tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 01

The Wedding Planner Ch. 01

byJust Plain Bob©

She sat at her desk and read the memo that she found lying in the middle of her desk when she came in that morning. The information it contained was disturbing and she frowned. She had promised her husband that she would free her schedule so the two of them could take a four day weekend and sneak off and be alone. The arrangements were made. Jake had made the reservations at the resort hotel and all was ready.

The memo in her hand said she was scheduled for a 4 PM meeting on Friday, the day she was supposed to be leaving. She and Jake had planned to be on the road by 8 AM Friday morning, but someone had committed her to a meeting on a day she was supposed to be off. She picked up the phone and buzzed Marci. Marci was Dan's secretary and Dan was the general manager of the hotel that employed her.

"Marci? This is Fran. I found a memo on my desk when I got here this morning and I see that I'm set up for a 4 PM meeting with Daimler/Parsons tomorrow. What is going on? I'm supposed to be off tomorrow. Jake and I are taking a four day weekend end to go SCUBA diving."

"All I know honey is that Dan told me to schedule you for the meeting."

"Put me through to him please."

"No can do honey, he is in a very important meeting right now."

"I need to talk with him ASAP Marci. Jake will not be happy if I cancel this weekend on him. It will be the fourth or fifth time in the last six months that my job has gotten in the way of our plans."

"Not to worry honey, about talking to Dan I mean. I'm sure that he will be calling you as soon as his meeting is over. The meeting is with Brian Daimler and I'm certain that Dan will talk to you about what has been said."

Daimler she thought, that's the name of who she was scheduled to meet with at 4 PM the next day. "Okay Marci, I'll sit by the phone and wait for his call."

She hung up the phone and turned to her computer and Googled Brian Daimler. The information she found gave her a sinking feeling. President and CEO of Amalgamated Industries and on the board of directors of five other corporations, one of which was the corporation that owned the luxury hotel where she was employed as an events coordinator. As important as he was there was no way she would be able to skip that 4 PM meeting, not if she planned on keeping her job.

She cleared her screen and did a LexisNexis search and discovered that he was engaged to be married to an Estelle Parsons and it all became clear. She was the hotel's events coordinator and part of her job was planning and coordinating weddings and that she was suddenly set up for a meeting with Daimler and Parsons meant that she was suddenly between a rock and a hard place. To pass on the Daimler/Parsons meeting would please Jake, but probably cost her her job. Take the meeting and Jake would not be happy. He was already upset over how many times her job had gotten in the way of their personal life. The phone rang and it was Marci telling her that Dan wanted to see her in his office.

She entered Dan's office and he told her to take a seat. "Fran, do you know who Brian Daimler is?"

"Yes sir. I know he is on the board of directors of the corporation that owns this hotel."

"Well, he has decided that his wedding and reception will be held here at the hotel. I've scheduled you to meet with him and his intended tomorrow at 4PM. This wedding could very well be the 'social event' of the year and it is important that we shine. I know it will put a lot of pressure on you, but I am confidant that you can handle it. It goes without saying that I will see to it that you have whatever you need. Any questions?"

"Yes sir. I'm not scheduled to work tomorrow. My husband and I are going off on a four day weekend and I won't be back to work until Tuesday."

"I'm afraid that you will have to cancel your plans. Tomorrow is the only day that Mr. Daimler has available. I'm sure that your husband will understand and I will make it up to you. Tell him I will see to it that we comp you for a weeks stay at our hotel in Cabo San Lucas once the Daimler/Parsons wedding is out of the way."

She knew that trying to talk her way out of the meeting was useless so she just stood up, said "Yes sir" and left his office.


"You what?" her husband asked.

"I have to attend a meeting tomorrow at four."

"How are you going to do that? We will be over a hundred miles away."

"I have to make this meeting honey. If I don't make it I could lose my job."

"Your job is more important than our relationship? Your job is more important than spending time with me?"

"No baby, but..."

"No buts Fran. You have let that job interfere with the last five times I've set up something for us to do. I don't give a rat's ass if you do lose it. You don't need it anyway. I make more than enough to take care of us. We don't need the money that the job pays you. The only reason you work is to give you something to do. If you have to have something to do then get another job."

"Be reasonable honey. It is a good job, I like doing it and I'm good at it."

"I don't care Fran. I'm sick of having a job you don't need screwing up our plans."

"Dan said he would make it up to us. He is going to comp us for a full week at the hotel in Cabo."

"Fran, I made plans for this weekend and I'm not going to change them. I'm going. You can either go with me or not, but I am going. And I'll say one more thing while I'm at it. Your job will never again get in the way of any plans I make. If I schedule it, it will happen; with you or with out you, it will happen."

He got up from the table and said, "I'm going to pack" and he walked out of the room. As she watched him walk away she wondered if the job was worth getting in arguments over. She loved the work and she had a flair for it. Okay, so it did get in the way of Jake's plans every once in a while, but so what? It wasn't as if it happened all the time. Granted, it did happen several times in the last five months, but that was an abnormality. Prior to those occurrences they had gone a year and a half with out her job being a problem at all.

She suspected that Jake's animosity toward her job was based on some macho idea that as the man of the house a working wife was an insult to his ability to provide for his family. Well that was just too bad. She was not going to sit at home with nothing to do but watch inane daytime television. And if she was going to work it was going to be at something she liked and was good at and that just happened to be the job that she already had.

It was still dark out when Jake's moving around woke her up. She glanced at the bedside clock and saw that it was only 5 AM. She sat up in bed and watched him dress.

"Why are you up so early?"

"Since I'm going alone I decided to get an early start. If you have changed your mind I'll wait while you get dressed and pack."

"I haven't changed my mind. I have to make that meeting."

"Okay then, I'll see you late Monday or early Tuesday" and he turned and left the bedroom without even offering to kiss her good-bye.


She had cleared her desk in anticipation of being off that day and she really had nothing to do until her meeting at four, but she didn't want to sit at home and stare at the walls so she went into work. She was sitting at her computer checking her e-mails when the phone rang. It was Marci telling her she was wanted in Dan's office.

"A little late perhaps, but some good news, at least for you. Miss Parsons has had a death in the family and has to fly to Kansas City so this afternoon's meeting is going to have to be rescheduled. You get your weekend after all."

As she left his office she looked at her watch and saw that it was five after nine. Her SCUBA gear was already in the trunk of the car and it wouldn't take her anymore than thirty minutes to drive home and pack. She could be on the road by ten and at the beach by noon. She would still be able to get in almost a full day of diving and maybe a hot evening in the sack with Jake would smooth things over between them.

She made good time and got there at a quarter to twelve. One of her tanks was empty so she pulled up at the dive shop to get the tank filled before going to the hotel. While she was waiting for her tank she glanced out the back window at the beach and she saw Jake. He was not alone. He was helping a good looking blonde with the straps on her tank harness and from the way he was looking at her it was clear that he was trying to get something going. She turned and headed for the door intending to go out and put a stop to what she thought was happening, but she stopped as her hand touched the door and as bad thoughts flooded her mind. Jake hadn't been gone from her seven hours. Allowing for the two hour drive he had only been there five hours and he was already working on having a playmate?

She thought back on the dozen or so business trips he had gone on over the last few years and wondered how he spent the nights. Alone in his hotel room or had he found playmates then also? She decided that she was not going to let Jake know that she was there and she was going to watch and see what he did.

Once her tank was filled she moved her car away from the dive shop so it wouldn't be noticed if Jake should happen to need something from the shop. She grabbed her beach blanket from the trunk, got her 7 X 15 binoculars and an old floppy hat out of her duffle bag and went out on the beach. She spread her blanket out and sat down on it just in time to see Jake and the blond wade out into the water. She debated putting on her gear and following them, but at the last second she decided that she didn't want to chance Jake knowing that she was around.

It was an hour before she saw Jake and the blond woman again. They came out of the water and removed their fins and walked to a blanket and picnic cooler under a beach umbrella. They dropped their weight belts and helped each other get their tanks off and then they sat down on the blanket. She was far enough away from them not to be noticed and there were a dozen other people on the beach with binoculars who were looking in all directions so her looking their way wouldn't draw attention.

She watched as Jake and the woman talked, spread sun-screen over each other and talked some more. She was watching when Jake bent down and kissed the woman and she was watching when the woman's arms went around Jake's neck and she returned the kiss. The two of them fell back on the blanket and began to do some serious necking.

She had seen enough. It didn't take the brain of a rocket scientist to know if Jake and the woman had reached that point that early in the day what would happen that evening was a forgone conclusion. Tears were streaking her cheeks as she got up and headed for her car. That bastard! How could he!


The drive home gave her a lot of time to think about her situation. Nine years of marriage and it meant nothing to Jake. What did it mean to her? It meant nine years of taking care of Jake; nine years of being a loving and faithful wife to a man who turned out to be a worthless asshole.

By the time she was halfway home she was making lists in her mind of what she needed to do when she divorced his sorry ass. It wasn't until she was pulling into her driveway that she had an epiphany. The sorry bastard had been cheating on her and what she needed was to get even. Well, probably not even because she had no way of knowing how many bimbos the bastard had slept with during their nine year marriage, but she could get back at him. Why give up her home and her comfortable existence just because Jake was a cheating asshole. No. She would continue to let him pay the bills and she would maintain the facade of a good marriage, but even though he would never know, she was going to pay him back in kind.

As she walked into the house she was still making a list in her mind, only now it was a list of the men she was going to give herself to. She was sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer and working on her list of about to be fuck-buddies when suddenly she knew she couldn't do it. She was making a list of men she knew and found attractive, but almost all of them also knew Jake. Sooner or later one of them would let something slip and word could get back to Jake and she didn't want that. She wanted Jake to continue thinking that she was a loving and devoted wife while she was busy hanging horns on him. She wanted Jake to support her and take care of her while she fucked around on him. The men she spread for would have to be strangers.

She wadded up her list and tossed it in the trash. She finished her beer and then headed for the shower. She had three nights alone, courtesy of Jake, and she saw no reason for not getting started on her revenge.


"Oh God yes!" she screamed, "Yes baby, yes" as she had her seventh orgasm of the night and maybe her twenty-fifth since Friday. The man - Barry, Barney, Benny or some such name like that - pounded his cock into her as she screamed, cried and begged. Her arms and legs gripped him tight to her as he finally pushed his third load of the night into her hot, wet and hungry pussy. He pulled out and fell to the bed next to her and she rolled over and slid down to take his limp cock in her mouth. After three or four minutes she gave up trying to get him up again.

Maybe in a couple of hours he would recover enough to go again, but she couldn't give him a couple of hours; she needed to get dressed and get home. As she drove home she thought back over the last three days. Friday she had gone to a lounge on the other side of town. She actually felt the eyes on her as she walked through the door in her little black dress and four inch heels and made her way to an empty stool at the bar. She ordered a drink and when the bartender brought it he waved away her attempt to pay and pointed to a man sitting at the end of the bar and said that her drink had been taken care of. She raised her glass to the man in salute and after that it was one man after another asking her to dance.

She had nursed her drink; she didn't want to get drunk, just loose enough to really enjoy it when she finally chose the lucky guy. Three hours later she was in a motel with her legs up on the shoulders of a man whose name she had already forgotten. She had fucked him and sucked him off and on for almost six hours while listening to her cell phone chime as Jake tried to reach her. In the morning she had left the man lying on the motel bed, spent and exhausted, and had gone on home. The answering machine had five calls from Jake on it and she deleted them all without listening to them.

Saturday night had been a repeat - different lounge, different motel, but with the same result. She had left another exhausted man on a motel bed and she had again ignored Jake's attempts to reach her.

That night's conquest had been different. She and what's his name had gotten out of their cars at the same time in the parking lot and on the way to the door he had asked her to save him a dance when they got inside. She had stopped and looked at him for a second and then she had said:

"If you are here for the same reason I am why even bother going inside?"

Twenty minutes later she was on her knees in a motel room and sucking his cock while he was removing his shirt. As she was leaving the motel room he had asked her when they could do it again and she told him the same thing she had told the two before him:

"Sorry, this was a one time only thing. It was great and I enjoyed the hell out of it, but we won't ever do it again."


When she got home she ran herself a hot bath and soaked in it for a while. As the heat warmed her body she thought that it was too bad that she hadn't found out about Jake sooner. She enjoyed getting strange cock and if the weekend was any indication, the more she got, the more she was going to want. When she got out of the tub she douched herself real good. She wasn't worried about pregnancy; she was on birth control pills and she also had a diaphragm in place, but on the off chance that Jake wanted to have sex when he got home she didn't want him sliding in someone else's soup. It would be great revenge to give him sloppy seconds or have him eat her with someone else's junk inside her, but what if he noticed? No, she had to keep it clean.

She noticed that she had already in her mind changed the act of intercourse from 'making love' to 'having sex'. She wouldn't deny Jake sex when he wanted it, but she would never again be the one to initiate it. She wondered if he would notice the lack of "real" passion. She would fake it, but real passion was something that Jake would never see from her again.

She put on some sweats and got busy cleaning house and doing laundry. As she worked she wondered if the fact that Jake hadn't been able to reach her all weekend would cause him to come home early that night or whether he would not be home until Tuesday morning. Because he might come home early she was going to have to pass on going out hunting even though she wanted to.

Those thoughts prompted another. She was going to have to find some other way to get strange cock. She couldn't lounge shop with Jake at home; that is what she would do when he was on his business trips, but she was going to have to find some way to get fucked while he was around. She thought about that most of the day while she worked, but it wasn't until she was laying out the clothes she was going to wear to work the next day that the idea occurred to her. She rolled it over in her mind and then she decided. She was going to start a tradition. She would make it her goal to bed a member of the wedding party of every wedding she worked on as the events coordinator.

She averaged one wedding a week and some weeks she did as many as three. She would try to limit it to a specific list; fathers of the bride and groom, the best man and the ushers. She giggled as she thought she'd better take a pass on the ring bearer if she wanted to stay out of jail, but the rest of them would be fair game. Hell, she might even try for the groom. Only as a last resort would she go after a guest at the wedding. If she could pull it off it would hold her until Jake went on a business trip. He averaged one a month and was usually gone three or four days.

She made a mental note to buy a small note book to keep track of how many men she was going to let put horns on her husband. No names, no dates, nothing specific, just a check mark so she could keep count.


Jake got home at nine that night. She was in the kitchen and when he came in he walked up to her and took her in his arms and tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away. He stepped back and looked at her:

"What's that all about? You aren't glad to see me?"

"What it is about asshole, is that you walked out of here Friday morning and didn't even attempt to kiss me good-bye so I'm damned sure not going to give you a kiss to welcome you home."

"I'm sorry baby, but I was upset over you not going with me."

"Not near as upset as I am over your attitude."

"Is that why you didn't take any of my calls over the weekend?

"Yes it is. If I had taken any one of those calls it would have turned into a shouting match before it was over and I was already pissed off enough. I didn't need any more shit to have to carry through the weekend."

"Let's go into the bedroom and I'll make things up to you."


"Come on baby, don't be like that. Why don't you go slip into something slinky and sexy while I take a quick shower."

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