tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Wasp and the Dragon Ch. 04

The Wasp and the Dragon Ch. 04



Suzumebachi stood in a dark corridor; two armored Oni stood on either side of her. In front of her was a gate to the arena floor. Suzume could see a kunoichi fighting against a very large Oni. She didn't recognize the woman; she must have been from another ninja clan. The kunoichi was not faring well against her opponent. The Oni had her pinned to the floor and was tearing away her clothes with its long tentacles. It hoisted the woman into the air as slimy cocks slipped out of the ends of the tentacles. Every one of the kunoichi's holes was filled with the Oni's cocks. It quickly blasted its white seed into the kunoichi and let her fall to the tile floor; motionless. Then a bell sound for the end of the match and the Oni dragged the woman out of the arena. Suzume could only imagine what would happen to the poor woman now.

Suzumebachi also knew she could face a similar fate if she performed as inadequately in her fight. Luckily they had returned her armor and weapon spawner so Suzume wouldn't be totally defenseless. However, a seal they had put on her prevented her from calling on the dragon's energy. Suzume would have to fight with her own strength. The large iron gate began to rise. Suzumebachi stepped out and walked to the raised platform at the center. Cheers of Oni and men erupted from the bleachers surrounding the arena floor. Suzume saw the horde fucking their slaves or placing bets on the current match. She remained calm as the iron gate ahead of her began to creep open. A ten foot tall green skinned Oni lumbered towards the stage. In its hand was a crude wooden club. The thing had long black hair and horns above its eyes. It wore only a loin cloth and a large beaded necklace.

The bell rang and the Oni let out a great roar. The Oni charged Suzumebachi wildly and smashed down its club at her. Suzume disappeared from under it and appear at the corner of the ring. She threw out three knives, which sank into the Oni's arm. The giant charged her in anger and swung down again. Suzume leapt over the attack and sent four knives into the Oni's left eye. She began to descend behind the Oni when suddenly it spun about. The wooden club smashed into Suzume as she was still in the air. Suzumebachi was flung all the way into the bleachers; crashing into the audience. Several of the men picked her up. "Get back in there!" they yelled as they threw Suzume back down into the arena pit. Suzume struggled to get up as the Oni approached. She looked up just as the Oni's club came swooping down on her. Fragments of the floor busted out from where the Oni smashed its club. A gray dust covered the area. The Oni let its club linger until the dust settled. It lifted the club and saw only a crater in the floor. It looked around in confusion as there should have been a mangled corpse in that crater.

Suzumebachi was behind it preparing an attack jutsu. A great fireball erupted from her hand and blasted into the Oni's back. The flames clung to its skin and the Oni flailed about in panic. Suzume then charged the frantic Oni and leapt high as she got close. She slid to a stop behind the Oni as its head flopped to the floor. Then the headless body fell forward. Suzumebachi rose as the crowd began to erupt with cheers.

"Not a bad performance today," Osamu said as he threw Suzume to the floor. She turned her head sharply and glared at her uncle. Osamu just laughed off her violent stare. "You should look a little more pleased than that." Osamu stated.

"And why's that?" Suzume snapped at him.

"Because, the men got to have fun with you all day yesterday."

"Yesterday?" Suzume was a bit confused. It had seemed like she had been subject to this torture for a least a week now. Osamu made it sound like Suzumebachi had only been here for a day or two.

"Ah, that's right you're not aware."

"Aware of what?!"

"Of the special jutsu cast on this room. Time passes much faster in this room. One day in here is as long as seven days. I'm sure you found it a little strange a week had gone by and not a single attempt has been made to rescue you. Well don't worry this is only your second day here. But I'll keep you here as long as I need to achieve my goal. Even if it takes a week, a month, a year, or even a decade. Hell I'll keep you here for a hundred years if I have to. But enough talk, the Oni have been asking me about you after your arena fight. A very special friend paid a lot of money to have you for a night."

A seven foot tall lizard man stepped in from the shadowy walls; they acted like a hatch in a boat. As one wall closed another would tear open. This was probably to prevent Suzumebachi from escaping. The lizard man's scales were a bright blood red and he had a head like a snakes. "Hisssss, so this is the one with the dragon in her," the lizard man elongated all of his S's.

"Yes have fun with her, but don't put your cock into her until she's screaming for it." Osamu instructed.

The lizard man stalked towards Suzumebachi as she began to slide back away from him. Her bare ass; as they'd removed her clothes again after the arena match; stuck to the tile floor. She was staring at the lizard's massive cock; Suzume would say it was comparable to the dragon's. Then she felt scaly hands latch around her ankles. The lizard man pulled Suzume towards him as she tried to dig her finger into the floor. She easily glided across the smooth floor. The lizard held her upside down her legs spread out so he could get an excellent view of Suzume's pussy. Suzume peeked up as the lizard began to open his maw. She watched as a long wet tongue rolled out from his mouth all the way past Suzume's face. Suzume looked down at the tip of the incredibly long tongue and saw it was forked. The moist tongue pressed against her face, chest, and naval. Suzume's skin crawled as the tongue began to lick upwards. A trail of saliva was left where the tongue had been like a snail's slime. Suzume flailed about trying to escape but she felt very weak.

"I wouldn't fight too much if I were you," Osamu said; who was just watching the entire spectacle, "The more you struggle the easier it is for him to drain your Chi." So that's why Suzume felt weak. "And you should be careful about that saliva of his. It has a similar effect to that oil. However if you ingest it or it gets absorb in your pussy you'll lose control of your mind and become his little fuck puppet. There won't be a thing you'll say no to." Osamu burst out laughing.

Suzume cringed as she felt the lizard's tongue slithering towards her pussy. "No!" she struggled to shift her hips to the side. However the lizard had her legs locked in the air; Suzume wasn't going anywhere. One of the prongs of the forked tongue wrapped tightly around Suzume's clit and squeezed. Suzume felt a bolt of pleasure zap threw her entire body. Then the other prong began to circle the clit around. Suzume became stiff as she cried out tiny gasps of ecstasy. Drool poured out of her mouth, running down her cheeks and getting into her hair; which was just barely touching the ground. The lizard's massive cock was rock hard and poking into Suzumebachi's bellybutton. She peered up at the long fleshy hot pink cock; coated in a clear white slime. The slime was dripping from the lizards cock and running down from where he had it pressed into her naval. The lizard pumped his hip causing more of the slime to ooze from his cock and spread around Suzume's stomach; which just felt cozy. It wasn't like the burning hot pleasure of that oil; it just felt absolutely wonderful in her belly.

No! No! No! Suzume yelled in her mind. You can't give in so quickly! You're the head of the Ryuyuwakusha! I have more pride than this! I won't be defeated by a single Oni! Suddenly the lizard began to change position. The lizard sat on the floor and positioned Suzume sitting right in front of him. He hooked his legs over her thighs and wrapped both arms around her so she couldn't escape. The lizard hugged her tightly as his tongue slithered down her shoulder. Suzume felt the lizard's slimy cock pressed between her ass cheeks and against her spin. The tongue wrapped around Suzume's right breast and nipple; coiling around it tightly like a boa.

The tip continued to move downward but remained wrapped around her tit. Suzume let out a long moan as the tongue passed over her clit. The two prongs felt their way into Suzume's pussy.

Suzumebachi arched her back as the tongue plunged into her and wiggled in deeper. She felt slime from the lizard's cock run down her spin and between her ass cheeks. She wanted a cock in her so bad; especially in her asshole at the given moment. But she knew; just knew; she couldn't give in. She was about ready to cry as she felt the tongue crawling all around inside her pussy. But she wouldn't even give Osamu the satisfaction of seeing her weep. Suzumebachi had to be strong if she was ever going to make it out of this.

However, things were beginning to become hazy and Suzume couldn't think straight. She looked towards Osamu. He was performing some kind of ninjutsu. Suzume thought she recognized it but could think of it. Thinking was very hard for her at the moment. "How about a kiss?" the lizard hissed. It didn't seem like a bad idea to Suzume; so she closed her eyes and open her mouth waiting for her kiss. The lizard drove his tongue into her mouth violently and sloshed his tongue about. Suzume sucked on it like a lollipop and drank down the lizard's generous amount of saliva. Then the world went completely black for the poor kunoichi.

"She finally blacked out from the saliva," Osamu commented, "Good." He smiled, "Do what you want to her now she won't even remember." The lizard stuck his massive cock in her doggy style and pounded her hard. Osamu glance at Suzume's tattoo on her back. The colors were faded; only a little. But he was breaking her down; and that's all that mattered.

Leiko strolled sternly down the street of the red light district. Sumiko followed behind her; Sumiko's eyes darting back and forth. Oni disguised as humans glared at the two kunoichi from the sides of the streets; showing off their products. Leiko walked unafraid; unlike her companion; as she knew the Oni wouldn't attack them. The Oni didn't want to expose themselves to the open population. Not many humans would buy from a monster.

Old men viewed and paid high amounts for such fresh products. Though they weren't really that fresh. Leiko pitied the poor kunoichi; former warriors of honor and justice subjected to this. "Isn't there something we can do for them?" Sumiko pleaded.

"No," Leiko said firmly, "This entire street is filled with Oni; we wouldn't stand a chance. And we're no good to Suzume dead or being sold off one of these streets. Now hurry up our informant is just up ahead."

Sumiko frowned and scurried up after Leiko as she turned into an alleyway. At the center the two say their informant; covered in a dark cloak. The kunoichi turned towards Leiko and Sumiko as they approached. "Good you two are here," the informant said.

"Did you find out anything about Suzumebachi?" Leiko asked.

"Not yet. But I have been hearing some rumors going around."

"What kind of rumors?"

"Rumors about the Oniwabanshu."

"The Oniwabanshu?"

"Yes, it seems like they're getting ready for something big."

"What do you mean by big?" Leiko crossed her arms.

"If I didn't know any better; it would seem like an all out war between humans and Oni. Osamu has been pulling together the different ninja and Oni clans. Along with massive amounts of supplies like weapons and enchanted items. Whatever it is it doesn't seem good."

"Hmm, so that's all you've got?" Leiko put a hand to her chin.

"For now," the informant replied, "But I'll keep looking into it. And I'll also keep searching for information on Suzumebachi's whereabouts."

"Alright, stay safe," Leiko said.

"Of course," the informant replied before heading towards the street.

"A war?" Sumiko gulped.

"We'd better tell Aki about this," Leiko turned, "Come on lets go."

"Wake up!" Osamu yelled as he splashed a bucket of water onto the unconscious Suzumebachi. Suzume gasped as she shot up. "There's still at least a couple days left before the night's over," Osamu laughed.

Suzume glared at him, "What's the point of all this torture? Why not have one of your Oni take control of me and force me to release the dragon?"

"Because, I don't have a jutsu to seal him within me when he's free. And I don't want to use the same method you Ryuyuwakusha whores use. So instead I'm going to do more of a prison transfer, you might say. But before I can do that I have to weaken the cage he's already in. The only way I can do that is by breaking your will down and degrading the seal you have on the dragon. Besides, don't you think this is a lot more entertaining?"

"You bastard!" Suzume spat, "I'll kill you for this; and for what you did to my father."

"Ha! Father?! Do you mean Masanori; is that what dear Aki told you?!" Suzume glared at him with confusion. "Of course she wouldn't want to tell you the truth."

"What are you getting at?"

"Around the time you were conceived Masanori was on a mission far from the city. A mission I sent him on; a total wild goose chase. I did it so I could get to your mother and try to take the dragon from her. That was the first time I got to taste her with my cock. The truth is that I'm most likely your father not that loser Masanori!"

"No! That can't be true!" Suzume screamed.

"Deny it all you want but it doesn't change the facts. Now enough talk, the soldiers have wanted to have a little fun with you before you become a worthless cock sleeve."

Just then a horde of fat red skinned Oni flooded into the room from the shadowy walls and surrounded Suzumebachi. All of them were completely nude with half erect cocks as they drooled over Suzume's perfect body. An Oni grabbed Suzume by her ponytail and pulled her head back. Suzume torque her head side to side trying to free herself from the Oni's grip. However, she was held firm as the Oni pressed his pink head to Suzume's locked lips. She gritted her teeth so as not to have to swallow down the Oni's monstrous dick. The Oni pumped his hips with force trying to break into her sweet mouth. Then a second came up and clamped two fingers down on Suzume's nose. If she wouldn't give up willingly they'd make her body respond to their demands. Suzume struggled to go without air but she knew it was only a matter of time before she'd need to breathe.

She gasped taking in a lung full of oxygen, but just as she did the Oni shoved his cock down her throat. Suzume's nose was released as the Oni thrust his hips slowly into her mouth. Suzumebachi let out hot jets of air from her nostrils; taking in the rancid smell of the Oni's dick mixed with her saliva. She glared up at the Oni who had his eyes closed and nose pointed to the ceiling while face fucking her. Then another Oni tugged on her hair; pulling Suzume off the Oni's cock. Another pink headed blood red cock plunged into her mouth and worked around in her wet throat. A waterfall of spit guzzled from her lips down her chin. Suzume could feel her saliva pooling on her tits and oozing between them. The Oni continued to pass her around like candy, never having her stay on one cock for too long. Each one seemed to have a different kind of flavor and smell. Something Suzume thought was quite strange; she'd sort of always thought all cocks would taste the same. However some were sweet, others sour, but most just rather bitter. As if the Oni had not bathed in centuries. Not that these vile monsters cared about hygiene.

An Oni slid his entire massive cock down Suzumebachi's gullet getting the whole thing soaked in her slobber. Suzume was nearly choking on the thing as the Oni just let it sit in her mouth. Then he pulled out as another Oni flopped his cock into her mouth. Suzume barely had any time to catch her breath. She felt like she'd gone through fifty dicks by now but not a single one had cum yet. It seemed like they were going to take their time with the poor little kunoichi. The Oni fucking her mouth took his cock out. The Oni left her to catch her breath for a minute. Suzume gulped down great volumes of air. Her entire body was coated in a hot sweat and her breasts were still drenched in her own spit. An Oni pushed her back from her knees and Suzume landed on her back. Then the Oni stepped over her and got to his knees as he pushed his cock into Suzume's mouth. He pumped his hips up and down sliding his entire cock across Suzume's tongue. Another Oni sat on her stomach; Suzume could feel all its crushing weight; and stabbed his cock between Suzume's soft melons. Her breasts were still fairly lubricated from Suzume's saliva.

Two more Oni got to their knees and clasped around Suzume's wrists. They wrapped her soft delicate hands around the shafts of their meaty cocks and forced her to stroke them off slowly. Suzume could barely breathe as the Oni's cocked pounded deep into her throat; the Oni's balls slapping her chin every time he pressed down. Saliva spewed from her mouth and ran down the side of her face. Her skin crawled as the cock between her breasts moved slowly back and forth. Two Oni pressed the heads of their dicks onto her nipples and twirled around them. The two cocks in her hand began to swell and shutter as they reached climax. Hot seed sprayed out into Suzume's hair and onto her face. Then an explosion of cum blasted down her throat, most of it going straight to her belly without her having to swallow it. The Oni stood as the one titty fucking her presented her with a hot pearl necklace.

The Oni forced her back to her knees and crammed another cock into her. The Oni humped her throat furiously as some of the other sucked on her tits. Suzume felt so sick as the tongues of the Oni swirled around her nipples. Then she felt another hot load rush down her throat. Cum guzzled out of her mouth as she coughed; but the Oni didn't let up. They just continued to shove their cocks in her mouth and came inside it. Suzume thought she'd drown in all of the cum. And it didn't seem like she'd be done serving the Oni any time soon. Suzumebachi saw Osamu watching with a twisted grin. Suzume knew she couldn't take much more of this; soon Osamu would get what he wanted. What hope was there for Suzumebachi?

"That's all the info we have for now," Leiko informed Aki through the live computer chat.

"Hmm," Aki bit down on her lip in frustration, "Osamu must have Suzume then."

"What makes you think that Miss Aki?" Sumiko asked.

"If Osamu is planning a war it means he's close to getting control over the dragon," Aki explained, "You two need to stop him before he can steal the dragon from Suzumebachi."

"The Oniwabanshu have bases all over the city," Leiko told, "We don't even know where to start looking. And we can't just burst into everyone we'll just end up getting captured too."

"I'm aware of that!" Aki yelled causing Leiko and Sumiko to flinch. Aki took a deep breath and calmly said, "Meet with all our informants and gather whatever information you can get. Perhaps we can at least narrow down our search area. Contact me when you have anything about my daughter."

"Of course," Leiko replied and the screen went black.

"Dammit Osamu," Aki punched the ground leaving a sizable crater, "Using my daughter for your schemes."

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