tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Webcam Diaries Ch. 01

The Webcam Diaries Ch. 01


This is the first installment of a series I'm calling "The Webcam Diaries". With a favorable response, I will continue to write more episodes.


"Hold on, let me hook it up."

Misty dug into her box of computer parts looking for her webcam. In the box was a multitude of loose cords and headphone wires.

"How long has it been since you used it last?" Mark asked through her computer speakers.

"Hold on," her distant sounding reply sounded muffled to him as she called out from below the desk. "Here we go," she grunted, sitting back up in her chair.

The picture on his monitor came to life, the image looked all over her room and finally came to rest as she adjusted her cam's aim. Her eyes darted back and forth while she focused and centered her image.

Misty's shoulder length brown hair did nothing to hide her exposed bra strap. All her reaching and digging had set her shirt lopsided, the strap of her black sports bra left in view while her loose bedroom shirt sagged down the side of her arm.

Mark's eyebrow rose as his mind connected the dots as to what that sports bra held. He'd always wondered what they looked like. All he knew is they were huge.

"I see that smirk," Misty prodded.

Mark could only laugh as he'd been busted.

Then Misty's roommate Sandy ducked her head into the picture and waved. Misty and Sandy lived together while they both attended college full time. Even though they both had their own rooms, and plenty of open area in their place, they shared everything. Mostly spending all their free time in the same room. Tonight, it was Misty's room.

"Hey Sanders," Mark smiled as he waved back.

"How you doing honey?" she asked.

"I'm good," he replied, "how about you?"

"I'm drinking man!" she responded, raising her cup into view with a smile then a chug.

"Me too!" Misty did the same.

"I wish I was," Mark chuckled sarcastically after listening to their playful cheers.

"Well if you were here, you would be!" Sandy growled out as she took another swig and ducked out of the picture.

"She's such a wild child," Mark joked.

"Imagine living with her!" Misty laughed.

They got down to business, discussing their assignment. Over the next half-hour, they traded facts, ideas, and parameters on their paper. The whole time, Mark was stealing glances at Misty's bust line. Her assets were substantial, and her loose shirt/sports bra combo was tantalizing him. Her breasts sat perfectly like basketballs in her top. Misty was the epitome of a big beautiful woman.

"Hang on a second," Misty interrupted him and slid out of view. Returning a second later to view without her loose lounging shirt. Just the sports bra clad her upper body. "Sorry, its getting warm in here."

"That's okay," Mark said with a grin.

Noticing his deviant grin, she reminded him to keep his head in the game and they continued. Of course his mind wandered more than ever, and Sandy kept refilling her drink.

A little more discussion passed and Sandy's head peeked back into view. Her speech was slurred as she gave a raspberry to the camera with her eyes crossed. She disappeared and pulled a chair up next to Misty. Sandy was also down to a loose shirt, but as she bent over to sit, her shirt exposed her lack of a bra. Mark got to see her medium sized mounds hang from her small frame momentarily.

"So what are you two talking about here," Sandy mused as she pretended to peruse the textbook.

"I think I've taken in as much as I can tonight," Misty sighed, the assignment bored her and being Friday night she wasn't going to waste it nose-deep in a book.

"Good," Sandy slurred with a cheering tone, "we need to let loose! Have a little fun, woo!"

Mark laughed at the sight of Misty playfully rolling her eyes at her roommate's drunken enthusiasm. "Looks like it is more fun over there," he said. They lived nearby, but Mark had to be up early for work tomorrow morning, so drinking was out of the question.

Sandy again disappeared from view as Misty's head turned in her direction. Dance music could be heard in the background as Misty began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Mark inquired.

She reached for the camera and aimed it to show a dancing Sandy with drink in hand. Some of her drink splashed as she danced. When Sandy noticed that she was the star, she scampered up to Misty and let out another 'woo!' with a big smile.

"See what I have to go through?" Misty joked.

"You just need another drink!" Sandy called out as she headed for the kitchen with Misty's cup.

She returned quickly and they toasted, tossing another shot back together. Sandy was fairly drunk, Misty still was only tipsy. However, another shot was definitely doing her some good.

Taking her seat back at Misty's side, the three talked and joked for a few minutes until the alcohol had completely taken hold of Sandy.

"So what are you looking at Mark," Sandy perked up, "porn?"

Mark laughed and responded, "why would I look at porn with you two on my screen?"

"That's right Mark!" Sandy nodded at Misty. "We're sexy bitches!"

"Oh are we now?" Misty replied. She'd always been very modest, never one to toot her own horn.

"Yes WE!" Sandy mused. "Look at these titties," she grabbed a handful of Misty's chest...which Misty promptly took back.

"Oh come on," Sandy put her hands back on them, "these are some nice boobies, aren't they Mark?"

Mark watched as they wrestled around together. Their struggle was as silly as it could get, but fun to watch.

"I'm going to refill," Misty said as she stood from her seat. As soon as she stood, Sandy stole her seat. Before she could say a word, Misty slipped behind her, reached down and pulled Sandy's shirt up. She squealed and quickly covered her exposed breasts with an embarrassed smile and widely opened eyes.

Misty took off out of view as Sandy gave chase. Mark smiled as he leaned in close to his speakers to hear the laughing and playful banter in the background. About a minute passed when he heard a door close loudly. Misty returned to view with frazzled hair and an out of breath smile.

"Everything alright over there?" Mark chuckled.

"...is now..." Misty mustered in between breaths. She smiled and held up Sandy's shirt in her hand. The sound of knocking stopped as Misty turned her head to face the door. Her smile returned as Sandy picked the lock and came charging in. Misty stood and took off in the other direction as Sandy flew in and out of view after her. Without a shirt on.

More playful chatter was heard in the background. In a couple minutes, Misty sat back down in her chair, Sandy also returned to view with her shirt back on. Both were out of breath and their hair was tossed all over.

"Did you get an eye full?" Misty said with a smile.

"She went by pretty fast," Mark tried to play it off, "it was pretty much a blur."

Sandy turned and smiled at Misty. Then surprised them both by flashing the camera. With both hands, she pulled her shirt up giving Mark a perfect view of her tear drop shaped breasts. Misty reached over and gave one a jiggle, which made Sandy laugh.

"Very nice," Mark applauded.

"She's got much bigger boobs than I do, Mark!" Sandy assured him lowering her shirt. "Mine are tiny compared to hers."

Again, Misty rolled her eyes with a blushed smile. In an effort to be silly, Misty arched her back, lifting her large round tits from underneath in her hands, shaking them a little for him.

"No," Sandy stood and took position behind Misty's chair, "like this."

After watching Sandy flash, Misty just sat there as Sandy reached over from behind. Sandy's hands barely measured half of Misty's large chest. Her hands each gave a good squeeze as she lightly grazed Misty's neck with a soft bite. A slight shiver washed over her body as Sandy continued her massage and neck nibbling.

Mark could just sit back and watch Misty's massive basketball size mounds heave and squish to Sandy's gentle handy work. Silence engulfed the room as he watched. His hand discretely slithered down and rubbed his growing erection through his loose gym type shorts.

Sandy paused momentarily to look up at Mark's image, making sure he was enjoying the show.

Misty was lost in it all, her head tilted back, eyes closed as it felt great. Sandy's fingers searched out the bottom elastic band of Misty's bra. Her big breasts spilled out as Sandy lifted it up and off Misty. They hung low, low enough that they were partially below the view of the webcam.

Mark's disappointment was only temporary as Sandy lifted them back into view. Misty's arms were vertical, hanging on to Sandy. Her breasts, though hanging, held their roundness in Sandy's grasp. She gently rolled the nipples as she caressed and massaged for minutes.

"So what are you doing over there all silent?" Sandy broke the silence.

Mark's expression became one of someone who was just caught in the act. He pondered a response, but decided to just tell the truth, "I'm watching you rub her tits...what do you think I'm doing?"

Both girls grinned and watched their screen.

"Show us," Misty insisted.

Mark again looked nervous.

"Come on," Misty pushed, "you got to see ours."

Sandy nodded her head in agreement. "Just watch what I'm doing, that should give you enough stimulation!"

They watched in excitement as Mark repositioned his camera's aim. He sat back to reveal a large bulge in his shorts. He used his fingers to outline his length to the watching eyes. His hand dug under the waistband, taking hold of his shaft as his other hand pulled his shorts down, exposing his long member to view of the ladies.

Misty smiled, and Sandy hummed her approval. Both looked like hungry wolves studying a freshly killed meal.

With his hand at the base of his dick, he stood it up. They were quite impressed with his stature. Nice length, and a thickness even he couldn't close his hand around.

"That's a nice dick," Sandy blurted.

"Thank you."

"Stroke it!" she returned.

He obliged her. His hand slowly pulled from base to tip. He stroked while watching Sandy's hands manipulate Misty's sizable orbs. After a few minutes, they switched spots. Misty's huge hangers were resting on Sandy's shoulders as she handled Sandy's breasts.

Misty and Sandy called out requests to Mark as how they wanted him to jerk it. Different ways to hold it, different angles, everything. He returned requests to them as well.

The sight for him was exciting to say the least. They were just as enthralled watching him tug his big member for them.

Getting close to bursting, he had Misty lay her big, round tits on both sides of Sandy's head with Sandy twisting her nipples and massaging them.

He leaned back, bringing his shaft into centered view for his vixens. They encouraged him to go for it as his hand slid up and down the top half of his length faster and faster. The ladies watched with expected excitement as he jerked. His body lightly shook as his orgasm closed in.

His hand motion sent strands of cum across the bottom of his shirt. He never let up, it oozed out as they licked their lips. He collected himself, looking back at the monitor. Both had a sexually charged smile to their faces.

"What a tease," Misty mused.

"Yeah," Sandy chimed in. "All that, and no pussy in your house!"

Mark took his shirt off and cleaned himself. He adjusted the camera view back to his face and smiled to them. He told them that he's never done that for anyone before, much less on a webcam. They talked for a little longer before Mark saw the time.

"Well, I have to go to work in 8 hours. How about I get some sleep, and we pick up our study session tomorrow night?" he asked.

"I don't have that class," Sandy jumped in, "but do you mind if I join again?"

"I guess," Mark implied, "but we're actually going to discuss it this time."

"Yeah right. Of course." she laughed.

Misty smiled and rolled her eyes, "give me a call when you get off work tomorrow."

"Sure thing, sweet dreams ladies," Mark chuckled as he logged off.

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