tagGay MaleThe Watcher and the Woods

The Watcher and the Woods


Looking around, Jackson smiled at the thought of spending some time in the picturesque area. The autumnal colours a dazzling array of gold, ambers and reds. The crew of which he was a part were renovating a small hotel on the outskirts of a scenic, little town that relied heavily on tourist trade. The town had a nice variety of shops, not that he expected to spend much time in them. There were a couple of modest shopping malls with the usual names he knew and a large second hand book shop he hoped to browse regularly. The motel he and his crew were staying in had a restaurant attached that served home-cooked food and there were several bars, cafes and restaurants to be able to avoid getting bored with the same fare.

He had endured the usual cat-calls and jokes when the motel's desk clerk, a pretty enough blond called Monica, had not-so-subtly fluttered her eyelashes in his direction. Of course, that had all been done well away from the motel where no one but the crew could hear. He had expected the usual round of ribbing, practical jokes and so forth that always went hand-in-hand with a new member of a building crew. However, the foreman seemed to take a perverse pleasure in extending it to the whole of the almost five months he had worked with them. It was now becoming less a joke and more harassment. But knowing it and proving it to the company's owner were two completely different things.

He gave a slight shiver as he looked at the mix of fully-clothed pine, autumn-dressed and nearly bare trees of the woods just a short walk away. The woods and the lake, which allowed sailing and swimming, were what attracted tourists. Places to camp, water activities and a pretty town were a winning combination. He shook himself mentally as he looked towards the trees. It was as if he was sure he was being watched, but there was no one in sight.

"Get your lazy ass into gear, Jax!"

The voice belonged to his foreman and Norm looked like he was in his usual humour; bad. Jax sighed. The last thing he needed was to aggravate the older man so early in the day. That could lead to hours of jibes and coarse jokes as well as puerile practical jokes. He did not want the man on his back today and he instantly fled as far away from Norm as he could validly be.


As the day wore on, Jax concentrated on doing a good job of the plastering work. This was his current speciality, but he was working hard on carpentry as a second, although his brickwork needed a lot more practice. He stretched, groaning softly as he heard various clicks as he worked out the kinks. He was working on a bedroom and he moved aside the tarpaulin over the mirror to gaze thoughtfully at his reflection.

His hair was chocolate brown and loose would reach his shoulders in a mix of waves and curls. However, he tied it back securely and gelled it in place when around his co-workers. His eyes, a lush, liquid mocha and his finely-boned features were all inherited from his mother. Although his frame was slender, he had his share of solid muscle. He would be sacked in an instant if he had been unable to move a barrow of bricks when called up to do so. He was tormented by Norm not because the older man knew Jax to be gay, but because he simply thought it. Jax shuddered at the thought of how worse it might be if Norm knew the truth. He recovered the mirror and angled himself to look out of the window.

To keep his distance from the foreman, he was working on the third story rooms. From his elevated vantage point he could see those workers outside. He gave a sigh as his eyes fell on one in particular. Over six feet of bronzed skin and solid muscle and his name was Bray. He was also the object of Jax's hyper-active sexual fantasies. Jax was not sure if it was wishful thinking or whether, just occasionally, Bray seemed to look at him with what appeared to be interest. However, he was one of the crew that did not get involved in the jokes or tricks played on him.

It had taken thoughts of a naked Norm to quell Jax's libido when he had first seen Bray naked to the waist, his tanned skin glistening with sweat. He did not dare make the first move. If he was wrong he risked antagonising a friend and allay and he was not prepared to do that. Bray was one of the most talented men in the crew; bricks, carpentry and plastering as well as competent to assist the electricians, and Jax hoped to emulate the older man's talents.

Glancing at his watch he grinned when he saw it was lunchtime. Sure enough a whistle blew to alert everyone and tools were set aside. Some of the men ate in town every day; others brought a lunch made up by the motel to eat at tables along the lake. Jax tried to alternate between finding somewhere on his own and joining his colleagues to ensure he did not alienate anyone. However, today he had a packed lunch. It had been made up by the motel owner's other daughter, Helena. The box felt quite heavy. He had hidden the box inside a wardrobe. He did not dare leave anything like that where Norm could contaminate it. As he had in the past.

Checking Norm was nowhere to be seen, Jax headed to a picnic table not far inside the woods. He liked occasional solitude and he had picked up a good 'history-mystery' book to read as he ate. Opening his package he stared at the contents, shaking his head and smiling. He had two large sourdough sandwiches with roast turkey and cranberry jelly. There were two sealed containers one with a small green salad, the other fresh coleslaw. A carton of apple juice was snuggled in alongside an apple and a homemade raspberry muffin. He would be able to save the muffin to have with his tea break.

Engrossed in his book, it took a moment for Jax to realise he was being watched and he looked up with a start. He relaxed almost immediately as he gazed into elderly, amused grey eyes.

"I didn't mean to disturb you," the older man said. "But, you're one of the workers on the motel up the road aren't you?"

"Yes," Jax smiled.

"I had a though to do that when I was a young man, but my Dad insisted I get a proper job. I became an accountant, but I always thought I would have been good working with my hands."

"I'm sure you would," Jax said. He had no objections to being disturbed. It was obvious the old man was lonely and Jax was happy to chat until he heard the shrill whistle.

"Back to it?" the old man asked.

"Yep," Jax said.

"My names Jack," the old man said, easing to his feet and beginning to head towards the road, away from Jax's direction. "I hope to chat again, if you don't mind."

"I'm Jackson, but everyone calls me Jax. I won't be here every day, but if I am, you're more than welcome," the younger man said as he hurried back to work. He did not see the thoughtful look on the old man's face as he turned to watch Jax.


Taking his seat at the table again, Jax looked around and smiled. It was good to be able to sit and eat outdoors. This time his lunch was a meat and vegetable filled pasty, tomato salad and slaw. An apple and a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert and a carton of apple juice to wash it all down. He was sure the girls gave him extra. They always giggled and blushed when they handed him his lunch pack.

He waved in response to that of Jack's greeting as the older man came into view and headed for the table.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked.

"Not at all," Jax grinned.

"Looks like you're being well fed at the motel," Jack said as he eyed Jax's lunch. He laughed at Jax's blush. "I see," he said. "They're good girls. They'll find themselves their Mr Rights in good time. Not as though you can let them know you're looking for a Mr Right of your own."

Jax almost choked on the pasty he had bitten into. How had Jack worked that out?

"It's no magical talent," Jack smiled. "When you start getting old and slowing down, you start watching more. People watching. I've seen you at the hotel and I've seen you in town. Bray, I think his name is."

Burying his face in his hands, Jax could feel the heat flare over his cheeks. He thought he had hidden his desires so well. But...if he hadn't...then Norm...? He dropped his hands to stare at Jack who smiled softly.

"What do you see that others don't?" he asked.

"Well, for one thing, on the occasions I've seen you two together you almost avoid actually looking at one another. To a practiced eye that's a dead giveaway," Jack said. "For another, when you think no one is watching and you do look at one another, well, I can recognise the look. Don't worry, Jax. You need to know what to watch for to see it. Don't forget, I was around in the Sixties," Jack added.

"Then, it's not obvious?" Jax asked relieved.

"No. But it seems to me that Bray looks at you the way you look at him."

"I've never noticed and he's never said anything," Jax confessed.

"Well, maybe things will change," Jack said. "Can't stay. See you again."

Resuming his lunch, Jax mused on Jack saying that Bray looked at him. Did that mean the older man was interested? He was not prepared to forfeit a friendship on such flimsy grounds. He packed up the rest of his uneaten food and started as he looked up to see Bray staring at him, his blue eyes dark with intent.

"Take a walk with me?" Bray asked jerking his head deeper into the woods.

Swallowing past his shock, Jax simply nodded. He hefted his small backpack and fell into step with the bigger man as they walked swiftly deeper into the woods.

They walked for a few minutes before Bray turned to him, reaching a hand to cup Jax's jaw and stroke his thumb across the younger man's bottom lip.

"You're beautiful," Bray murmured.

It was all the warning Jax got before the older man had him pinned against a tree. Not that Jax minded or resisted. It was a dream come true to feel Bray's lips against his. He whimpered eagerly as Bray manoeuvred him easily to be pinned between the solidity of an ancient tree trunk at his back and Bray's powerful, muscular physique at the front.

Time seemed to cease to exist as they kissed. As Jax relaxed into the hot, deep demanding kisses, he let the bigger man press a thick thigh between his legs. A hand worked its way under his shirt and t-shirt to fondle his breasts, pinching and rolling nubs that peaked instantly, silently begging for the older man's touch.

He heard a rumbling sound from deep in Bray's broad chest as their tongues danced and entwined and the bigger man's free hand slid to the front of Jax's bulging jeans. He jerked, shamelessly pressing his swelling flesh into the touch, wordlessly pleading for Bray to touch him.

Incredibly, it seemed his silent plea had been heard. He felt Bray's hand flip open the button of his jeans and drag the zipper down. Then the hand was inside, searching for the opening of his boxers and drawing out his throbbing erection. He gave a whine as his shaft was abandoned and then a deep groan as flesh as hot and hard as his was squeezed alongside his own.

His hips began to jerk as he tried to thrust. Bray kept him pinned, mouths sealed, tongue plundering hand stroking and squeezing and Jax lost all coherency. It might have been seconds or hours later that the heat in his groin became all-pervading and could no longer be denied. His cry of completion was muted by Bray's mouth sealing over his, Jax came so hard that lights flashed behind his closed lids. He was dimly aware that Bray seemed to be making similar noises and then, as he sagged replete, he felt the final pulses of the older man's release splatter over his skin.

He was vaguely aware of the tissue shoved in his hand and he began to clean himself, his mind still spinning from a mix of surprise and sexual pleasure. Fastening his fly he grimaced as a shrill whistle sounded heralding the end of lunch. He glanced up at the muttered curse from Bray.

"No time. Have to get back. We'll have to find some time to talk," the older man said as he rearranged his own clothes.

"Sure," Jax said, not sure where he stood with the bigger man. He took a couple of steps the way they had come and looked back when realising Bray was not with him.

"Don't be an idiot, Jax," Bray whispered. "I'm not walking back with you."

The hurt he felt must have been eloquent in its silence as Bray quickly enveloped him in a tight hug.

"Sorry, kid," Bray muttered against Jax's brow. "We can't take the chance of being seen. If you think Norm is bad now, imagine what he'd be like if he knew."

Groaning, Jax knew Bray was right. It was a risk neither of them could take. The groan became a moan as the bigger man kissed him.

"You go back the way we came. I can get to the lake from here and come back along that way. We'll talk when we get some time alone. Okay?"

"Sure, Bray," Jax agreed. He made his way out of the woods quickly, his mind in turmoil. He had enjoyed what they had done, but there had been no loving endearments, no indication that Bray was looking for anything other than a quick session of sexual release. Jax was not a casual-sex guy. He had never had a one-night stand and never wanted one.

He hoped Bray was of the same mind.


It was another couple of days before Jax had lunch in the woods again. He had been co-opted to join a group lunch at a pizza restaurant for one man's birthday the next day and another group by the lake the one after that. It had been a good couple of days. Norm had been unexpectedly called away and, without him, Jax was able to enjoy the company of his fellow workers.

Bray had been promoted to temporary foreman and things had been far more relaxed at work. However, with the added responsibility Bray always seemed to have someone else with him during the first day and had needed to spend the part of the second day and the night away from the site obtaining materials that were unexpectedly needed.

Unfortunately for Jax, it meant that he was still uncertain about Bray. Once or twice on the first day, he had thought the older man had been about to say something and then stopped. Jax was shy, confused and terrified of ruining the friendship they had. He kept up a mantra that Bray would talk to him about what had happened and where they were going. He picked up his knapsack and slung it over his shoulder as the lunch whistle sounded. Norm was back and so he was intending to eat in the woods.

Although it was close to Halloween, the weather was dry, crisp and cool, rather than cold, and the table Jax liked to sit at was in a pocket of sunlight that kept it quite warm. He sat down and stared at his book. Since the other day in the woods, Jax kept replaying in his mind what had happened. He kept telling himself that he was sure Bray was not the type for casual sex and yet he had nothing to suggest otherwise.

"I'd have said it must be a good book, if I'd seen you turn a page at all."

"Jack!" Jax exclaimed. He had been so wrapped up in his maudlin thoughts he had not heard the old man approach.

They chatted companionably for a few minutes before Jack tilted his head and quirked a bushy eyebrow.

"How're things then?" he asked.

Blushing and ducking his head, Jax knew exactly what the older man was asking. He looked up again and saw the sympathetic eyes gazing sadly at him.

"Not as I would have liked," Jax found himself confessing. "It seems Bray is interested in me, but I don't really know if he cares for me."

"That's important," Jack said softly. "Passing pleasure's all well and good, Jax, but it doesn't keep you warm on a cold night. You need depth and commitment for that."

"That's what I want," Jax admitted.

"What you need, then, is to spend some time having a long, meaningful discussion. If you look down the path and you can't see two sets footsteps becoming as one, well you need to think about what you want and what you need. Maybe that opportunity is here?"

Looking up, Jax saw Bray standing a short distance away and knew what the older man wanted.

"I'll talk to him. Thanks, Jack," Jax said. His attention was already so riveted on the older man, he did not even realise he had left his book and backpack.

The older man watched them vanish deeper into the woods and sighed.

"Still a long ways to go, Jax," he whispered.

All Jax's intentions that they should talk evaporated in the heat of Bray's lips melding against his own. The kiss was all heat and strength and Jax felt himself melt. He felt Bray tighten his arms, crushing Jax's slighter frame against Bray's broader chest. Jax was lost in a maelstrom of emotion and sensation. The feel of Bray's body, so hot and hard and demanding against him, made him moan in Bray's mouth. He was incapable of coherent speech, his hands clutching at the older man, as he opened his mouth wider, inviting the almost frenetic plundering from the older man's tongue.

Jax kissed back like he had never kissed before, like he ached and longed for Bray's lips, hoping to convey in action what he had failed to say in words. He felt Bray's hands slide down to cup his ass, pulling him tightly, so that their bodies moulded from chest to groin. Jax desperately thrust his tongue in to Bray's mouth to taste him.

The growing arousal of both men became unbearable as they began rubbing against each other. As Bray sucked Jax's tongue rhythmically, the younger man moaned and shuddered, certain that Bray would not let him fall. He had never experienced such an all-consuming passion and desire for another. He had never wanted or needed someone so badly. Their breath mingled, hot and ragged in between the passionate kisses.

Bray lifted his head to look in to Jax's eyes and could see the glazed expression, the perfect lips, red and swollen and feel the quivering tension in the lithe frame. He groaned deep in his chest as Jax instinctively began pumping his hips faster, his eyes closing as he sought his release. He did not want Jax to come in his jeans. He stilled the younger man's hips, ignoring the soft whimper of need and unzipped them, pushing them down slightly and freeing Jax's eager erection. Bray licked his lips as he looked at the tempting shaft, hard, wet and reddened.

"Please," Jax begged. "Please."

Bray took Jax in his hand, warm, smooth and silky. He heard a gasp followed by a moan and Jax threw his head back against the solidity of the tree behind him. Bray acted on instinct, his mouth fastening onto the soft throat that had been bared for him. There were so many things he wanted to do but time was his enemy.

He ran his fist up and down, occasionally letting his thumb flick over the ever-more sensitive head. He wanted more, needed more than just his hand on the intimate flesh. He dropped to his knees and heard Jax keen softly as he licked up and down its length, tasting the faintly musky-sweet flavour of the younger man.

It was almost too much for Jax to keep watching. The sight of the bigger man on his knees, lips around Jax's throbbing organ threatened to make him come too soon and he closed his eyes. The sinfully talented mouth sucked him firmly, licking over the head of his shaft and lapping at his sac. When Bray relaxed his throat and swallowed Jax's entire length, Jax muted his scream by covering his mouth with his hand.

"Bray I'm going to come," he whispered his warning, surprised he was able to form a coherent sentence. But Bray remained where he was, sucked harder and pumped his hand around the base of Jax's shaft. He came hard in Bray's demanding maw and the older man swallowed everything the younger man could give.

As Jax's legs gave out, Bray guided him to lie down, straddling the slender frame, shoving the t-shirt up and out of his way. He growled at the sight of the smooth bare chest and the begging nipples, but there was no time. His hand was a blur on his own achingly hard shaft and all he had time or intent for was finding his own delayed release. As a shrill whistle was heard in the distance, Bray reached his crescendo and pulsed his semen in hot, thick strands across Jax's naked torso.

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