tagFetishThe Weather Girl Ch. 06

The Weather Girl Ch. 06


The following is a continuation of the Weather Girl Saga. Part 5 has Douglass being prepared by Betty for the undertaking of his new persona. The first part of this chapter is the last part of Chapter 5 which should help the flow into Ch 6.

Enjoy and please keep your votes and feedback cumming (sorry...cheap humor)


Douglas, please roll over," were the instructions breaking the silence. "This will be the final stage of your preparation. My assistant will powder your front. Extra attention will be spent preparing your genitals as well as your nipples. When finished, the table will be brought into a sitting position and your hair will be groomed. Upon completion, you will hear a chime. You may then remove your blindfold."

Moving to my back, the familiar feel of powder soon graced my body and the ensuing massage began. My genitals were massaged with fur for a long time bringing blood and life into them. I wasn't hard, but my cock felt fuller and thicker than before. It felt like it grew. I could feel its weight. I felt erotic and sensual.

After my nipples were massaged, the feel of a small brush began to circle them. It was spreading a cream like substance around the areolas and onto the bud itself. This continued for a few minutes and it went back and forth between my two breasts. Numerous applications of the cream were applied and my skin seemed to absorb it all. A tingling sensation was developing deep in my chest tissue. It felt as all the nerves on my nipples connected into one single root. It was incredible. I wanted my nipples to be pulled and sucked upon. I wanted teeth to be biting their flesh. My tits were becoming centers of desire: the more cream, the stronger the feeling. As the brush moved over the buds, they felt thicker and longer. I was in lust. Ironically, my cock did not become hard, just thicker and fuller. When the brushing stopped, my nipples remained in a state of desire.

A low hum of a motor sounded and the table started to recline into a chair like position. I could feel the section near my head lowering. When the motor stopped, a brush was run through my hair a number of times. I wasn't sure if it was being styled or just combed. It didn't really matter as I had no choice.

Then there was still silence and the chime.

I removed the blindfold only to find the room barely illuminated. I glanced around and saw the maze of centers recently visited, but nothing else. There was no assistant.

The lights gradually increased to a pleasant level and I heard Betty's voice. "Yes Douglas, you are alone. You are to come back into the bedroom now so we can fit you with panties. And please bring a glass of nectar; your choice of wine and strength. Please hurry. I can't wait to caress your smooth and sensuous body."

Looking at the wine humidor, I smiled and rose from the chair. "Full strength," I thought as I made my way across the humidor.

I couldn't wait either; my body was ready.


I exited the bath through the same door I entered along with the glass of nectar in hand. The room was still illuminated by the candles. Betty was naked sitting in the chair at the end of the bed. She looked like a queen upon her throne with her arms resting on those of the chair and her legs crossed seductively.

Betty looked like Cleopatra. Thick, dark eyes with the liner extending well past the normal stopping point. Heavy blues filled in the rest of the area. A deep rose glossed her lips. Her hair had the Egyptian look; bangs straight across her forehead quickly falling to a straight cut around the rest of her head. I wasn't sure if it was a wig or natural but regardless, she was a queen.

A smooth motion of her hand ordered me to approach her. As I did a long red taloned finger motioned me to my knees in front of her. I moved to the position and felt aroused in my subservience. My buttocks were resting on my heels. For the first time I noticed my smooth cock. It was longer and thicker than I ever saw it before. It was as if the preparation had included a transplant. As I gazed at Betty's breast, my new penis began to fill and grow. Her nipples were plump and puffy and adorned with a deep red coloring. The contrast to her milky white body was hypnotic.

"The wine Douglas" Betty said calmly. Her gaze did not break from my eyes as I extended the nectar to her. Bringing the glass to her mouth, she remaining transfixed as she sipped her essence. She smiled after the taste and said, "Full concentration, very good."

Betty took her glass and turned the lip stains towards me. "Sip," she said. "Place your lips upon my mark and sip as I did, for you are to gain the essence of my lust." Her words were so erotic.

My cock responded by thickening and hardening more. My nipples stirred as I felt the gloss from her lips on the glass and savored the nectar of this goddess. After my sip, Betty placed the glass on the table next to her and sat forward. As she did she uncrossed and spread her legs.

Her pussy was bare and exposed. Her lips were full and glistening with her own cream. Betty took one of her fingers and slid it along her slit. With her gaze still locked with mine, she placed her wet finger onto my lips and I slowly licked her moisture from her finger.

Betty rose and moved to the low chest of drawers at the end of the bed and took the first pair of panties into her hands. She spoke as she unfolded them.

"Panties are a symbol of oneself. Their color tells of the mood and desires of the wearer. For example, the white of these panties means you are pure and innocent. White portrays goodness and virginity. Even though you are none of these, it does not mean you cannot wear them. They just need to worn at the right time; say at tomorrow's meeting with Sonya."

Betty smiled and lightly glided the panties around my neck and face. She dangled them across my cock as she proceeded with her explanation.

"Your relationship is still pure and innocent. She thinks of you as good and to her you are still a virgin. She hasn't fucked you yet so white symbolizes your virginal start."

Betty placed them back on the chest and took a pink pair. Squatting in front of me, Betty sensuously massaged my nipples with this pair. She leaned into me and spoke into my ear in a slow and husky voice.

"Pink means friendship, romance and love. They also symbolize your passiveness to others' desires." Her breath was warm as her words entered me. A slight flick of her tongue on my lobe followed by a gentle bite sent shivers through my body and into my hard flesh. My cock jumped when she bit.

She repeated this process for every pair and explained each of their meanings.

"Light red moves the mood towards passion and sexuality. Reddish orange shows desire, aggression and a thirst for action. Purple tells of mystery, lust and power."

Betty hesitated as she took the black ones in her hands. Rising, she started to fondle this pair. They were latex briefs with a hole for ones cock and balls along with a hole for entry into ones ass. Betty's eyes glazed and she brought the pants to her face. She inhaled their unique aroma and rubbed her face savoring the feel. She massaged her breast with them and moved the panties towards her crotch. With both hands she rubbed her pussy with the latex briefs.

Looking at me with want and desire, Betty continued her explanation.

"Black is the ultimate symbol of power and mystery. You shall never wear black panties without my explicit instructions and then they must always be latex. This pair will soon be yours; but first you must earn them."

In a commanding voice, Betty ordered, "Get up and get over to the bed now. Lie on your back in the middle with your legs spread and arms extended over your head."

I moved to the rubberized surface and did as instructed. The surface had a thin layer of lubricant which allowed me to move smoothly to my position.

Betty approached the bed with the rubber flogger taken from on top of the chest.

"Impurities must be eliminated before purity can begin." The latex straps stung my nipples as her words rolled from her tongue. "Filthy man, filthy man., filthy man,.." Every time Betty uttered "filthy" the laces of the flogger struck my torso and sending the sting of pain into my body to purify.

I could see all from the mirror above the bed. Strap marks were beginning to adorn my body. The stings were starting to become pleasure. My cock was stiffening and I was getting into the vision above me. Although I knew it was me being flogged, the scene was surreal.

From Betty's actions it was becoming clear she was entering into a state and was detaching herself from me. I was becoming an object. An object which needed to be beaten and molded into something desired deep within her mind. Douglas did not exist.

Suddenly Betty climbed onto the bed and straddled my torso. She dropped the flogger next to the bed and commanded, "Complete me." Betty lowered herself to her knees; one on either side of my neck. Her hands moved to her pussy and she parted her lips to expose her wet, moist box. "Stick your tongue out," Betty ordered.

As I extended the flesh from my mouth, Betty glided her box up its length and then lifted it off as her clit ground into my nose. She continued this process over and over. Each upward glide became harder and her juices thicker. Each grind into my nose was longer and more powerful. Betty was moaning and approaching an orgasm.

Without an explanation, Betty's movements stopped.

Betty turned her body so her ass was inches from my face. "Stick your tongue into my asshole and make me cum."

Her ass found my mouth and my tongue found her bud. As I licked her hole, I could feel her sphincter open and shut on my tongue. I could tell by her movements she was masturbating as I ate her hole.

"Yes, yes, fuck yes," she cried and the first wave of ecstasy shot through her. Betty pushed her ass so hard against my face, I couldn't breath. She ground her hole harder and deeper onto my tongue. Betty's fingers moved faster and faster across her clit. With a loud moan, Betty flooded my neck and chest. I wasn't sure if it was cum or piss; but whatever it was sent Betty into uncontrollable shakes.

Betty started to mumble incoherent phrases and rolled off me and onto her back next to me on the bed. Her hands were still moving over her body. Her nails launched an attack on her nipples. She dug her talons in and started to twist and pull them.

Her eyes were rolling around and her mouth kept uttering sexual profanities. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard. Hurt me. Pound my cunt with cock."

Without hesitation, I moved into position. I pushed Betty's legs up so the back of her knees were on my shoulders. With one thrust I entered soaked pussy her and started to drive into her with all my might. Betty grunted and kept saying "Harder, deeper, hurt me."

I was fucking Betty so hard I was sweating. Betty was in another world. I don't think she even knew who was fucking her. What was catching my attention was my ability to keep going. Usually I don't last long during intercourse. But then again, this wasn't intercourse; it was a fucking poundingd.

As I was staring into her eyes searching for Betty's state of mind, her eyes suddenly locked onto mine and became huge. Her mouth shot open as if to scream but nothing came out. It seemed a bit scary but before I could react, Betty grabbed my nipples.

Pow! Pure pleasure ran through me. I couldn't believe how puffy my areolas had become. But now all I wanted was for Betty to pull and twist them just as she had done to herself. She did as I desired and started to scream, "Now, shoot the cum from your filthy fucking cock deep into in my cunt! Shoot the last of your impurities! Earn your place you fucking pig!"

On command, my testicles launched all they had into Betty's box.

We both cried and shook as our orgasms ripped through us.

I collapsed and rolled off Betty.

Neither of us moved for quite awhile.

Betty finally broke the spell and said, "You are now ready to meet Sonya. Tomorrow you will go to her wearing panties along with the welts proving you earned the right to wear them."

She rose from the bed and moved towards the door. She was going somewhere. Before she left, Betty turned to me and said, "Douglas, tomorrow you are going to begin what I think will be an interesting phase in your life. You are meeting a person your own age. You will test each other for compatibility. If things go as I suspect, you will become lovers. Because of this, you don't need me interfering with your thoughts for awhile."

I sat up and stared at her in disbelief. Was Betty going to discard me? Where was she going with this?

"The bottom line is I am removing myself from your life until I think it is time to re-enter. Trust me, I will know what is going on in your life and I will re-enter it at the appropriate time. Until then, you are not to contact me under any circumstances. I know how to contact you. And when I do, don't try to pull the same bullshit you did this morning."

I was stunned. A myriad of thoughts ran through my mind. I tried to speak, but Betty merely continued.

"I know you are confused. You should be. The best, hottest and kinkiest piece of ass you ever experienced has just pulled the plug on you. Therein lies my point. You must make a life for yourself."

"Douglas, this doesn't mean goodbye. It just means goodbye for now. In time you will understand. Now get dressed and I'll meet you by the front door."

Betty turned and left the room.

I sat there for a minute or two and then looked around the room for my clothes. I found them folded and placed on a chair near the door. The only difference was a pink pair of panties sitting on top. I dressed somberly. The only highlight was the panties. They did feel very good and I did feel very passive. Betty was right about what the color symbolized. Once my shoes were one, I walked from her room and down the stairs to the front door.

Betty was waiting at the bottom with my packages from the day. She wore a bathrobe and her look was back to normal. Betty greeted me with a sweet kiss on the cheek and handed me a rather large gift box.

"Douglas, I took the liberty of packing your special things in this box. I also put a few bottles of my finest wine in for you to savor. Enjoy tomorrow and until we meet again."

Betty opened her robe and moved her hand to her pussy. She bent slightly at the knees and snaked a finger into her cunt. She removed it and I could see it was coated with our cum. Looking me in the eyes, she placed the finger in her mouth and sucked the juices from it. Betty then moved her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply snowballing the cum into my mouth. Out tongues swirled, but Betty broke the kiss before I could return the nectars. It was mine to swallow.

Betty opened the door and said, "Until we again, my love, remember, I am far from done with you. You have so much to learn and I have so much to teach. All in due time. "

I took my packages, the box and the remnants of our nectar and stepped out into the night. I heard the door close behind me. For some reason, I didn't look back. There was my car exactly where I parked it hours ago, although it seemed like days. I found my keys, opened it and placed my packages in the back seat.

Climbing into the driver's seat, I buckled up, put the keys in the ignition and started my car. Pulling the shifter into drive, I started to pull away. But I needed to take one more look back.

As I turned my head for a final look, Betty stood in the window naked. One hand was tearing at her nipples while the other was pounding her cunt. Written on the window above her in red lipstick was the word 'SLUT." I nearly wrecked my car as I pulled out of her driveway.

The ride home was silent. No radio just my thoughts. My nipples were tingling; my cock was thicker; the welts sent reminders; the panties snugged, and my thoughts raced through the last couple of hours. Did all this really happen?

Did I really see Betty ride a Sybian in a shit covered masturbating frenzy? Did she catch me lying about watching her? Did she slap me? Did she make me eat her pussy over and over? Did she fuck me and make me lick my own cum from her cunt? Did her wine really contain her piss?

The stings on my body and the flavors in my mouth said "Yes. All this did happen."

Pulling into my garage, I realized I didn't remember a thing about the drive home. For all I know, I could have run every stop sign and red light between Betty's place and mine. I gathered my packages from the car and entered my condo through the door attached to the kitchen. As I turned on the lights to my place, I hit the garage remote and watched as the door closed. Ironically it felt like it was closing on a chapter in my life.

Walking in, I placed the packages on the kitchen table. Opening the box from Betty, I found dozens of panties in various cuts and colors. I felt a surge of lust as I pulled out the lone pair of latex undies. A post-it note attached read..."Remember what I said!" How would I ever forget?

Also in the box were six bottles of wine. I looked at the labels and all had a small inscription added, "Full Strength." God, I was going to miss her. The bottles were placed in the refrigerator. They will be savored and enjoyed.

The last item removed was the tape, conversion chart and the paper with Sonya's phone number and the web site she wanted me to visit. A slight smile came to face as I thought back to this very afternoon. So much had transpired it seemed like weeks. We will meet tomorrow. I have to call her in the morning to arrange a time.

Looking at clock, I couldn't believe it was only 11pm. A sluttish thought entered my mind. If I hustle and get ready for bed, I can catch Betty doing the weather. Leaving everything on the table, I went upstairs.

In the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. The welts from Betty's flogging were still there but lessening in intensity. My areolas did seem a bit puffy and my nipples were tight little buds. My hairless body wore the panties well and I felt myself thicken from desire. I quickly brushed and headed to bed.

Grabbing the remote, I turned on the tube and entered Betty's channel. Just in time! The announcer was saying, "And now the weather with our own Betty Bucher."

Betty looked fantastic and I wondered what she was wearing under her clothes? Was my cum still in her? She moved with style and grace. Setting the sleep timer for 30 minutes, I set the remote on the nightstand and opened the top drawer. I removed the rag I stole from Betty the night before and brought it to my face. The smell was intoxicating and I decided to fill it with my cum again.

To be continued...

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