The Wedding


Denise came around the back of the DJ station and Marvin directed her to bend over a large crate of compact discs. He looked down at the pie shaped wedge of thick black hair from the middle her pink swollen lips were glistening. Marvin pulled his cock out of his pants and guided it into her. As he began to fuck her the song ended and he flipped the switch starting the other CD. He barely broke rhythm as he cued another song to start. A slow sensual song was playing and Marvin thrust into Denise in long slow deep strokes, gyrating his hips to rub against all the walls of Denise’s tight pussy.

Meanwhile on the dance floor James’ Uncle had dispatched with formalities and pushed Sarah against the nearest table where he was fucking her. Behind him a line was forming. Marvin continued to fuck Denise until he came erupting and filling her with cum. As he continued to play music he directed the bedlam around him. Sarah was being fucked one by one by the male guests. Initially it was only James’ family in line, but as the depravity increased some of Sarah’s second cousins and extended family began to slip in line.

Denise held her hand firmly over her pussy holding the cum in until she reached the table Sarah lay on, without a thought Denise climbed on and straddled Sarah’s prettily make-upped face. Cum began dribbling out of Denise’s pussy and Sarah lapped at it hungrily. Meanwhile guest after guest fucked and came inside Sarah’s newly wed pussy. James finally began to recover and regain his erection and found himself lusting after Heather the maid of honor. Soon he was fucking her on the floor behind the head table. The orgy was in full swing.

After about a dozen guests Sarah’s pussy was too sloppy and one of the guys suggested they fuck her asshole.

“Please do!” Sarah begged from between Denise’s legs. Her legs were swung high exposing her still slightly frosting smeared asshole, thick gobs of cum had run out of her pussy and were pooling between her butt cheeks. The man in the front of the line began pushing his cock into Sarah’s ass, she moaned appreciating the full feeling. Meanwhile Denise climbed off freeing Sarah mouth for blowjobs. Denise now naked felt oddly without a task she wandered over to Marvin who was concentrating hard on something. In fact Marvin had so much going on that it was hard to maintain control.

Marvin suggested that after the next guy came in Sarah that Denise go over and ‘clean her up a bit’. Denise shrugged and a few minutes later had her face buried to the cheeks in Sarah’s gaping pussy, cum was running down her chin and puddling in her cleavage. As Denise ate Sarah out the next guy in line got down on the floor and Entered Denise from behind, soon both women were being fucked or fed cock and the orgy continued.

Three hours later Marvin exhausted began to relinquish control little by little. People returned to their senses although the level of sexuality they had gone through left those senses forever tainted. Sarah tried to stand, she had passed out at one point. Her pelvic region was numb and a sore pang spread through her belly sending her to her knees, she landed on Denise who was spread eagle on the floor. Cum dribbled out of both women’s pussy and asshole, it was also covering their faces and chests like a thick tacky glaze. Sarah crawled over to her wedding dress passing several of the men who had fucked her where they sat bottomless lazily sipping a beer or mixed drink. She used her dress to wipe at her sore pussy. A few feet away her mother was on all fours being fucked by the Sarah’s limo driver.

“Mom.” Sarah tried to say, but it came out as a gurgled croak. Sarah’s mom never broke rhythm. Naked except for the thigh highs, which were bunched at her ankles, Sarah staggered around to find her new husband. She found him behind the head table passed out. Heather was beside him they were both naked and there were two empty champagne bottles on the floor.

Sarah using the head table to steady her weak legs surveyed the scene of her wedding reception. The DJ was packing up his gear. Denise her good friend from school was lying on the dance floor with her legs open, a visible puddle of cum between her thighs, and easily as much running down her large shapely breasts and across her stomach, she was still out cold. Various men and women staggered around in differing stages of undress. The bartender was jerking off over Denise’s exposed body drinking from a full bottle of whisky. Sarah could hazily remember what she had done. Despite having wiped it, more cum had leaked out of her pussy and anus from her standing and was running in rivulets down her thighs occasionally dripping to the carpet.

Sarah used the walls to guide her and with no modesty and barely any strength made her way to the front desk where she asked for her room key. The hotel staff knew of the orgy going on and hastily complied sending a bagger up with her to ensure her safety. Sarah still had her wadded up wedding dress under her arm when she started the shower and crawled under the hot water. Meanwhile the bagger watched as the leggy blonde climbed into the water, it was evident that she was well fucked. He pulled out his cock and drew back the curtain.

“What?” Sarah croaked.

“Just a blowjob.” The bagger said. He was in his mid-twenties, his cock was thick and veiny. Sarah sank to her knees under the water and wrapped her tired mouth around the organ. She barely had the energy to suck, but managed to get the man off.

“Lock the door.” Sarah said as the man zipped up and left.

“I will.” The bagger answered.

After cleaning herself as best she could Sarah crawled into the large Bridal suite bed and was soon fast asleep. When she woke up the sun was streaming into the room through the completely open drapes. Sarah lay naked on top of the covers. James was asleep on the floor wearing only boxers. Neither spoke and went hollowly about getting ready and cleaned up. Sarah still felt soiled and as she showered parts of her body were so sore she could barely touch them. Her pussy was raw and red, and her lips were stretched obscenely hanging down from between her legs.

That night they were on a plane to Bermuda. By the time the plane landed they both desperately wanted to talk to each other.

“Should we eat?” James finally asked. Sarah nodded.

“I love you.” Sarah said while they ate.

“I love you too.” James said matter-of-factly. Gradually they softened, by the end of the two-week honeymoon they were talking like old friends, although there had been no sex for the entire honeymoon. On the plane ride back Sarah wore a light sundress she had bought on the island. James found himself staring at her shapely and now tanned legs. He loved her, and much like her had no idea what had happened during their wedding. He found himself wanting her.

Sarah wore the sundress hoping James would be aroused and want to have sex with her again. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t his whole family had fucked her, but she loved him and wanted him badly. She had masturbated several times after he had slept during the trip, it seemed that as the soreness wore off her libido kicked into high gear. She was going to be uncontrollable soon, the hazy memories of her wedding day had become staple fantasies for her masturbation. When they got home she could take it no longer and tore the sundress off begging James to fuck her, and fuck her he did.

In the weeks following the honeymoon James and Sarah had sex no less than twice a day. Photos and videos had begun to filter in from the wedding, most with a letter of apology and many with the negatives included. Although a lot of family would hide copies in closets and underwear drawers of the nastiest wedding ever. Holidays became awkward, but traditions lived on. Nine months after the wedding Sarah gave birth, she and James had remained sexually active until the night before the birth. James was listed as the father although no one really believed it.

As their daughter grew James and Sarah’s life slowly returned to normal, although neither could do it in front of the other they would both steal peeks at the photos from the wedding and they both had their favorites. Although Sarah remained loyal to James and James to her, Sarah tended to wear revealing clothing to all family functions and no one seemed to mind. The wedding had forever changed everyone.

Dianne Sarah’s mom remained married to her husband, but cuckolded him badly. She slept with as many as three different men a week, often fucking them in front of her husband who was too old to perform the way the younger men did.

Heather the Maid of Honor joined a convent and took a vow of chastity, she had only had sex with three men that night including the groom, but it had been too much for her.

Denise married Marvin. She grew to like the humiliation life with him provided. He would often fuck women in front of her and she truly enjoyed eating them out afterwards. Very rarely Marvin would allow her to fuck other men, and she had come to enjoy this as well. Denise fell out of friendship with Sarah, something about Marvin made Sarah and James uneasy. Denise didn’t mind. It was awkward being around her anyway.

James and Sarah only had the one little girl, born of the orgy on their wedding day. The girl was healthy and smart, around her twelfth birthday she began acting strangely and by her fifteenth she seemed to get everything she wanted. Sarah and James thought nothing of it, after all she had been conceived under highly unusual circumstances.


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