tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 04

The Wedding Ch. 04


She finally came to her senses and started to back away from this leering man

"I have to go back inside the hotel now."

"Why? I only want to talk to you."

She slowly backed away. It was only 20 or 30 feet to the hotel lobby and she was sure she could make it there without further incident. After all that had already happened that evening and later in the hotel exercise room she certainly didn't need any more adventures. As she took another step backwards her thoughts of Paul, whom she had just met at her friends wedding reception earlier that day, confused her. While aroused by the attraction she felt toward Paul and apparently also he toward her she had thought she was safe once she and her husband left the reception. She thought her almost acting on her husbands continual fantasies for her to sleep with other men had passed. While she had given into those fantasies of his before those times were different. Those past occasions had been planned events. This time was different; this time was with a complete stranger unbeknownst to her husband.

But now, just a few hours later Paul had not only taken her but he had taken her to sexual places that she really hadn't been in a long, long time. She was embarrassed that she had let it happen. She was angry with herself, and with Paul, that she gave herself to him with such abandon and that he took her so savagely, but more so that in spite of everything she was still very aroused.

"I have to go back to my husband."

"Oh, that was your husband we watched you have sex with?"

She just looked down at the ground. She had stopped moving; not knowing how to answer and at the same time wondering why she thought she should. Her husband, after all, wanted this didn't he? If she went upstairs right now and woke him and told him she had just had sex with Paul in the Hotel fitness room it would probably arouse him wouldn't it? He would probably want her to tell him the whole story of how Paul had taken her in front of those picture windows. He would probably get all turned on knowing that other men had probably watched Paul play with her naked body until he ultimately plied her pussy lips open with his manhood. He would probably want to go find Paul so he could watch him take her again. To watch how he made her moan, to watch how he had caused her to beg him to fuck her. Yes, she was certain that it would be ok; that he would understand and forgive her. She was certain that it would encourage him to encourage her to walk down that path some more.

"No," she whispered, "that wasn't my husband."

She continued looking down at the granite of the hotel patio; now aware that this new stranger had moved closer to her.

"What do you want from me," she quietly asked.

"I can tell you are tired. I won't keep you I just thought that... I just thought that maybe you could just do me one favor."

"What" she asked as she looked up at him.

"Well, my friends will never believe I met you if I don't bring them proof. They'll think I'm making it all up if I just come back with a story that I met you and had a nice conversation. So... I was hoping I could at least take a picture of you that I can bring back."

"Ok, that would be all right, do ahead."

"Well, if I just take a picture of you like that they will think that I took a picture of some lady walking down the street and won't believe it is you."

"What are you asking? What is it that you want?"

"Well, if it isn't too forward I was thinking that if I could get a picture of you holding your t-shirt up so they could see something they would know that I really found you."

She laughed. Here was this poor, horny, middle aged man asking her to get naked for him so he could prove to his lecherous friends that he had found the woman they had all lusted over as they watched her getting fucked; as they probably jacked off dreaming it was them inside her!

"I can't do that in front of the hotel lobby."

"Well, no, I suppose not, but we could go around the corner, over by those loading docks. Nobody could see us there. Please... it wouldn't take but a minute; it would be a huge favor to me and wouldn't hurt you or nothing."

She laughed at herself as she pondered his request. Oh what the hell, she thought to herself. It would probably be a fitting backdrop to a wild and crazy day.

"Ok, but only one picture and you cannot take a picture of my face. I don't want a picture of my breasts all over the internet where people I know could see me."

"I promise. I'll show what I take of you and you can approve it. If you don't approve I'll delete it, but I'd ask to be able to take a replacement picture. Is that ok?

"Ok, that will be fine."

She found herself grinning at the silliness of it all as she followed him to the loading dock area.

"Where do you want me?"

"How about just against that wall?"

"OK. So you want me to pull my shirt up so you can see my breasts?"

"Yes, if that's ok. Would you mind taking your shirt completely off?"

"How about if I just lift it up to cover my face, that way I'll be certain you won't take a picture showing my face."


She lifted her shirt with both hands. She felt the cool air waft across her nipples, causing them to swell as she covered her head completely with her t-shirt. She heard him gasp.

"What is it?" she asked through her shirt.

"Perfect. Your tits are absolutely perfect. Can I ask your measurements?"

"36b. Have you taken your picture yet?"

"No, can I just look at you for a moment? You are an absolute goddess. I want to imprint this picture of your absolutely perfect breasts, your milky white skin and your playful freckles into my mind."

"You really think my breasts are nice?"

"Oh god yes, if you don't mind me saying so you have given me one hell of a hard on just looking at them."

"Have you taken your picture yet? And, no, I don't mind you saying so..." she giggled.

"Can I take a few from different angles for your consideration?"

"Sure, I suppose, could you take them now? I can't hold my shirt over my head forever?

She noticed the flash of the camera; and then another; and then a few more as he walked to either side of her taking pictures of her from various angles. The flashes eventually were coming from a different altitude as well as she felt him kneeling in front of her; leaning ever so slightly against her.

"Have you taken enough yet? Can I see them?"

"Sure, I think I'm done. I can't wait to show you."

She lowered her t-shirt and reached for the camera. He handed it to her as she began scanning through what seemed like a couple dozen photos. She thought they looked quite nice. She liked the effect on her breasts of her arms being raised; of how that pose made her breasts look like those of a much younger woman. She was surprised by how taught and extended her nipples appeared in these pictures; especially the ones taken from down below her. She like how they looked.

"Tell you what; you can keep all of these if you want. I really don't have a favorite and there aren't any I object to. I hope you and your friends are happy with these."

"Can I ask one more favor of you?"


"Well, I wonder if I could take just one more picture. Just one picture that will make my friends really crazy."

"What would that be?"

"Well, would it be ok if I took a picture of my tongue on your nipple? You have such amazing nipples and it would be just such the biggest favor to me"

She laughed to herself at the craziness of all of this.

"Yah, ok, fine."

She lifted her t-shirt up again making sure it completely covered her face so her identity could be hidden. She felt him come hesitantly closer to her as she heard him whisper "perfect" once again in reference, she assumed, to her breasts. She felt his hot breath on her and then she felt, not his tongue, but his lips; and not on her nipple but on the underside of her left breast. He was kissing her breast with soft gentle pecks. He slowly deliberately kissed the entire underside of her breast, then up her left side and then toward her nipple.

Her head involuntarily leaned back to the wall, ultimately resting on the wall at about a 45 degree angle. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on his kisses. He stopped. She could feel him lightly blow on her nipple.

She felt dampness beginning to form between her legs. She wondered if he was aware. Could he tell she was aroused? Could he maybe even smell her sex? She felt his tongue flick across her nipple. She gasped. Did she really do that she wondered to herself? Might he have heard? She felt him take her nipple between his lips. She felt his tongue across the tip as he pulled on her with his lips. She moaned.

He whispered to her, "Can I have one more favor?"

"What," she moaned back, barely audible.

"Can I touch your other..."

"Yes," she fairly spat back at him, knowing what he wanted.

She felt his hand on her right breast; rubbing it from the bottom, then to the side then to her nipple as he pinched it between his second and third fingers. It felt good, what he was doing with her.

"Your tits are so amazing. I've never felt tits so nice before. I'm so glad I met you so I can touch you like this. I'll remember this for the rest of my life. I'll never forget your amazing titties and your wonderful nipples. And if I can be so bold, your amazing ass as well."

With that statement she felt his right hand on her left cheek as he continued to massage her right breast as he continued to lick her nipple. She felt him massage and squeeze her ass as he pulled it just slightly away from the wall. She felt herself respond to him no longer keeping track of the number of favors she might have already granted him.

She felt his hand move down her leg and then slowly back up as his fingers were inside the leg of her shorts on her back side. She felt his mouth move off her breasts and begin kissing up her chest to her neck, on her throat, then back to the side of her neck as he leaned into her. His leg pushed between hers which placed her left leg between his. She could feel his hardness on her leg as his hand reached the top of her leg, cupped her ass and then up to the fullness of her backside; grabbing a handful of her.

"No panties" he whispered excitedly.

"My arms are getting tired," she whispered into the air.

"Would it help if you took your shirt completely off?"

With his question he grabbed her t-shirt with both hands and within a second her shirt was tossed in the bushes. He grabbed the back of her neck with his right hand and pulled her toward him.

"I need just one more favor."

He didn't wait for a response as he pulled her face to his; kissing her. He offered her his tongue and she accepted as she felt her arms drop to his shoulders and around his back; his arms now around her back rubbing up and down her exposed flesh.

"God, you are so absolutely hot. I've never met a woman as hot as you," he whispered in between kisses.

His hands dropped to the waist band of her shorts as she let him push inside them and grab each of her bare cheeks. He reached further down her ass with his right hand. She could feel him brush across her anus; moving down further to her wetness.

"Just one more favor? My friends will go absolutely wild ass crazy if they can smell you on my fingers."

She didn't respond as he continued to hungrily kiss her. She felt his fingers on the outside of her vagina, kneading her lips, then pulling one side of her open and dipping his finger in her wetness.

"Oh god."

Did she really say that? How could it possibly be that this man has gotten his finger in her pussy? How could it possibly be that she once again was feeling her crotch temperature rise with passion? How could it possibly be that she felt her body giving way to a man once again tonight?

She felt her body move to greet him. She pushed her ass back toward the wall and his fingers as he probed for her. She felt her pussy want his fingers in her.

"I need you to touch my cock. It would be such a huge favor to me if you would just touch me," he whispered. "I've never had such a hot woman as you touch me down below and god, you have made me so hard I think I'll explode if you don't touch me. Please... just unsnap and unzip my pants and touch me...you have to, I just have to have you touch me."

She responded to his request. She unsnapped his jeans; pulling his polo shirt out. Searching for his zipper she found it just as she felt a finger enter her. She gasped.

"Oh god," she whimpered.

"Pull my zipper down, please, hurry, please."

She pulled the zipper down as he moved his finger in her; searching. His pants dropped to his ankles as she felt him inside her, his finger soaked with her.

She pulled his underwear open and slipped her hand in grasping his hardness. He wasn't very long but he felt impressively wide to her as she grabbed him, her fingers reaching a bit more than halfway around him. She began to stroke him as she felt him find what he had been searching for. She felt her lungs pant as he began to shake.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum. Can I cum on your titties?"

She groaned inaudibly as she knew his climax would likely end the opportunity that had been building between her legs. He released his hand from her as she was gently pushed her knees; she ripped his Hanes down his leg with her left hand has her other continued to move up and down his cock.

"I'm a heavy cummer so get ready! I'm going to cum all over those beautiful tits."

"Can I do you a favor?"

He didn't respond as she placed the head of his cock in her mouth and pumped him furiously with both hands. This wasn't anything she often did but somehow she wanted to do it for him; she wanted to taste him; to swallow him.

He felt his pressure build; he grasped the back of her head with both hands; he moved his hips forward, stretching her lips around him; his balls tightening.

"Oh god!"

He felt a months worth of cum spew into her mouth.

"Oh god, take it, take it all, oh god!"

As the cum hit the back of her mouth she swallowed him; more than she could handle it began running out the corners of her mouth, down her chin and neck and onto her breasts as she continued to pump him; reaching for his balls she squeezed him releasing another torrent of his seed. She gagged and backed off his cock. Not finished, his cum hit her nose, above her eye, on her chin and her neck until finally he was done.

"Oh god, that was so amazing, thank you so much for that. Can I take a picture of my cum on your tits? It would be such a great keepsake."

He didn't wait for the response she didn't provide and started flashing away as she remembered to cover her face.

"I'm so grateful to you. That was wonderful, and probably the most I've cum in a long time. You are just so hot, you could probably make me cum watching you walk down the sidewalk. Getting to see your amazing body was just more than I could take."

"Once I've cum I'm done for a while. I'd love to ask one more favor of feeling my cock in your pussy but I don't think I could satisfy you right now; but if you could wait a while I'd sure like to try."

"No, I think I'm done for the night and in looking at you it would appear that you are too."

"Well, you know, my tongue still works and if you don't mind me saying I have learned a few tricks along the way."

"No, it's ok, I'm spent anyway."

"Let me just try for you. If after 30 seconds you don't see any benefit we can part ways with me being one of the happiest guys on the planet and at least I will have tried to satisfy you."

"No, no, it's going to start getting light soon and I really should go."

"Just give me a few seconds to show you. I'm so grateful to you I want to at least try for you."

She just looked at him, pondering his offer but at the same time knowing what she should be doing. As she continued a few seconds of thought she watched him drop to his knees and lean down between her legs. She just looked at him as he grabbed the leg of her shorts and pulled it aside revealing her very moist lips.

"A real redhead! I've always loved redheads; they are the most sensual, sexual beings on the planet...as you surely must know."

She watched him approach her pussy; parting her lips with his tongue. She had never been a huge fan of receiving oral but at times she had found herself aroused by a tongue on her clit. He reached up and gently pulled her full lips aside as he ran his tongue up and down her slit. She leaned her head back to the wall; closing her eyes and steadying herself with her left hand on the grass while her right hand rubbed the back of his neck. She felt herself moan.

She wasn't exactly sure what he was doing but whatever it was he was doing it right as she felt the return of her heat.

"Mmmm, that's nice, keep doing that," she whispered; "yes, that."

Her legs began to tremble as she felt something build inside her.

"Oh my, has it been thirty seconds yet? Please don't stop; yes, there; yes, keep doing that."

She felt her hips rise off the ground has her breathing quickened. She grabbed his head, pulling him into her as she felt his lips pulling on her clit and fingers inside her. Her hips started bucking involuntarily as she felt her orgasm building.

"Oh god.... Oh god...yes...I'm...I'm..."

She pulled his head hard into her, wrapping her legs around his head as her back dropped to the ground; her hips suspended in midair as her body convulsed. Her scream defined her pleasure as she pushed her throbbing pussy into his face. He lifted her ass off the ground with her legs draped over his back; continuing to tongue her.

He had not noticed that at some point his formerly limp cock had once again gained its full status. As he pulled her ass and back fully off the ground his hard cock touched her back; and he came.

Both exhausted he lowered her back to the ground. Her shorts were a sopping mess. He continued licking, kissing and sucking on her pussy lips as he took in her sweet aroma and playing with her bright red hair; wishing he could get to know more of this woman; wishing he could take her home; wishing he could feel his cock inside her sweet pussy; not wanting this moment to end.

She was totally satisfied. She had been brought to an orgasm by a man intent only on pleasing her. She smiled; her eyes closed; her body warm, happy and relaxed.

The sound of applause was so unexpected.

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