tagFetishThe Weather Girl Ch. 04

The Weather Girl Ch. 04


This is a continuation of the story. Chapter 3 had Betty (a widower---see Ch 1 & 2) making her move on Douglas. She knew of Douglas' love for kink (as this chapter will explain how), but needed to break him of lying about it. After putting on a masturbation fetish clinic which Douglas watched as a voyeur through a partially opened bedroom door, the time was right for Betty.

Stunning him with her slaps and control, Betty forced Douglas into admitting his desire. She had him kneel in front of her, kiss her feet and apologize for his lying. Unknowingly, Douglas had just entered into a world of submission.

Betty's first act was to get Douglas into panties. Our story picks up from this last scene...


"Never again. No lies. No bullshit." These words echoed in my ears as she removed her soaked fingers from her pussy. Without breaking eye contact she pushed them into my mouth. "Suck my juices you filthy, filthy man. Clean my fingers and savor the nectar of my pussy." I licked and sucked with passion.

"Douglas, I know so much about you. More than you could ever dream. You have so much to learn and I have all the time in the world to teach you. Now stand up."

Getting up I stood in front of Betty my eyes fixed on hers. She moved forward and grabbed my cock through my pants. She kissed me with lust and passion, savoring her own juices from the moment before. Our tongues swirled.

Breaking the kiss she said, "Now take off those pants and follow me upstairs. We have a little panty party to attend."

Kicking off my shoes, I undid my pants and let them drop. My hairless crotch and hard on was at full attention. Betty's glance went to it and she cupped my balls and cooed "Very nice. Hmmmm, this seems like Jennifer's work from Olivia's in Miami."

I was stunned. How could she know?

While still stroking my balls, Betty looked in my eyes and said, "Douglas, there is so much I know about you. More than you could dream. Follow me."

Up the stairs she swayed. Her ass moved as it did the night before. My eyes were fixed on her luscious cheeks. The top of her rubber panties was visible since Betty had not rezipped her pants.

"You better be looking at my ass." Her voice was lustful.

Reaching her bedroom door, Betty turned in the doorway and leaned against the frame to block entry. Her fingers trailed around the knob in a seductive motion. "By the way," her now husky voice spoke, "I may have a very special treat for you tonight. Take off your shirt and socks and come in."

She entered her room.

I finished disrobing and followed.

Although I had been in her bedroom before (once with Robbie and just last night to check out Jim's wardrobe), tonight the room was very different. The Sybian machine which Betty road in her shit crazed masturbation session hours ago was no where in sight. The room was now a sensual paradise. Perhaps it was a different crazed state which prevented me from seeing its splendor before.

Moving to the middle of the room, I surveyed the seduction. The room was softly illuminated by dozens of candles ranging in size from small tea warmers to large pillars on brass bases standing over 5 feet in height. The wall directly in front of me was the signature full wall mirror (floor to ceiling, end to end) I found so kinky on my first visit. It allowed vision of the room from any angle. Tonight it portrayed lust.

Sound filled the room: new age with a very tribal beat accompanied by low Gregorian-type chanting. Soft moans of pleasure were interspersed throughout the chants as additional background sounds. I felt like a virgin being led into a sacramental sexual ritual.

To my left, against the entrance wall, was Betty's bed. It was huge; a king and a half in both width and length. The waist high mattress was perfect for fucking and other such activities. There was no bedspread; only the mattress and pillows covered in tight, form-fitting black rubber. My cock jumped at the sight of this altar.

On the wall above the head of the bed was a large flat panel plasma screen monitor. Displayed on the screen was a series of soft colors which changed and blended with the music. The feeling of eroticism was snapping around me.

The foot of the bed was about ten feet from the mirrored wall. Positioned against the mirror across from the bed were two shoulder high pillar candles. Their flames silently flickered, sending an aromatic scent through the room. The aphrodisiac trails filled my head, both of them. My cock was rock hard. A lone chair was positioned close the foot of the bed just to the left of the flickering pillars. It was set on an angle which allowed visual access to both the bed and the mirrored wall; the reason for which was instantly clear.

A series of beautiful panties were seductively laying atop a long, narrow, knee high chest of drawers at the foot of the bed. I could not discern their number as my head was spinning, but I did see colors of lavender, pink, red and black.

Beyond the bed, the remainder of the room was concealed behind a floor to ceiling black velvet drape; leaving the remainder of the room a mystery. To my right were two doors. The first was Betty's closet and the second appeared to be the entrance for her bath.

Betty's voice broke my trance. Closing the door behind us, Betty whispered seductively, "Douglas, tonight you begin your journey into the world of erotic lust, sensations and filth."

She approached me and began trailing her fingers across my chest; her nails flicking my erect nipples. Her hands moved to my head, raking her fingers across the scalp. Goose bumps raced down my body. Sensuously grabbing the hair on the back of my head, Betty pulled it towards hers. Her mouth was open and her red lips totally enveloped and sucked in my mouth. The feeling of her tongue shoving past my lips was overpowering. It was as if her mouth was invading mine and taking total control.

Breaking the advance, her hands returned to my chest. This time each hand played with a nipple. Betty's eyes stared into mine as she spoke, "Tonight will be special; for you will cross the portal. All will be explained in due time, but first we must do something about this." Both of her hands went from my nipples to my cock. She grabbed it like a rope and started pulling it back and forth.

The force of her pulls made me move with them, but Betty told me to be still.

Betty dropped to her knees, and in one motion, buried my cock into her throat. Her tongue swirled around my shaft coating it with her salvia. She pulled her head away slowly allowing her mouth to suck every inch of my penis along the way. As the head exited her mouth it made a slight popping sound. Her eyes were fixed on my manhood and started pulling on it as if she was trying to open a locked door.

Betty was entering a frenzy.

As suddenly as she dropped to her knees she stood. Betty's piercing eyes locked onto mine and her movements were quick. Her hands moved to her blouse and ripped it open sending buttons flying. Her breasts strained in their demi-cups. They heaved and exposed her areolas and nipples.

Betty's nipples were long and thick. They looked like the nipples found on a baby bottle and I immediately wanted to suckle them. No I wanted to bite them and chew them. I wanted her tits in my mouth. My lust was becoming explosive.

Kicking off her heels, Betty pulled off her pants, exposing her rubber panties. They were boy cut and crotchless. Her pussy was hairless and glistening from her own cream.

"Douglas, I am going to remove as much cum from your balls as possible."

Betty's tone was pure greed.

"You are not to make a sound. I want no hint or warning of your orgasm. You will finish cumming when I tell you. One load does not clean you out. I want it all. Only when you are empty can we proceed."

Betty pushed me to my knees. Grabbing the back of my head by the hair she shoved her pussy into my face. She moved it around her cunt like a washcloth. Wetness covered my face; Betty's wetness. I lapped as much as I could but Betty's movements were wild.

Holding my head with both hands, she walked into me pushing me onto my back. Betty straddled my head. Her hips ground into my face with a purpose. Her juice was thick. I lapped it all.

"Open your mouth," she commanded. "Wider."

My mouth completely surrounded her pussy as a stream of piss entered it.

"Drink!" she moaned as she tried to pull her nipples off her breasts.

I did so hungrily. The taste was warm and pleasant. It lacked the bitter saltiness urine was reportedly to have. Betty emptied her bladder and not a drop was spilled.

"Now clean my cunt you filthy, filthy man."

Those words sent a spasm through my body. My cock was dancing and looking for relief as my mouth lapped and licked and sucked any trace Betty's nectar from her folds.

Satisfied, Betty slid between my legs. Kneeling with my cock in front of her, she held it with both hands and began a slow stroke.

"Remember, not a sound, no warning, total silence."

Her mouth then sank onto my cock.

Betty worked it with purpose: hands and fingers caressing and squeezing my balls; her tongue wrapped around my shaft like fingers. On the upstroke, it darted into my crown's hole. Up, down, squeeze, pull. My body jerked in pleasure but not a sound was uttered.

My orgasm was unlike any other. I did not shoot my load. Sperm simply oozed from my cock. It flooded into Betty's mouth. There were no spasms; there was no mind blowing release. In fact, it was the opposite. My cock got harder. My lust grew. Betty's mouth didn't stop until the molten flow subsided.

Without a word, she mounted me. My cock was still rock hard. Betty ground her rubber cased pussy hard into my bare pubic region. Her wetness flowed and lubricated our skins allowing a smooth, rhythmic motion only found with baldness and rubber. Arching her back Betty grabbed her nipples and pulled her breasts completely out of her demi cup. She pinched her nipples hard. She slapped her tits. She ground my cock deeper into her cunt.

An orgasm ripped through Betty. She collapsed onto my chest but never stopped her hips. Her mouth found mine and her tongue parted my lips. I opened and Betty's tongue shoved cum into my mouth.

I couldn't believe she had saved my cream. The feeling was incredible. As soon as it was in my mouth, she started sucking it back into hers. We went back and forth mixing sperm with saliva. Soon our mouths were full with our combined juices. When my mouth was full, Betty did not suck it back into hers. Rather she opened hers wider to cover mine. I had no choice but to swallow. As I did, an orgasm rocked us both. Betty tightened her vagina as my cock sent waves of cum into her.

This was the orgasm to clean me out. It felt as if my balls were going through my rod. I was spent.

Betty had other ideas. She sat upright and continued to milk my dick with her vagina. She tightened and released; over and over in synch with the beat of the background music. At first it was painful but the squishing of our juices around my cock started to become pleasurable. I had never before been so continuously aroused to be able to keep going...even when I thought I was spent!

Betty sensed my feelings and started to move her hips. She was fucking me to another erection. I was becoming hard again. When I was hard enough for a full fledged fuck, Betty made another move.

She moved into a sixty-nine position on top of me. Her pussy, her creamy pussy was shoved onto my mouth. I felt the smoothness of her rubber panties, wet labia and skin ride up and down my face. Tasting the mixture of our cum I went wild. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pulled her harder onto my mouth and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her cavern. I wanted her. I wanted her cum. I wanted our cum. I wanted to be her filthy, filthy man.

I was getting a similar treatment. Betty buried her mouth onto my cock. She pushed her arms between my legs and used her elbows spread them apart. She moved her face into my ass. Burying in, Betty started sucking on my ass bud. As she sucked, her tongue probed. It pierced the rim and entered. Knowing Betty was a shit freak took me to another level.

My tongue started to work her asshole. It went back and forth from her cunt to her ass. I was hot. Whatever Betty did to me I did to her. It was so overwhelming my only thought was to have her shit in my mouth. The thought was too much; I came. Nothing was being done to my cock. All of Betty's attention was on my asshole, but I was still cumming.

When Betty felt my orgasm splash onto her neck, she sucked and probed my ass with more fever. Her body was quaking on my face and I felt her orgasm. Piss was also being streamed onto my face. I continued to move back and forth between her pussy and asshole drinking her piss and cum, and smearing it into her asshole. As I probed her hole, it opened and Betty slid my tongue into her ass and then clamped it shut. With my tongue captive she started to fuck her ass with it.

We were like crazed animals bucking in a mixture of piss, cum, cock, cunt and asshole.

I am not sure how or when we stopped. Perhaps we passed out. When my senses returned, I found us lying on the floor in a mixture of our juices. Betty was the first to move and touched me gently. My body jumped thinking she was about to attack me for another bout. Betty chuckled lightly. "Relax," she laughed. "Mission accomplished. I think your balls are dry; unless you think differently."

An involuntary spasm made my empty cock jump.

"Douglas," Betty gasped mockingly. "You filthy, filthy man."

We both smiled. Sitting up we embraced and kissed tenderly. It was so erotic. Minutes ago our lips were planted on each other's our assholes and now we were kissing like sweethearts.

"Now you are empty, and I can talk about your journey ahead. We will need a glass of nectar for this."

Betty got up and walked towards the door which was not her closet. Her black rubber panties shined with our wet stickiness and her tits swayed gently out of her bra. Although satisfied, I still felt lust for this beautiful Goddess. When she reached the door, Betty turned and smiled. "You are a filthy, filthy man."

Entering the room, my assumption was correct. I could see the room was a bath but it was like none I have ever seen. For some reason I was sure I was going to see it very soon.

When Betty returned, her breasts were back in the demi-cup bra and her mouth was freshly lipsticked. God was she hot. Handing me a glass of golden wine, she sat next to me on the floor. I was resting on an elbow and sat up to sip. Its taste was heavenly.

Betty began.

"Douglas, you are an adult and are entering a great period of life. This is the time when one finds a partner. It is exciting and wonderful, but it is also very dangerous. Sex is very powerful. A man's quest for it can lead him into making bad decisions. A woman's use of it is often a trap. Young men want to cum. Women need to do very little to make this happen. This creates problems."

She continued, "As a relationship grows, some of the mystic can leave. If the sex falls off, a man will start to seek another source. Women will too. The relationship can sour. A souring relationship gives one time to think. People fantasize about the perfect partner, and again. sex with a new person is often confused as the perfect partner. The real problem is people never take the time to understand their sexual desires and don't know how to develop a sexual relationship with a partner." Betty's hand touched mine. "This is why I'm here."

"Douglas you are a kinky and a filthy man. I say this with all sincerity. Everything which just happened is considered kinky and filthy by mainstream society. Exposed, people would show mock disgust with our acts but then go home and masturbate to those very images. My journey for you will unlock your sexual desires and allow you to experience them without the burden of a permanent relationship."

I listened intently and finished my wine. Still talking Betty took my glass into the bath, refilled it and returned. The taste was a bit different from the first, but it still was crisp and refreshing.

Betty sat back down. "I slapped you earlier tonight for calling me Mistress. Being a Mistress infers ownership. I don't own you Douglas. You must find your way in life. It may very well be you are eventually owned by a Mistress, but it will occur only after you have experienced all the power of eroticism and have made a conscious decision to be owned."

"Tonight you were thinking with your cock's head. You would have done anything I asked of you. It would be temporary. I would be using sex to own you. Look at yourself now: relaxed, calm, flaccid and at peace. You can think with the proper head. You've made no promises or pledges binding yourself to me. You are as free as I. Only in this state can you make true decisions."

What Betty said was making sense. If she would have asked me to marry her earlier, I would have said yes without hesitation. Now, I was simply her pupil; a pupil who adored her, but a pupil free to explore life.

Betty went on. "The note in the bag from the girl, Cindy."

"No. Her name is Sonya, Sonya DeMarco," I interrupted.

"Exactly!" Betty replied. "If I would have taken ownership of you tonight, Sonya would need to vanish. Douglas you must find your own way, but with clear heads." She extended her arm and flipped my flaccid dick to indicate the dominate head. "Tell me about Sonya. Why the website and her number?" Betty was sincere with her questions.

I proceeded to explain our encounter. Describing Sonya's appearance, especially her flatness, was erotic. Speaking as if no one was in the room, my mind drifted through the encounter. The fact the Sonya recognized the address as a high end lingerie site and added one of her own made my shaft stir. Respecting a potential relationship with Betty was classy, but her boldness for a meeting was overwhelming. She reduced me to a wanton fool. A beautiful woman who thought I wore panties and wanted to meet me was arousing. I told Betty of tomorrow's tentative liaison. Being naked and lost in thought, I did not notice my cock returning to life but Betty did.

"Douglas, look at you." Betty smiled. "You are thinking with the wrong head. You are becoming aroused and do not realize you are a fraud. You aren't wearing any panties. She is expecting you to be covered in intimates when you meet. She will ask and you will either disappoint her or lie to her. You must meet with her, but only with a clear head AND in panties."

Betty rose and said. "It is time to cleanse you and prepare you for panties. Let's not disappoint our flat-chested Sonya."

Her words were incredible. One moment she was my mentor, the next a slut and now a temptress again. Without understanding, I WAS in Betty's control.

"Follow me into the bath."


To be continued... Let me know what you think.

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