tagNovels and NovellasThe Wedding Ch. 11

The Wedding Ch. 11

byD.C. Roi©

Eldon Parkhurst stood at the fringes of the crowd at the reception, enjoying watching the other guests interact. At least that's what he was trying to tell himself. He may have been glancing at the crowd, but mostly he was watching Sheila Tomlinson, the young woman who was catering the reception.

Sheila had once been a student of his. He thought she was lovely then and, in his opinion, she was even lovelier now. He wondered if she was married. As he watched the young woman and thought about her, he chided himself. He knew he was being foolish. Sheila was probably married, and even if she wasn't, she certainly wouldn't have any interest in an old man like him.

Just the same, Eldon kept watching Sheila, trying to work up the courage to go over and talk with her. Sheila was wearing an ankle-length flower print dress that had a loose skirt and long sleeves. The top was unbuttoned quite far, exposing a lot of smooth skin, and displaying a little bit of the lacy white garment Sheila wore under it. She wore her soft brown curly hair in the same fluffy style she had in high school. Eldon sighed softly. "She's so pretty!" he thought.

Sheila went about her business, unaware of her former teacher's adoring observation. She stood behind the food table, laying out the last of the food carefully. She knew she could leave once the food was gone, but she hated to. Even though she wasn't part of the group of guests, she'd been enjoying herself visiting with former teachers and friends she knew from school. And, since her husband was off at the races, if she went home, she'd be alone.

Eldon finally worked up the courage to approach the young woman. He made his way through the crowd, to the food table. Sheila was bent over, arranging some dishes, and didn't seem to notice him. "Hello, Sheila," he said.

Sheila looked up and smiled. "Hi," she said. "How are you, Mr. Parkhurst? I...I heard about your wife. I...I'm so sorry."

"Thank you," Eldon said. "You look like you're really busy. By the way, the food is excellent."

"Thank you," Sheila replied. She looked at her former teacher. She'd always liked Mr. Parkhurst. He'd been one of her favorite teachers. In fact, had he not pushed her so hard to maintain good study habits, she might never have decided to try starting her business.

"I...I hope you don't think I'm being forward," Eldon said hopefully, "but would you care to dance?"

Sheila looked around, then looked at him, smiling. "I'd love to," she replied. It had been so long since she'd danced. Her husband wasn't in the least bit interested in dancing.

Eldon's heart leaped. "Wonderful," he said.

They walked out onto the dance floor and Sheila moved into Eldon's arms. He couldn't get over how wonderful it felt to have the slim young woman dancing with him. "How did you manage to get in the catering business?" he asked.

"I...I like to cook and all, and I like dealing with people," Sheila said. "This seemed like a good way to include all those things. Ray...my husband, he's not too thrilled about it, but..."

Eldon was disappointed to hear she was married. "Did you marry someone from Jamestown?" he asked.

Sheila smiled at him and nodded. "Ray Richardson," she said.

Eldon remembered the young man. He had been a bit of a problem in school. It disappointed him that Sheila was married to someone like that. "Do you have any children?" he asked.

Sheila shook her head. "Ray...he says we aren't ready for them yet." Dancing with Mr. Parkhurst was far more enjoyable than she expected it to be. It felt nice being in his arms.

The music stopped and they walked off the dance floor.

"Thank you, Sheila," Eldon said. "That was lovely."

"You're welcome," Sheila replied. "I...I liked it, too. I...I guess I ought to get going. Mrs. Tate said some of her friends are going to clean up, so I don't really have to stick around. All I have to do is load some of my stuff in my car."

"Is Ray expecting you?" Eldon asked. He found himself not wanting her to leave.

Sheila shook her head and her expression grew sad. "He...he's not home," she said softly. "He...he went to the stock car races with some buddies of his."

Eldon saw the sadness in her eyes and had a powerful urge to take her in his arms. It bothered him that she seemed to be unhappy. He put his hand on her shoulder. "You know, you don't have to leave," he said softly. "The band's only taking a break, they'll be back soon."

Sheila looked at him and smiled. "Maybe I'll stay a little while longer," she said. She was surprised by the smile that appeared on Mr. Parkhurst's face when she said she'd stay. It made her feel a little funny inside, and she didn't understand why.

The band did come back and Sheila and Eldon danced every slow number. Sheila was confused by the reaction she had to having her former teacher's arms around her. It felt good, very good! She found herself not wanting the reception to end. The last thing she wanted was to go home to her empty house. When she was in Mr. Parkhurst's arms she felt protected and special. As they danced, she looked into his eyes. He had nice eyes, caring eyes. She was glad she'd decided to stay.

"Thank you for talking me into staying," Sheila said. Impulsively, she kissed Mr. Parkhurst, intending it to be a friendly kiss. She wasn't prepared for what happened, when her former teacher's lips met hers. Kissing him felt better than kissing her husband ever had! Feelings she didn't expect coursed through her.

Eldon, too, was surprised by the emotions evoked in him by Sheila's kiss. He tightened his embrace, pulling her closer against him.

Sheila leaned back and looked at up at Mr. Parkhurst. She wasn't sure why she was feeling the way she did and it frightened her. "I...I guess I really ought to...to get going," she stammered.

"You said you had things you needed to take with you, do you need some help?" Eldon asked. His body was in complete chaos. All he'd hoped for was a chance to have one dance with her and he'd had far more than that. All of a sudden, he found that he didn't want to be away from her!

"I'm...I'm not sure," Sheila replied. "I suppose I could use a hand." Actually, she really did need help.

"I have to thank Heidi and let her know I'm leaving," Eldon said, "Where is the stuff you need help with?"

"It's in the kitchen," Sheila said. "And my van's out by the garage."

Eldon thanked Heidi and Tim for inviting him, told them what a wonderful ceremony it had been and that he'd really enjoyed the reception, then he helped Sheila load her things in her van.

"Ah...I...I hate to do this," he said once the things were loaded, "but the person I came with left. Do you think you could give me a ride home?"

Sheila smiled and shook her head. "I don't mind," she said, "If you don't mind if I stop at my place, first. I sure could use a hand getting this stuff into my garage."

"No, I don't mind," Eldon said. "Seems to me like that's a fair trade, isn't it?" And it would also prolong the time he'd get to spend with her, which he didn't mind at all.

As Sheila drove toward her home, alarms of warning rang in her mind. She shouldn't be doing this. She was married. She ignored the thoughts. She liked being with Mr. Parkhurst. Besides, all they were going to do was put the things in the garage, then she'd drive him home. What harm could there be in that? The trip to her house didn't take long. She turned into her driveway and shut the car off.

Eldon helped Sheila carry her trays and boxes inside. While Sheila put them away, he looked around. She'd had the two-car garage converted into a rather nice kitchen facility.

"You really have a nice setup here," he remarked.

"Thanks," Sheila replied. "Ah...would...would you like a cup of coffee?" she asked him. "I...I have some really good gourmet coffee."

Eldon smiled. "That sounds nice," he said. "I'd love some."

Sheila smiled, and suddenly found herself feeling very nervous. "Come on, let's go in and I...I'll start the coffee."

Eldon followed her into the house. In the kitchen, Sheila went to the counter and started getting things together to make coffee for them.

Eldon watched her. "Where do you keep your cups?" he asked.

"In the cabinet by the sink," Sheila replied.

Eldon found two mugs and carried them to where Sheila stood by the coffee maker.

Sheila was still a bit bothered by the fact that Mr. Parkhurst was in her home when her husband wasn't there. She was even more upset that having him there excited her a little. She turned and faced her guest. What she saw in his eyes surprised her. Ray never looked at her the way Mr.Parkhurst was looking at her. A thrill raced through her.

"You know, Sheila," Eldon said softly, "I do believe you've gotten prettier since you graduated from high school."

"Ah...Mr. Parkhurst, you...ah...thanks," Sheila stammered. She could feel herself blushing

"Does it bother you that I said that?" Eldon asked.

"Ah...yeah, sort of," Sheila admitted. "I...Ray...he doesn't say stuff like that to me very much." Actually, her husband never said stuff like that to her.

Eldon put his arm around the young woman, who leaned against him.

Sheila knew she shouldn't be letting Mr. Parkhurst hold her, but she liked having his arms around her. His embrace made her feel safe and protected. She looked up at him again and, slowly, their faces moved closer and closer, then their lips met.

With fire rushing through her, Sheila slid tongue into Mr. Parkhurst's mouth, where it was met by his. The sensations generated by the collision of their tongues rocked Sheila more powerfully than anything she'd experienced in a long time. She felt her former teacher's embrace tighten and pressed herself against him.

When the kiss finally ended she was shaking and could feel his erection pressing against her. She hadn't planned on this happening but, now that it had started, she wasn't sure she would be able to stop, or that she wanted to!

Eldon was as confounded by the powerful feelings exploding through him as Sheila was. He'd dreamed about her for years, even before his wife died. But Sheila had always been a student, forbidden fruit, and therefore untouchable. Now she was a married woman and Eldon knew she still should be taboo, but having her in his arms was the fulfillment of a dream, a fantasy turning into reality, and he wasn't sure he could stop himself!

He tightened his arms and their lips joined in another passionate kiss. When the second kiss ended, he gazed at the young woman in his arms. She was flushed and, he thought, lovelier than any woman he'd ever seen.

"Sheila...I...I want you," he said softly.

Sheila wasn't sure what to do. Her emotions were in complete turmoil and she couldn't think clearly. Hunger was flooding her, even though she knew what they were doing was wrong. Mr. Parkhurst's kisses excited her more than any she'd ever had. She wasn't sure what to do.

"Mr. Parkhurst, I..." she stammered. "I..."

"I know we shouldn't be doing this..." Eldon murmured. He cupped her buttocks and pulled her against his erection, as if to demonstrate how powerful his need for her was. "...but I'm not sure I want to stop."

Sheila felt Mr. Parkhurst's erection pressing against her belly and knew what she was going to do! With just two kisses, he had her feeling wilder than her husband ever had! She wanted him! She looked directly into his eyes. "I want you, too, Mr. Parkhurst!" she whispered urgently.

"It's Eldon," the teacher replied. His pulse thundering, he scooped Sheila up in his arms. He felt her head fall against his shoulder and her wild mass of soft hair tickled his cheek. He was surprised how light she was! He was so aroused it felt as if his cock would burst through his slacks!

"Through that...that door, then up...upstairs, on...on the right," Sheila gave him whispered directions to her bedroom.

Eldon, with Sheila riding easily in his arms and her slender arms around his neck, moved through the living room and up the stairs to the bedroom.

He deposited her gently on the bed, then stood there gazing down at her, his chest heaving, his heart hammering.

Sheila looked up at him, and was shaken by the passion she saw in his eyes. "You...you won't hurt me, will you?" she asked softly.

"God, no! I could never cause you pain!" Eldon whispered. He knelt next to the bed and began tracing her face with his finger. "I want to give you pleasure, more pleasure than you've ever known!"

The tenderness of Eldon's touch thrilled Sheila. His finger left her face and began exploring her neck and whatever other skin was left bare by her outfit. She'd never been touched so lovingly and it enchanted her. She moaned softly, a look of captivation on her lovely face.

His fingers trembling, Eldon unbuttoned the buttons down the front of her dress. When he pushed it apart he discovered she was wearing a lacy elastic white strapless body suit under the dress and moved to push it down and expose her breasts.

"Don't," Sheila murmured. She laid her hands on his, stopping him. "Please don't."

Her reluctance confused Eldon. "Why do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"It's...it's...I...I'm afraid," Sheila murmured.

"Afraid of me?" Eldon asked.

Sheila shook her head. "I...I'm afraid you won't like my...breasts. They're...they're too small...I..." She'd always believed her breasts were too small, mainly because Ray constantly commented about how small her breasts were compared to those of other women.

"You're beautiful, Sheila," Eldon replied softly. "I know your breasts will be perfect. I want to see them." He covered her mouth with his.

When their lips joined, Sheila arched her neck, opened her mouth and her tongue lashed his. Thrills continued racing through her.

While the kiss lingered Eldon tugged the body suit off her breasts. When the kiss ended, wide-eyed, he stared at her bared chest. Her breasts were small, but they were perfectly formed. The tips, including the skin surrounding her nipples, were swollen and flushed.

Sheila, aware of Eldon's avid gaze, felt embarrassed. The passionate way he was looking at her made her feel funny. "Do...you...do you like them?" she murmured. Nobody had ever looked at her breasts that way! It excited her beyond belief.

"Your breasts are beautiful!" Eldon whispered, watching the rise and fall of her chest. He began stroking her again, marveling at the incredible softness of her skin. It felt like warm silk! His hand moved over her breasts, working out to each erect tip. Her nipples were surprisingly large, considering how petite her breasts were.

"Ohhhhh, God!!!" Sheila moaned. Her back arched as Eldon stroked her with exquisite tenderness. "God, that feels so wonderful!" Passionate sensations rolled through her as his touch aroused her more and more. This was awesome!

Eldon, continuing to caress his former student's velvety skin, loved the sounds that came from her and the way her body moved under his hands. He bent and drew one taut nipple gently into his mouth.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Sheila moaned. Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling his face against her. "Oh, God, Eldon, that feels so good!!"

Eldon moved his lips moved from one turgid nipple to the other, drawing more impassioned moans from the willowy young woman. Her movements grew more and more insistent.

While his lips adored Sheila's breasts, Eldon slid his hand over her flat belly, pushing the body suit ahead of it. He felt her hips rise to make it easier for him to push the garment all the way down and, with some difficulty, he got it off. Then he slid his hand up one of her slim legs, to her center.

Sheila had never before been this aroused by a man's touch. He was making her crazy! She could feel the fluids of passion seeping from her. He was making her feel sooo good!

"Please!" she moaned. "Oh, please! Feels so gooood!! Oh, God! Feels soooooo gooood!!"

Eldon stopped kissing her breasts, peered at her nude body, and saw a vision so lovely he was afraid he'd come in his pants! "You are the most exquisite woman I've ever seen!" he whispered, his voice filled with wonder. He bent his head, wanting to experience more of her.

Sheila, filled with delight by his comment, almost jumped off the bed when he kissed her navel. At the same time, his hand began to trail lightly up and down her slender, perfectly-formed legs. Thrill after unbelievable thrill surged through her. Mr. Parkhurst had her feeling more fabulous than she believed it was possible to feel!

Eldon was fulfilling a fantasy and was determined to make it last as long as possible! He might never have a chance to do this again!

Between Mr. Parkhurst's kisses and the gentle caresses of his hands, Sheila was quaking with desire. Each gentle stroke and each fervent kiss raised her hunger to levels she'd never experienced before! Then his lips coasted over her belly and his hand touched the silken lips of her vagina. A sudden jolt of excitement, resulting from his caress, caused her back to arch, raising her hips off the bed.

"Ohhhhhh!!! I'm going crazy!!!" Sheila groaned, continuing to press herself against her former teacher's searching hand. Indescribable thrills roiled through her as he tenderly caressed her aching vagina. Her arched body twisted and thrills continued reverberating through her. It almost felt as if he was touching her everywhere at once!

"Ahhhhh!!! Oh, God!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!" she mewled.

Eldon began probing her juicy opening with his fingers. Her groans grew more fervent and she pressed against him more frantically.

"Sooo Gooooddd!!!" Sheila groaned, "Oh, God!!! That feeels so goood!!!"

Eldon slid a finger into her and her hips began a rhythmic thrusting in response.

Sheila was totally overwhelmed! Explosions of delight flashed in her lust-fogged mind. "Godddd!!! Gawwwddddd!!! Aggggghhhh!!!!" she babbled. "Ohhhhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!" She'd never been this turned on! He kept taking her to the very brink of losing control, then he would back off and let her calm, only to take her once more to an even higher magnitude of need!

"Oh, God!" Sheila moaned, "Please! Oh, please! Please!!!"

Eldon bent and, while still thrusting into Sheila with his finger, sucked her swollen clit between his lips.

Sheila had never experienced feelings like the ones that action evoked. "Ohhhhh! What...What are you...Ohhhhhh!!!" she howled as even more fervent sensations flashed through her. She felt as if she was going to dissolve. "Yesssssss!!!! Yesssss!!! Agggggghhhhh!!!! Agggghhhhh!!!!" she cried, "Oh God!!! Oh God!!! Yesssssss!!!!! Yesssssssss!!! Oh, God, yessssssssssssss!!!!!!"

Sheila knew, at last, the true wonder of making love. As her orgasm ripped through her, her body twisted and writhed, smearing her juices all over Eldon's face. Her desperate motions eventually began to slow, then she lay still.

Eldon got undressed and laid on his side next to her, stroking her face with his fingers, studying at her flushed, comely countenance.

Sheila gazed back at him through eyes filled with adoration. "I thought...are...are we going to...make love?" she whispered. That Eldon seemed just as interested in her pleasure as he was in his own was a new experience for her.

"That's what I hope to do," he said, "Unless you want to stop."

"Oh, no!" Sheila said. "I want you!" She snuggled closer against him.

A thrill went through Eldon when Sheila pressed her lean body against his and began to caress his face softly.

Sheila felt his erection pressing against her belly, reached between them, and took it in her slim hand. It was so hard and hot! She could feel it throbbing!

Sheila's gentle touch sent a rush of pleasure through Eldon and he shuddered. "Be careful," he said, his voice strained. "You have no idea how desperately I've wanted you, how many times I've...Ahhhhhh!!!...dreamed about...Ahhhh!!!...making love to you!"

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