tagIncest/TabooThe Way I Feel

The Way I Feel


[8 years ago]

We had arrived at Everest Base Camp. Scott Hall, the expedition leader, gathered all of us together for a meeting -- clients, guides and Sherpas.

"From here on out, my word, and the word of the guides and climbing Sherpas, is absolute law," he stated. "If we tell you to do something, you zip your lip and do it right away. If you have an issue with something, wait until we're camped, come to my tent, and we'll talk about it THEN. But not in the middle of the climb."

All us clients nodded. There was me (Will Easterly), Richard Bass, Rob Hansen, Steve Kruse, Charles Carruth, Pete Harris, Pete's son Dan, and Lou Kasminski. We'd all paid a princely sum to be part of the expedition, and we did so because we knew we had zero chance of summitting Everest without massive help. None of us were high-altitude climbers.

"Will, how's your ankle?"

I tried putting weight on my left ankle, which I had injured coming back down through the Khumbu Icefall as part of our first acclimatization trip. The pain was too much.

"Bad." I made a snap decision. "I'll stay here and let it heal. I can try for Everest next year."

"Okay. You can help take care of Sadhya."

Sadhya was an 11-year-old Sherpani. She was staying at Base Camp while her father, Ang Dorje, acted as climbing sirdar for Scott. Sadhya's mother had died just a few days before, acting as a porter for another Everest expedition. Heart attack lugging a load up to base camp from Pheriche. Scott was, as a result, paying Ang Dorje the amount normally paid to a first-class Western guide, so that he would not have to work again and could raise Sadhya after the expedition was over.


Scott quickly went over the rest of his plan with the others. They would leave for the final assault on May 5. With luck, they would reach the summit on May 9.

They did. But on their return to Base Camp, an avalanching serac in the Khumbu Icefall killed Ang Dorje and two of the clients, Charles and Richard. Sadhya had now lost both her parents in the same climbing season.

I immediately abandoned any further thought of climbing to the top of Everest. Instead, I volunteered to adopt Sadhya and bring her to America. I would have to give up my life of being a rich dilettante and actually devote myself to something other than my own wants, but I figured that would be for the best, too. It took a few weeks for the paperwork to be processed, but everything was finalized by July, and I took my newly adopted daughter home with me. She had a fourth-grade education. Given how racist (and rich and white) the area I lived in was, I decided to homeschool her.

[Present day]

Sadhya and I had barely been outside the grounds of my mansion for the past 8 years. I had stopped socializing with my equally rich as me dilettante friends to devote my time t0 educating my adopted daughter. She was slim, with delicate features, a small chest (B-cups, as I knew because I was the one who had to buy bras for her), long legs and an exotic beauty. A fully grown Sherpani now at age 19, she had just passed the requisite exams to be comsidered a high school graduate. The two of us had grown very close emotionally, as was natural for two people who had spent 8 years together practically 24/7. She had had nightmares for a while (as is natural when an 11-year-old has both parents die) and on a few occasions had climbed into my bed and asked me to hold her so she could sleep (I did, and as soon as she calmed down had slid her to the side), but those had gradually gone away, and now she was a well-adjusted, happy young lady.

"Congratulations, Sadhya."

"Thanks, Will."

She never called me "Dad", always "Will."

"What are you going to do now? College?"

"Why? That would mean leaving here. I like it here with you."

"I'm glad, but... don't you want to spread your wings a bit?"

"And leave the only person behind who cared about me after my parents died? No."

"So, you want to stay here with me?"

"Don't you want me to?"

"Well, of course I do..."

"So, when do I get to have sex with you?"


"You heard me."

"Sadhya, I can't. You're my adopted daughter. That would be a major violation of trust."

"It would have been back when I was 11. Now we're both over the age of consent. And I'm not your biological daughter."

I sighed. "Sadhya..."

"Will, you don't expect me to remain chaste all my life, do you?"

"No, but..."

"So what's the issue?"

"When I took you in, it wasn't so you could be a sexual plaything, it was so I could raise you and give you the resources needed to be a successful adult."

"And you did. Mission accomplished. Now I'm 19, horny, and need an outlet for my sexual energies."

Sadhya rose from the table and walked around to where I was sitting. I watched her carefully. She sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"What are you...?"

"Ssssssh." Sadhya placed her finger against my lips. I obediently went silent.

Sadhya pressed more firmly against me and placed her lips against mine. I held perfectly still. She forced her tongue into my mouth and began caressing my face as she kissed me. Eventually she had to remove her lips from mine so we could breathe.

"Why aren't you responding?"

"I don't think this is a good idea."

She rubbed her butt against my groin, and my pole involuntarily started to stiffen. "Liar. You want this just as much as I do."

"You're very pretty, but --"

"But nothing." Sadhya jumped off me, hauled me to my feet, seized my wrist in an iron grip and started dragging me towards the master bedroom.

"Take it easy! That hurts!"

"Then walk faster so you keep up."

She wasn't giving me much of a choice. I hadn't realized how strong she was. Sadhya seemed to read my mind.

"Sherpanis are naturally strong. We're not muscle-bound, but we make good use of the ones we do have."

When we reached the bedroom, she let go of my wrist, which I rubbed a bit, and give me a glare. "Do I need to forcibly remove your clothes, or will you strip willingly?"

I sighed and began removing my clothes. Clearly this was an argument I wasn't going to win.

Sadhya removed her own clothes and tossed me onto the bed. Yes, tossed. I'm not the most muscular person but I was still shocked how easily she lifted my 150-pound body. While I was getting my breath back, she lightly vaulted onto the bed.

"Be calm," I told her. "You've made your point. I promise not to fight you."

Some of the tension seemed to drain from Sadhya's body. "All right, Will."

She nestled against me and gave me a gentle kiss this time. I lay still and let her.

"It would be nice if you'd respond."

"Fine." I kissed back a little bit.

"Better." She slipped her tongue into my mouth, and I did the same to hers.

Sadhya started caressing my flesh, and given the force she had displayed in the last few minutes, she was doing it with surprising gentleness. My body shivered slightly.

I looked at her, and she confirmed with her eyes what she wanted. I reached up and teasingly ran my hands along her back, making sure to brush a fingertip up and down her spine.


Sadhya shifted her position and presented her chest to my face. I kissed the very top of her breasts, then slowly trailed my tongue through her cleavage.


I took a nipple into my mouth and obeyed her command, rolling my tongue around the tip of it, making her shuddder. Then I gave some attention to her other nipple.

She disengaged her body from mine and pivoted 180 degrees. "Kiss my legs, Will."

I began with her feet. She particularly liked when I sucked on her toes or ran my tongue over the sole. I gave both feet equal time.

She slid upwards a bit, and now I could focus on her ankles and calves. Her hands were caressing my legs and her lips kissing my flesh as well. I felt little pulses of pleasure shoot through me.

Sadhya slid her body up a little bit more, and now we were kissing and caressing in the area of each other's knees. She teasingly bit down on my kneecap, and it made me giggle.

Another slide, and now we were getting serious. I kissed her smooth, perfect thighs, and she caressed and kissed mine. I could smell the juices leaking from her box, and it was intoxicating.

Sadhya didn't make me wait. She lifted herself up to properly adjust her position, then lowered her slit onto my eager tongue. "Go for it, Will."

I wasn't about to pass that up. I cleaned her honey off her pussy lips, making her moan, then slipped my tongue inside. She tightened her legs around my face and pressed downwards. I felt her tongue lick around my cockhead and my body quivered.

She slid her lips downwards and took half my length, swirling her tongue in delicate patterns that made my pole throb. I moved my tongue faster inside her, drinking down as much of her sweetness as I could.

She quivered and her legs locked so firmly around me I thought she might crush my skull. I sped my tongue up even more and her entire body shook as she released a gusher of nectar. I gulped it down. When she regained control of her body, her legs relaxed a bit.

She removed her mouth from my cock long enough to say, "I saw your medical records. You've had a vasectomy."

Then she lifted herself up, and I was able to speak again. "Correct. When I was young and wild."

She grinned. "I broke my hymen with a sex toy a few weeks ago, to get the painful stage out of the way." Then she swung around and lowered her box onto my pole. "This will be pure pleasure. I want you to cum inside me, Will."

"Okay, Sadhya." I placed my hands on her hips to help steady her as she began sliding up and down. We established a rhythm soon enough, my hips moving in time with hers. Her box squeezed my pole delightfully.

"You feel great inside me."

"I'm glad." She sped her rhythm, and both of us had our breathing change to a mixture of moans and pants. She climaxed again, but I kept my hips moving. Her eyes widened as the stimulation made her shudder. I placed my hands on her small, firm ass and gently groped as she slid herself frantically up and down. Then she climaxed once more, and my cock erupted, sending jet after jet of cum into her.

When we were done, she collapsed onto the bed next to me. We both needed a few minutes to recover.

"That was amazing, Will."

"I had a good time, Sadhya."

"Great. Because I expect a lot more of it in the future."

"Any time you ask."

She nestled against me and put her head on my chest. I held her and let my eyes close...

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