tagIncest/TabooThe Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress


Zoe was delighted to see her dad arrive - not just to see him, Alan brought with him Zoe's wedding dress. The 24 year old was only a few weeks from her wedding day. She lived away from the family home where her sister was making the wedding dress, so Alan took the opportunity of being in the area on business to give Zoe another chance to check her dress needed no further alternations.

After an evening meal together Zoe went to try on her dress. Alan, a handsome, well groomed and physically fit business man in his late forties, was a loving family man - he made Zoe even happier when he announced he had some hash for her - having brought up his family he now enjoyed himself with some of life's finer aspects. Alan busied himself with rolling a few joints as he waited for his eldest daughter's opinion on the dress.

Zoe entered the room gracefully - Alan got a lump in his throat as his daughter stood before him in her ivory silk gown. He told her she looked beautiful. "I never want to take it off" said Zoe, delighting in the way she felt. Alan lit a joint and handed it to Zoe. She slumped down beside him on the sofa and the smoked and talked for a while.

The joint finished, Zoe sprung to her feet "Teach me to dance - I need to know how to waltz for the first dance" she laughed excitedly. Zoe pulled her dad to his feet. They laughed as they got into position, Alan gave Zoe the instructions and he hummed a waltz tune and off they went. Alan guided his daughter around the room, he held her close as he thought he saw the emotion come over her. Zoe shed a tear. Alan re-assured her, wedding nerves, second thoughts, he said what he thought she'd want to hear. "It isn't that dad" she said resting her head on her dad shoulder "You are the most loving man in the world and I don't want to ever be without you". Zoe burst into tears, she fled for her room. Alan let her be for a few minutes.

When he went to check on her, Zoe was composed. "Can you undo the zip" she asked as she was trying to get out of the dress. Alan unzipped the dress and eased it down Zoe's body to allow her to step over it. Alan couldn't help but take in the sight of Zoe in her ivory silk chemise. He hanged the dress on its hanger as Zoe put on her dressing gown. She smiled at her dad, he went to hug her, but Zoe stopped with a hand on his chest.

Alan was stunned as Zoe kissed him full on the mouth, Alan couldn't help respond and they kissed passionately. Alan grabbed his daughter close losing himself in the moment, he gathered handfuls of her dressing gown as he did so, Zoe held her dad's head, ran her fingers through his greying hair. It was as if both father and daughter were pumped full of electricity, as if they'd been holding back for the last few years of Zoe's adult life.

Alan's cock bulged in his trousers as he pressed against the firm body of Zoe, she slipped a hand down and felt it through this trousers, she let out an expression of pleasure. Together they fell onto the bed, Zoe panted to catch her breath, Alan kissed her gently, re-assuring her, before opening her dressing gown. Zoe stretched to Alan's zip and tried to open it. He obliged by sitting up, and easing his trousers down, then slid down his boxer shorts. Alan proceeded to strip naked for his daughter.

Zoe got up to kneel on the bed - face to face with her dad - they again kissed, this time she explored his body with her hands, his strong chest, his firm stomach and ass, and most of all his hardened cock.Alan delighted in feeling Zoe's ass through the gown and underwear, he had often thought un-fatherly thought in the past about her perfectly sized ass, and now he was groping away at it. Both were in heaven.

Hot with desire, Zoe let her dressing gown drop, her father pushed her back gently and she fell willingly infront of him. Alan hung over Zoe, she smiled lovingly back, then he pushed up her chemise and whipped down her soft satin knickers to expose her eager, moist pussy. Parting her legs a little, Alan moved straight in for her pussy with his mouth.

He drew back at that first salty taste, licked his lips, parted her pussy a little more and began tonguing, lapping, licking out her daughters pussy. With tongue, lips and fingers Alan busied himself sucking out the pussy and rubbing her clit expertly, wallowing in the joys of hearing Zoe moan happily. His cock was bulging so much now, he so wanted to fuck Zoe but so wanted to make this the best experience Zoe had ever had.

Alan need not have worried. Zoe was higher on this than on any drug. As her pussy tingled at her fathers undivided attention, she sucked on a finger, moaned, pushed off her chemise from a shoulder and fingered one of her nipples. There were stars in Zoe's eyes, she swore and grunted, the animal aroused within her - she tensed her body, her juices following, arched her belly forward and sank limp back onto the bed. She could take no more, it was beginning to hurt. Alan got the message.

He crawled up to face his daughter, mouth glistening with her juices, they smiled and kissed lovingly, not so passionately now. They both needed the re-assurance each others kiss had. Zoe sealed the re-assurance by taking hold of her dad's cock. Alan mounted his daughter and guided his cock into her warm, welcoming pussy. He smiled down at his beautiful girl, she bit her lip in an expression of a little discomfort - but she wanted this too. On her smile, Alan began to gently fuck his eldest daughter. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for long, so made the most of it - long, slow thrusts, delighting in the feel of Zoe as he did, deep, deep inside her,back and forth he went - then faster, Zoe again moaned in rhythm, Alan panted, faster and faster then filled her with his cum.

They lay together for a few minutes, Zoe clasped her pussy in on hand, Alan lay back looking into Zoe's eyes. Then the guilt hit Alan. He jumped out of bed and gathered his clothes and left. Zoe pulled on her dressing gown, and slowly went after him.

Alan had gone to the bathroom to shower and dress. Zoe waited in the lounge, made coffee and lit a joint. As Alan walked sheepishly back into the room Zoe smiled and announced "That was the best sex ever!" - they briefly argued the wrongs and rights of it before letting the matter rest.

After a time Zoe went back to the bedroom to dress. She took sometime as unbeknown to her father she dressed again in her bridal wear and this time applied her makeup also. Alan was surprised to see Zoe wearing the dress again. She sat down beside her father and the two of them kissed again. "Will you take me wearing this" Zoe almost pleaded with her dad. Totally turned on by the thought Alan protested "I have to give you away, how can I look at you on the day knowing I've fucked you wearing that". Zoe was embarrassed and left for the kitchen, Alan followed her, telling her he wanted to fuck her again but couldn't.

Zoe stood staring out a window. Alan went up behind her, put his arms around her and held her. He felt himself aroused, he nuzzled Zoe's neck, she responded by throwing her neck back for him, Alan rubbed at Zoe's pussy through the layers, she bent a little forward in excitement. Alan then grabbed at her ass, and rubbed the silks, Zoe bit her lip and sucked in the air through her teeth. Alan now knew what he wanted.

They moved back to the bedroom, Alan re-assured Zoe they'd be careful with the dress. They knelt on the floor beside the bed, Alan behind Zoe, kissing her neck, feeling her body through the silks. Zoe began to gather her dress up, Alan helped lift it, he saw she now hand on white tights - as the dress was gathered higher and higher he saw they were infact stockings, with suspender belt.

Zoe said she was comfortable and moved more onto the bed, still with her back to her dad, Alan caressed Zoe's silk clad ass, her soft satin knickers were so sensual, her frilly edge chemise such a turn on too, once again he tugged down knickers this time to expose her little ass. Alan fingered her pussy from behind, Zoe smiled and turned to see as much as she could as she got a deep and vigorous fingering from her dad, she got wet so quickly. Alan bent his head and kissed Zoes ass and run his tongue across the crack of her anus.

With Zoe holding her dress at her waist, Alan had one finger in her pussy, and then the other began to tease her tight anus. Zoe liked the sensation, Alan saw her relax her ass cheeks and probed his finger deeper into her tight, warm ass. Placing a few more kisses on her ass Alan quickly withdrew both hands from his daughter, he whispered "Wait" and left Zoe unattended for a few seconds. She heard Alan pick something up from her dressing table and then felt him kneel back behind her again, re-assuringly caressing her again.

A second later Zoe felt the cold smear of lotion touch her ass, she drew in breath and tensed again. Alan worked the lotion around the hole, finger massaging her almost. Zoe knew what was to come, she had never had this before nor was she sure she wanted it now, but this was her father, she trusted him, she knew this was wrong in so many ways and found herself paralysed by her many thoughts.

The next thing Zoe realised was her dad's weight coming down on her, she hadn't been aware of him removing his trousers again and here was his hard cock brushing against her ass. His hands parted her ass cheeks and then Alan's cock nudged against Zoe's anus. Alan took his cock in one hand and began to push.

Zoe gripped the bed and called out "Dad!" in a panic, looking for some reassurance, she let go of her dress and grabbed the sheets around her. There was no pain yet but she knew it would follow.

Alan paid no attention to Zoe for now, he began to force his cock into his daughters tight ass, he felt a little pain as he guided the head of his cock in. Zoe ass was tight, warm and moist. Zoe cringed in pain, gasping, swearing, she let out an low moan of complaint. Alan eased a little further in as he heard Zoe catch her breath again. The tears were rolling down Zoe's face but she didn't make a sound, the pain was intense, throbbing, tight, burning her up inside. Alan too felt his cock tight inside her dry anus, he knew he hadn't put enough lotion on his cock, too late now.

Now fully inside his daughter, Alan offered a little re-assurance to her, Zoe asked him to stop, but Alan couldn't - not now. He was going to enjoy bugger this ass he's watched for years before. And slowly be began to withdraw - Zoe thought he was going to get up, but he was just withdrawing to move in again - still slowly but faster than the first time - Zoe's heart sank, the pain was still great, the sensation almost unbearable, the feeling of panic overcome her - she wriggled. This only served to get Alan even more excited, his cock twitched away inside Zoe, he gently smacked her ass - he had no idea how she felt about this and to be honest he didn't care.Alan withdrew and pushed in again, faster than before, and again, and again, he was now rapidly buggering his daughter. Alan delighted in the sight of his cock disappearing up the ass of this "virginal bride". He had thoughts of buggering Zoe on her wedding day, his daughter, his bride. Zoe wriggled, the pain was still there, still intense but she was beginning to find some joy in this. The powerlessness, the tightness, the warmth and the illicitness.

Zoe began to moan, now reassuring her dad that this was OK, Alan began to grunt and smack her ass harder - fit and loving this he may have been , but it hadn't been that long since he'd last come - but Zoe helped out, she began to curse "Fuck me daddy!", "Fuck your little girl!" "Fuck your whore daughter daddy!" - all this served to drive Alan wild and a few more deep thrusts really got him going, Zoe couldn't talk, she could barely stay conscious at this stage, she moaned low and long as her father filled her ass with his sticky cum.

They lay shattered on the bed for some time.

That night father and daughter slept together and fucked again in the morning. It wouldn't be long until Zoe was a married woman, but before that they'd meet again

To Be Continued...?

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