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The Wedding


It was late May and Lisa was getting dressed to attend the wedding of a friend. Unfortunately, she didn't have a date and was a little uptight about going to the affair alone, since she didn't know most of the other guests. After showering, blowdrying her hair and applying some light make up and lipstick, she opened her closet to pick out a dress. Lisa chose a beautiful white dress, made of very delicate material and overlaid in lace. It had spaghetti straps and was cut in a low vee neck, and she decided to wear all white underneath her dress as well... sheer thigh highs, lacy bikini panties and a strapless bra. A sexy pair of open toe heels and long white gloves completed her outfit.

Finally she arrived at the wedding, missing only part of the cocktail hour. When Lisa walked through the door, the best man was giving the toast, followed by the bride and groom's first dance. As she sat down at her appointed table, the waiters began serving salads to the guests. A band was playing music and couples were on and off the dancefloor. She was seated next to a great looking guy, who was also alone, and they struck up a conversation during the meal. His name was Marc and from the way he kept smiling when she caught him checking her out, she sensed the attraction was mutual. After dinner he asked Lisa to dance with him, then stood and pulled out her chair as he reached for her hand. The band was playing a slow song as they headed over to the dancefloor, and Marc took her in his arms. She placed her head on his shoulder as they glided around the room. Song after song played and they kept dancing. Suddenly she felt his hands moving toward her backside, then Marc grabbed her ass subtly, pulling Lisa tighter against him. She noticed him staring at her breasts, which were pressed close to his chest and spilling out of her dress. His hard body felt good on hers and she felt safe in his strong arms. Lisa could feel his rapidly growing manhood throbbing against her mound, and she was becoming weak with desire.

After dancing for what seemed like an eternity, they strolled back to their table, hand in hand, and sat down. Marc put his arm on the back of her chair, and let his leg rest against hers under the table. Lisa felt sparks shoot through her body when he gently ran his fingertips over her bare shoulders. They were lost in each other's eyes, both of them feeling the heat of the moment. She spotted the tent in his pants, still quite prominent, and squeezed his thigh under the table. Marc leaned in closer to Lisa, his tongue brushing over her soft lips before entering her mouth for a gentle yet passionate kiss. While nibbling on her earlobe, he whispered "Baby, I want you now." "I have to have you, Lisa."

Marc took Lisa's hand and stood up, whisking her in front of him as he guided her away from the reception area. They found an empty room with a couch and sat down. Pulling Lisa tightly to his chest, Marc again started kissing her passionately. They couldn't get enough of each other and were eagerly devouring one another with their eyes, lips and hands. Lisa had never been so turned on in her life, and she longed for him to take her right there. As though he were reading her mind, Marc lifted her straps up and lets them fall, as he popped a tit out of her dress and began teasing the nipple with his hot tongue, making her moan with pleasure. She reached down and massaged his hard cock while he released her other breast from its confines and took it into his warm mouth. All at once Lisa straddled Marc and unbuttoned his shirt, trailing kisses down his neck and over his shoulders and chest, as she forced it open. Swiftly his hands went up under her dress, rubbing her silk and lace clad thighs as she nibbled on his nipples. He brushed her panties with his finger, feeling the dampness there. Marc reached behind Lisa and unzipped her dress alittle, so he had more room to squeeze her breasts and tease the nipples with his thumbs. His expert touch had her extremely aroused and she was moaning loudly.

Lisa frantically unzipped Marc's pants and pulled out his cock, stroking it lovingly as she kissed him passionately. She ran her fingers through his hair, as he pushed her panties to the side, letting her feel his hardness pressed against her wet lips. He reached down and rubbed his cock back and forth over her clit, making her squirm with need, before sliding it inside of her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed down hard, letting him fill her completely with his pulsating manhood. Slowly, Lisa began to rock back and forth, gripping his cock with her muscles, and forcing him deeper inside of her. She started to ride him slowly up and down, before picking up the pace and moving faster and faster. Marc grabbed her hips, guiding Lisa up and down on his stiff dick as he thrust into her. As she bounced up and down on his cock, he tugged on her prominent nipples, causing her to moan louder and louder. They went at it for what seemed like an eternity. When she felt Marc's body tense up, Lisa knew he was about to climax, so she squeezed his shaft tighter inside of her. Simultaneously, they both exploded in mind shattering orgasms, her tight pussy milking all the cum from his balls.

They dressed in a hurry and headed back to the dance floor before anyone noticed their absence.

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