tagErotic CouplingsThe Wedding Crushers

The Wedding Crushers


Skye didn't bother knocking, she just pushed open the kitchen door, said hello to Matt's parents and headed for the stairs.

She'd known the family for most of her life. Their house was an extension of hers and Matt was the closest friend she had, pretty much like an older brother - but one she completely trusted. Siblings without rivalry.

Matt's room was at the top of the stairs but his door was closed. Skye couldn't ever remember it being closed.

It made her pause and raise her knuckles to knock.

Matt's voice stopped her. He was talking on the phone.

"No, that's ok. You don't need to say sorry, I just thought I'd ask. Enjoy your trip to the coast. Bye."

A pause convinced Skye that Matt had ended the call. She knocked and waited for him to answer before stepping through the door.

Matt looked up from his bed.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were my mom. She's so nosey sometimes."

Skye was rarely shy around her friend.

"Why? What you up to shut up in your room?"

Matt smiled, he knew the closed door would have piqued his friend's curiosity.

Skye was his closest friend, her Asian heritage had led to him occasionally calling her by the affectionate 'Mui' - meaning 'little sister' - while Skye sometimes referred to him as 'Gor' - big brother.

He used it now, partly because he was slightly embarrassed by what he had to ask.

"Ah, Mui. It's Daniel's brother's wedding. The one I told you about. It sounds a bit lame but I can't get a date to go up there with me for the weekend."

Skye was slightly surprised. Matt was hardly a guy who bounced from one girl to another but he had rarely had trouble attracting women. He was tall and a bit awkward but very engaging to talk to and great fun to hang out with.Very much a gentleman.

"What about that Em...Amy...Amelia girl you went out with a few weeks ago? Won't she go?"

Matt shook his head.

"No. That was her on the phone. She's away with her family that weekend. Apparently."

He turned the colourful invitation over in his hands.

"I think it's because it's a weekend away. Anyone I ask is just going to think I have another motive."

Skye punched his leg.

"Like getting into their pants?" She laughed.

Matt shrugged.

"I wasn't going to put it like that but...yeah.

"Although when I texted you about hanging out today I did have an idea."

He looked up at Skye.

"Do you fancy coming with me? I'll pick up the tab for getting there and a hotel room. At least if you come I can relax because it won't feel like a 48 hour date."

Skye took the invite and studied it. It was two weeks away.

"Sure. Why not? I don't have plans, or any dates of my own to worry about. A road trip sounds cool."

Matt's face lit up. Weddings never really appealed but two days with Skye would make it way more fun.

He studied his friend as she Googled the venue on her phone and began injecting her natural excitement about everything from food to hotel options into their plans.

Skye was very pretty. Dark hair cut into a neat Bob framing her face. She was curvy but athletic and toned - a cheerleader and a bit of a fitness fanatic whose legs looked good in anything.

Matt had nursed a crush on her for years. Not a normal crush either, a brain freezing, all consuming, stomach churning, wecouldhavethemostamazingfuturetogether type of crush.

The key to intensifying any crush is convincing yourself that it's a terrible idea; that it would never work. Matt was convinced of this but his heart continued to hope that she might say something so he didn't have to.

Thrusting her phone in his face, Skye showed him that she'd already picked out a route and a list of potential places they could stay. She knew he'd not even started planning.

Matt grabbed his laptop and began looking up the places his friend had found while Skye began debating what to wear.

After a few minutes she fixed Matt with a serious stare and asked:

"Just one thing, Gor...

"You're not just doing this to get in my pants are you?"

Matt blushed and began to shake his head, searching for the right phrase to protest and reassure Skye.

He hadn't found it by the time she burst into laughter and slid off his bed struggling to breathe.

Matt relaxed again.


They set off pretty early on the Friday of the trip. Car packed the night before, smart suit and new dress in carriers, carefully hung in the back.

Matt's mother enthusiastically waved them goodbye from the end of the driveway until they were totally out of sight.

Skye returned a final wave.

"Your mom is so cute. You'd think we were heading off to Europe for a year."

Matt pointed to a large freezer bag on the back seat.

"You're not far wrong, check that out. She's packed enough snacks and drinks for us to survive a nuclear winter."

Skye laughed and leaned on Matt's shoulder to rummage in the bag for two cold sodas.

"Right. We've got drinks, snacks and your crappy music collection. Let's play a road game. Truth or Dare?"

Matt pulled a face. He wasn't a fan of confessional games. He never quite felt right sharing any sex stories and wasn't quite sure how interesting they were anyway.

Both he and Skye knew that the other wasn't a virgin, they'd both been in relationships and drunkenly shared a few secrets, but it wasn't a topic that Matt relished due to unspoken feelings for his energetic Mui.

"You can go first Matt. Pick.Truth or dare?"

With a sigh, he relented.


"Boring!" Skye slapped his arm

"How is a dare boring?"

She scowled like a scolded child: "Because I haven't really seen you for ages. I want to extract some truths about what you've been up to.

"But...dare it is. I dare you to shotgun a soda while driving..."

Matt rolled his eyes. He was being played. Skye knew he would hate doing that with her in his car, he was very responsible about driving.

"You win. Truth. You're such a manipulative little shit."

Skye bounced in the passenger seat. As she was partially turned towards Matt he couldn't help but watch her boobs throughout the motion.

"OK...how many times have you had sex this year?"

Matt laughed. "Not enough."

Once again she punched his arm, pouting.

"How many?"

He shrugged.

"Maybe five. I think."

Skye's face suggested she was more impressed by his answer than she expected to be.

She pretended to count on her fingers before replying.

"Actually that's more than me."

Matt was intrigued.

"What happened to that guy you always go back to when you're single?"

Skye's hands became very animated, Matt knew this meant she was about to make a very important point.

"Ok...1...he only ever called when it suited him...2...he literally never made me orgasm...3...he eats with his mouth open...4...I have no evidence for this but I swear he'd be mean to pets if you left him to look after them."

Matt burst out laughing without taking his eyes off the road.

"Poor Mui, he sounds like a gem."

She mimed balling up some trash and throwing it out of the window before turning and adding: "My turn! Truth. Ask me."

This was tricky. Matt wanted to steer clear of sex questions but he was still intrigued by Skye's thoughts in that general area.

"OK...do you think you'll hook up with anyone at this wedding? I mean...weddings are good for that right?"

Skye's big eyes got wider still.

"I hadn't really thought about it," she laughed. "But now you come to mention it...I like the idea."

They stuck with the game for a good hour, teasing childhood secrets out of each other and making each other do mild dares that wouldn't result in a road traffic accident.

Just after Skye had drunk some soda through a straw up her nose and burst out laughing, she turned her head and looked at her friend without speaking.

At least 10 seconds passed before she spoke.

"Matt...why have you never made a pass at me?"

The car sped up. Barely enough to notice. It was Matt tensing up.

He gripped the wheel while deciding whether changing the subject might work.

No, Skye is pretty tenacious.

Words formed in his head and then refused to step forward. His brain just said: "Nope, you're on your own'.

Skye was beyond perfect in his eyes. If he'd made a pass and messed it up he would destroy any glimmer of hope he had.

But he also genuinely felt like she was a sister to him. This wasn't helped by their cute little names for each other and the way their parents saw them.

He valued her continued presence in his life to such a degree that he'd always tried to lock away these desires in a box marked 'Stop Thinking'.

All these thoughts raced through his brain as he realised he was still pressing the accelerator a little too hard.

Breathing deeply he conjured a smile, eased off the gas and said:

"Because I think you're gross. It's way too freaky Mui."

His grin indicated that he felt anything but that. Skye nudged him in the ribs and pretended to look offended.

"I'm amazing Matthew. Don't you forget that tomorrow my friend when people think we're a couple and you get a taste of how cool hanging out with me makes you."

He was relieved that the exit sign for their destination came into view and gave him an excuse to change the conversation.


Skye's presence at the wedding was, as Matt had anticipated, a tortuous triumph.

She charmed everyone, attracted three or four polite suitors and made Matt realise she was slowly eroding any interest he could ever have in an alternative member of the opposite sex. His crush dialled up to 11.

But while his feelings towards his friend were heating up, Skye's own emotional attachment to Matt was morphing into something she had rarely given more than a passing thought.

Whether it was the road trip, the setting, a few glasses of Champagne or the knowledge that they would be sharing a room later that prompted Skye to realise that she did genuinely have THOSE feelings for him. The epiphany was weird. Good weird.

She watched Matt talking to a very pretty woman holding a baby - presumably her own. He simultaneously managed to look hot, geeky, cute, caring and hold the attention of both humans in a way that wasn't even flirting but still had the young mum dipping her eyes and touching her hair.

He returned to the table to Skye's beaming smile.

"What's so amusing Mui?"

She shook her head and giggled.

"Watching you working on the young mums. Can't you find a nice single girl you home wrecker?"

Matt blushed, laughing.

"I wasn't hitting on her, she's a friend from way back!"

Skye leaned forward and grabbed his hand.

"Whatever, FlirtyMatt. It was cute. The baby was as enthralled by your chat as she was."

She squeezed his hand but didn't let go as they sat and chatted, the bustle of the wedding swirling around them.

Six hours later they were giggling outside their room, Skye clinging to Matt as he struggled with the hotel key card.

It eventually clicked into place and they stumbled into the dim glow of a bedside lamp, twin beds to the left, just past the bathroom. Standard hotel layout.

Skye flopped backwards into a high-backed armchair, her short dress riding up until Matt had to train his eyes elsewhere, sneaking a peek every few seconds to fuel his current state of adoration.

"At least the ceiling isn't spinning. I obviously haven't drunk enough!" Skye laughed, kicking off her heels without sitting up.

Matt slumped onto the end of the bed opposite his friend, pulling at his tie and slipping his own aching feet out of stiff new leather brogues.

He had enjoyed the day so much. Skye had been way more fun than bringing a date. Going to sleep seemed like closing the door on an opportunity to spend more time with the one person he would happily give up any other activity for.

His eyes focused on the tanned, athletic thighs and the faintest glimpse of white lace panties just two feet away. Surely Skye knew what he could see?

It tested his resolve. A combination of the fear of ruining a friendship and the chance that those heavenly legs might close tightly the second he slid a shaking hand up Skye's thigh left him inactive, knowing he would never make a move unless invited.

His friend raised herself onto her elbows so she could look him in the eye. Teasing was more enjoyable when you analysed its impact.

"Today was so much fun Gor, thank you for inviting me. I'm still wide awake though. Trying to work out if I want more food, alcohol or if they're just distractions because I'm actually just really...er...horny."

Matt swallowed, louder than intended. He held his own stomach and feigned being full.

"You can't want more food, that was the most over-catered wedding ever. And you still have three pieces of cake in your bag."

Skye squealed and kicked her legs, no attempt at keeping her thin, white panties out of sight at all.

"I KNEW you saw me get that old guy to snaffle me more cake in the line. Am I bad person? Is there a sobbing child waiting for parents to bring him cake to their room?"

Matt smiled.

"I reported you. The local police will pick you up in the morning. This is your last night of freedom."

He tapped his wrists together to mimic Skye being handcuffed. A cushion flew past his head as she laughed and tried to kick him with an outstretched foot. Matt caught it and the foot stayed, heel resting on his knee as he gently rubbed the sole with his thumb.

A groan came from Skye as she shuffled down the chair slightly so she didn't have to stretch.

"My feet have been aching for hours. You're an angel. Please don't stop."

Part of Matt wanted to stop, wanted to grab Skye's other leg and pull her toward him so he could explore those panties. He also groaned, but internally, shackled by his own friendship code.

The soft flesh of Skye's feet yielded under his thumb as he diligently manipulated it, easing the cramps and aches of several hours of dancing in heels. His friend was largely silent now, an occasional appreciative murmur giving him encouragement.

Skye's own train of thought had run in parallel with Matt's. Friendship is amazing; awkward friendship, not so amazing.

But everything had been so perfect today. It had made her wonder if the slightly more complex equation of love plus friendship would be...even more amazing.

Plus, she could never resist a man who rubbed her feet, kissed her neck or played with her hair.

She imagined Matt doing the other two for her and decided that, maybe, the night wasn't over. Seducing him suddenly seemed like the right thing to do..

Besides, she really was feeling incredibly turned on.

He continued massaging her aching toes as her head tipped back on the chair and she slid even further down towards her friend, her short dress riding up her athletic thighs until it was just above her panty line.

Matt really wanted to look up but valour kept his eyes focused on the soft foot he was rubbing. He still desperately wanted to be bold, to run one hand towards the flimsy lingerie that skimmed the upper limits of his field of vision.

Skye moaned and shifted in the chair, eyes closed. It was time to make it obvious.

As her childhood friend continued his act of kindness she slid one hand to her barely hidden mound and began to rub herself slowly, raising her dress in the process.

Matt's throat was suddenly incredibly dry but inside he felt like someone had replaced his spine with a tuning fork and given it a tap. He had fantasised about Skye for so long.

Her self exploration heated up. She still hadn't made eye contact but her hand was inside her panties, a neatly manicured finger curling inside her wetness as her breathing became louder and her movements faster.

Now his hands were on her knees, not really pulling them apart but exerting the slightest pressure on her inner legs. It said he wanted to help Skye a little more.

Her finger had stirred her cunt to swollen wet flesh. Skye pulled her hand away and put the slick finger in her mouth, tasting her own excitement as she held Matt's gaze for the first time since the game had begun.

At least 10 seconds passed before Matt spoke.

"What is this Mui? Are we just drunk and giddy at being on a trip? You mean a lot to me, too much to jeopardise for the sake of sex".

Skye's hand slid back to her panties as she replied.

"I know you like me Gor, you're just too nice to make a pass at me. I see you look at me, it isn't as well hidden as you think.

"Maybe it's time we found out how this goes?"

She laughed.

"Besides, I'm realllly turned on right now and I can tell you are. If it's weird we'll write it off to alcohol and get our minds wiped. Or something."

Matt's cock was hard but his brain had one more caveat to discuss.

"Skye, don't do this if it's just about being horny and not having an alternative. I love you more than you know. I've pictured this, imagined what I'd say, how we'd react afterwards. It's always gone well. I want that in reality".

His friend nodded, her fingers still twitching in her panties.

"Stop trying to resist me Matthew. If you can't see that I do really want this I'll just climb on you in your sleep. Now kiss me. Wherever you want".

He smiled and slid from the bed, positioning himself between Skye's legs and planting a soft kiss on her panties, feeling her heat on his lips.

Fingers weaved into his hair as he pulled her underwear down her thighs and repeated the kiss, this time on flesh, sucking her clit up against his tongue, testing the pressure she responded to. Skye was about to find out that he was very good at this.

Her back arched as he fed, whispered endearments mixed with tiny yelps of ecstasy. She wasn't a screamer but sex did make her vocal, she knew how important timely encouragement was.

Matt gripped her waist and pulled her cunt to his face, probing deeply with his tongue to extract the moisture building inside his beautiful, writhing Mui.

He lifted her from the chair, lips still locked to hers, and spun her round so he could drop her on the first bed.

Skye laughed, pulling him towards her, his shirt coming out of his trousers and over his head as she bit his chest and undid his belt.

They fumbled with clothes, kissing between removals, not caring where their attire was thrown, Matt's hard cock bumping against Skye's body and thrilling them both at the thought of what was about to happen.

But Matt had unfinished business between Skye's legs. He broke from a passionate kiss and slid backwards along her curves, stopping to become acquainted with her breasts and then locking his mouth to her neatly trimmed cunt with a determination to make her cum hard before he ever got inside her.

Skye loved being eaten out and Matt's attention to how she responded to each change of technique or pressure was poles apart from some guys' brutal approach to oral. He was in perfect sync with the roll of her hips.

Her toes curled, fingers gripping the sheets as her inner thigh muscles fluttered in spasm and she came hard, saying her friend's name over and over in breathless thanks.

A grin lit up Matt's face, genuinely pleased to have pushed her over the edge. They kissed and Skye gripped his cock and slid it into her soaking pussy, relishing the slow rhythm he knew she needed at first as her inner energy built back up after her orgasm.

Both of them moaned approval at the warmth of a new intimacy. Matt knew he never wanted this to stop. Skye hadn't even asked him about condoms - something that had featured in all his previous sexual encounters.

This didn't worry him, it felt right, made the act far more sensuous. He would just have to remember his manners when he came.

Her nipples felt amazing as he rolled his tongue around each, watching them swell as he swapped between the two, his cock sliding in and out of his best friend.

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