tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 02

The Wedding Ch. 02


Wedding Guest Fucks Wife

She lay in bed watching her husband. They just had sex twenty minutes earlier. It wasn't "making love." It was pure and simple "just give me that cock now" sex. It was raw, basic "bang me" sort of sex. She had been so horny; so completely aroused that she had to be taken and "taken now." It seemed to her, however, that it was over almost before it had begun and within a few minutes her husband was asleep. His breathing was heavy; he was sound asleep.

She lay watching him. He is a good looking man; a good man. She wondered if he knew what had created the insatiable desire in her. She wondered if he would care. They had a wonderful marriage; a union between two friends who had become lovers who then had become spouses. They had the same likes, dislikes, wants and dreams. She couldn't imagine a better union with a better person.

Lately, however, he seemed to have changed. When they made love he wanted to role play most of the time. It turned him on when she pretended she was having sex with another. Sometimes he was the plumber. Other times he was the roofer, salesman or guy next door. He talked about how his fantasy was to see her get fucked by another. He thought he was a pervert and the whole thing had made her uncomfortable but she played along because it made him happy. Sometimes she found herself also getting turned on by the fantasy during their role playing sex. She sometimes could imagine herself with a stranger on top of her, hungry for her, banging her. She was ashamed of those emotions and yet she could admit to herself that sometimes the sex was better when she was able to imagine a strange cock in her, pumping in and out of her. She closed her eyes; remembering a time when she had imagined the plumber on top of her; in her. She quietly moaned as she recalled the memory, letting her hand slide down her leg, brushing against her mound. In her dreamy state she looked up to see her imaginary lover doing her. As he lifted his body off her to look back at her the features of his face came into view. It was Pauls face!

Paul! In her daydream the man who had almost taken her earlier that evening was looking down at her pumping his cock in and out of her. She involuntarily moaned at the picture of Paul on top of her; inside her. She felt herself become moist below as she thought of the possibility of Paul fucking her. The feeling was so intense she could almost believe it to be real but she knew it wasn't real, wasn't likely to happen and it happened that her husband was asleep next to her. Her daydream, however, now included the return of a yearning. A yearning, not so much for Paul, but for what he had done to her and moreover what more she wanted him to do to her.

She couldn't believe that from their first meeting to Paul getting her naked had been over the span of but a couple of hours. She couldn't believe how such a man found her attractive in the first place but more so couldn't believe how he had made her feel as they danced at her friends' wedding; how she had let him feel her breast and ass right on the dance floor; how she let him take her from the dance floor to a vacant office at the reception and almost have sex with her!

Thinking through the events of that evening she grew increasingly aware that she had wanted Paul to fuck her. It wasn't just an accidental thing but one that she allowed to happen because somewhere in her she had wanted it to happen. When Paul first so boldly told her he wanted to fuck her she could have left or at least said something to her husband. She had neither left, nor mentioned anything to her husband. She realized that she didn't stop Paul from his advances because she didn't want him to stop. As she was objecting to him touching her, flirting with her, telling her he was going to have her at some level she had understood that she wanted that too.

As she thought about how he took her to the darkened office she remembered that instead of being afraid she had been anxious and very excited. She had brief thoughts of her husband as Paul was closing the door for their privacy but it was more from the perspective of hoping he didn't miss her for a while. She remembered how her heart was beating as Paul had unzipped her dress, pulling it down to expose her breasts to him. She remembered how her body tingled as his tongue met her nipple. She remembered how at that moment she had whispered to herself that she wanted his cock inside her.

In the hotel bed with her husband snoring away she was amazed that Paul hadn't actually fucked her. She somewhat angrily wondered why when she let him touch his cock to her pussy he hadn't just taken her then. She wanted him inside her; he knew she wanted him inside her, why didn't he just take her when he had the chance.

Thinking of her husband she wondered if he would ever know how close his fantasy, of his wife getting fucked by another, actually came to happening earlier that evening. She wondered if she would have told him and how he would have reacted. He says it's only a fantasy and that he wouldn't actually want her to act it out but what if he actually does and just hasn't admitted that to himself? What would that mean to them? Where might such a thing take them?

She thought of her body that she wished looked better. She remembered Pauls flirting about how hot she was, how he loved her ass and how her breasts were perfectly shaped and she wondered how much longer it would be before she would no longer hear those comments. She laughed at her thought at how ridiculous it was that she would even hear sexual comments now and grinning at how no other men would even get remotely close to seeing her breasts uncovered! She also thought, however, that perhaps she ought to be doing more to keep things where they were, to get in better shape, just in case perhaps!

She thought, perhaps as her husband slept she could check out the workout room up on the top floor of the hotel. At least she could see what equipment existed so that in the morning maybe they could both start a new work out regimen.

Crawling out of bed she walked out to the front room of their suite to find her suitcase, quietly closing the bedroom door behind her. Her suitcase had become a mess during her preparations for the wedding earlier that day but she found her light grey cotton draw string shorts and a pink, loose fitting t-shirt throwing them both on her otherwise naked body. Figuring it would be ok to go barefoot at this time of night she grabbed her key card and quietly let her self out of the room.

The elevator came immediately and she pushed the button for the tenth floor. The exercise room was at the end of the hall on the tenth floor. She let herself in with her room key and surveyed the room. The lights were on but she had the room to herself. She walked around to each piece of equipment so that she could latter tell her husband what amenities existed. They seemed to have all the usual stuff. They had a couple of machines where you could work on a bench for your chest, some bars for curling a couple of bars for your shoulders and of course leg machines. They had a few stationary bikes and three treadmills. On the far wall was a bank of windows overlooking the outdoor pool which was two floors below her. Beyond the pool and across the street was another hotel but much larger and taller; probably around 20 floors. It was a nice view.

She thought that as long as she was there she should try some of the machines. She put the pin in the stack of weights for 40 pounds and tried the lateral pull. That seemed like a lot of work to her so on to the curling bar she went. She knew that this was not her strong point and so put the pin in the smallest weight amount and confirmed that this would not be her favorite part of the machine. At the bench press she thought she could try 40 pounds again which wasn't so bad. As she was in the middle of her first set of 10 repetitions another hotel patron entered the room. She was embarrassed that somebody else was there to see how weak she was but she ignored the new guest as she rested in between sets.

She began her next set which she had determined would be her last when a hand touched her leg! She dropped the weights and looked up as she spit out a "what the..." There was Paul looking down at her. Dressed in a tank top and nylon running shorts he was there to work out. She scolded him for startling her and making her drop the weights. He just grinned and asked if she was working out any sexual frustration. She blushed and told him he was bad. He asked her if she wanted him to be bad. She kicked from her position on the bench still holding the bench handles. He laughed and told her that her kick confirmed that she still wanted him. She kicked at him again. He caught her by her ankle and pulled her leg toward him as her back slid forward on the bench. He leaned down a bit putting her leg upon his shoulder as he slid down until her knee was next to his face as he sat on the end of the bench. He slid his left leg between the bench and her right leg as he kissed the side of her knee, trailing kisses down her leg from there.

Looking up and looking into her eyes he asked her why she had left him; why she had run away from him at the reception. She turned her head away from him.

"I'm a married woman" she proclaimed as she continued looking away from him.

"Yes you are" he stated "but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to know the pure joy of multiple orgasms."

"I know...those..."

"No, I don't believe you do, but you will."

She slowly turned her head back towards him... "how?"

"I think you know; you know that I can and will do that for you; you know that all you have to do is give yourself to me and I'll give you such joy that you have never had before. I'll help you become the woman you were meant to be; the sexual being you want to be; the hot horny cougar you deserve to be."

She just looked at him, not saying a word, not making a move. Here she was in a hotel exercise room in the middle of the night with a man she had met just six hours earlier who now had one of her bare legs on his shoulder and the other caught by his knee opening her body to him as he lovingly told her of his desire to give her multiple orgasms. She could feel the warmth growing between her legs as she gazed into those blue eyes. She remembered her earlier anger at the fact that he hadn't pushed his cock into her when he had the chance that same evening in the reception hall office. She remembered how desirable he had made her feel; how sexually wanton she had been, how her only thought had been her longing for his cock inside of her and how sexually free she had felt at that moment. She remembered all of the years of sexual frustration with her husband when he didn't seem to find her appealing and how now, years later, he had dreams of her getting fucked by another. She closed her eyes as she felt Pauls hand slide down her leg.

She let her head slide to the side as she concentrated on his hand and where it was. His light rubbing changed to tickling as he turned to again kiss her knee. Pauls tickling and brushing moved further down her leg as she sighed. She moved her hands off the bench press bar and towards him. With her left hand resting on her shorts she moved her right hand towards his and lightly touched his crotch with the backs of her fingers. She could feel that he was hard which made her smile.

He moved his left hand off her leg. She felt him tickle her through the fabric of the crotch of her shorts. She turned her hand and grasped his hardness through his shorts as she smelled her sex wafting up from inside her own. She felt him pull her shorts aside and wondered if he was looking at her pussy and if he liked what he saw. Did he like her red haired pussy or would he prefer that she was more trimmed or maybe shaven down there? Did he want her pussy like he did in the darker room they had been in earlier?

"mmmm...you are so hot... I am so going to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours."

"Asked and answered" she thought... "so he still wants me...and I want him!"

His fingers grazing across her pussy lips were achieving the intended result as her hips began moving involuntarily toward him. Too soon, though he stopped.

She moved her head back to look toward him as he began backing off the bench until he was standing looking at her. He saw the pained look, the questioning look on her face and smiled.

"Come here."

She sat up and reached her arms toward him and he pulled her up and into his embrace. He kissed her, and she him as they stood hugging and rubbing each other. He moved his hands under her t-shirt and with a quick motion her t-shirt was off and thrown into a corner. She objected and covered herself.

"People will see me!"

"So what if they do? They don't know you and all they will see is a beautiful redhead having the most fantastic orgasm she has ever had! In fact, I want to show you to them!"

He gently pulled her arms away from her body, moved behind her as he pulled her arms also behind her and walked her to the window.

"See? Nobody knows you but if they look outside and if they have binoculars, which I'm sure somebody over there does, what they will see is this gorgeous cougar in a state of ecstasy as a big hard cock enters her."

She closed her eyes as she imagined what men in the other building might see. She wondered if men did in fact have binoculars and if they did if they were focusing them on her right now; focusing on her naked breasts; wishing they were Paul; wishing that they could be in this room; wishing they could fuck her.

"Pull your shorts down so the men in that building can see your pussy."

She shook her head.

"Pull them down. They are looking at your wonderful breasts and hoping they get to see your pussy; you don't want to disappoint them do you? They are pumping their cocks right now looking at you; wishing they could have you like I am about to; wanting to see your beautiful red bush."

He placed her hands on either side of her shorts and whispered to her.

"Now push them down."

She pinched the waist band on either side of her shorts and slowly pushed them down away from her waist. As she was pushing down she could feel the waist push below the top of her pussy hair exposing it to the world. She pushed the shorts down further and off her ass exposing her entire mound to 200 rooms across the street. Her shorts dropped to her feet.

"Good Girl."

He turned her away from the window to face him.

"Now take off my tank top."

She pulled it off him.

"Now drop my shorts."

She grabbed his waist band and pushed his shorts down as his cock sprang up and pointed straight at her.

"Now kiss my cock as you bend from the waist. Those men in that hotel want to see your pussy lips as bad as I do. Spread your legs a little for them."

She did as she was told as she grabbed his cock and putting her mouth over its head as she moved her tongue around it sucking on him.

"Good Girl. I know you like showing your pussy to those men across the street. It is something you have always wanted to do but didn't feel able to do. Now you know that you can. You will do this again as you know it turns you on and you know it turns them on. You know that before we leave this room there will be men over there giving themselves hand jobs until they cum wishing they were cumming inside you."

He pulled her up to him and kissed her passionately as he turned them sideways to the window reaching a hand to her breast and playing with her nipple.

"You know all those men are wishing it was them playing with your beautiful breasts. I've never seen a nicer set of tits on a woman than I am seeing right now and I'm betting they haven't seen a nicer pair either.

He leaned down and kissed the round bottom of her perky 36b's and up to the side and lightly licked her nipple. He moved up to her shoulder, then over to her neck then kissed her ear and then again found her lips as he lightly offered his tongue to hers. He spread her legs with his leg and pushed his cock between them as he moved his hips a few times in order to rub his cock head between her lips.

"Put your leg on the window sill. Those men want to see me enter you. You know that as they see me spread your pussy lips with my big cock head as they see your pussy lips wrap around my cock as I stretch you open they will be cumming all over their windows. They will all be wanting you and wishing they were me as I push myself into you. They won't be able to take their eyes off my cock pumping in and out of you until they notice the glow on your face as you scream out with your first orgasm."

She raised her leg up to the sill, opening her pussy to them and for him. She could feel their eyes on her; she could feel their lust for her; she could feel that they wanted her as she wanted Paul. She wanted his cock in her and she wanted the men across the street to see his cock enter her. She wanted them to want her and she wanted them to wish they were Paul.

"Fuck me Paul, please fuck me now. Show them how you will make me cum. Please stick your cock in me. Please I need it now, I need your cock now!"

"Grab my cock baby, place it between you lips. Show them how much you want my cock by putting me in your hot wet cunt. Show them that this is not about me fucking you but about you fucking me."

She grabbed his cock. She rubbed his shaft up and down a couple of times and placed it between her pussy lips, now so wet she was dripping, as she moved her hips toward him. She felt his cock head push into her, stretching her like she hadn't been in oh so long. He began pushing into her as her pelvis met his as his shaft moved up inside her. She gasped as the reality hit her that she was being fucked by Pauls big hard cock as other men were looking on. She felt a warmth move into and out from her pussy, her orgasm building until she felt like exploding as he pumped her harder and faster.

"Oh god yes, Paul Fuck me!" she screamed as she felt herself go limp and black out.

She was groggy as she felt herself being shaken as she was coming too. She was on the floor

"Are you ok?"

She vaguely recognized the voice.

"Are you ok?"

As her eyes adjusted she saw Paul, smiling, looking down at her.

"What happened?"

"You passed out"

It was coming back to her now. She had never experienced anything like what she had just been through. She had never had an orgasm so intense. She felt amazing. She smiled up at him. She reached up and he pulled her up with him. They hugged. He lifted her head and kissed her. As he did she felt his cock touching between her legs, gaining length, gaining girth, getting hard. She wanted more.

She pushed him toward the weight bench. In a few steps they were there and she pushed him down to a sitting position which made his cock stand straight up at her with his balls resting on the bench waiting for her. She lifted up his head, kissing him with renewed passion as she lowered herself down on his waiting shaft.

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