tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Watcher Ch. 02

The Watcher Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

The Watcher has successfully blackmailed Walter and Joan into performing a sexual act for his enjoyment. Now he's about to take the couple even further in depravity.


At 35, Joan was probably in the best condition she had been in since her early twenties. A punishing regime of exercise and dieting following the birth of her children had seen her figure gradually return to what it had been in her late twenties. But the lack of attention from her husband in recent months had caused her to lose a good deal of her self-confidence. All of which had led her to responding to Walter's flirtations.

Some of the above I surmised. The remainder I'd learned from listening to the couple's conversations when they met in Walter's jaguar and from their night together in the motel.

Among other things they had discussed various sexual positions, among them sixty-nine and anal. Joan had agreed to try the number inasmuch as she liked playing with Walter's cock. As for anal, she'd never tried it, but was willing to give it a test unless it hurt too much.

Walt willingly agreed to end any such experiment if she felt it was too painful or degrading.

With this information in hand, I inquired in as innocent a voice as possible. "Ever take it anally, Joan?"

"You've got to be kidding!" she exclaimed, her fear evident on her face. "I ... I've never...."

"There's always a first time," I told her coldly.

I glanced at Walter and saw that my words had gotten him somewhat aroused.

"Walt seems to like the idea, Joan. Have a look at him."

Despite herself, she did look and saw him trying to hide his newly rising cock.

"No ... Walt ... No!"

Reaching into my briefcase, I took out a tube of Astroglide lubricant. "Catch, Walt," I said and tossed it to him.

He caught it one-handed and looked at it as if he'd never seen such a thing before.

"No ... Walt, you can't!" Joan pleaded.

"It's what I want, Joan. End of story. I were you, I'd be figuring out what to tell Donald when I got home walking funny."

"You fucking bastard!" she spat out. But she was literally shitting in her pants.

"Joan..." Walt started to say, but I cut him off.

"Nobody asked you if you wanted to do it Joan. I'm telling you I want to watch the two of you do it. You are free to decline, but then I think you know what I'll do should you refuse me."

"I..." Joan stammered. "Oh, God, what have I got myself into?"

"Lay down on the bed, Joan. Walter has to lube you up."

She lay face down on the bed without protest until Walt approached her and laid his left hand on her ass preparing to apply the Astroglide ointment.

"What the hell are you doing? I said no, I don't want it, leave me alone!" She cried mournfully.

"Continue Walter," I said, moving closer to watch as he applied the lubricant to her asshole.

Joan was now moaning; a kind of low rumbling sound into the mattress of the bed.

"Use your finger, Walter. She'll need the lubricant in there."

He nodded and pressed a greased finger into her anus.


There was a moment of resistance before the finger slid into her. Joan moaned loudly into the pillow I'd placed under her face.

"Keep the finger moving, Walter. It will help Joan get used to having a strange object inside her."

He did, adding lubricant every fifth or sixth insertion.

Joan began to pant.

Walter was moving his finger in and out of her with apparent ease by this point and Joan was moving far enough to meet him as he jammed it into her.

"Add another finger, Walter," I said tonelessly.

He did. Joan grunted, but still leaned back into his fingers as they plunged into her.

"Lube your dick, Walter."

He did and it was the last bit of instruction required of me. Walt climbed onto the bed, worked his way between her legs and placed the head of his erection against her anus. A low moan came from Joan as the head entered. Walter hesitated until I slapped his shoulder.

I picked up my camera and framed my shot of Walt reaming her ass with his fingers.

The flash lit up the room. I took two more before Joan yelled, "Hey!" protesting what I was doing.

"Shut the fuck up!" I snarled. This is for me and whatever I want to do with. I want to put them on the internet there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

"Keep your fingers in her ass and turn her over on her back," I commanded. Walt did so without comment.

Joan began to sob. I brought the camera over to her, held it out so she could see the picture on the camera's LED screen.

I had to smile as I watched her expression change as she took in her glistening ass with Walter's fingers jammed into it.

"Wait until you see how it looks with his cock in there," I whispered.

"You bastard!" she sobbed, "you worthless son-of-a-bitch!"

"I'd like you to ass fuck her now, Walter," I said and moved away to a better vantage point.

Walter pressed the bulbous head of his cock against her asshole. Joan made a funny choking sound on feeling him there.

"A moment, Walt," I said, and helped him pull Joan up onto all fours.

Walt looked to me for permission to penetrate Joan. I shook my head affirmatively.

Walter's first thrust slipped away from her asshole. "God damn it!" he swore, nervously repositioning the head of his slick penis back against her spidery pucker.

"Cocksuckers!" Joan whined, but maintained her position as he tried again. A long moment passed, and then the head of his cock popped abruptly inside.

She groaned, long and deep, "Ughhhh! Sons of Bitches!" she swore at us, but kept staring at the ceiling above her.

I picked up the camera and took several more shots for my collection. Unbeknownst to either of them I also had a video camera going; and had from moments after entering the room.

"CHRIST THAT HURTS," she bawled, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Walter kept at her, working his prick deeper with each thrust.

Suddenly, Joan threw her head back. "AHHHHHH, CHRIST! OH-OH-OH THAT FUCKIN' HURTS!"

Checking Walter's progress I saw that his loins were flat against her rounded ass; his prick completely hidden in her ass.


They stayed like that for a minute, locked together, barely able to move, and then I reached down and touched her for the very first time and felt her relax.

Joan was panting as her eyes met mine. They were full of defiance, but there was more... she had a wanton glint in them as well.

"Fuck her, Walter," I said softly and Joan blinked her eyes repeatedly.

He withdrew until halfway out, then pushed back in again. She braced herself. I could see the tight ring of her anal opening sliding up his glistening shaft, the inner walls of her anus parting reluctantly to allow his swollen glans to pass. When he was completely inside her again, Walt rocked slightly from side to side and she gasped.

"NO, DON'T," she whispered breathlessly. "TOO MUCH... IT'S TOO MUCH!"

Walter paused then pulled out of her.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Walt?" I said brusquely.

"You heard her," he said defiantly. "I'm hurting her!"

"It's supposed to hurt, fuckhead!"

But Walter grabbed the Astroglide and squeezed a large glop of it on his dick and then reentered Joan's gaping hole.

Suddenly his prick was gliding easily back and forth. Joan's whining and curses were a thing of the past.

I had to still a sudden laugh when Walter pulled out too far and the pressure of her anal muscles popped his cock out. For whether consciously or unconsciously, Joan braced herself for his next thrust, and then groaned with satisfaction as his oily shaft slammed back inside her.

She was into the ass fuck now, and seemingly enjoying each and every stroke that Walter laid into her.

I took several photos to memorialize the event, moving to within inches of them to do it.

Joan's gasps turned to moans, interspersed with occasional muttered encouragement. "Yes! Yes!" Followed quickly by repeated grunts sounding like: HUH, HUH, HUH! UGH! OH WALT... PLEASE... DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP!"

Then signaling that her orgasm was upon her, Joan dropped her head and shoulders flat on the bed and reached one hand underneath her and frantically rubbed her pussy.

Both Walter and Joan came. I don't know or care who was first, or if they made it together. What I did know was that I needed to fuck her and that Joan wasn't finished fucking and wanted more.

You might ask how I knew this. Was it intuition? No, it was the look on her face as Walter pulled his wilted dick out of her ass.

She uttered not a word, but her eyes were pleading with me to take her anally. To continue the pleasures that her lover had brought her but was momentarily unable to continue.

I removed my slacks and shorts and held my prick out for her perusal.

She did two things simultaneously. A grimace of disgust crossed her face. But she licked her lips as if wanting to taste my cock as I shook it in her face.

Walter wasn't looking at us; his head was down, trying to recapture his breath.

I gave Joan a questioning look, not wanting to be accused of raping her at a later time.

Her head shook. It was the slightest of movements, but it was all I needed permission-wise, and I caressed her ass with one hand while positioning my cock at her gaping anal opening.

Joan raised her ass accordingly, and I slipped right into the heat of her anal channel.

Not to brag, but I can usually fuck for quite a while before cumming. But I had been aroused for quite some time without release and the sight of my glistening dick sliding between Joan's sweet ass cheeks and the tight grip of her ass on my cock soon had me speeding my strokes, approaching climax.

My hips began a quick "slap ... slap ... slap" against her ass, accompanied by her rising moans as she urgently rubbed her clitoris. I felt my balls tighten and lost control, thrusting without coordination and groaning as cum spewed from my prick in one hot jet after another, filling her asshole. Joan was cumming too, her cries muffled against the sheet. Her ass was thrusting wildly back and forth and side to side, milking cum from my dick. She came and came, giving one deep, hoarse moan after another, and they were answered by my own moans and gasps of passion.

Finally, my strength gone, legs rubbery, I fell slowly forward, flattening Joan beneath me until my face rested in her sweet-smelling hair. Her ass held my dick like a vise, squeezing occasionally. Both of us were slick with sweat and panting like marathoners at the end of a race. I felt movement underneath. She was still slowly rubbing her pussy.

I glanced at Walter. He was weeping unashamedly, stroking his cock trying to get it up again, but for the moment it would not respond.

A few minutes later, my prick shrank enough to pop out of Joan's ass and I levered myself with difficulty to a kneeling position. She looked wonderfully desirable, lying motionless on her front, face turned to one side, one arm still below her. I slid behind and wrapped myself around her, spooning, and pulled up the covers. We lay like that for roughly ten minutes, her breathing deep and even. I thought she had fallen asleep, so I was surprised when she spoke.

"I could never have imagined how that would feel," Joan said quietly.

I made no reply.

"I mean, it DID hurt ... at first," she mused, as if talking to herself. "But it didn't hurt the way I thought it would." She paused again. "But it was painful while the muscles stretched."

She was quiet again for awhile, then she turned around in my arms, looking in my face. "But after awhile, it didn't hurt anymore. It started to feel good. Not the way it feels in my pussy. Different." She was silent again for a long time, her eyes drifted closed, face relaxed.

"And when you took me there, I ... I had mixed emotions. I hate you for making us do the things you compelled us to do. But on another level...I enjoyed doing them. And when... and when you entered me...I welcomed it. I don't know... like I said, there are different levels of emotion running rampant in me. I feel like I'm confessing to a priest."

Joan laughed, "Will you be granting me absolution afterward?"

"No, Joan, I won't. You have to figure out any absolution for yourselves."

Joan nodded. Walter's weeping stopped after a sniffle or two. He was hanging on her every word.

"I had never... done anal before. Never. Walter felt like a baseball bat. Yet by the time you entered me, I felt like I could accommodate something almost as big as a bat. Isn't that weird?"

She paused, "There was such an incredible sensation of being stuffed full. My whole body felt it. That's when I really started to get turned on. I had to cum. I came with Walt and wanted... no I ached for more. And when I saw that you wanted to put yours in me I... I couldn't say the words, but you knew, somehow you knew what I wanted."

"Your eyes told me what you wanted me to do, Joan. So in a way, you did tell me. But I appreciate the fact that you're telling me you wanted me in you now. Just so there are no recriminations later."

She seemed to remember Walter then, saying, "Oh, Walt... please forgive me! You were so good in the way you took me back there. It ended up being soooo fucking good that I had to have more. You... you were...." She was unable to complete the sentence and probably figured she'd hurt him with what she'd said.

No one said anything and her words hung in the air like cigarette smoke in a closed room.

Finally, Joan whispered, "I had such good cums... my ass will be sore for a week. I... I don't know if I can walk. Really, I don't.," and she laughed weakly at her words.

Walter's words caught Joan and me off guard. "Look at my cock, Joan."

We both looked and saw that Walt was erect again. Joan glanced at my crotch. Oh, I was hard too. She licked her lips. It was an action I had come to understand as her tell. Normally one refers to a tell when playing poker. But we all have tells for other things as well, sex being foremost among them.

Joan moaned and leaned forward to take Walter in her mouth. As the first slurp of her sucking reached my ears, Joan's hand blindly reached out for me. I placed my prick in her hand and she quickly brought it to her mouth and after removing Walter's appendage, placed mine in and sucked me several times before switching off with Walt again.

It took me a moment for her technique to register on me. Joan had run her tongue around the rim of my swollen crown, setting off a chain reaction within the sensual nerves in the head of my prick.

She released me to take Walter back and almost immediately deep-throated him.

Walt's sudden intake of breath told me more than I needed to know about her impact on him, and I hoped she would try the same method on me when my turn came.

But Joan treated me differently, stroking me with short but quick jerks of her left wrist, she let my prick loll freely on her tongue, not really sucking at all, while taking my balls in her right hand and caressing them with her fingers.

Unable to stop myself I found myself holding the back of her head with both hands, and began fucking her mouth.

She coughed several time in succession, released my testicles and grabbed Walter's cock and brought it to her mouth. This gesture on her part left me no choice but to spit her out and let her suck him. I was, after all, trying to act like a gentleman on this level.

My turn came quickly enough and she brought me to the edge of cumming and stopped to take Walter back, doing the same to him, before letting him fall from between her saliva covered lips.

Then holding both our pricks in her fists, Joan's eyes turned to mine, beseeching me to do something to degrade her, something obscene.

"Try getting them both in your mouth at the same time," I whispered.

She nodded, and with a wantonly lewd smile, urged use closer to her, widened her mouth into a huge O and took me in first and after shoving my member over to one side of her mouth -- I glanced down and saw my cock forcing her cheek out -- she worked Walter's dick in too. It was a tight fit but she managed it. I can only relate that I prefer having a woman concentrating on my cock and not someone else's at the same time.

Joan would tell us we provided her with some amazing sensations; that she grew elated to the point where she climaxed knowing that only a very few women had ever managed to perform this feat.

Eventually she let Walter's cock pop free then sucked me deep, using her throat muscles to work my cockhead as I moved deeper still.

When I began to groan signaling my impending ejaculation, she spit me out and took Walter back, sucking vigorously on his cock as he pumped in and out of her mouth.

When she realized he was about to erupt, she pulled him out and addressed the two of us. "I want ... I want both of you in me," she panted.

I reached out to caress her right breast and its stiffened nipple.

"Can you do it?" she asked, breathing heavily.

"We ... we just did," Walter huffed, not understanding where Joan was going.

"Yes," I said, "we can."

"How?" Joan gasped.

"Watch me," I said, "follow my lead.

I lay down on my back and had Joan straddle my waist. She understood where I was leading her and taking me in hand, guided my prick to her asshole. I entered her with an ease that amazed me as her sphincter muscle never tensed up.

Walter watched as he waited, and then lowered himself between my legs and entered Joan's sodden cunt without any trouble; her female juices glistening as his rigid manhood disappeared into her pussy.

"Go slow, Walt," I said as I held my position deep within her ass.

He did, and we began to establish a slow rhythm, his in to my out, causing Joan to moan in approval.

"I... I... you guys are filling me! It's fantastic!"

We worked as a team, gradually increasing speed, until I flopped out only to be quickly reinserted by Joan's slippery fingers.

We tried a different approach of Walt's devising: Five quick thrusts on his part while I remained motionless; and then five by me while he remained in place.

Joan loved it and told us so.

It wasn't long before Walter roared that he was cumming. I held myself in check while he pumped furiously until contorting and lost control, spewing his load into Joan's throbbing pussy.

Joan came moments later, sobbing Walter's name.

I counted to five and then began hammering away at her ass.

Walter fell away, allowing me enough room to do whatever I wanted. Soon enough I felt my balls slapping against her pussy lips.

Joan came again, writhing about above me, her face a rictus of what I took to be pained pleasure.

I grabbed a breast and squeezed.

"YES!" she croaked as the slick wet sounds of our fucking filled the room.

"CUM FOR ME!" I yelled in response, knowing I wouldn't last much longer

"You're going to make me cum!" she gasped. "Ohhhh, I'm going to cum!"

I'm sure she didn't know who she was talking to at the time. I took hold of her wrists and drove my cock even deeper into her ass, causing Joan to scream with pleasure.

"Oh, God..." she gasped, "I can't hold it back... Ohhh fuck, I'm gonna come... don't stop... Ohhh FUCK don't stop...."

Knowing that Walter was watching me plunder his woman's anus; knowing he saw her fully aroused and bleating for my cock to all but destroy her ass; knowing he could see how her hands were pulling my buttocks tighter and tighter, wanting to be ravished by me; and knowing I was mere seconds away from owning her from the tumultuous cum those wet, smacking sounds signaled were moments away, I leaned close and bit her on the neck, leaving a tell-tale mark, and then released an intense moan erupt from my lungs as I jackhammered into her shitter.

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