tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 03

The Wedding Ch. 03


She lowered her naked body down to Paul's waiting cock looking up at her, anticipating her, throbbing for her. She hungrily kissed him as she slid down him till they touched. She needed Paul inside her, wanting her, telling her that he wanted her, with her believing him.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it back and forth between her dripping, gaping lips. "You want this cock in you don't you?"

"Yes," she whispered

"How much?"

"I want you to make love to me, to cum in me. I want to feel your cock throb and squirt in me, I want your cock to be deep inside me and love me."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"I want you to make love to me."

"You want to be my married slut?"

"I want you to be my lover; I want to make you happy, to satisfy you, I want to cum together with you"

She felt his hands move to her naked hips and begin pushing down on them as his elbows moved her legs further apart. She felt his cock at her entrance; then slowly entering her.

"Do you want me Paul?"

"Yes, I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before"

"But do you want me?" She felt his cock head push further into her, then his shaft began pushing up into her as his hands applied more pressure; she felt more of him enter her. He made one final push and he was completely in her.

He stood up, picking her up as he was lodged in her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He walked her to the windows and set her on the window ledge.

"Now the men in the hotel are going to get to see me fuck you."

"Oh Paul, you feel so good in me; do I feel good to you?"

"Oh yah, you are one hot fuck; I'm going to pound you till you cum and then I'm going to pound you some more as those men in the hotel get to watch me bang the hell out of your hot cunt; wishing they were me, wondering if they shouldn't come over here too and get a piece of your hot ass."

Paul put his hands on her ass and pulled completely out of her; kneeled down, moving so that her legs were on top of her shoulders and he licked her. She let her head fall back to lean on the window, she closed her eyes and felt his tongue on her, in her. She moved her hands to the back of his head and pulled his head toward her as a moan escaped her lips.

"Oh god hon that feels so good; you are so good at that...ooohhh what are you doing...oh god that's good; oh yes..."

She felt dizzy as this man expertly licked her pussy in a way she didn't remember feeling before. She was tingling, she was getting warm, and her legs began to shake. She felt her breathing get short as she began to pant. She had never cum with a man's tongue on her. Her normal behavior was that she'd let her man dabble but never for very long until she pulled him off her. This man, this tongue, was somehow different she knew as she felt her orgasm building, her breathing getting quicker.

She pulled his head harder into her throbbing pussy and squeezed his head with her legs as she lifted her ass off the window ledge...as she shuddered; and screamed.

"Oh, oh, oh god, baby, oh god, yes, yes, don't stop, oh yes, oh god...Paul!"

It seemed to her like her orgasm lasted for several minutes before her heart beat returned to a reasonable rhythm. He rose toward her, pushing her ass back on the ledge and passionately kissed her, their tongues exploring each other. As he kissed her he pushed his cock head back into her waiting pussy.

"You want to feel my cock back in you don't you baby."

"Yes", she whispered.

She felt him push into her and in one motion he was completely in her. He pulled back out and pushed into her again.

"Look down at your pussy baby and watch my cock fuck that hot married red haired pussy of yours."

She did as she was told and watched his cock push into her, pull out and push into her again. She watched her lips wrapped around his thick slimy shaft; her juices lubricating him as he began picking up speed. She watched her breasts, moving wildly with each thrust of his cock. She felt her heels dig into his ass as she instinctively pulled him closer to her. She grabbed his face and kissed him as he began drilling her pussy, almost savagely as she moaned into his mouth.

"There are dozens of men in that hotel now watching us you know. They have guessed by now that we are two strangers fucking each other. They have figured out that you are a hot cunt that I picked up for the sole purpose of fucking in front of them to show them what they could be doing to you and will be doing to you if only they want to; if only they get their cocks over here so they can take their turn with you. You want that don't you?"

"No Paul, I only want you."

"No, my hot married slut you want them in you too. I've let the cougar loose and when a man walks in here, any man you will let them fuck you."


Her mind was doing somersaults. Was Paul serious? Would he really let men walk in here and fuck her? What if he did? What if lots of men walked in and they all wanted to fuck her. What if they didn't listen to her? What if Paul didn't."

She looked up hazily at his face as he continued to pound in and out of her. He was greedily watching her, taking her, pounding her with but one thought; that of cumming in her as much and as often as he could; of using her as his fuck toy; for himself and for any others that he chose.

"Get off me Paul."

"I'm not done yet."

"Yes you are, get off me!"

"In a minute, I haven't cum yet, and I'm getting close."

She put her hands on his chest and pushed as hard as she could. He stumbled backwards and fell out of her. She dropped down off the ledge and took a step toward her clothing.

"I'm not done with you yet."

He grabbed her hips and spun her around. She caught herself by the window ledge to keep from falling as she felt his cock enter her from behind. He pushed her forward until her left cheek was pushed against the window.

"Now those men are really going to see me fuck your cunt!"

"Please don't!"

He grabbed her hips pulling her toward him as his balls slapped against her ass with each forward thrust.


"Quiet bitch...I'm fucking my married cock loving slut till I've unloaded my balls inside her!"

She pushed against the window sill pushing him once again off her.

"Paul, I'm done, you have to stop this!"

She ran over to her clothes, grabbing her shorts and pulling them onto her. She grabbed her t-shirt and room key and ran toward the door. She took a quick look over her shoulder seeing him standing there with a stunned look on his face.

"Wait, I'm sorry...I'm sorry, wait..."

She let the door close behind her as she ran toward the elevator. The elevator was still on the same floor and opened immediately. Closing the door behind her she pushed the button for the ground floor as she stood there clutching her t-shirt. As the elevator whirred on its way down she gathered her senses and pulled the t-shirt over her head and down her body just ahead of the elevator reaching its destination. She walked out of the elevator and leaned against the adjacent wall and closed her eyes as the doors closed behind her.

"What was I thinking" she whispered to herself.

She decided she needed air and so proceeded through the lobby and out into the cool breezes of the late night air. It was quiet and the air felt good; smelled good. She closed her eyes again breathing the midnight air deep into her lungs.


She opened her eyes to a man approaching her.

"Nice night isn't it"

She just looked at him.

"Out to get a little air?"

She just nodded as he walked up to her. She looked at him. He looked harmless. He looked middle aged. He was balding a bit with a little extra weight at his middle but didn't look like an axe murderer or anything, and besides she was just outside the open hotel doors so she felt safe.

"You look like you just got back from a run or something."

"I don't have any shoes on"

"Oh, or perhaps a workout; maybe lifting weights?"

She snapped her head up at him; wondering... "What if he..."

She noticed his smile widen as she felt his eyes on her body. Her nipples must surely be poking through her t-shirt in this cool air she thought.

"You're her aren't you?"

She knew she should just turn around and go back into the hotel, but she just had to know.

"Her who?"

"The woman upstairs."


"Yes, the beautiful woman I've been watching in the weight room for the last twenty minutes."

That is when she noticed the bulge in his pants. "Oh my god" she thought as she realized that this man in front of her had been watching Paul fucking her; getting turned on by it; watching her run from the room and wondering if that provided an opening for him. She looked up as her eyes met his. She had been caught lingering too long eyeing his pants. He broke into a smile.

"We were just hanging out tonight when one of my buds noticed you. I gotta tell you, you are the hottest woman any of us has seen naked and watching you take that guy like that was just way too much for any of us. I volunteered to run over here to see if you wouldn't like to join us for awhile. My two buddies wanted to come with but I promised I'd get you to come back with me if I found you. You wouldn't want to make a liar out of me would you?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She seemed frozen in place, not sure what to do or say. She was appalled; offended; feeling somehow exposed and naked. And yet, somehow she wasn't moving.

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