tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Warehouse Worker

The Warehouse Worker


It was one week in to Kara's new job in a shoe warehouse. She had to take the job there to pay off the huge debts she'd got into at college. This wasn't the kind of work she had expected to end up with but living in a small town as she did and being unable to drive as yet, she had no choice. There wasn't a great number of jobs around. She had expected to be working in the office but they always wanted her on that cold and dusty warehouse floor instead.

She really hated the job and the pay was bad. The weekends were slow and only two members of staff came in on a Saturday. Today it was her and the manager. He was a friendly enough kind of guy, Kara thought. He was probably in his 40's. He had grey hair and was starting to lose some of it. He wasn't really attractive but he seemed quiet and maybe a little shy.

As usual, when she arrived she signed herself in and her boss, David followed behind, locking the door on his way as always to stop passers by just wandering in.

It was dark and cold and Kara dreaded another 9 hour shift as she walked through to the staff room and put down her bag and coat on one of the chairs. She put on the kettle and made a cup of tea for herself and David. Then she walked through to the office where David gave her the first couple of picking lists for the day. She sighed and walked out on to the freezing cold warehouse floor.

She put on the radio and the huge, noisy heater and began to follow the lists and collect the shoes for the different shops. As she did so she dropped a box on the floor. She admired the shoes that fell out. Feeling disappointed that on her wages she could never afford anything like that she shoved them back in their box and continued.

Then a thought crossed her mind. She thought to herself that they owe her a pair of shoes like this with the amount of work she does for them.

She couldn't believe the thoughts that were passing through her mind. Was she really considering stealing from them? She kept telling herself it was a bad idea but as fast as she tried a plan was formulating in her mind.

She went back to the staff room and made herself another cup of tea. This time she brought the tea and her bag out onto the warehouse floor. She left them on the desk in the corner of the room. Then she picked up another picking list and went towards the pair of shoes of her choice. Quickly, Kara took them back over to her bag, took them out of their box and stuffed them in. They just fitted and she took the empty box back over to the shelf and swapped it all around, ensuring it would be quite some time hopefully before anyone noticed the shoes missing. Then she took her bag back through to the office and hid it under her coat.

A week passed. She grew increasingly nervous at work; sure someone would soon notice the shoes missing. Then Saturday came round once again. By today she had almost forgotten her escapades of last week. She followed her routine as usual in the morning and got on with her picking while David sat at the computer in the office. Lunch came and went and then she too got her chance to sit at the computer in the warm office and do a little work in there which she quite enjoyed. It was a far more pleasant environment that that warehouse.

Then David broke the silence in the office.

"I saw you on Friday night at the pub."

"Oh, did you?"

"Yes. I was there with a couple of friends. Not for long mind."

"Oh right."

David kept typing as did Kara but he kept the convosation going.

"Nice shoes I saw you wearing."

Kara realised he was talking about the same shoes she stole. She didn't let herself panic, thinking he probably hadn't realised. People in this place always seem to notice what footwear you have on and be able to tell you where you brought it and how long ago.


Kara was hoping that was the end to it. No such luck as David's reply reflected what she had feared.

"They were the exact same as the ones that went missing from this warehouse sometime last week."

"Are they, oh no one told me about that."

"Well no but I have a feeling those were the shoes which went missing."

"Why would you think that."

David stopped typing and looked at her.

"Because I have it on CCTV."

He was lying. There were no cameras in the warehouse but Kara being new didn't know that for sure.

"No there aren't.If there are then where are they?"

"They're hidden."

Kara froze. She didn't know what to do. Her mind was racing imagining how much trouble she was in.

"Really I should call the police but I think I know a better was you can make it up to me."

"What's that?" Asked Kara.

"Well you know I haven't been with anyone since my wife left me 3 years ago and to be honest I could do with a young girl like you to show me what I've been missing."

Kara was in total shock. What's best she thought to herself. Sex with a 40 something man who wasn't exactly good looking and to be honest freaked her out a bit or the prospect of prison, a huge fine to add to her debts and realising she'd find it incredibly hard to find a new job.

"I'd rather just give you the money for the shoes or something."

"No I don't think so.I have my heart set on playing with your cute little titties now and I can't let you get out of this any other way. If you choose the police over me think of how much you'll get it in priso."

She knew there was no choice. Just at that moment she heard the door bell. She was so relieved as she jumped up to answer it. David went instead. She heard the big metal doors opening and the delivery van driving in. Then the door closed.

"Help mike pack away these pullbacks will you Kara."

Kara obliged and got up to collect some of the first shoe boxes. She took the first pile to one of the shelves. It was right at the end of a very narrow corridor of shelves and she moaned to herself as she realised they had to go on the top shelf. She grabbed the ladders and climbed up, balancing the boxes, skilfully in one hand and sliding them into place. Then she flinched as she felt a hand slide up her leg and under her short red skirt.

"Nice little thong you have on there. Black and sexy, can't wait to see what's under it."

Kara continued with the work until finally the delivery guy was gone. David called Kara back into the office and told her to sit on the desk. She did so and he walked up to her. He began to unbutton her cute white shirt to reveal a sexy black bra covering her 34b breasts. He let the shirt fall open but did not take it right off. Kara couldn't believe this was happening to her. A guy who she now realised made he feel physically sick at the thought of having sex with was about to do just that and she had no choice but to go along with it.

"Now Kara, you are going to enjoy this and make it a worth while experience for me or I will go ahead and call the police anyway. Then you will have done this and still gone to prison so you might as well cooperate ok. I want you to tell me how much you're enjoying it. How you want more."

Kara couldn't believe she was doing this as she left him run his hands up her legs and under her tartan mini skirt. A shiver ran down her spine as his moved from the outside of her legs to the inside gently brushing up against her pussy. He then unclipped her bra and lifted it above her firm little breasts. He put his hands on them both and began squeezing and stroking them, getting rougher and rougher.

"You're liking this aren't you bitch. Tell me how much you're liking it."

Kara could hardly bring herself to speak but she managed to reply.

"I'm loving it."

"Are you really. I don't think you are. Call me Boss. Tell your boss what to do to please you. What dirty little things turn you on."

"Suck my tits boss."

He did just that. She could feel his wet tongue circling her nipples and his stubble grazing the sensitive skin. He sucked harder and harder whilst still roughly playing with the other one.

Then he took her into the staff room. She didn't know what was going on. He laid her across the couch and spread her legs. He licked his way up her thighs and continued to fondle her breasts. He now had his head under her skirt so she couldn't see him but she felt him using his nose to nuzzle at her pussy and she heard a few moans and grunts which made her think of him somewhat like a pig.

He pulled her thong down and repeated his demand for her to tell her boss how much she loved it.

"Lick my pussy."

She felt shocked by her works. This was the last thing she wanted him to do.

However that is exactly what he did do. His head was buried under her skirt and she felt his hot, wet tongue gently licking the outer lips. Then it began to explore deeper. Opening her moist folds to find she was in fact a little wet. This pleased David and he licked it up and then proceeded to insert his tongue deep inside her and tongue fuck her.

He could hardly believe it. He was eating the pussy of this beautiful, sexy 19 year old with the figure of a model. There is no way he would have ever been able to pull a girl like this on his own but now he had his head up her skirt and was licking her whilst she begged for more. She hated it in her head but her pussy was loving it. She began to grind into him and his nose rubbed her clit. She let out a couple of moans. Her head as telling her to get him off her or blank out but she found her hands on the back of his head pushing him harder into her. Finally a huge orgasm ripped through her body and she covered his face him her female cum.

"You enjoyed that didn't you."

"Yes boss."

She felt totally disgusted with what had just happened.

"Now I want you to return the favour." Said David.

He pulled out his cock. Kara had been with a couple of other men before and was no stranger to sucking cock but the sight of this one turned her stomach. It was short but thick. It seemed unusually pale and was an odd shape. The thought of going anywhere near that made her think her lunch was on its way back up.

Then the bell rang again. David told Kara to go into the office and sit at the desk with her skirt on but thong off. She did as she was told as David answered the door. It was the owner of the company.

They walked into the office together and David sat at his desk which faced head on to Kara. He began to talk to the tall old man as Kara felt his had slowly travel up her leg and his fingers burry themselves in her pussy. He felt that she was really hot and wet and she noticed herself becoming very turned on at this man rubbing her wet pussy in front of another man without him even knowing.

Finally the man left and David stood up. He once again got out his cock and shoved it in Kara's mouth. She fought the feeling to gag. He held onto her hair and fucked her face until he was just about to cum. Then he told her to lean over the table and beg him to fuck her pussy.

"Fuck my pussy. Oh please boss fuck my wet pussy." Begged Kara even though it felt so unnatural and wasn't what she wanted.

He walked up behind her and slowly inserted himself. She moaned and he stretched her lips. He started fucking her as hard as he could.

Once again even though in Kara's mind it wasn't what she wanted she felt herself enjoying it. Once again he stopped before he came. He rubbed his solid cock all over Kara's soaking wet pussy, teasing her clit with his bell end which was making her moan.

"You're enjoying that, aren't you sexy."

"Oh yes boss, please don't stop."

Kara was now not sure now whether she did want it or not. It felt too good to resist, regardless of whether it was an ugly, deformed cock doing this to her.

David then began rubbing his cock from her clit to her anus and back again. She was clearly loving it. Her mind was going crazy, still telling her this is wrong and she's hating it but she could not deny that her body loved it. Then without warning he pushed his huge cock into her arse hole. She let out a load moan of pleasure as he began to thrust in and out. She had never had it like this before but it turned out she liked it.

David thought he was in heaven as he saw her firm little tits bouncing around and felt her tight arse around his cock. Finally he shot his hot, sticky load into her and put his cock back in his pants. He told Kara to collect her things and go home. That he would expect her resignation and everyone will forget about this. He gave her an excellent reference and her days as a warehouse worker were over.

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