The Watcher

byParis Waterman©

Call me Ishmael. It's as good a name as any. I'm a private detective, specializing in getting the goods on errant hubby's and wives.

People who know me say I have no scruples. They're probably right. Apparently I just don't give a shit.

I'm an expert in surveillance; and almost always catch my subject doing what they're not supposed to be doing. I'm a voyeur, and not above a little blackmail when it's to my advantage.


When not on the job I freelance, looking, looking, looking for opportunity. It's there, it's always out there, somewhere.

Case in point

Walter Fidgeon had met Joan Middleton via the internet, corresponding through e-mails and instant messages for two months before actually speaking by telephone.

Joan, a cute woman of 34 was married with two children. She managed the office for a local law firm in Jersey City. Walter was on his second marriage; he had two girls by his first wife and another one with his current spouse, Linda. He worked on Madison Avenue in Manhattan as an advertising executive for a major Advertising firm.

Both Walter and Joan felt something was missing from their respective marriages: that being the excitement of sex. And after two months of teasing and flirting over the internet they decided it was time to meet.

Walter lived just outside Princeton; he selected the rendezvous point -- a McDonald's in Newark, just one short block from a PATH subway station in the heart of Newark. Since Joan worked two blocks from the PATH in Journal Square and Walter took the PATH to Newark to catch his commuter train to Princeton, it seemed a reasonable place from which to meet -- one in which it was unlikely that they might be seen by anyone they knew and affording them easy routes from which they could return home.

Once ensconced in the cozy confines of McDonald's they talked for hours over coffee, salads and burgers. Family, work, friends, not a single topic was off limits in their whirlwind conversation.

They hugged when it was time to part, and Joan gave him a prim kiss on the cheek. Later that night they spent hours talking on the internet, with general conversation fading as the topic moved to their respective sexual problems with their spouses.

Walter set a plan in motion and with Joan's acquiescence; they decided to meet for lunch. Joan feigned a doctor's visit and took several hours off to meet Walter in Manhattan. Walter had the benefit of being allowed extra long lunches.

They met in mid-town and had a lunch during which Walter's hand found its way under Joan's skirt. She made no objection and he touched her sex while they kissed in the restaurant booth.

They kept it to the lunch and went their separate ways afterward. But Joan was haunted by her seemingly unquenchable arousal from his searching fingers and e-mailed him that night suggesting they meet the following Tuesday after work.


Tuesday -- Walter had driven his Jaguar to an indoor parking lot that morning to insure they had a 'place' they might get together after work. He found a convenient spot in the lesser used lower level and called Joan from work telling her to meet him at an Orange Julius located near the parking lot.

The day seemed to drag on forever, but five o'clock came and both made for the parking lot and Walter's Jaguar. They were hugging and kissing like eager teenagers before the car doors were fully closed.

And that's where I come into the picture.

I happened to be two cars away from Walter's Jag when they started groping one another. I already had sufficient material on my present subject to ensure his wife took him to the cleaners in there forthcoming divorce, and made what for me was an easy decision. I dropped my guy and concentrated on my soon to be new friends in the Jaguar.

It was still daylight and the parking lot had plenty of available light beaming into it as I fitted a 300mm lens to my newly purchased digital Nikon. I work fast. I was snapping off repeated shots before Walter had Joan's blouse unbuttoned.

I stopped to adjust my rising hardon as Walter's hand reached in to feel her half-cup bra.

I admired his sense of pace, not hurrying anything, but slowly massaging Joan's nipple through the bra before slowly lifting her breast - a very firm breast, I might add -- to his lips and giving suck while Joan moaned appreciatively.

In what turned out to be a classic shot, proving him guilty as sin, Walter looked furtively around then raised Joan's right leg and ran his hand up her creamy white thighs to her crotch.

And although her voice was diminished somewhat, I clearly heard her cooing, "Oh, yes, Walt, ummm, don't stop!"

I lay the camera down for a moment and picked up an expensive listening device, turned it on and grabbed the Nikon again and resumed taking selected shots as Walter and Joan got into it.

They kissed while he fingered her pussy, and in a relatively short time, Joan moaned that she was going to cum.

Walter added another finger and increased his thrusting speed. True to her word, Joan came like a locomotive.

I recall thinking at the time that she must not have had any decent sex in quite some time to get off like that so soon.

He held her, kissed her neck and breast while she recovered.

I recorded her soft, almost shy thank you, and then smiled broadly as she followed with, "Now it's your turn," as she deftly extracted his dick.

Walter looked around again, saw nothing to deter Joan and placed a hand on the back of her head as she went down on him.

I liked her style: she planted kisses all over his six inch dick; ovaled her mouth and wrapped her lips around his dickhead.

Of course I documented the entire blowjob, from the first almost hesitant bobbing up and down to the final stages where she all but gobbled his cock up.

Like Joan, Walter came quickly, warning her a second or two before jetting his load down her throat. Joan apparently wanted his sperm, for she held him tighter as he squirted his spunk into her greedy little mouth.

When Joan finally took him out of her mouth she started to laugh and rubbed his slimy cock all over her face then placed him back on her tongue and sucked him until he got hard again.

I knew the pics I got of her rubbing his dick over her face clinched the deal for me to get anything I wanted from her, and to a lesser extent, Walter. If she had any kids, (I would learn all about them the following day) the thought of losing them would bring her to her knees, literally and figuratively.

A car, driven by an elderly lady picked that moment to park fairly close to them. They fumbled with their clothing, putting things to right, with Joan giggling, "My, that was close, wasn't it?" and laughing at their brush with being discovered made arrangements to meet again the following afternoon in the same place.

Joan left him moments later, and Walter drove back to Princeton. I followed Joan to her residence and waited. Within thirty minutes, Joan came out of the house, ushering two young children, a girl about five, and a boy roughly three or four, into the family Volvo.

They went shopping, and Joan bought them ice cream cones, being very careful to keep them clean as they devoured their respective cones. I gave Joan points for that and wondered about her husband.

I was back in place the following afternoon and watched them do essentially the same things they'd done the day before. Oh this time he managed to remove her brassiere, and I got some superb tit shots. Walter went down on her and Joan returned the favor by blowing him again.

Before they parted, Joan told him she wanted to feel him inside her. Translation: "Let's fuck someplace with a bed!"

Walter had been thinking along the same lines and mentioned a motel on Tonnelle Avenue, The Red Carpet Inn, as a possible location.

"That would be fine, Walt," Joan purred and gave his dick an extra long rub.

"Um, how's Tuesday sound," Walter said. "My wife Linda's got bridge on that night and leaves me something to nuke in the microwave. She doesn't get home until nine. I realize you don't have that much time, but then again, I've got to travel to Princeton. So Tuesday is best for me. How does it work for you, darling?"

His use of the word 'Darling' seemed to melt any objection Joan might have had.

"Mmmm, Tuesday's fine with me. But I'll have to leave you by seven, seven-fifteen at the latest."

"So, if we can check in around five, we have a good two hours for fun and games."

"It's not all that much, but its time together... and with a bed to bounce on," Joan laughed gleefully.

"And bounce we will!" Walter laughed. "And bounce we will!"


My knowledge of humans from watching them while unobserved has taught me that if anything, they are creatures of habit, and so I didn't attempt to peek in on them when they went into the Motel. But I did eavesdrop on them and heard the preceding conversation. I made a note on their room number, and would rent the adjoining room the following Tuesday and drill a few well placed holes in the wall from which I could film and watch them in action.


The sun had yet to go down a week later and I was enjoying the sunset and finishing an Almond Joy candy bar in my car which I had parked three doors away from the room I hoped the couple would rent again. I checked the digital video camera for what must have been the twentieth time, as the Jaguar came to a halt not less than 20 feet from where I sat behind the wheel of my pickup.

They were all about themselves and never even glanced in my direction. I took a couple shots of them getting out of his Jag and saw that I had captured her smiling at him as he opened the car door for her to exit. My next two shots were of them entering the motel together.

I gave them a minute to settle in then entered the room next to them and immediately peeked through the closet peep-hole. They had the lights on. Obviously they were anxious to gaze upon one another.

Joan was wearing a pink lace bra, her hard nipples poking through the lace. Walter was reaching into the cup of her bra. I picked up the video camera and started shooting.

I heard her sigh and hoped the camera was sensitive enough to pick it up. The clerk in the camera store had assured me it could pick up a pin dropping, so if it was half that good I would be enjoying both picture and sound later that evening.

Good old Walter had sucked her left nipple into his mouth, eliciting steamy moans from her. I studied her breasts for a time. Joan's areolas were insignificant in size, taking up barely twice the area of her nipples. They were the tightest circle I had ever seen on a woman, and in contrast to my ex-wife's huge-sized areola, quite attractive. They were just off of centered on her tits, which hung slightly, but were full. Stretch marks ran along the side of her breasts, evidence in the mass increase after the birth of her child.

Her stomach was slightly rounded; you know the stomach of a woman not a child. It was flat compared to some, but held a lovely swell. A scar ran across her, testimony of the C-Section to deliver the baby. She seemed to sense my gaze, or was overly sensitive to Walter's noticing it and crossed her hands over her stomach hiding the scar.

I smiled as Walter gently pulled her hands aside, revealing the scar again, and leaned in to place a kiss along the length of the scar.

"You have nothing to hide from me," he whispered.

I heard her sob as she cried out softly, "Oh, Walter!"

I had to give him credit; he was handling her with kid gloves and would soon reap the rewards for his patience.

I went on filming and analyzing her body. Her skin was beginning to loosen, but not too badly; it looked more like left over skin from her pregnancy; not unattractive, but soft and delicious.

I had to smile as Walt unfastened her skirt and let gravity take it down to her ankles. Joan's panties were the same pink lace as her bra and I suspected she'd bought the outfit on her lunch hour, for it wasn't the typical underwear a lady wore to work.

Walt had trouble with the garter belt Joan wore to hold up her hose, and she playfully swatted his hand away and took care of that herself, being careful not to get a run in the hose, leaving the garter belt on after removing the stockings in as good a strip scene as I've seen in years.

Walt surged back into action, removing her pink panties and tossing them onto the chair next to the bed.

I looked at Joan's snatch and smiled again. The faintest trace of a hair line pointed down her pubic mound to her pussy. Her pussy itself was wide open; her lips blossoming out like a rare orchid. Her nub was hard; juice coating everything was beginning to seep down her thighs.

While not a nubile teen, Joan was a gorgeous woman, a woman I decided to have at any cost. Well, almost any cost. I'm not a complete fool.

Walter approached the bed, and he was all she could see. He looked as unnerved as Joan obviously felt, but he approached the bed like a puma in heat, each move considered and sensual, lithe and dangerous, and when his hand lifted up to her face and stroked her cheek softly, it was obvious that she was completely his. She would have allowed him to do anything with her at that moment.

Walt quickly removed his clothing and Joan's breathing went into high gear on seeing his penis bobbing up and down before her face while he rolled a condom over it.

"You've a magnificent prick, Walter," she said in a whisper that I hoped carried onto the video.

Walter smiled, leaned over her and kissed her softly.

It seemed to me as if all the breath went out of her with a soft whoosh as he pulled her towards him, a hand in her hair, another sliding along her back, pulling her closer and kissing her deeply, any trepidation that Joan might have had disappeared completely. He wanted her as much as she wanted him, and the idea of that was intoxicating to her.

Ending the kiss, he chuckled and reached between her legs sliding a finger along her folds. Joan gasped and widened her legs.

The finger needed no other approvals and slipped inside her.

"When's the last time your husband fucked you?"

Walt inquired as he fingered her more rapidly.

"Um... um... I think it was three... no, four nights ago."

"I'm going to do some things to you that you might find repugnant, Joan. But I think that after we've done them you'll find you like them."

"I'm open to anything you want to do, Walter," she huffed as he added a second finger to the first.

With his other hand, Walt reached down and took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and lightly pinched it.

"YES!" Joan gasped, surprised by his sudden action. His fingering moved to a faster pace and she responded by humping back against them, and making a low rumbling sound into the pillow she'd turned her face into.

She was so desperate to be consumed, so in need of being taken completely, that I had to remind myself that I would be teaching her a thing or two about sexual acts before long that I doubt Walter had ever contemplated.

Walt, experimenting with her cunt, turned his hand so that his fingers were now probing in an upward fashion. I figured he was searching for her G-spot, and silently wished him luck.

Joan began to huff and I sensed her orgasm wasn't all that far off.

I was right about that, for moments later her body started to shake and quiver and Walter's thrusting fingers were making a squish-squish sound as her juices exploded from her vaginal canal to saturate his hand.

And with a howling, "OH GAWD!" Joan came.

They lay entwined for perhaps a minute, and then Joan was kissing him all over the face while she gasped with pleasure, and then ran her fingertips over his chest, toyed with his nipples and bit his neck and ear lobes.

With a gentle growl Walter pulled her up against him; Joan was giggling and wrapped her thighs around his waist as they kissed more freely now, their mutual nervousness long since forgotten.

Joan gave a lewd laugh and took another lustful bite of his neck while Walter began to pull on her nipples, stretching them out before releasing them only to grab them again and renew the pinching and pulling all over again.

Joan responded by clamping her thighs more firmly around him, and wantonly rubbing herself against him. Without thinking she pushed him back on the bed, kissing her way hungrily down his body, her fingers trembling as they drifted over his erection, teasing it until the crown appeared to be a dark purple through the view finder of my video camera.

"Ohhh my god, Walter..." she hissed, gripping his erection in her tiny hand and squeezing a drop of precum from the tip.

When he groaned in response, Joan whispered,

"God, I adore your cock..." and brought her face to within an inch or so from his throbbing member, seemingly fascinated by how good it looked.

As her breath drifted over the head of his swollen erection, Walt sighed, "I'd love for you to suck it, Joan."

His right hand was already seizing a cluster of her hair, pulling her face even closer.

Joan smiled up at him for a moment, stroked him twice and then fed his erection into her mouth, Walter moaned with pleasure as her lips glided eagerly down over his pulsing cock, sucking decadently on him, her tongue swirling over the head of his cock, tasting him, loving the taste it.

"Ohhh, fuck yes!" he groaned, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, his hand firm in her hair, fucking her mouth slowly back and forth, his accelerating heartbeat evident to Joan through his wildly pulsing prick.

I began to wonder how long Joan could go before having him inside her.

As if reading my mind, Joan lifted herself up from Walter's cock, gave the tip of his cock one last decadent lick and with her hair fallen across her face, looked up into his eyes before stuffing his cock back into her mouth and sucking him licentiously, sliding her tongue over his shaft then teasing him with just the tip of her tongue, watching him as he watched her.

Perhaps two or three minutes passed. I have to assume she stopped because she needed him inside her.

Her murmured words, undetectable to me at the time, but clear enough after several playbacks of the tape, were: "Fuck me, Walter. I want you to fuck me."

He pushed her back on the bed, rubbed his swollen, saliva coated member over her lips and with a loud sigh, sank his penis into her.

To my way of thinking, Walter had no finesse as a lover in this department. He pumped away at her and came quickly. My guess would be that he was done in less than thirty seconds. In all fairness, the sexual buildup and Joan's artful cocksucking hurried his ejaculation. But all the same, I'm sure that both Joan and I expected a better performance out of him.

He was finished for the evening. Joan attempted to revive his flaccid dick, stroking it and then sucking it, but to no avail.

They kissed and petted for a while then they seemed resigned to calling it a night and dressed and left the motel minutes later.


I decided to call Walter that night around ten-thirty. His wife answered the phone. I greeted her with an apology for calling so late, and after telling her it was a somewhat urgent business matter, asked to speak with her husband, Walter.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Mr. Fidgeon? You don't know me, but I know you. I know you very well, in fact."

Walter waited, still fixated by the thought it was someone from the office calling.

"It's about your little frolic at the motel earlier this evening, Walter."

He coughed, buying precious seconds with which to compose himself. "Who is this again?"

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