tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Ch. 05

The Wedding Ch. 05


Startled, she opened her eyes, sitting up quickly as she looked around for her clothing to cover her naked breasts. She was coming down rapidly from or orgasmic bliss that this man had just shown her. Where was that clapping coming from she wondered as she looked around for her t-shirt. Where did that damn thing go? She spied it hanging from a nearby bush and jumped up to retrieve it.

"No need to do that" she heard from behind her. She grabbed the shirt, covering herself as she turned to watch two men approaching them.

"So you are holding out on us uh Bob?"

So his name was Bob, this man who had just licked and sucked her pussy to orgasm. She looked over at him still kneeling on the ground, not having moved.

"Oh hi guys, how long you been standing there?"

"Long enough to see that you found our woman" stated the talker. "Did you have any intent of introducing us perhaps?"

Bob just looked at his friend, then at the woman. "Well, I didn't quite get her name."

"I see that you didn't quite have time for small talk I guess." Bob's friend closed the few paces toward her and reached out his hand. "Hi, I'm Scott. I, no we, apologize for clapping. It seemed like the thing to do at the time."

She took his hand. It was a strong hand. As she held her hand for him he joined her with his left hand as well and just held it there as she held the t-shirt with her free hand, attempting, somewhat unsuccessfully, to cover her naked breasts. She raised her eyes to meet his. Scott; a nice name Scott. He had a full head of hair, unlike Bob. He was completely grey but it was a young looking frock on a young looking face above a trim body at about six foot she guessed.

"The quiet one back here is Matt. We're both friends of Bob here, or at least I think we are. We're here for work, how about you?"

"Just visiting" came her reply."

"So what is your name?"

She pondered the answer. Did she really want them to know her name? What if they were stalkers? What if they somehow found out where she lived and wouldn't leave her alone? What if they found out where she worked? She decided for discretion and used a name of a friend. She laughed to herself as she repeated that thought. Yes discretion would be the word of the day as she stood there holding a shirt over her flushed breasts in cotton shorts that were sopping wet from her earlier excitement.

"My name is Debbie."

"Nice to meet you, Debbie. And if you don't mind me saying it has been really nice seeing you. Did Bob here tell you what we have been doing tonight?"

Hesitantly she responded "you mean your sight seeing?"

"I suppose you could call it that. I have to tell you Debbie that watching you doing your guy upstairs was just about the hottest thing I've ever seen. I should have never let Bob go look for you himself. I should have come over here myself. I sure wish now I had and frankly seeing you now you are just so much hotter than what I could see from our hotel room into your hotel. You are an absolute Milf."

"A Milf?"

"Yes, a Mother I'd like to Fuck is what it stand for."

"Oh, well I only have step kids."

"I think that still qualifies, but if not, then I'd just say you are Cougar material for sure."

"What's that mean" she asked as she began to wonder why she was standing there even having this conversation but at the same time finding herself liking that this man had called her a Milf.

"A Cougar is a middle age woman who is on the prowl for younger men because she knows how hot she is, knows how horny she can make men like me, knows that she can teach men some things and goes after it for the pure joy of sexual pleasure."

"I'm not a Cougar. I'm just a mature woman caught by circumstance of this evening."

"I beg to differ. First you are upstairs banging away at your guy and then you come down here and you suck Bob off swallowing his cum and then he sucks your pussy till you cum. I'd say that's a Cougar."

"That man upstairs, he's not my guy."

"He's not? Then who is he?"

"That was Paul; we just met."

"Really; cool; so you are here alone then?"

"No, I'm here with someone else."

"Oh really, would that be a man and if so what are you doing down here with Bob, I mean, now with me?"

"My husband is upstairs, I really should get back up there."

"Really; you are here with your husband? What's the story there?"

"It's a long story, I really do not want to discuss this right now."

"So let me get this straight; first you are up in the Hotel weight room banging your friend Paul while we watch from across the street along with probably half of our Hotel given that you are banging him in front of a picture window and then you come down here and meet our buddy Bob and swallow his cum all the time your husband is asleep upstairs? Do I have that about right?"

She just nodded.

"Good god you are a Cougar and kids or not, in my book an absolute Milf! And frankly I have to ask when I am going to see the body I've been longing for all night."

"You aren't; I really should go and get some sleep so I can enjoy tomorrow, or I guess today, with my husband."

"Oh please, let me see some of your gorgeous body. I've already seen it from afar and I can tell you I immensely enjoyed watching your red pubes surrounding that cock upstairs and Bob's tongue working that pussy over down here but you have me so worked up I just have to see you naked for myself or my hard on will just never go away!"

She hadn't looked at his crotch the entire time up to this point. She looked now and saw that he could indeed be in some sort of pain she thought as his bulge was clearly visible and clearly worth noticing.

"You like what you see Debbie? Tell you what, could you at least provide me with some relief and rub my cock for me? Do that for me and I'll leave you alone if you wish but you can't send me packing while I'm standing her getting blue balls."

She couldn't believe what she was saying as she heard the word flow from between her lips; "ok but then you need to let me go."

"Absolutely, and let me say I really appreciate your consideration Debbie."

He stepped closer to her as he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, pushing them and his boxers down below his knees. As he stood she noted that his ball sack was quite large and his cock was standing straight up; hidden by the tails of his shirt. Even though it was a button down shirt he pulled it over his head. As he did so his hard cock in its entirety was visible to her and she gasped. It was standing straight and proud well above his belly button.

"Oh my god you are huge!"

She took the one step necessary to close the gap between them reaching out to hold his thick veiny monster. She couldn't get her small hand completely around it. She found herself mesmerized by its strength; its power. She felt a tug on her shirt that she was still holding over her with her left hand. Staring at this amazing cock she let her shirt slide from her hand which she promptly place on Scott. She began pumping him with both hands as she felt his cock twitch.

"Oh my Scott, I'll bet you get any woman you want."

"Right now Debbie I want you. Looking at your nice perky tits up close like this is about all I could ever ask for. I love watching your tits move as your hands slide up and down my shaft. Although it would be nice if I could look at that beautiful pussy while you pump me. It would help me get off even quicker and then you can go."

She didn't respond mesmerized as she was by this cock of a size she was pretty sure she had never seen before. She also did not respond as she felt two hands on her hips pulling her shorts down her legs as Scott reached to her breasts; fondling them. She also didn't respond when a hand lifted her right foot to slip it out of her shorts or when she felt a finger on her pussy lips.

"Debbie, could you bend down and put me in your mouth as you pump me? It would really be hot."

She didn't respond to that comment either other than bending down to comply with his request. Her mouth was stretched to take just the head of his cock between her lips so instead she decided she should lick his shaft. As she held his cock so she could lick the underside of his shaft she noticed Bob taking pictures but somehow she didn't respond to that either. She noted that she hadn't said a word to Matt but he was the one apparently behind her as she certainly knew where Scott was and had located Bob and his camera.

As she was bent over at her waist she knew that Matt was getting a full view of her naked pussy that had been so used this evening. Matt pushed her leg to the side, sitting down with his back to Scott and leaned up to stick his tongue where Bob's had been earlier. "Oh god" she thought to herself I have a tongue in my pussy and am playing with this huge cock. She felt a tremble begin to build between her legs as Bob approached her reaching for her right breast with his cock again hard and sticking straight out. He pulled her right hand off Scotts cock and placed it on his. "Oh god" she again thought to herself, "I can't believe I have three men servicing me at once!"

As her thought crossed through her mind she noticed that Matt had left his position between her legs. She wanted him back there. She wanted to cum and he left her. Damn him where did he go?

Two hands grasped her hips and pulled her away from Scott as she was impaled by a cock! In one smooth movement Matt had shoved his cock all the way to her cervix!

"Oh god" she gasped as she reached for Scotts' hips to steady herself.

He pulled all the way out of her and slammed into her again pushing her face into Scotts' cock and waist as she wrapped her arms around him grabbing his ass cheeks for support. As she grabbed Scott, Matt pulled his cock out of her again, then pulled her toward him again and slammed his cock back in her.

"Hold her there a minute Scott."

Scott bent down a little to lean down on her back as he grabbed both her breasts, pushing Bob out of his way.

"Fuck her Matt, fuck her hard. Debbie, I've got you, I won't let you fall; keep stroking my cock for me. Stroke me now! Drill her Matt, give her that hard cock of yours!"

She did as she was told and again grabbed Scotts' cock. She pumped him as fast as she could as she felt an orgasm again to build between her legs.

"I'm going to cum in her Scott, hold her there!"

She felt him squeeze her lips tighter as he pumped into her a couple more times and then slammed into her and just held there. She felt his cock move inside her as he squirted his load inside her. And she came; moaning on Scotts cock head which she again had place in her mouth.

"Pull out Matt, I have to cum on her! Lay her on the ground!"

She felt his cock slip out of her pussy and felt Matt lower her onto her back on the grass as Scott kneeled over her pumping his cock furiously.

"Open your mouth Debbie!"

She felt her mouth open as she saw the first ropes of his cum fly toward her. It hit her eye, her cheeks, her chin, neck and chest but nothing in her mouth. She looked up at Scott to see his satisfied look as she felt his cock head push between her lips. He tasted different; salty; not bad, just different. She sucked his cock cleaning out his remaining cum and pulled it from her mouth.

"Scott, could you get off me now?

"Is that anyway to thank us for giving you an orgasm Debbie?"

"Well maybe not but you promised I could go...and thank you."

He got off her and handed her shorts and shirt back to her. She quickly pulled them both on and moved toward the hotel lobby.

"Oh, one thing Debbie."

"Yes?" she asked as she turned back toward Scott."

"We will be at the beach behind the Hilton today at 1PM; why don't you show up there at that time?"

"Thanks for the invitation but I don't think I'll be able to."

"You did notice all those pictures Bob took while you had my cock in your mouth and Matt was fucking your pussy didn't you?"

She just stared at him.

"Be there at one."

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