tagNovels and NovellasThe Wanderings of Amy Ch. 12

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 12


Chapter 12 - Mardi Gras

Amy found that she was actually enjoying economics more and more as the Spring semester progressed. She had been right about taking the two classes with Burnside. She knew what to expect from Burnside, which she found comforting in a strange way. Burnside might have given her an approving nod to see her enrolled in two of her classes, but Amy knew that meant that Burnside expected more from her, not less. For the first time in her life, Amy had found a role-model whom she wanted to impress. Economics was a tough subject, and Amy had never been good at math. She spent hours each week with Wendy going over the difficult equations needed for her economics classes, but slowly the theories and formulas in Burnside's lectures started to make sense to her.

Another person became central to Amy's ambitions during the spring semester, and that was Lisa Campbell, Burnside's TA, who was a graduate student and seminar instructor. Lisa's relationship with Burnside went back several years to her first year in college. At first she seemed an unlikely assistant for Burnside because her outward appearance was totally different from that of the impeccable economics professor. Lisa was tall and quite attractive, with bleached blond hair and a deep tan. She usually dressed in very provocative clothing and spoke with a casual California accent. She was the chapter president of one of the sororities on campus, and often walked around with a contingent of young pledges trailing behind her. Lisa, when not wearing a see-through blouse or skimpy halter-top, invariable wore a t-shirt or sweatshirt with her sorority's insignia on it.

Lisa's outward appearance and behavior were completely misleading. In spite of her social life, she was a hardened, serious graduate student. When in class she was all business; her detailed lectures, harsh grading, and strict schedule totally contrasting with her casual west-coast mannerisms and revealing clothing.

There was something more to Lisa than just her underlying intelligence and ambition, however. Amy suspected that her TA's sexual appetites were very similar to Ruth Burnside's. There was something about her, perhaps something in her expression or the way she looked at the guys in her seminars; that made Amy think Lisa could very well be a dominatrix. She could very easily picture the Californian wearing a black outfit and cruel smile, wielding a switch or paddle against some unfortunate naked fraternity pledge.

Lisa took a liking to Amy and began helping her with some of the theoretical material in the classes. Wendy had a good head for numbers and formulas, but had more difficulty with applying the math to real uses. Lisa helped Amy with applied theoretical concepts and gave her some advice about improving her writing technique and finding research sources. By the middle of the semester Lisa knew Amy well enough to confide a few details about her personal life and her sorority. She also related how she had met Suzanne when she was still a freshman, through a mutual friend who now was in working for the university's economics department as an exchange program counselor in Eastern Europe.


Amy's dedication to her economics classes forced her to reduce her photo shoot schedule with Suzanne. Amy's roommate was perfectly willing to delay several photo shoots until the summer, and step aside to let her throw herself into her studies. Suzanne reflected that Amy had come a long way in just a year. When she had first met Amy, Suzanne thought of her as little more than a teenager who had some seriousness knocked into her by a bad experience. Amy had changed since Suzanne first saw her. She had matured and had real potential.

Along with Lisa and Suzanne, Ruth Burnside also noticed the change in Amy. The first face to face encounter between Amy and her professor, a confrontation in her office over a plagiarized term paper, was totally forgotten. Amy now did excellent work.

At Lisa's suggestion, Burnside suddenly decided to do something for Amy that she almost never did for an undergraduate; she e-mailed Amy to invite her and Wendy to her annual Mardi Gras party, this time as guests. The theme would be the same as the Halloween Party, a BDSM costume party. If she and Wendy wanted to come they would have to wear decent outfits. That was the only condition, Burnside emphasized. Amy immediately e-mailed back. "Thanks for the invite. I'll be there for sure! I'll try to get Wendy to come too."

Amy had a harder time choosing an outfit than Wendy. Wendy had a skin-tight shiny black Japanese jumpsuit that would be perfect for her. A pair of black high-heeled shoes and a borrowed black riding crop completed her costume. Amy even managed to convince Wendy not to wear anything under her jumpsuit.

Amy was stuck between wearing a Mardi Gras style outfit or a BDSM outfit. Finally she settled on going as a nurse. She found an old white nurse's dress and cap at a used clothing store. She shortened the skirt so that it ended just slightly below her crotch. She bought a pair of white silk stockings that came halfway up her thighs. She decided that she would shave off her pubic hair and go pantyless. She felt incredibly daring as she felt the thrill of the cool air on her upper thighs and between her legs when trying on her outfit. Amy stood in the mirror looking at herself. She was all in white, except her upper thighs, which were bare. She felt a twinge of anxiety when she realized that she had shortened the skirt a bit too much in the back. She noticed in the mirror that if she bent over, even slightly, the lower part of her bottom was exposed. However, she decided to go with her original plan to not wear any underwear, since many of Burnside's guests already had seen plenty of her body in the fall. As she turned around, the back of her skirt barely reaching to the tops of her thighs even when she was standing up straight, she felt that she never looked sexier in her life. Amy's accessories included an old stethoscope, a pocket of empty syringes, and an enema bottle and tube hooked to her belt.

There was an early midterm in both of Burnside's classes a couple of days before the party. Amy suspected that Burnside had scheduled the tests early in the hope of recruiting hosts or hostesses for her party. This time Amy had studied hard and was confident going into both tests. She was determined to be Burnside's guest, not her hostess. Lisa proctored both tests, pacing about the room while Burnside watched the students from her podium

During one of the midterms, Amy noticed the guy sitting next to her looking over onto her paper, as well as onto the paper of the guy sitting on his other side. He was handsome, but was an arrogant fraternity type of the sort that did not interest her. The second time he peeked onto her paper, she gave him a cold stare and twisted in her seat to keep him from seeing her answers.

"Stupid bitch." mumbled the frat guy. Amy was furious at her neighbor. No wonder Suzanne freaked at the slightest hint of plagiarism. Why was she a "stupid bitch" just because she didn't want someone else copying her test?

As Lisa slowly walked up the side of the room on the lookout for cheaters, Amy's neighbor twisted to the other side look at his other neighbor's paper. The other guy was just as irritated as was Amy, and a bit more vocal. "Look, shithead, do your own fucking work."

Lisa quickly looked over to the three students. She had heard the other guy's comment. Amy's eyes met the TA's, then moved in the direction of her cheating neighbor, then back to Lisa's face. The TA nodded slightly. YES!! Looks like Burnside has herself a host for her party, thought Amy to herself.

Two days later Burnside returned the tests. Amy was sitting next to the same fraternity guy. Lisa handed him an empty manila folder. Amy smiled wickedly. The guy gave her a sharp look.

"What's so funny?" he snapped.

"You'll find out."

That night Amy e-mailed Burnside. "The guy sitting next to me insulted me during the test. Will he be hosting for you?"

Burnside responded. "Elaborate".

"He called me a 'stupid bitch' when I wouldn't let him see my test."

"Then he will need an attitude adjustment as well as a lesson in academic integrity. Be at my place at 5:30. -Burnside-"


Amy and Wendy showed up at Burnside's house at 5:30. Wendy's face was heavily made up to emphasize her Asian features. She looked great in her tight black jumpsuit. The curves of her thin body were clearly visible under her outfit. Amy felt wonderful in her sexy nurse outfit, but she could tell that Wendy was nervous about facing Burnside again.

"Relax." said Amy. "You're not even in her class anymore. Besides, didn't she tell both of us that she actually learned something from our paper? You won't hear that from Burnside too often."

As they walked from Wendy's car to Burnside's door, Amy felt the cold winter air blowing against her bare thighs and up her skirt on her bare bottom. She could tell that she had goose bumps on her bottom and thighs. She was incredibly aroused.

When Burnside opened the door she was again in outfit. This time her students were not shocked. The professor looked over Amy and Wendy approvingly and invited them in. The living room was decorated differently than for Halloween. There were glittery decorations everywhere on the walls, punctuated with fake flowers and strings of beads.

This time Burnside had her leather switch in her hand and was dressed in a one-piece leather outfit. From the front it looked something like a black swimsuit, but in the back it was cut very high. A thin string of leather running between Burnside's tanned bottom cheeks and halfway up her back was the only covering that she had below her waist in the back. She has a nice bottom, in spite of her age, thought Amy.

Amy, for the first time, was able to appreciate how sexy Ruth Burnside truly was. Burnside was over 40, but had not done anything to attempt to conceal her age. Her hair was just starting to go gray, and anyone standing close to her would see wrinkles starting to form around her eyes. Burnside had not taken any artificial steps to hide what was happening to her body, but in a natural way, it was obvious she was determined to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Her body was toned and hardened from years of intense physical exercise. Burnside had a figure that many younger women would have envied and her whole demeanor demonstrated her excellent health and confidence in herself.

The detail about Burnside that made her truly sexy, however, was not her physique, nor even her erotic outfit; it was the intense eroticism in her eyes and her expression. In class Ruth Burnside pushed an image of harshness and severity. In her own environment, she exuded the same harshness, but it was mixed with her love of sex and of exploring all the physical sensations that a human body could experience. Burnside knew her own body much better than most women. Time and time again she had pushed herself to her physical limits as she explored her world in which pain constantly intersected with intense pleasure. It was that confidence in herself, and in her ability to help others explore their outer limits of intense sexuality, that was reflected in Burnside's eyes. Her expression was that of a person who had "been there".

Amy and Wendy's attentions were quickly diverted from Burnside's bottom. Lisa came into the living room from the kitchen. Her exhibitionist personality (as well as her body) was even more fully on display than the professor's. She wore nothing except a small red French maid's apron, a matching maid's hat, and a pair of red slippers. Her shoulders, breasts, legs, and entire backside were completely uncovered. Seeing Lisa so exposed left Amy with the odd feeling of being over-dressed for this party instead of under-dressed. Compared to Burnside and Lisa, her outfit seemed relatively modest.

Standing at the back of the living room were three naked male students. They were facing the wall and had their hands behind their heads. They already were wearing Burnside's servant uniform, metal cuffs and temporary tattoos around their upper arms and thighs. Their legs were slightly more than shoulder-width apart and Amy could catch a glimpse of the backs of their testicles between their legs. Two of the trio had 16 dark reddish stripes on their bottoms and were shifting uncomfortably from side to side, sighing every so often. The bottom of the third student was still white.

"Bill, turn around please." said Burnside, with a mocking sweetness in her voice. "There's someone here to see you."

The guy who still had a white butt turned around. He was Amy's neighbor from the midterm. His eyes met hers. His face, already red, turned a shade darker. A look of panic went through his expression. He looked at the floor.

"Hey! No one told you to look down!" snapped Lisa. "Look Amy in the eye! You don't call someone a 'stupid bitch' in a test and then look away! What's wrong with you? You're not proud that you said that to her?"

Burnside smiled approvingly at Lisa. Her TA had made a good start dealing with this frat punk.

Bill reluctantly gazed at Lisa, then at Amy. The two women looked into his face and smiled sarcastically, scanning their eyes over his body. He was average height, and had a fairly good build. His legs and chest were deeply tanned, but he was white between his knees and waist. There was a small amount of hair on his chest and some on his calves. His pubic hair was gone, shaved off to comply with the dress code of a punished student. His penis and balls were average sized, but shaved he looked like more like a little boy.

Bill looked like he was going to be sick. He could not believe how humiliating all this was. His fraternity initiation had been nowhere close to this, and the night was just starting...

Lisa walked up to Bill. She pinched his chin and forced him to look at her. "You'll be getting it from Dr. Burnside for thinking that you could cheat on her midterm later on. But first you're getting it from me. That's why we saved you for last, so Amy could watch. You do NOT call a fellow student a 'stupid bitch' in class. Now turn around and put your hands on your knees."

Burnside's eyes were illuminated with that weird expression she always had when she was aroused. Lisa ran her hand over Bill's bottom. The TA slipped her hand between his legs. Suddenly he clenched his bottom cheeks and twisted slightly. She slapped him hard.

"Look, you little cheating punk! If I want to put my hand there, I will put my hand there! You will do what I tell you or tomorrow you're history as far as your career is concerned!"

Lisa again reached between Bill's legs and squeezed the backs of his balls. "You're now getting a little something extra for not obeying me."

Suddenly she turned to Amy. "Looks like you want to play nurse tonight. OK. Do you know how to check a prostate gland?"

Amy shook her head no. Bill's eyes went wide with horror.

"It's simple. I'll show you. Wendy, you get over here too. Get three pairs of medical gloves and that tube of K-Y from the table."

Lisa showed Amy and Wendy how to put on the gloves. She dabbed a small amount of clear jelly on their fingertips. Then she ordered Bill to put his hands on the front of a chair and spread his legs. She pressed her left hand in the middle of his back to force his bottom to stick up. Bill's face was pure misery and humiliation.

With her right hand Lisa stuck a finger up Bill's bottom. He did not dare move. "See how I am positioning my hand? You'll feel the prostate if you put yours in the same way. You can touch it, but don't press too hard. Here, Wendy you try it." The TA pulled her finger out.

Wendy's face reflected genuine curiosity. She shoved her finger up Bill's bottom-hole. As Burnside and Amy watched, Lisa moved in to guide Wendy. "Press in a little more. Do you feel it?" Wendy nodded as she found her target. She felt it for a few seconds and pulled her finger out.

Amy noticed that Bill had a furious erection. Lisa reached down and quickly squeezed it to torment him even more. "Some guys get off on this. Amy, you try it."

Amy shoved her index finger up Bill's bottom while Lisa kept a tight grip on his penis. She felt around the warm flesh of his intestines and found the small round gland. She gently traced it with her finger tip for a few seconds. Her curiosity satisfied, she pulled her finger out.

"Bill, stand up and turn around. Keep your hands at your side." snapped Burnside. "Now look at me."

Bill's penis stuck straight out. It bobbed up and down slightly, to the delight of the four women standing in the room. Bill looked like he was about to cry. Amy and Wendy had a hard time trying not to laugh.

Burnside moved her face close to Bill's. "Let this be a lesson to you, Bill. No matter how bad you think things are, we can always make them worse. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside." Bill's voice was barely audible. Gone was the smug way he talked in class.

"Now, get yourself cleaned up. You have 60 seconds."

Bill ran to the bathroom. He wiped himself off and returned almost immediately. Amy could tell that he was no longer just embarrassed, he was scared. He stood quietly waiting to see what would come next.

Burnside and Lisa walked over the table of S&M implements, while Amy and Wendy watched. There was an assortment of paddles, crops, leather switches, straps, and martinets. Burnside handed Lisa a black leather paddle. The paddle's surface was oval shaped, about eight by six inches. The thick leather was stiff and heavy. Any swats from it would hurt, even if wielded by someone inexperienced.

Burnside smacked Lisa's bare bottom and pointed at Bill. "OK. He's all yours 'til you get tired of paddling him. Then he's mine. That's when the real fun starts."

Lisa took the paddle and waved it to test its feel in her hand. Suddenly her eyes fell on a riding crop, which gave her a wicked idea. She put the paddle under her arm and picked up the crop.

"Bill, put your hands on your head. Spread your legs."

Lisa began to caress the insides of Bill's thighs with the crop.

"Keep your eyes on me. And close your mouth. You look stupid with your mouth hanging open like that."

Lisa lightly touched Bill's testicles with the crop. She massaged the tip around his penis. The other three women watched with amusement as Bill's hard-on returned. He bobbed up and down as the graduate student continued to rub him with the implement. His face was pure humiliation. Finally he could not look at her any more. She snapped him between the legs with the implement. He jerked and struggled to stay upright.

"What do you think you're doing?! Look at me! Aren't you proud that you called Amy a 'stupid bitch'? Come on. Answer the question!"

Bill forced himself to look up at Amy. "No...I'm not proud..." he managed to get out.

Amy's eyes lit up with joy as the wetness built between her legs. This was a totally new experience for her and she was loving every moment. To watch her sexy TA make that frat punk squirm with embarrassment, to have him as her plaything...This was fun!

Lisa set the crop down and took up the paddle to deliver the first part of the punishment. The TA cruelly smiled to Bill as she held the implement out in front, so he could get a good look at the leather that would be tormenting his bottom momentarily.

"Get over that leather bench. Spread your legs."

This was getting rougher and rougher on Bill. He struggled to get over the bench. His hard-on made it difficult. Finally he pushed it to one side and managed to get into position. Lisa showed him no mercy as she massaged his bottom and reached in front to tease him.

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