The Watching Game


And then, after a million years, the storm subsided. My cock twitched inside her, dribbling the last vestiges of my sperm and she slowed her gyrations and we became still. I could feel her cunt trembling around me and she was moaning softly in wonder, her hands gripping my legs and her eyes glazed with pleasure.

And after a while she lifted herself up and my cock slipped free. She regarded herself in the mirror, eyeing her pussy to see if my cream was oozing out, but it was too far inside her body. And so she lay next to me with her face close to mine, the strands of her hair tickling my cheek and she pressed her mouth to mine for little kisses, like hot honey drizzled on my lips. I smoothed back the damp hair from her forehead and looked into her eyes that were soft with love.

"God, Jack." Her voice was gusty and tremulous. "Christ! I never knew...I didn't -"

My fingers touched her skin, sliding over her shoulder and upper arm, feeling the goose-bumps on her smooth flesh and her love juices drying on my skin.

"I've wasted so much time," she whispered. "If I had known it was that good -"

I held her close. "We have time, Amie. You and me. This is just the start."

Her fingers brushed my lips as softly as a sleeping breath. "Oh, I know, Jack," she whispered, "and we're going to make use of every second of it."


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/18/18

That was vivid

I'm a westcountry lad - I know these people, the quirks of modern country farm life & all and for once I can listen to them in the right accent. Makes a change from surburbanites & yachties too. Will getmore...

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