tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 01

The Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 01


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Anal sex and group sex are major themes throughout this series, so you might want to consider reading something else if you're not into that sort of stuff. Think of this as a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!


Moving briskly in the shadows as if hiding from the moonlight, a hooded figure turned the corner into a narrow smelly alley leading to the most dilapidated slum of the most glorious city in the Empire.

A passer-by glancing at the fine cloth and exquisite embroidery of the ample gray cape enveloping the mysterious individual from head to toe could easily guess that the person was a human, and a well-off one at that. Still, the figure didn't seem to be out of place in the poorest, worst part of the Capitol. Ignoring filthy beggars and cheap whores, dodging staggering drunks and the occasional raging gambler down on his luck, the cloaked form proceeded rapidly into the bowels of the derelict neighborhood.

After being forced to sidestep and sprint away from a sequence of attempts at murder with intent of robbery perpetrated in three different alleys by three equally pathetic dagger-wielding ruffians, the hooded figure eventually stopped in front of a battered-looking building that, like every other structure in sight, seemed to stand only because it was pinned in place by the adjacent, similarly ill-maintained edifices.

Letting out a resigned sigh, hoping that the house wouldn't choose that precise moment to give up on its monumental struggle to survive and just crumble down in a shower of debris, the mysterious individual pushed the door open and stepped inside the building.

Once the door creaked closed, obliterating even the pale radiance of the moon outside, there was a moment of complete darkness. Then, ten feet above the floor, two red glowing orbs appeared in front of the hooded wanderer. A deep gravelly voice boomed out, reverberating from all around the darkened room.

"Who dares violate this sanctum of the Dark Arts?"

A flash of greenish flames danced like wildfire across the stone floor, illuminating the bestial bulk of a horned demon towering over the hooded intruder. The enormous black sword that the creature wielded, coupled with the unholy mixture of bull and wolf and ram all reshaped into the blasphemous semblance of a gigantic humanoid form, identified the demon as a Dread Praetorian, a member of the hellish race of monstrous brutes usually summoned by warlocks to serve as soldiers or personal bodyguards.

Stomping forward and grinding his wicked claws on the floor at each step, the praetorian leaned down until his crimson eyes were level with the mysterious figure's face. Exhaling his foul sulfurous breath into the stranger's hood, letting the soon-to-be-dead intruder take a good look at his humongous saber-like fangs before he savaged that soft puny body with them, the hulking demon took a moment to sniff the cloaked human with his wolfish snout. The monster's bestial maw contorted in the mockery of a smile as he let out what might have been a delighted chuckle.

"Urhh urhh! Praise the Nameless One," the demon gloatingly growled, already reaching a twisted hand to his crotch, "a young human female! I won't use my teeth to rip you apart after all..."

Without wasting a moment, the fiend took off the loincloth wrapped around his groin, letting his horrid, monstrously huge penis spring out. Unfazed neither by the sight of that deep green gnarly pole nor by the sticky yellow fluid oozing out of its immense tip, the hooded woman remained impassive, exhaling in bored annoyance. Gnashing his fangs, the demon stood to his full height, thus making his humongous erection throb right before her face. The cloaked intruder just snorted.

As the praetorian extended his huge black hands to grab her, the stranger uttered a short word in the language of magic and disappeared, blinking out of existence for a second only to reappear a few feet away, out of the demon's reach.

"A female mage?! Ghaaargh! I hate mortal spellcasters!" the demon howled, already charging toward the cloaked sorceress, frothing at the mouth. "I'll fuck you only to the brink of death, then I'll flay your skin and eat your bleeding flesh while I watch you drown in a puddle of my seed!"

Before the praetorian could get to her, the wizardess threw back her hood, uncovering her raven-haired head, and shrugged the cloak off her shoulders, revealing her gorgeous curvy form.

Her knee-length, perfectly tailored azure tunic clung to her body like a second skin, enhancing her hourglass figure and her long shapely legs. Her big jutting tits, showcased by the plunging neckline of her tunic, jiggled enticingly as she straightened her back and turned up her delicate oval visage to look straight into the approaching demon's hideous face. There was no fear in the wizardess's deep blue eyes as she met the fiend's crimson stare, the hint of a snicker dancing on her pouty lips instead.

Her long jet-black hair flew around her as she tapped into the arcane energies humming just underneath the surface of reality. Channeling the aetheric flows and charging her whole being with crackling magic in the blink of an eye, the wizardess intoned a brief cantrip and raised a long-fingered hand up high. Tracing a glyph in the air, she yelled out a few strange syllables at the top of her voice, sealing her incantation with a final devastating word of power.

The brutish demon recoiled and fell back on his ass as the spell of command that the sorceress had just unleashed upon him in his sacrilegious native language reverberated inside his skull, overpowering him and making his foul hard-on go limp in a heartbeat. Through the painful haze clouding his twisted brain, the praetorian focused his red eyes on the human female standing in front of him, trying to take in those features.

"Cut the watchdog crap, Xulzlor!" the young woman spat as she closed in on the domesticated fiend. "And by the way, calling this shithole a 'sanctum' of any kind is just plain idiotic."

A sort of animalistic gurgle that might have resembled a sigh escaped the demon's slack maw. His wolfish ears lowered in obeisance as soon as he heard and recognized the wizardess's husky voice.

"M-m-mistress Shayla!" the demon stuttered, groggily standing up as his trunk-like legs wobbled underneath his bulky form. With something akin to embarrassment painted on his monstrous face, the praetorian retrieved his discarded loincloth and quickly put it on again. "I apologize, mistress, but the master said he is not to be disturbed and all intruders must die a horrible, painful death..."

There was something comical about the hulking fiend's meekness as he hung his head before the wizardess that, years before, had assisted his master in the ritual of summoning that brought him to the plane of existence where humans and all the other mortal races lived. The praetorian had not seen Shayla in a long while, but that mattered little: a demon's servitude to his evokers is eternal unless the summoners themselves choose to break it.

"Sure, of course he'd tell you to say something like that..." Shayla said dismissively. "Well, too bad, because I mean to disturb him, and then some."

Summoning a floating globe of magical radiance to light her way, the wizardess crossed the room and reached the bottom of the rickety wooden staircase that led to the upper floors. Snorting deprecatingly, talking more to herself than to the demonic guard, she murmured: "I assume he's wasting his time with yet another demented idea to find the ultimate binding ritual so he can enslave the Nameless One himself and conquer the world, isn't he?"

Without waiting for the praetorian's reply, tut-tutting and shaking her head in disapproval, Shayla tested the first step, pressing the heel of an elegant black leather boot on the creaking board. Finding the wood unsteady but not as rotted as she expected, she exhaled and briskly ascended the stairs.

"Just don't let me see that disgusting dick of yours ever again, Xulzlor. Never," the wizardess said menacingly over her shoulder before disappearing into the hallway upstairs, "or I'll blast a fireball straight at it."

For a moment the befuddled fiend just stood there frowning, still half-stunned and with his fanged maw hanging slackly open. A pang of guilt hit him, a magically conditioned reaction for not having been able to tell his mistress everything she needed to hear. After Shayla had vanished from sight though, the praetorian got a better grip on his demonic self and shrugged his bull-like shoulders.

"Urgh, no matter. She'll see for herself soon enough."

Picking up his cursed black blade and casting a new spell of darkness on the room, Xulzlor let the evil red radiance in his eyes dim completely out while he still held his eyelids open. Leaning onto his gigantic sword as he allowed himself a grunt of contentment, the praetorian resumed his guarding duties with a much needed nap. It amused him to think that neither human nor elven nor dwarven guards had yet learned how to stand on their feet while sleeping without closing their eyes.

"Stupid mortals..." the demon growled under his sulfurous breath.


Sitting back in a plush armchair with his legs parted wide and his soft dark robes hanging open, Jadrik smiled lazily as he enjoyed the umpteenth blowjob from the umpteenth succubus he had summoned from yet a another obscure corner of yet another hellish plane of existence. Exhaling in a mixture of sensuous joy and languid boredom as he watched the purple-haired head of his newest concubine bobbing fluidly on his cock, the warlock bucked his hips firmly into the demoness's talented slurping mouth, jamming his bloated glans as deep as it would go into her throat.

"Aahh yeah, that's great," he murmured, grabbing a fistful of the kneeling fellatrix's violet locks in his hand and pushing her head vigorously down on his raging boner. "Just a little less fangs and a little more tongue, honey."

The infernal cocksucker turned her face up to gaze into the warlock's thin yet handsome visage at that remark, but she didn't stop humping her face on his thick hardness. As his pleasure-glazed brown eyes met the demoness's blazing scarlet stare, Jadrik ran his fingers along the tiny, disturbingly cute horns that the sexy hell-girl sported on her forehead.

"Hey," the warlock clarified in a slow, indolent voice, "I'm just saying... Some clients might like to feel those wicked little canines of yours on their dicks, but not me. And you know who I am," he concluded teasingly, "don't you?"

Humming around his meaty cock, the sultry temptress slowly slid the soft seal of her lips along her summoner's swollen shaft, leaving it shiny with saliva. "You are my master," the succubus purred as soon as the fat tip of the warlock's cock popped out of her pleasure-giving mouth, "your every wish is my command."

"Good girl," Jadrik snickered as he reached his hands to the seductive fiend's flawless, perky tits. As she moaned under her master's manipulations of her extra sensitive and perpetually engorged areolas, the succubus kept pleasuring the warlock with her suctioning, cum-hungry mouth.

For a while, as the lustful demoness flicked and swiped and wrapped her impossibly long and prehensile tongue all around his aching boner, Jadrik just sat back and enjoyed his pet's oral expertise. When he finally spoke, giving the hell-girl's violet nipples a final vicious tweak, his words were still calm but heavy with excitement.

"Alright, that's enough. Now turn around and bend over the desk, honey. Let's put your other holes to the test, shall we?"

"Mmh yes, I can't wait to feel you deep inside me, master," the succubus cooed as she obeyed Jadrik's command with lascivious eagerness.

Pressing her toned upper body down on her summoner's big desk, the demoness stood on the tip of her cloven hooves, straightening her shapely legs and tilting up her round little rump. The warlock didn't fail to notice that her soft, bright pink skin seemed to emanate a faint reddish glow as the devil-girl got more and more aroused. Jadrik himself felt his huge erection flex with joy as he watched the hell-bitch reaching her sexy long-nailed hands back to spread her taut asscheeks apart, thus revealing her smooth dewy pussy and her tiny winking sphincter.

Wantonly offering her needy holes to her conjuror and owner, the demoness wiggled her sweet butt as she looked over her shoulder and past her small bat-like wings, flashing the warlock an authentic, truly devilish grin.

"Pleeease, master," she murmured irresistibly, "give me your big cock, I need you! Your horny pet is so hungry for your seed... Please, ravage me and feed me your delicious essence, master!"

The warlock couldn't suppress a self-satisfied snicker as he got behind the succubus and nestled his shaft between her swollen, nectar-slick labia. Her desperate cooing moans were music to his ears as he slid his pulsing cock back and forth along her split pussy lips.

Jadrik was anxious to fuck his new infernal pet, but he was having too much fun tormenting the whimpering succubus's swollen clit while he denied her the filling presence of his cock inside her drooling, dick-avid cunt for just a little bit longer. It was a special thrill to tease those lascivious fiends, one that the warlock was privileged to experience as often as he wished. Jadrik loved making his concubines squirm and squeal like the cum-addicted hell-bitches that they were; it was almost as much fun as actually fucking them.

Judging by her horny vocalization and pleas to get her pussy stuffed with cock and filled with cum, his freshly summoned pet seemed especially promising. The warlock had spent weeks immersed in the foulest necromantic rituals, risking his sanity and his very soul as he communed uninterruptedly with the Endless Null, scrying into the Thousand Hells, searching incessantly until he found what he needed. This time, Jadrik was sure, he was onto something truly special. The demonic subspecies he had discovered was the best possible version of the fairly common and much appreciated Succubus, the lust-infused breed of she-devils that every warlock, from novice demonologist to hardened necromancer, unfailing ended up summoning whenever their arousal so demanded.

"Oohh please, master, pleeease..." the demoness begged, sobbing with unbearable need. "I can't stand it anymore... I need you inside meeee!"

"Of course you do," Jadrik chuckled.

Grinning, he pointed his spongy glans at the soaked entrance of the succubus's slit and held still for a moment, enjoying the juicy softness of her cunt lips. As her slick, drenched labia wrapped themselves anxiously around his pulsating cockhead, Jadrik exhaled and pushed, sliding easily into the demoness's wet hungry core.

As soon as he bottomed out inside the hell-girl's creamy pussy, sheathing himself all the way inside her with a long deep thrust, Jadrik swiftly withdrew and started rabidly mounting the horny succubus, fucking her hard and fast right away. The sexy demoness wailed beautifully while the warlock slammed himself with ardor into her delicious, spectacularly enveloping slit over and over again.

Jadrik gloried in her appreciative reactions. She was making the most erotic sounds he had heard in quite some time as she squeezed his cunt-plugging hardness in the syrupy confines of her hot dripping folds. Her yelps of delight and the way her vaginal channel adhered to his pistoning shaft, caressing him and tightening wetly around him as he pounded her dripping snatch unmercifully, told the warlock all he needed to know.

The prize for his extensive demon-hunting efforts was better than he had expected: his new hell-bitch was an amazing fuck, wonderful even within the average succubus's already very high standards of sluttiness. As he kept fucking the devil-girl harder and harder, Jadrik felt proud of himself. He had no doubt that the patrons of his brothel would enjoy her immensely, and they would certainly pay good gold to fuck the new stock of infernal temptresses just like her that he was soon going to add to his harem of enthralled demonesses.

Blessed by every deity of carnality and lust in the multiverse, all succubi were naturally versed in every possible sexual perversity. Most importantly though, they depended on male seed for sustenance, which made them the most genuinely dedicated whores in existence. For an experienced and unscrupulous warlock like Jadrik, enslaving a selection of particularly enticing she-devils and turning them into sex workers seemed like the most obvious thing to do, not to mention the perfect win-win situation. That was why he had decided to open a succubus brothel.

Putting his extensive knowledge of demonology to fruition, during the last year the warlock had searched, summoned and bound to his will the most debauched, perverted and lascivious specimens of succubi in the Thousand Hells, always looking for new talent for his brothel and never failing to turn a profit. Jadrik didn't care that, because of his shady business enterprise, the Warlocks' and Witches' Imperial Covenant of Knowledgeable, Eerie and Dreaded Demonologists had revoked his official license to practice the Dark Arts on the grounds of his being 'an embarrassing example of necromantic misconduct that gives the whole category a bad name', as they put it.

In many ways, getting kicked out of the W.W.I.C.K.E.D.D. and being branded a 'rogue warlock' was a boost to Jadrik's already inflated ego. It made him even more determined to keep doing things his way, following no rules except his own. Besides, it proved once again that his humorless and unimaginative colleagues were just a bunch of petty, jealous, terribly sore losers. Prostituting succubi was such a simple and brilliant idea: it was so obvious, yet nobody had thought of it before until Jadrik himself did, so of course they had to hate him and disapprove of him for it!

But that was all in the past. Jadrik had other more pleasant things on his mind at the moment. The hell-whore he was currently fucking belonged to a very particular branch in the demon-bitches' family tree. Cock-crazy just like every other succubus, her devilish traits were far less pronounced and, most importantly she didn't have a tail, which apparently some clients seemed to find rather off-putting. No doubt there would be high demand for a hell-girl that didn't look too demonic but was still devilishly lustful, Jadrik had reasoned when he had started his last search through the Endless Null. As he put the sexy subject to the test, liking her more and more the harder he fucked her, the warlock couldn't help but congratulate himself for his intuition and its present results.

Ramming his dick at breakneck speed into the succubus's dripping slit, Jadrik felt himself get harder at the thought of how much gold his new pet and her soon-to-be-summoned demonic sisters would gain him. In truth, money itself was worth nothing to the warlock, but he still needed a lot of it to finance his research into the less traveled paths of the Dark Arts. Sating his unquenchable thirst for forbidden knowledge, by learning the sort of magics that no College of Witchery taught, was not only dangerous, exhausting and soul-threatening, but, which was worse, indecently expensive too.

Until he came up with the idea of opening the brothel, Jadrik had been forced to go on adventures all the time to collect treasures that he would then sell for gold or trade for his coveted grimoires. Sure, sometimes, when he was after some legendary artifact or fabled tome of magic that not even money could buy, he still had to leave the cozy seclusion of his study to go out relic-hunting, but that was acceptable. The income from the brothel allowed him to at least skip the time-consuming grind for gold that he had been stuck on for so long, until he finally stepped up his game and started pimping out demon-whores to any man or woman of any race who was willing to pay to fuck a succubus. As it turned out, it was a wish that many, many people wanted to see realized.

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