tagErotic CouplingsThe Warehouse Girl Ch. 02

The Warehouse Girl Ch. 02


Author’s note – To appreciate this story fully it is necessary to read Chapter 1 first.

In the weeks that followed I realized that I had been totally unprepared for the demands a woman like Judy could place on a man. Like many men I had fantasized about what it would be like to have a beautiful, sexy woman in my life whose only thoughts were of sexual pleasure. But the truth was that I was woefully unprepared for the demands that this situation placed upon me.

Judy was, quite frankly, insatiable. Her love of cock sucking and of my cum was unquenchable. Her desires, which she had kept hidden for so long, now had an able and willing partner in myself and she intended to use me as if there were no tomorrow.

That first day after that first ride home was a perfect example. After draining my cock dry in the morning she was back in my office not two hours later. We both felt that my office wasn’t the safest place for our meetings so we took a walk into the back section of the warehouse where I worked. Very few people ever came back to the corner where the bookstore section was. Mostly my area was surrounded with items stored long term such as extra tables, desks and the like. Most items that came into the docks were immediately shipped out to whatever part of the college needed them. So I was fairly isolated from the main work area and could usually tell if anyone came into the back section.

Nevertheless, Judy thought that we needed more cover just in case that in the heat of the moment we didn’t hear someone approaching. I had cases of old textbooks stored there and with her approval I stacked them up in a way that in effect created a small room that no one could see into unless they were way over in the far corner and no one ever went back there. I found a box of old dorm pillows and laid them out on the floor on top of an old students mattress that was lying around.

“Not bad” Judy said looking around. Turning her gaze on me a smile slowly crossed her face. Her fingers reached out and lightly began rubbing my cock through my pants.

“ Just stay right there and I’ll do the work baby,” she said. Her hand continued exploring my cock and balls while she slithered in close to me. “Ohh, your cock’s getting nice and hard. Maybe next time I won’t have to wait two hours for the pump to fill up.”

Her hand was sliding up and down the length of my now throbbing cock. She knew the combination of her talented fingers and her dirty talk was just the ticket to bring me to a boiling point.

“I bet you’d like me to suck that big, fucking dick of yours Chuck. Would you like to feel my warm mouth on your cock? I will if you give me what I want baby. You know what I fucking want baby don’t you? I want you to fucking fill up my mouth with your cum baby, your fucking hot fuck juice. Your jizz baby, I want a big mouthful of it!”

With that down went my zipper and this time she somehow managed to remove my cock from my pants without me having to take them off. She arranged two pillows so that when she dropped down to her knees her face was at the same level as my cock. She lifted my cock up away from my body and slowly licked from the base of my cock to it’s head, lingering on the head to taste the precum that was already dripping down .

“Goddamn that’s good cum!” she said and without any further formalities she swallowed the full length of it down her throat. Her head began bobbing rapidly and her fingers gently jerked and twisted on the small area of cock not in her mouth. This would be no slow loving exploration of my man hood, this was an all out assault with one goal in mind.

I became aware of the slurping noises coming from her but I was in no position to quiet her. Her mouth was like a machine sucking and slurping and it took only about one minute for her to get what she craved. I gently put my hands on each side of her head and whispered, “here it comes Judy, ohh here it comes.”

Her lips tightened their grip on me and I let fly with that first shot of thick cum. Right in her mouth of course and I heard her murmur her approval. Her hand jerked my cock while that wet mouth greedily drank down shot after shot of that warm fluid. Despite her best efforts to drink it all some cum began to run out of the corners of her mouth. She cupped her hands and let the overflow drip into them while still concentrating on the large quantity shooting into her mouth. I’d say ninety percent she was able to swallow but when my eruptions finally ceased she still had a fairly thick puddle of cum in her hands.

“ Oh Christ Chuck,” she moaned as my cock popped out of her mouth. “ Do your loads get bigger every time I suck you off? How fucking great was that?” She raised her hands to her mouth and began licking up the puddle of cum that had collected there. I immediately thought of a kitten licking milk from a dish but no kitten ever loved milk the way Judy loved her cum. She lovingly slurped up every drop and then licked her fingers and hands clean.

Getting to her feet she said, “I should have carried some back to my office to have with lunch but it’s too messy. But sooo yummy! She seemed to think for a moment and then said, “I got an idea for later that you’re gonna love!” Licking her lips she asked, “did I lick off all your jizz baby? I didn’t miss any on my face did I?” Told that she didn’t she smiled happily and said, “well back to the salt mine but don’t forget who’s driving you home baby.”

Perhaps now you begin to see what I mean. Here it was about ten fifteen in the morning and she had already sucked me off twice and made reference to a possible third time later on the ride home. Now don’t get me wrong I was thrilled at the situation I found myself in but I was truly drained at that point and did not really know what my limits were in this regard. She obviously had no limits.

The drive home went pretty much as you might imagine with Judy getting her third load from me behind the same empty gas station where we had stopped the day before. As she dropped me off in front of my apartment she told me that she had an idea for tomorrow that was going to be ‘a lot of fun’ as she put it. I couldn’t imagine what she had in store for me but at this point I was game for anything.

Sure enough the next morning as soon as her boss left on his inventorying duties Judy popped into my office and practically dragged me back to the warehouse. I noticed that she had some sort of plastic container with her and when I asked her what it was she just smiled and said, “you’ll see.”

When we got back to our secret little room Judy slithered up to me and buried her tongue in my mouth, something she had never done before. Her fingers were already rubbing the bulge in my pants and I responded immediately. Her other hand reached behind me and one finger traced the crack of my ass through my jeans.

“I’ve got a little favor to ask you Chuck,” she murmured in between wet kisses. “Ohh good, your dick’s hard as a rock. Did you save me up a nice big load of hot cum? I hope so baby because I need an especially big load today. Know why?”

With that she pulled away from me and snapped open the top to that plastic container she had brought with her. At first it didn’t register to me what she had in mind. The container was filled with lettuce, tomatoes , celery and hunks of cooked chicken. Obviously her lunch and what the hell could she…? Then it hit me. She wanted a little dressing for her chicken salad.

“Do you mean that you want me to…?”

“Yeah baby,” she said as she tugged my pants down to the floor. She smiled up at me from her knees and said as calmly as if she were talking to her best friend, “ I want some hot cum for my lunch. Let’s call it a spunk salad. Then I’m going to go out to the picnic area with the other girls and I’m going to eat it all right in front of them. Umm does that make you hot honey?”

Dumbstruck would have been a more accurate term at that point. But by then her tongue was lapping up my precum and her fingers were stuck down her skirt massaging her pussy. As she swallowed my cock deep down her throat her fingers, wet with her pussy juice, reached around behind me and began lightly rubbing on the outside of my asshole. Slowly her finger became more assertive and soon it slid right into my ass. I jerked in surprise but the sensation was very pleasant. Soon her finger was joined by a second and she began slowly and happily fucking my ass as she sucked my cock.

“Do you like my fingers up your fucking asshole baby?” she asked at one point smiling up at me. “Then shoot me off a big load honey. I’m really fucking hungry”

No problem I thought, not with that mouth working on me. I was getting close to cumming when she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said “Jerk it off for me baby, I want to watch it cum.”

I started jerking my cock and Judy sat about two or three inches from the tip of it watching my hand stroke it back and forth. Occasionally her tongue would flick out and bathe the head with her saliva. Her fingers were still sliding in and out of my ass. When I started getting ready to cum she held the plastic dish with her lunch right in front of my bulging cock and hissed at me, “now fill this fucking dish up baby, come on you horny fucker shoot off that cum.”

I did just that as the cum erupted from my dick in thick, rapid wads. In seconds Judy’s salad was covered in cum an inch thick. “Ohh baby,” she moaned, “ that’s plenty for lunch, the rest I want now!” As I continued jerking on it three or four good heavy splurts went right into Judy’s eager mouth. She let that cum sit on her tongue for a moment so I could get a good look at it and then she swallowed it down. Her tongue lapped at my cock seeking more but there was only a meager drop or two left. She licked my cock totally dry and then slid her fingers slowly out of my ass. Smiling at me she lovingly licked the ass juice off of her fingers and rose to her feet.

“Oh Chuck, those other girls at lunch won’t have any idea what a wonderful salad dressing I’m having. Isn’t that exciting thinking about me eating your cum right in front of all of them?” She giggled and taking a finger she worked the cum into the salad so that it was spread evenly throughout. She then licked her finger clean and said, ‘See you later baby.”

Of that I had no doubt. About ten minutes after twelve I walked out to the docks where some of the guys hung out eating lunch. It was a warm day and the doors were open. Off to the side of the building were three or four picnic tables where people could sit outside and enjoy the sun at lunchtime. Sure enough, at one of the tables sat Judy and a bunch of other girls from the offices. Judy was calmly eating her chicken salad and washing it down with a can of diet soda. I almost burst out laughing as the thought came to me that she needed diet pop because of all the protein she was eating lately.

After lunch Judy came back to my office and she was trying to keep from bursting out laughing. “Chuck, you’ll never believe what happened at lunch.”

“I know, you ate all your salad like a good girl.”

“But that’s not all,” she said smirking. “You know Deedee that bitch that works in the property office? Well she noticed my salad and asked me what kind of dressing I was using. Well I told her just some homemade recipe that I had whipped up and next thing you know she wants to try it! So I get a big hunk of chicken and make sure it’s covered with your goo and put it on her plate. Well she looks it over and then she ate the thing and doesn’t she just love it! I had to give her two more pieces and I promised to bring her some in to lunch tomorrow. Just the special sauce of course, she has her own salad to put it on. Isn’t that wild?”

Wild wasn’t the word for it. Apparently I was now going to have to feed two women even though one of them would never know that I was the source. Or exactly what the ingredients of the ‘special sauce’ really were.

Too bad too, because next to Judy that Deedee was the hottest woman in the place. Long black hair down to her waist and a body to die for. The thought of her gobbling down my hot cum was enough to cause a stir in my pants. Judy noticed and said, “As much as I’d like to take care of that cock of yours again I think you’d better save up your cum for tomorrow. You’re going to have two salads to prepare then. Oh yummy, just the thought of that stuck up Deedee slurping down your cum without knowing it is enough to get me off. See you Chuck!”

And that’s pretty much how it went down. The next morning Judy had me shoot a huge load into another of her salads and when every possible drop had been drained from me she took a spoon and scooped large spoonfuls into a small, round container that was especially for Deedee.

“Umm, that’s why I like you so much Chuck,” she said licking first my cock and then her spoon clean, “ you always have such nice, big loads of cum for me. Say, why don’t you watch out the window and check out the fun at lunchtime?”

That’s just what I had in mind anyway. The picnic table was only about twenty feet away from the window so I could get a clear view of the girls eating lunch. After a little chit-chat the girls got down to their lunches. Judy handed Deedee the small container which she had filled earlier. Deedee opened her salad container and with little delay poured the ‘special dressing’ over the top of her salad. Because it was so thick it poured slowly out of the container and I saw her scoop out the last few drops with a spoon and dump it on her lunch. Then she licked the remaining dressing off the spoon and I saw Judy steal a glance at the window where she knew I was watching. I knew Judy’s pussy was dripping by this time but she maintained her composure.

Deedee nodded to Judy as if to say ‘Yummy’ and then dug in. She ate that whole salad and then scooped the remaining dressing up with a piece of roll and wolfed that down too. What a show and poor Deedee never knew that she was the star performer.

After lunch Judy was so turned on that I had to eat her pussy until she climaxed in my mouth. This was a pleasant change from the normal but Judy said not to get used to it, she only let me do that because she knew I couldn’t cum again so soon. As she licked some of her own pussy juice off my face she told me that her boss was going to be back in the office for a couple of days so that we would have to play it cool for a while.

“But baby you can do something for me that would really turn me on in the meantime. You know when I’m stuck in that office I get so horny thinking about you and your hard cock just down the hall from me. And the fact that I can’t have it because my boss is around. So baby if you’d just write me a little note telling me how much you’d like it if I’d come over and suck you off, that would be such a turn on for me to read when I’m stuck in there. Knowing that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. You’ll do that for me won’t you baby, I mean don’t sign it or anything I just want to look at it from time to time.”

Well that was the oddest thing that she had ever asked me. I hesitated but her tongue in my ear whispering all the filthy things she had in store for me was the trump card. What the hell, as long as my name wasn’t on it.

I sat down and wrote something to the effect of “Judy baby, I wish you would come over and suck my hard cock for me. I want to cum in your mouth .” Blah blah blah. On it went for a half page or so and when I gave it to her she was delighted and carefully folded it up and took it back to her office where she said she planned to hide it and just read it on special occasions. Weird!

And so it went for most of the summer. When Judy wasn’t draining my cock dry with her talented lips she was having me provide her with dressing for the various salads she was so fond of. Deedee was getting her fair share as well.

One day Judy asked me to come out about ten minutes after lunch had started to where she and the other girls were going to be eating. Under the pretext of cutting up a watermelon that Judy had brought to work, I was able to get a close up view of Judy and Deedee eating their salads coated with my thick cum.

I sliced up that melon for the girls and kept my eyes on Deedee the whole time. She obviously loved the dressing and at one point she smiled right at me and I could see her beautiful lips coated with it. Now there were probably ten girls at these picnic tables and here were two of the most beautiful ones eating my cum right in front of all of them. But only Judy and I knew it. Judy thanked me for coming out and cutting the melon for them and then I beat a hasty retreat back to the warehouse.

In truth the sight of Deedee with those cum drenched lips had given me another erection and I didn’t want anyone to notice. I went back to my office to get a little work done and hope that Judy could get away for a while that afternoon.

Sure enough, about an hour later Judy came into my office with a big grin on her face.

“Well did you get a good peek at Deedee eating her salad? That slut loves it! I wonder how much she’d like it if she knew that she was feasting on your hot fuck juice?” She started giggling wildly.

“I knew your cock would be good and hard after seeing that Chuck. Mind if I have a little mid afternoon snack? You didn’t jerk off did you? Good boy!”

After a seconds pause Judy said, “You know if you ever do have to jerk off and I’m not around, maybe you could use a rubber and save it for me. Ohh, drinking it right from the condom, how hot would that be?”

Judy smiled and slowly licked her full lips as her fingers reached out and began tracing the outline of my cock in my jeans.

“You know if you had a girlfriend Chuck, you could fuck her all you wanted as long as you kept the condom and brought all your juice in to work with you and gave it to me. Ohh, I wonder if I could taste her pussy juice if I licked that rubber? Ohh, what if she liked anal, I wonder if…”

“Enough fucking talk” I hissed at her. “My cock’s hard as a rock, let’s go out to the warehouse.”

Seeing no one around we made our way to the little area where we had our encounters. My dick was throbbing and Judy seemed more than eager today. Within seconds my pants were off and Judy was dropping to her knees.

“Jerk it for me baby. You know how it turns me on to watch you jerk your cock. Get a nice big hot load ready for me.”

I began stroking my cock back and forth and Judy crawled up so that the head of my cock was only inches from her eager lips. She licked her lips in anticipation and her eyes never left my throbbing cock. Every few seconds her tongue would flick out and bathe the head of my dick while she searched for her beloved precum.

Somehow we both sensed that this time I was going to give her a truly massive load of cum, yet each of us wanted to take our time and savor the moment. Her boss was away again and we were in no hurry.

Her mouth and lips parted as she slowly took the length of my cock into her mouth. Her wonderful tongue kept busy on the sensitive underside as her lips increased their tension and sucked it wantonly. She began slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth and when she pulled it out it was only for a moment to lick the head and whisper up to me, “When you cum I want you to think about that slut Deedee eating all your cum on her food that we’ve been feeding her.”

Just as Judy slid my cock back into her mouth and I was closing my eyes in anticipation of what was to come, a voice said, “I knew it you fucking whore!” Startled half out of my mind I yanked my cock out of Judy’s mouth and took a step backward. There, standing in the entrance to our little playroom stood Deedee!

Ignoring me Deedee ran over to Judy before she could get to her feet. She grabbed Judy’s hair and pulled her head back and forced her to look her right in the eye.

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