tagLesbian SexThe Wedding

The Wedding


Lace and ivory graced the bride, everyone's perfect picture of what the day should be. She glowed for her groom as she smiled for pictures and greeted her guests. I walked through the line, saying hello to the bridal party, most of whom I already knew. Shaking the hand of the Maid of Honor, I looked up into the most beautiful green eyes. They captured my attention as she pulled me into a hug.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Mina. Jenna has told me about her favorite cousin," she said to me.

I gazed at her, seeing, yet not comprehending. She held an attraction for me. It had to be her eyes. "Oh? You must be Rachel! Jenna has really loved your help on the wedding. I only wish I knew in advance I was going to be here for it. I'm glad I made it though...it's been a beautiful day."

"It has been," Rachel said, looking at the line backing up behind me. I felt compelled to stay and talk to her but I merely smiled.

"I'll catch up with you inside," I heard in my voice. "I'd love to, um, hear about all the fun I've missed." With a smile, she nodded and turned her attention to the person behind me. I caught her glancing at me as I hugged Jenna and her new husband, eager to search her out later.

What am I thinking? I just got over my last bad relationship: a guy who thought of me as his own personal little maid. I'm straight! Why am I looking at this woman like she might be the best thing in my life? Damn it!

I wandered past the bar, ordering a glass of Shiraz and greeting people I knew before finding my table. Jenna was my favorite cousin. We grew up together, even going to the same town for college so we could room together. Jobs took us to different states, daily emails filling the gaps in our conversations. I was supposed to be in the wedding party. My stupid job blocked my availability. I was here on a fluke, finding a few days between mergers and presentations to drive the three hours. I'm glad I didn't miss it.

The DJ announced the new Mr. and Mrs. Pitkin. A flurry of activity, clapping, and a toast followed. Everything was well orchestrated, flowing from one thing to another. I barely remember eating, but I must have. Jenna and Rob had their first dance and all of the other traditions fell into place.

I was sipping on my third glass of wine when Rachel found me sitting at my table, watching the dance floor.

"How's it been sitting on this side of the bridal table?" she asked, sitting in the chair next to me. I glanced over, and she apologized. "Oh, that was tactless of me, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to be in the wedding party."

With a smile, I eased her fears. "It's ok. I'm not angry at anyone other than my work for that. I'm just glad I was able to be here for the wedding. Jen and Rob mean the world to me."

Relaxing, Rachel leaned back in her chair. The long slit in her dress exposed her feminine legs and I had a hard time taking my eyes off the line leading higher. I looked up to find her eyes inquisitively staring back. "Are you staying over at the Carlysle with the other out-of-towners?"

I nodded over my wine. "Yeah. Jenna offered to let me stay with her, but I didn't want to be in the way, so I grabbed a room from the block they had reserved. Unfortunately, all they had left was one of the Jacuzzi suites."

"Mm, I wondered who was going to end up in those. I was tempted to get one myself for tonight. The thought of lying in the tub, relaxing. Especially after dancing in heels!" She laughed and it sounded like the tinkling of bells.

A wicked thought ran through my mind. "Why don't you stop over and use mine? The hotel even dropped off a basket of fizzy things and such to use in it. I couldn't possibly use all of them. I could stop on the way over and pick up some wine and snacks if you like. With everything you've done for Jenna, it's the least I can do!"

"I think I'll take you up on that offer. I need to run home and grab a few things. The last thing I want to do is put this dress and heels back on after relaxing. Hell, I don't even want to put the corset back on for a while." She winked then disappeared, off to help Jenna get changed for her honeymoon trip. It was then that I realized I had stopped breathing.

Damnit, I thought. I wish I had asked what kind of wine she liked. I grabbed a nice red and a white, a couple of real glasses, corkscrew and some snacks. A platter of fruit and cheese with crackers should do it. What does one snack on when they are figuring out if they want to lick a pussy? DAMNIT! Why was I thinking that? I paid for my basket of things and headed back to the hotel, pulling in just in front of Rachel. I had stayed at the reception to help pick up a little bit, and it seems to have put me a bit late back to my room.

Juggling the packages, I walked over to Rachel's car, watching as she stepped out still in her formalwear. In her heels, she was taller than me. Hell, barefoot and in a hole she'd still be taller than me. "Mmm...what all did you get? I forgot to tell you I don't like junkfood." She peered in the bags, her face inches from mine.

"I didn't know what kind of wine you like, so I got a red and a white," I said, keeping my voice even, though I could smell the sweet hints of her skin. "For snacks I picked up some fruit, cheese, and crackers. Will that work?"

She grinned at me. "Perfectly. Let's go find that tub, shall we?" With a quick motion, she pulled her bag from the car and we headed up to my room.

The tub was part of the bedroom, although there was a semi-private sitting area where I figured I'd hide with my glass, or maybe bottle, of wine and my laptop. I hated to do work while I was supposed to be relaxing, but I also didn't want to get caught gaping at her.

"Here's that basket for the Jacuzzi. I think there's some bubble bath, as well as fizzies in here. Did you want me to call down for a couple extra towels? I always use one as a pillow in my tub at home." I stopped dead in the doorway. Standing before me was a five foot, 6 inch Goddess, naked. She'd taken down her up-do, revealing long waving chestnut brown hair that glinted with red highlights. Her body was not thin, but not overly cushioned either, and she looked very comfortable in her golden tanned skin.

She turned, giving me a full-on view of her more-than-a-handful breasts. "Ooh! Let's see what's in there!" She walked over with a smile, giggling as I turned my drooling attention to the basket and pawed around in it. Her hand caught mine, sending little sparks along my nerves, causing me to grasp the basket with it. "Mmm...I like fizzies. The bubbles feel so good on my skin as they melt in the water. Do you like them too?"

I nodded, afraid my voice would betray me if I spoke. "Well, that settles it then. Fizzies it is. Let's go!" I looked up, confused. "Mina, this tub is big enough for four football players. Let's relax with our wine together. Besides, there's nowhere comfortable for you to sit over here while I soak, and I'd love to get to know why you are Jen's favourite cousin." With that, she tossed the tablets in the filling tub and went to get the wine.

Decisions, decisions. How do you get yourself in these messes, Mina? Ok, so usually they are with guys. Hot guys. Why are you getting naked with a woman? And why are you dripping wet over it? I looked down, not realizing that I had stripped naked, and was standing there with my clothes all over the floor like some wanton lover. Quickly, I grabbed and folded them, tossing them in the chair as Rachel came with the two bottles and glasses.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted to drink the red. I noticed that's what you were sipping at the reception. So I brought them both. Hop in! I made the water a little warm to relax us a bit. I hope it's not too hot." I sat on the edge of the tub and swung my feet in. It was perfect. A moment later, she was beside me, easing into the water with a low moan in her throat.

I watched as she got comfortable, setting her glass on the side. I looked into the water, then to my right. I had forgotten the huge mirror behind the tub. Gazing at my reflection, I noticed a sexiness I'd never seen. Pulling up my courage, I slid in, settling in across from Rachel.

"Thanks for letting me borrow the tub. This is a slice of heaven after a few long days." Her leg moved along mine. I thought it might have been a mistake, but she left it there, slick against my own.

Thank God I shaved this morning! "You're very welcome. I didn't think I'd get to share it with you though." Sipping at my wine, I glanced over the top of the glass at her. To my amazement, she was staring back. Embarrassed to be caught looking, I immediately lowered my eyes to my glass, only to look up again quickly at the sound of her laugh.

"Why do you look away, Mina? You're blushing like a schoolgirl." Damn, she noticed!

I took another long sip of my wine. Well, ok, it was more a guzzle, but I was trying to find some fake bravery somewhere in my glass. I looked up, meeting her eyes with my own. "I can honestly say I've never been in a Jacuzzi with another woman, and I'm finding it difficult to not look. You're beautiful." I could feel the tint on my cheeks again but I refused to look away.

"I'm not shy. You can look all you like. Maybe if you're comfortable enough, I could give you a massage later. Jenna kind of spilled the beans on your recent breakup and how stressed you are at work. Maybe we can work a bit of that stress out." Rachel's eyes never left mine, even when she put her glass to her lips, the tip of her tongue visible through the glass. She set it on the ledge of the tub before her hands disappeared below the foam that the multitude of fizzies made. An instant later they were on my foot, rubbing my arch slowly.

"Mmmm, that feels so good," I heard escape me. The heat of the water coupled with the wine had started to relax me, although her hands were helping that process along. "I used to get a massage every week, but I haven't had time lately. Maybe I can work out your kinks if you work out mine." I giggled at my unintended double meaning. Oh what the hell. What happens here, stays here, right?

Placing my glass next to Rachel's, my hand went under the water, grazing her calf on my way to her ankle. A moan let me know I was doing okay, and I put more pressure into my rubbing, easing the tension from her ankle and working my way to her foot. She slid deeper into the water, one arm crossed over her chest. I could just make out her nipples under the water as it lapped at her. In that moment, I knew what I wanted.



"Do you mind if I move closer? I can't reach your thighs to massage them." Her eyes opened slowly, like you would imagine a cat's, taking in everything around it but focusing on one thing so intently. In a movement I could only call predatory, she sat up and moved to me, eyes never wavering from my own. Warm water sloshed as she slowed, running her hand along my jaw. I sat perfectly still, never breathing, as her thumb ran over my lips. My eyes closed at the sensation and it was seconds before another one took over. She leaned in, brushing my lips with her own. I could feel her tongue barely touching my skin, asking for admittance, which I hesitantly gave.

With a throaty moan I was coming to love, she explored, running her tongue along mine. My own moan followed hers. Our bodies were molding into each others, breasts teasing and rubbing. My hands when up to meet hers, cupping around them and feeling their heft. She wasn't large by any stretch of the imagination, but she was perfect. Her nipples hardened from my touch and her breath came quickly.

Breaking the kiss, she leaned in beside me. "Have you ever been with another woman, Mina?" Her breath was warm on my neck and her voice was liquid sex.

"No, I haven't."

"Do you want to be with me?"

"Yes, I do."

Her lips claimed mine while she pulled me from the tub. I stood before her, shy and wet, yet I didn't want to cover my nakedness. Her eyes ranged over me, followed by her hands. My body shivered from the sensuality she shared. "You're so beautiful, Mina."

I reached out, moving the hair back from her face. Pushing the last of the social stigmas from my mind, I leaned in, biting along her neck and tracing my way down one of her breasts, I gasped. They were perfect from a distance, but close up I couldn't resist as my tongue reached out and licked the tip of her hard nipple. She looked down at me and pulled me close, urging me to suckle her. I pulled her nipple in my mouth, sucking softly before letting go with a pop.

"Show me what you like, Rachel." My voice was low, laced with passion and need. Smiling, she led me to the bed, pulling the blankets down and laying me on the sheet. Her body slid over mine, both of us dotted with droplets from the tub. Her thigh rubbed against my trimmed mound, pressuring my clit exquisitely. Looking up, my eyes caught hers.

"I want to show you, Mina. God, from the moment I saw you come into the church today, I've been wet, thinking of you."

"But you didn't know if..." Her lips grazed mine.

"Shhh...I was hoping for a chance." Her head dipped and she caught my nipple between her teeth. My back arched up to her as she sucked one and kneaded the other. My pussy was dripping in seconds, I was on the edge of a major orgasm. I felt the shift before she actually moved, sliding down my body. "Not yet, Love. I want to work for it."

She kissed across my stomach, biting and lapping her way to my mound. I felt her hands on the insides of my thighs, opening me to her gaze. A deep gasp came from below. Looking down, I saw the passion cross her face a moment before she looked up to me. Keeping her eyes locked, her tongue eased out, grazing my outer lips before sliding deeper, zeroing in on my pulsing clit. I drew in a quick breath, breaking our eye contact as my head leaned back. My last boyfriend was a master at oral play, and with one lick Rachel put him to shame.

She opened my flower with her thumbs, breathing deeply before running her tongue from bottom to top, sucking in my juices. A quick flick of my clit, and she returned, stiffening her tongue and sliding it slowly into me.

"Holy fuck, Rache!" Her giggle came from my pussy as her hands reached up and held down my hips. She slid my legs open wider with her shoulders, kissing the inside of my thighs with her drenched face. A moment later, she was back, licking deep into my pussy, ignoring my clit completely. I was building to an orgasm that far surpassed any I'd previously had when she pulled her mouth away from me, replacing it with two fingers.

When they were deep in me, she leaned in, nipping my clit with the edges of her teeth. I bucked up violently, my body begging for release. One hand pushed me back down as the other continued its slow slide in my tunnel. Another new sensation assailed me as she drove her fingers deep, sliding her thumb along my ass. She rubbed around my little star, pulling my wetness down her hand. At her unasked question, I shook my head, a look of panic overcoming my passion.

She closed her eyes, moaning around my clit before slowly pushing her thumb past my unopened door. I could feel her inching her way inward, working my pussy, sucking on my clit. Suddenly she pushed in, burying her digits in my ass and wet tunnel. Barely more than a whisper, she said, "Cum for me, Mina. It's time, Love."

I needed no more encouragement as I grasped the sheets, gasping for air. Her fingers moved in me as my muscles clamped down on them. She moaned, sucking on my clit before sucking on my pussy. My body spasmed; it felt like my soul was pouring out into her mouth as each twitch squeezed more out. Rachel held on, through all my guttural screams, taking me over each crest that came along.

It seemed like an hour had gone by when was finally able to lie still. Rachel was laying between my legs, completely drenched but smiling widely. She slowly crawled up my body, kissing spots of skin as she ascended until she kissed my lips, slowly building passion again. She was sweeter than before.

"Have you ever done that before, Love?"

I smiled. "I told you I'd never been with another woman."

"No, I know you haven't been with another woman. I mean about when you came."

"I've come before." A look of confusion crossed my face.

"Mina, I'm covered in you. When you came, the floodwaters, so to speak, flowed."

I could feel my face burning in embarrassment. "I've never...oh my God. I'm so sorr..."

Her lips covered mine, pressing me into the bed. "Don't ever say you are sorry for that, Love. That was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced."

I looked up, not finding any faltering in her eyes or face. She curled up beside me, caressing my stomach in swirls, then pulling up the blanket. "Let's sleep for a while," she whispered. "When we wake up, you get to taste me."

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