tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Warlock & The Wizardess Ch. 09

The Warlock & The Wizardess Ch. 09


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex and group sex, so be warned in case you're not into that sort of stuff. Consider this just a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it's best to read that first.


Understandably, the following day Aldarius was in no mood to discuss religion with Jadrik, but the warlock didn't mind.

His head was full of happy memories revolving around cackling imps and floppy troll penises and stupid paladins screaming like frightened little girls. Grinning from ear to ear all day long, evilly yet truly happy, Jadrik felt no need to molest poor sulking Al any further. For the time being, at least.

Only in the late afternoon did the warlock snap out of his personal bubble of dark twisted joy, when, after cresting yet another wooded hill, they sighted the craggy vale that led to the Chapel of Red Spires, the ultimate goal of their quest. Looking like an incongruous, misplaced scar made of orange stone in the middle of the otherwise lush and verdant woods, the barren canyon-like valley that the companions were bound to travel stood right before their eyes, signifying the approximation of their journey's end.

"Uh, fancy that," Jadrik mused, scanning the bare rock-strewn valley from within the shadows of his hood, "we're almost there..."

Overruling Aldarius's fanatical suggestion to rush ahead there and then, the companions chose to head back into the woods and set up camp for the night instead, preferring to rest and then scout the terrain the following morning after some planning and preparation.

Once the rabbits that Laeny had caught earlier that afternoon were cooked into a fine stew, and after Jadrik spiked Aldarius's portion with a generous dose of knockout serum, the companions gathered around the campfire to chat and relax. Feeling in the mood for some quality beer and fine storytelling, Uli produced his treasured self-refilling drinking horn from his backpack and began telling one of his favorite tales: the legend of Zipfnir, the Alefather.

Addressing Laeny yet staring dreamily into the crackling fire, stroking the long twin braids of his red beard with one hand while taking large swigs from the horn he held in the other ham-sized fist, Uli began speaking.

"Ye see, lassie, the Alefather that I always call upon is Zipfnir, the dwarven God of Inebriation. He is the mythical ancestor that gave my people beer and ale, and infused us with a strong and serious passion for alcohol. As ye can imagine, we venerate him any time we can by partaking of his gifts!"

To stress his point, the dwarf raised his drinking horn in a silent toast and then guzzled down a few avid gulps, drenching his beard in frothy foam. Smiling under his beer-soaked mustache as he appreciatively smacked his lips, Uli took a moment to lovingly admire the horn.

Despite its plain and ordinary appearance, what the warrior held in his beefy hand was the fabled Horn of Karkaduss, an ancient relic hallowed among dwarfdom. According to legend, it had been crafted from the very horn of the Alefather's own riding ram. Beside its major religious and cultural significance, the horn was especially coveted by dwarves because of its unique magical ability to refill itself automatically at the imbiber's will with a beer of his or her choosing.

Uli had found the Horn of Karkaduss by mere chance inside a nondescript coffer full of ancient and mostly worthless trinkets while he was raiding yet another undead-infested dungeon with Jadrik, hunting for necromantic books. Such an unexpected and impossibly lucky find caused Uli unspeakable joy at first, soon followed by a deep and stubborn paranoia revolving around the possibility of being deprived of that priceless treasure.

Obsessively attached to the self-refilling artifact, Uli developed a nagging fear that some other dwarf might find out that he owned the legendary Horn of Karkaduss. To prevent such news from spreading, careful to avoid any risk of having to face thieves and rogues and scoundrels of all sorts who might attempt to steal the horn from him, Uli never used the relic in any public place, ever, no matter how much he ached to have a drink of its delicious brews.

Such determined and unbending cautiousness forced the burly warrior to make do with low quality beer in cheap inns and taverns most of the time, but he considered it a price worth paying for the ownership of the precious, irreplaceable artifact. Still, his paranoia notwithstanding, Uli had to admit that a campfire deep into the woods in the middle of nowhere was a safe enough environment to enjoy a few gallons of tasty, god-touched ale for a change.

After quaffing a dozen more long noisy swallows, Uli was ready to resume his tale. Licking the suds off his mustache, already about to evoke the glorious deeds of Zipfnir, the dwarf suddenly turned to the slim huntress and handed her the enchanted horn, rumbling out something between an invitation and an apology.

"I'm sorry, lassie, I didn't even offer ye a sip yet! Here, have at it: it's a deep red bubbly triple malt, thick and strong like a dwarf maiden's thighs!"

"Eww, no! Dwarven beer and thighs too?! That's so gross!" Laeny squealed, her breathtakingly beautiful, perfectly sculpted face remaining gorgeous even as it expressed disgust. "And please don't call me 'lassie' all the time," the elf added in her singsong voice, training her slanted green eyes on Uli. "I mean, it feels weird... 'Lassie' is way too dwarfish."

The warrior chuckled at that. "Aye, ye're right, it is. But I like calling ye 'lassie', that's affectionate," he said elbowing Laeny complicitly, "and ye do like my affectionate moments, don't ye?"

Rolling her eyes yet giggling, unable to deny the truth of Uli's allusive words, the elf attempted to resumed her gracious stillness, failing. Uli's beard-hidden lips curled up in a knowing grin. Despite her faraway look and the way she held her back straight and hugged her knees to her chest as she sat by the fire, the dwarf could see the alabaster skin of Laentharyel's cheeks getting rosier by the second.

No matter how hard she tried to maintain her elven composure, the huntress couldn't seem to stop wriggling in place and shaking her head nervously, making her long blonde tresses ripple across her delicate shoulders. Her squirming fits were clearly becoming more intense and more frequent by the moment, and Laeny simply couldn't help but rub her thighs together to give her itchy pussy and overcharged clit some much needed reprieve.

Of course, Uli knew, soon she would do way more than squirm and try to placate the tide of passion rising inside her, and he couldn't wait for her to succumb to yet another bout of alchemically induced lust.

The dwarf's flinty gray eyes were fixated on Laeny with such intensity that he could almost see through her light top and her tight-fitting trousers. Picturing in his mind the elf's pointy perky breasts and long supple legs along with the rest of her perfect lithe body, Uli nodded his head and chuckled, already savoring the imminent transformation that would turn the graceful huntress into a cock-starved whore. Feeling his thick pole start to stiffen under his kilt, the warrior tried to focus on his story again, to let the minutes pass faster.

"Anyway," Uli resumed after downing another healthy mouthful from the Horn of Karkaduss, "our legends tell that all the types of ale and beer we have nowadays are variants of the five primordial brews born of the joining between Zipfnir, the Alefather, with his five divine consorts, the revered Beermothers. To this day, each Beermother is associated with one of the five traditional dwarven brews: the Pale One, the Golden One, the Amber One, the Fiery One and the Dark One. Now, there's still some discussion about the Beermothers, ye see, what with the old texts being incomplete and, well, sort of sketchy here and there. Most monks of Zipfnir and brewmasters today think that the Beermothers were just the Alefather's wives, but a few think that they were his daughters instead. If ye ask me personally, I'd say that..."

A deep sigh from across the campfire, followed by a snort of annoyance, interrupted the dwarf's theological dissertation. "For the love of the Gods, Uli," Shayla snapped, "enough already!"

The wizardess's jet black hair shone in the orange radiance of the fire and her deep blue eyes were vivid with their characteristic feisty glint as she leaned forward to throw another stick into the flames. Her sudden movement almost made her huge boobs spill out of her plunging neckline, and, as she sat back, her ample jugs still swayed and wobbled enticingly within the confines of her figure-hugging azure tunic.

"We've heard the story of your drunken, raunchy beer god humping his even drunker and raunchier wives a thousand times, Uli," Shayla went on, eying the dwarf with undisguised boredom. "It's just a creation myth, and not a particularly interesting or original one at that..."

"Oi! Careful there, lass!" Uli bristled, the intended sternness of his reproach getting somewhat dampened by the distracting effect that the wizardess's luscious, nicely exposed cleavage had on him, magnetizing his gaze even as he tried to look Shayla in the eye and stare her down. "Watch yer mouth when ye talk about the Alefather, lass! It's my religion, ye know, and Laeny here never heard this tale before!"

"It's not such an uninteresting legend, actually," Jadrik interjected with a snicker, sitting closer to the wizardess. "I, for one, am quite a fan of the Alefather's chronicles."

The warlock's pale, hollowed visage was mostly hidden under the hood of his black robes, which he held wrapped tightly around his thin frame to fend off the night's chill, but the grin on his lips was clearly visible as he went on.

"I'm not sure if the Beermothers really were Zipfnir's daughters or just his wives, since the texts are indeed all pretty obscure and ambiguous about it, but it's clear that they were all sisters. Either way, great job nailing the bunch of them, Alefather! I don't know of any other legendary ancestor of any other race who could handle five horny women all at once and still find the time to distill beer!" Jadrik concluded, chuckling and nodding at Uli, who raised his horn and hooted in appreciation of the warlock's praise to his god before drinking a huge celebratory gulp of magically conjured beer.

"See lass," the dwarf said half-rebukingly and half-affectionately, arching his bushy eyebrows as he met Shayla's gaze, "that's proper respect! The lad may be a sickly, scrawny, godless human with not an ounce of muscle on him, beside the one between his legs maybe, but he knows his dwarven lore at least!"

Tilting his head musingly as he thought about the legend in question, Jadrik added: "I've got to admit, I really like that part of the story where the naughty red-haired sister and the big-titted blonde one go to the brewery, probably to do the nasty together, based on the allusive subtext, and..."

"Oh, aye!" Uli intervened, his eyes glittering with excitement. "And once they get there they..."

"...they catch Zipfnir fucking their older sister in the ass, the bitchy, busty dark-haired one with the epic bubble-butt!" Jadrik continued vehemently, getting into the story. "That's such a great scene, when the redhead and the blonde see him and the brunette doing it, and she's bent over a barrel and he's holding her by her black hair, pushing her head down in a vat of sudsy ale, and she's chugging away while he rams his fat cock hard and deep into that round juicy ass of hers and then..."

"Yeah yeah, Jad, of course..." Shayla cut in, rolling her eyes at the warlock while scooting even closer to him, brushing her ample chest against his side. Meeting Jadrik's smirking gaze and smiling enticingly at him, the wizardess purred: "I had no doubt that the buttfucking part would be your favorite!"

As she spoke, the wizardess did not offer any resistance as she felt the warlock's long-fingered hand slowly tracing her back, moving lower and lower to finally rest on the plump, protruding curve of her ass. Cooing as her lover wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer into a tight embrace, Shayla wiggled her round rump into Jadrik's fondling hand, feeling pleasantly flustered as he began caressing her juicy booty through her tunic.

"Of course it's my favorite part!" Jadrik snickered as he squeezed the fleshy plumpness of the wizardess's buttcheeks with one hand while cupping her chin with the other. "After all, I'm an ass man. And just so we're clear, that's mostly your fault, my sweet slut."

As the wizardess laughed and leaned in to kiss the grinning warlock, initiating a languid make out session, Uli turned to the slim elf sitting beside him and tried to resume his story.

"So, lassie, as I was saying..."

"Oooh, Blessed Stars!" Laentharyel screeched, interrupting the dwarf. "I think... Aahhh it's happening again! My sacred well is so wet and hot... It tingles so much, I need... Owwhh, Goddess help meeehh..."

Watching the graceful, effortlessly beautiful elf shake and shiver under a fit of irrepressible carnal desire was almost as arousing to Uli as hearing her call her pussy her 'sacred well'. That specific detail, that last shred of verbal composure, seemed especially exciting because the dwarf knew that, very soon, Laeny would be past any form of restraint and she would willingly act and talk like a cheap dick-hungry whore.

As expected, within moments Laentharyel reached one hand between her thighs and rubbed it on the crotch of her trousers while with the other she started tweaking her long, engorged nipples through her light blouse. The huntress's lustrous green eyes zeroed in on the warrior's tenting kilt as Uli teasingly asked: "Ye want some help, lassie? Because if ye need it, I've got a thick hard slab of dwarven cockmeat all for ye right here..."

"Yes, oohh yeees!" Laeny sighed, licking her cherry-hued lips as her slanted, unfocused eyes glinted with lust in the glow of the campfire. Without a second thought, she took off her top, revealing her perfect, gravity-defying tits. Unable to stop staring at Uli's bulging groin, the elf swiftly kicked off her boots and removed her tight trousers, remaining gloriously naked.

"Oowhh, fuck... I can't resist anymore, I need it so bad!" Laeny blurted out, biting her lips and stepping closer to the warrior, moving as if in a daze. "I need your big dwarven cock right now!"

"Good," Uli chuckled, flipping up his kilt to reveal his massively erect boner, "come here and get all the cock ye need then!"

In the blink of an eye, the naked huntress was down on all fours between the dwarf's heavily muscled thighs. With her taut little butt tilted up and her weight resting on her elbows, Laeny lowered her face so that her sculpted cheekbones brushed along the shaft of his pulsing pole while she wrapped her delicate fingers around the broad base of Uli's dick. Panting and cooing, the elf held that meaty tool with both hands as she opened her mouth wide to take the warrior's bloated glans inside her welcoming oral cavity.

The dwarf groaned as the soft seal of the elf's lips encircled his large shaft and she engulfed him in the warmth and wetness of her cock-hungry mouth. His stocky body shook with pleasure as the pointy-eared girl began bobbing recklessly on his throbbing thickness right away, causing him to mumble his lusty appreciation.

"Aye, lassie, that's it... Look at those sweet lips of yers, all stretched out around my dickmeat..."

Uli's girth was clearly making it tough for Laeny to fit his veiny hardness into her constricting gullet, but the huntress was not deterred and just went on with her aggressive blowjob. Sucking hard on him and slobbering away with lecherous joy, the elf thoroughly bathed the dwarf's fat length in her saliva as she struggled to jam his massive erection down her throat over and over again, making Uli grunt in pleasure.

"Aarghh aye, like that! Get my cock all nice and ready for yer tight little pussy, lassie!"

Drooling long shiny rivulets of spittle all along his lip-stretching shaft, Laentharyel bobbed her head furiously up and down on the dwarf's obscenely wide pole, fucking her own face with his fleshy boner. She was so hot and tingly all over that, despite her need to feel that big cock widening her snug slit and stuffing her full, she just couldn't stop herself from orally worshiping Uli's huge dwarven pole and trying to take his whole pulsating column inside her esophagus.

At each pass, Laentharyel forced herself to gobble more of that mouth-clogging slab of dickmeat, pushing her face down on the dwarf's lap until she simply couldn't fit another tiny bit of his saliva-glossy rod into her tight gullet. As she slid her mouth back up, stopping to suckle intensely on Uli's bulbous purple tip, the horny elf breathed in as much air as possible through her nose before taking another deep plunge, determined to eventually inhale the entirety of the warrior's fat cock deep inside her throat.

While Uli groaned in ecstasy and Laeny choked and mewled as she blew him ever more ravenously, across the campfire Jadrik and Shayla's make out session was getting heated up as well.

With their lips still locked in a passionate soulkiss, the warlock had sneaked a hand underneath the hem of the wizardess's tunic to diddle her dewy pussy. Having already freed her huge jutting tits from the confines of her low-cut tunic, Jadrik was cupping and caressing Shayla's spectacular jugs with his free hand, teasing and pinching her puffed-out areolas, mercilessly stimulating them with his fingertips.

As she moaned huskily into her lover's mouth, crazed by the way he played with her sensitive nipples and strummed her budding clit, Shayla tugged at the warlock's brown hair with one hand and pulled him deeper into her kiss. While she sucked his tongue into her soft mouth, the wizardess's other hand swiftly reached for Jadrik's crotch. Parting his robes and opening his pants, Shayla let the warlock's big hard cock spring free and swiftly wrapped her fingers around it, starting to masturbate him with deep, long strokes.

Still kissing Jadrik with burning ardor, Shayla vigorously pumped her hand up and down along his rigid boner, coaxing drop after shiny drop of pre-cum from his spongy purple glans. As she lathered her lover's veiny shaft with yet another huge dollop of oozing pre-ejaculate, Shayla finally decided that she could not let any more of that precious fluid go to waste. The wizardess was about to break their lip-lock and dip her head down to take the warlock's stiff pole into her mouth, when Laeny's squishy cocksucking slurps on Uli's pole turned into a needy, slurred request.

"Please, Shayla, pleeease, come lick my pussy!" Laentharyel begged, looking over her shoulder at the buxom wizardess with an expression of devouring urgency painted on her delicate features. "Oohhh Shayla, I need your lips on me sooo bad... I need you now, pleeease!"

As the wizardess turned toward the elf, her deep blue eyes instantly focused on the nectar-drenched folds of Laeny's exposed little pussy and the miniature puckered hole of her virgin anus. The huntress's thighs were streaked with her trickling juices and she was wiggling her upturned heart-shaped ass invitingly.

"Pleeease, Shayla..." Laentharyel whimpered again, all the while licking Uli's girthy tool like a sexy, naughty kitten. "I want to suck this fat cock some more but I also need someone to take care of my pussy! Oooh, I'm just so hot right now... I need your tongue in me or I'm going to explode, Shayla! Eat me out now, pleeease, I promise I'll do the same to you later!"

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