen inches tonight and another ten inches tomorrow. Continuing blizzard conditions for the next five or six days. Please do not attempt to use the roads. The state patrol is not allowing road traffic within sixty miles. We suggest that you all seek shelter and stay where you are."

This kind of weather was not unusual here in Southern Idaho. There were usually three or four big storms every year. Betty and the boys had weathered many of them.

"Let's cook some supper," Betty said and headed for the small kitchen. At time like these she was thankful for the propane range. It meant cooking power. As she cooked the evening meal, she thought about John and their incestuous liaison. Flipping the hamburgers, she realized that she was perfectly happy with this arrangement. There was no guilt within her. She had a hunting partner, a fishing partner and a fuck buddy all rolled into one.

"Supper time," she called.

The boys hurried to the table and started wolfing down the hamburgers and fries.

She nibbled at her burger while she watched them eat. She loved her boys with the fervor of a mama grizzly.

After they ate, John fired up the kerosene water heater and they all waited for a hot shower. They all stripped and got into the shower together. They had already seen each other nude many time, so were not the least embarrassed by their nakedness.

John carefully cleaned his mother. She reveled in the attention she was receiving. Both of her boys rubbed her down with soap and then rinsed her off. She returned the favor, noting that Jimmy's cock had grown a lot lately. She gave it a friendly little squeezed as they got out of the shower.

Jimmy blushed. He had not yet had a chance to prove his total love for his mother. John and he had discussed this situation at length and concluded that there was plenty of mom to go around now that she was fully recovered.

John looked at Jimmy. He winked and nodded. Jimmy knew tonight was his initiation. He smiled at John.

Betty caught the silent communication between her boys. So, it was to be Jimmy tonight. She had wanted this since the day after Christmas but hadn't had the opportunity until now. She got into her nightshirt with no underwear and settled onto the sofa beside her boys.

John looked at her and smiled, "You already know, don't you mom?"

"Now you know you guys can't hide anything from me." She squeezed John's dick under the blanket. She felt Jimmy's hand gently rubbing her thigh.

John got up. "See you in the morning," he said and trundled off to bed.

Jimmy's big hand turned Betty's face toward him. He lowered his lips to hers and sweetly kissed her. She returned the kiss and deepened it by applying copious amounts of tongue into his mouth. He groaned and held her tightly to him.

She remembered how strong he was, how effortlessly he had picked her up. She trembled in his arms and gently squeezed his cock. It came to life immediately and swelled to impressive proportions in her hand. She stroked it. His fingers found her wet pussy and started rubbing up and down her slit. Soon, one of them slipped inside and plunged into her wanting hole. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. It was driving her mad. She rolled under him and jerked off his boxers. He slid her nightshirt up around her waist and stared at her beautiful pussy.

"This is where I came from. Now I'm going back," he thought. He lowered his cock toward her opening. With her hand, she guided him in.

"Do me now!" she demanded.

Always one to obey his mother, Jimmy slid his cock into her pussy. He heard her sigh as he reached his maximum depth and started back out. He pumped her with long, slow strokes. Soon his rhythm increased. "Oh god, mom. You are the best," he whispered.

She moaned and shuddered. "Faster, baby, faster!" She was squeezing his balls as he pumped her, but soon he was going too fast for her to maintain her grip. She started cumming right away. He continued to piston into her. She humped against him, squealing.

"Fuck me more. Fuck me more," she cried. She felt his strokes becoming irregular and knew she was about to receive a load of sperm laden semen. She came again as he squirted her full. "Leave it in," she begged.

He could feel her hot cum on his dick. He wished this could go on forever. He shot load after load into his mom. She was aching for more. He rolled her over on top of him so he wouldn't squash her and left his cock snuggled into her. She looked into his eyes. All she saw was adoration and love. Ten minutes later, his cock hardened within her and he started pumping her again. All night, fuck, rest, fuck, rest, she felt great.

The onset of morning was signaled by a dim light from the grey sky. Snow was still falling.

"I've got to clean up," she said and headed for the shower.

Jimmy was resting peacefully on the sofa, the scene of his wonderful sexual encounter with his mother. He had a hard time believing that it had actually happened at last. He got up and went into the shower. His mother was nude, just getting out. He kissed her tenderly. She kissed him back.

"I've got to make breakfast," she said and left the room.

Jimmy loved the way the shower felt. Stinging needles on his body. Somehow, it felt better today than it ever had.

John wandered into the living room in his boxers and plopped down on the sofa. He had been thinking a lot about his relations with his mother and what was going to happen in the future.

"Come get some breakfast, John," his mother called from the kitchen.

As he started to eat, Jimmy appeared from the bathroom. He sat down and had some breakfast also.

"Mom, we've got to talk." John said.

"Okay, honey, right after breakfast."

When they had all eaten, they assembled in the living room.

"What's on your mind, John?" she asked.

"Mom, do you remember Christmas Eve?"

"I could never forget it."

"You said you didn't care if you were pregnant."

"I meant it then, I mean it now."

"I've noticed that you never use protection. Are you trying to get pregnant?"

"To tell the truth, I am. I have wanted another baby for a long time. I love you boys dearly and I can't think of anyone I'd rather have a baby with."

"I can understand that. But who would be the daddy? Both of us are trying to impregnate you."

"It doesn't matter. I plan on blaming a one night stand with a trucker. We can't admit that it is the product of one of you guys. I really want another baby, but I don't want another man. I already have two men. Does that make any sense?"

"I'm not questioning your needs or wants. I just want to know what's happening so it won't be a big shock when it happens. I would love to make a baby with you and I'm sure Jimmy would too."

Jimmy nodded in agreement. "I would like to make a baby in you to mom."

"Well, now that we've got that out of the way, what do you guys plan on doing? Are you going to take turns or can I try both of you at once, or what?"

"Gee, mom, I never thought about both of us at one time, but it might be fun. If we don't like it we can always stop," John said. "I think the threesome idea should be done only occasionally."

"Yeah, we might hurt you if we did it all the time," agreed Jimmy.

"Okay, how about this, one of you will sleep with me every night. Don't tell me who it's going to be. After all, I need some small surprises in my life. When I get pregnant, both of you will be declared successful. That way, we won't ever argue about who did the deed."

"That sounds like a plan, mom. After you go to bed Jimmy and I will decide who is to be your true love tonight."

The snow fell all day and was still falling when they went to bed. John quietly walked into his mother's bedroom and lay down beside her. He immediately noticed that she was naked. He got naked and wrapped his arms around her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck as he started to spoon her. She wriggled back into him and felt his hard cock sliding up her ass crack. She reached between her legs and guided his cock into her slick cunt. He lurched forward, impaling her on his rod.

"I'm gonna squirt a baby into you tonight," he whispered in her ear.

"Okay, let's do it," she quietly replied and started stroking backwards along his hard dick.

She felt so tight and warm. Just the thought of making a baby in her had him extremely excited. He pumped harder and harder trying to drive his cock as far into her as possible. She screamed as she came on his cock. The feeling of her quivering pussy clamping onto his prick was more than he could stand. He shot a huge load of sperm into her.

"Leave it in as long as you can," she told him. She didn't feel his cock diminishing much. His arms cuddle her tightly to his body. His cock was resting deep in her pussy. His hands were squeezing her tits. She was his slave. She knew she was also the slave of her other son. Resting in John's arms, she realized that she never wanted to be anywhere else.

John's cock rehardened about once an hour and he would fuck her hard and come in her. All night, he did not remove his cock from his mother's pussy. He was still fucking her when morning came. He shot one final load into her. His cock finally fell out of her twat.

"Let's get a little sleep," she mumbled and immediately flamed out. John felt her relax against him. He held her tight and went to sleep.

Jimmy was in the kitchen when John staggered in. "Coffee?" he laughed.

"Oh yeah," answered John. "I thought she was supposed to be the weaker sex. She damned near fucked me to death!"

"Lucky for you, I've got your back," Jimmy said, still laughing.

"Now that we know what she wants, she's gonna drain both of us until we knock her up." John said.

"That's all right with me. I've always wanted year 'round pussy. Now we've both got it." Jimmy smiled.

"I heard that!" their mother's voice wafted in from the living room. "You're right; I'm gonna fuck both of you to death until you shoot a baby in me!"

"Gee, mom, that's a little harsh, isn't it?" John asked

"Facts is facts," she answered, chuckling.

Her boys brought her a cup of coffee and sat beside her on the sofa. The snow was still falling. She looked out the almost covered window and smiled. "It looks like we'll probably make a blizzard baby this year," she commented.

Her boys nodded in agreement. Blizzards had some good points too.

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