tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 03

The Wedding Planner Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

While she sat at her desk and waited for the computer to come up she took the small spiral note pad she had purchased Saturday out of her purse. She still hadn't made up her mind how she wanted to record her illicit meetings. The date and number of times? Just the date and a check mark? Just a check mark on each line to represent a lover? There would be no names or descriptions; no number of stars to denote how great the time had been. She smiled as she remembered Friday night with Scott. He would have gotten three and a half stars after his check mark.

She finally decided on just the date and a check mark and got out a pen and brought the notebook up to date. There were the three guys from the first weekend, Dan, and then Scott from Friday night. That made five in one week after years and years of only Jake. She wondered how many of those years Jake had been cheating on her. No matter; the one she knew about was enough. She dropped the notebook back in her purse and started in on her days work.

Her first order of business was to handle the florist problem with the Burkett wedding. She called Elise Caldwell, the bride's mother and explained that flowers were included in the contract she had signed. If she wanted to use her own florist it was fine, but there wouldn't be any refund on the contracted price. The woman said she had not realized that flowers were included in the contract and she certainly wasn't going to pay double for flowers. She said she would contact her florist and cancel the order.

Next order of business was the catering for the Heinzmann wedding. It was not being held at the hotel, but the hotel's catering unit would be doing the food. She made a couple of phone calls and got the scheduling worked out.

Next on her list was the "turn key" wedding for the Masterson's. The idea of "turn key" weddings had come to her when a girlfriend had bemoaned the fact that she wanted a traditional wedding, but couldn't see how to make it happen. The friend had a job that took up a huge amount of her time and left her little or no time to do the things that had to be done in order for her to have the wedding she wanted. Also, both her family and her fiancé's family were in different states and the usual wedding arrangers - the moms - weren't available.

She had given the idea some thought and then had approached Dan with the idea. They would do it all. Arrange for the minister, the food, the music, the flowers and even the wedding dresses and tuxedos. All the bridal party had to do was show up for the wedding rehearsal and then go through with the wedding. Dan had given her the go-ahead and it had been a huge success. Since then she had done seventeen of them and they had all gone off like clockwork.

She took out the Full Service wedding checklist and got out her notes that she had taken when she had gone to lunch with the bride and groom. Her first call was to Beatrice's Bridal Boutique. She gave Beatrice the time of the rehearsal dinner and then called Toddman's Men's Apparel and gave her contact there the same information. Representatives from the two businesses would be at the rehearsal and would take the measurements of the people in the wedding party. The would have samples available and the bride and groom would select the styles and colors they wanted and the clothes would be delivered to the hotel the morning of the wedding and the members of the wedding party would change clothes in the rooms provided.

Next, she looked at her list of ministers and started calling them until she found one who was available for the day and time of the wedding. At her lunch with the couple they had given her their preferences where music was concerned and she arranged for the appropriate band. They had also picked what they wanted in the way of food and alcohol for the reception and a call to the hotel's catering unit took care of that. She arranged for the flowers and then it was lunch time.


She hadn't been back from lunch fifteen minutes when she got a call from Dan asking her if she could meet him in room 602. "Poor baby must be anxious" she thought, "Must not have gotten any over the weekend." She grabbed her purse and her travel bag containing her douche and douche bag and headed for the room.

She used her master key card to get into the room and was not surprised when she found Dan naked and waiting. His cock was hard and pointing up at the ceiling and she giggled and said:

"Is that for little ole me?"

She was stepping out of her skirt when Dan answered, "I don't know. I called for room service. Is that why you are here? To service me?"

"Well, normally Housekeeping takes care of dirty things on the bed, but seeing that I'm already here I may as well just go ahead and take care of it."

"That is one of the great things about this hotel - a dedicated work force."

"And enthusiastic. Don't forget enthusiastic."

She reached for his cock and said, "Since service is what we are going to deliver, may I ask your requirements sir?"

"I'm too horny to waste time on head so how's about you climb on and ride em cowgirl."

"Oh goody. Can I yell out, "Yippie-ki-yay?"

"You can do anything you want as long as you don't let it slip out."

"Fat chance of that" she said as she swung over him and guided him into her pussy. It took her five minutes of sliding up and down and rocking back and forth on his cock to get him off and then she giggled and said, "Not afraid of your own stuff are you?" and she swung over him in a sixty-nine and her mouth went for his cock. It took another five minutes to get him back up and the she got on her hands and knees and wiggled her butt at him. He took the hint and moved in behind her and slid his cock into her hot, wet cunt. He gripped her hips with his hands and started fucking her.

"Oh yes lover, like that" she moaned as he slid deep into her. "Fuck Jake's pussy. Fuck Jake's pussy hard."


All during the drive home that night and all during dinner her pussy tingled in anticipation of her sitting on Jake's face when they went to bed that night. Just the thought of Jake sliding his tongue into the pussy that Dan had only recently fucked made her wet and she wished - not for the first time - that she could have Dan's cum in her when Jake covered her pussy with his mouth. One day she would, but not until she was ready to end it with Jake.

She was lying in bed naked with her legs spread and running a finger in her pussy when Jake came into the bedroom. He looked at her waiting for him and said:

"I sometimes wonder about you."

"In what way?"

"Other guys who have been married as long as we have are always complaining about how they only get sex once or twice a week and yet we have barely slowed down since our first time."

"Ever stop to think that the problem is with them and not their wives? Maybe they aren't getting the job done so their wives don't have any interest in them any more. Maybe they don't eat pussy - hint, hint."

"Subtle aren't we?"

"This wife knows what she wants. Bring me that beautiful cock and let's do some math."

"Do some math?"

"Yes Sweetie. Remember Sesame Street? The part where they would say, "Today's number is...?" Well on this street tonight's number is 69 so how about you getting over here and we start counting."

As her mouth worked on Jake's cock she imagined Dan's cum sliding out of her pussy into Jake's mouth and then down into his belly. Just the thought of Jake sucking up Dan's leavings triggered the start of her first orgasm. Jake pushed her away and got her on her hands and knees and as he drove into her from behind she remembered that afternoon when Dan had done the same thing and she had another orgasm.


The next two days it was business as usual as she planned, scheduled, coordinated and interacted with all the businesses she had to deal with be it for weddings, conventions or trade shows. Her afternoons were spent with Dan's cock plunging into her pussy or trying to get all the way down her throat and into her belly.

She didn't fuck Jake Tuesday night, but she did kiss him and slip him some tongue from the mouth that had spent a goodly bit of time that afternoon sucking on Dan's cock. Wednesday night when she did fuck Jake two of her three orgasms came because she was thinking about what Dan had done to her that afternoon. The third one was caused by Jake. He was a marvelous lover even if he was a cheating asshole.

When they were done she rolled over and fell asleep wondering if she would be able to get a lover out the next wedding.

At breakfast she reminded Jake that she would be late that night. "I have the Masterson wedding rehearsal tonight and it is a turn key wedding and all the fittings take up more time than the usual rehearsals."

"When are you going to give up that job Fran? You don't need it. We don't need it. I make more than enough so you don't have to make a paycheck."

"I do need it Jake. I have to have something to do with my time. If you want me to stay home get me pregnant."

"I don't think that the Gods that be want us to have kids. Lord knows we have been trying for nine years now."

"You have" she thought, "But I haven't." When she and Jake had first gotten married she had looked forward to having children. That is she had until she saw how totally disruptive kids could be in your life. She saw friend after friend go nuts trying to cope with babies and still keep the romance in her marriage. A good third of those marriages had ended in divorce. She had early on decided that she wanted the romance to last more than she wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet so she had put herself on strict birth control. Birth control pills, diaphragms and spermicides were a major part of her life.

Jake didn't know and she never intended for him to find out. When she hadn't become pregnant during those first years of their marriage Jake had insisted that they go in and be tested. The tests had shown that they were both fully capable and Jake had accepted that they would just have to be patient and let it happen. For years she had felt guilty over denying him children, but now she was glad she had. Divorce was hard on children and divorce was where she and Jake were headed. Hopefully it wouldn't happen anytime soon, at least not until she had gotten plenty of revenge, but it would happen. Maybe she would have a baby, just not Jake's. Wouldn't that be a kick? Have a baby and let him think it was his and he could pay her child support for eighteen years so she could take care of another man' offspring. Now that would be revenge!

Her day at work was spent stamping out small fires. One of the unions was threatening to throw a picket line in front of the hotel over a dispute on who was going to handle the set up work for an automotive parts manufacturer's trade show scheduled for the main ballroom. Catering told her that they wouldn't be able to furnish the center-piece for the main table for the Namur wedding; something about an ice carver who wasn't answering his phone. Housekeeping didn't have enough tables and chairs to cover the two trade shows, the motivational sales meeting and the three business conferences scheduled for the next week. All of that taken care of she got busy on the final details for the nights rehearsal and fittings.

A two o'clock call from Dan resulted in a two hour bout of recreational sex in room 112. She had walked into the room expecting to find him already naked and on the bed and she was not disappointed. It was different from most of their fuck sessions in that this time Dan got some sort of satisfaction out of denigrating Jake and she was only too happy to go along.

"I know that the only reason you are here is that your husband has a small cock and can't satisfy you. That revenge story was just so much bullshit. You are here because you love my cock. Admit it. You are here because I've made you my bitch."

"No, it isn't true. I am only here for revenge."

He pulled here down on the bed and pulled her head down to his cock. "You can't shit me you slut. You are here because you can't get enough of this" and he pushed his cock against her lips.

She resisted a fraction of a second and then gave him a fake moan as she opened her mouth and let him push his cock in it.

"That's it you little whore, suck it. Taste a good cock instead of that puny little thing your husband has."

She worked on his cock for a minute or so and then Dan pulled it out of her mouth and said, "Admit it bitch. You want this cock and that is why you are here."

"No damn you, I love my husband. I'm only doing this to punish him."

"Then go and punish him some place else" and he pulled away from her.

"Where are you going?"

"You want me to fuck you it has to be because you WANT me to fuck you, not because you want to get even with Jake."

"Please don't go. I'm ready; I need it."

"Not bad enough it would seem" and he bent to pick up his pants.

"No, please come back here."

He pulled one pant leg on and she cried, "Okay damn you, I admit it. Jake is a small dicked wuss and he can't satisfy me. Now get over here and show me that you can."

"I'm better than Jake and you know it. I want to hear you say it."

"Jake can't fuck me like you do. You are so much better."

"How much better?"

"You make me cum more than he ever did. Now please come over here and fuck me."

He crawled between her legs and said, "You want it; you put it in."

She grabbed his dick and pulled it to her pussy and got the head started and then Dan drove it home. The two of them fucked steady for ten minutes and she had three orgasms before Dan blew his load in her. She sucked him hard and he had fucked her a second time and then she had to get back to work.


At the rehearsal she checked out the men present and decided that any one of them would do. She began watching them to see if any of them showed any interest in her and she was delighted when the eyes of the father of the groom kept turning to her. When the rehearsal was over she made a point of being next to him when he was measured for his tux. She all ready knew that he was divorced and from out of town and was at the rehearsal alone. She heard him say:

"I hate wearing these monkey suits. I don't see why people can't get hitched in their regular clothes. Why not a good suit instead of a tux."

It was an opening and she took it. "I think you will look very distinguished in a tuxedo."

"That's a cold shot."

"How so?"

"I thought I looked pretty good without one."

"I'll give you that, but we are talking "good" versus "distinguished."

"And distinguished would get me what as opposed to what good would get me?"

"Good point."

"I take since you work here you live in the area and might know something about the area's night life?"


"Where could a single out of town guy like me go to find some action?"

"The lounge here in the hotel is as good a place as any. It has a pretty good live band and that pulls in a lot of people."

"Lots of women?"

"I'd say that there will probably be a nice assortment."

"So you think a guy like me could find some one?"

"I'd be willing to bet on it."

It was another half hour before everyone was measured and when it was done she headed for the lounge. She saw him sitting at a table next to the dance floor and she walked over and sat down with him.

"Hey sailor; buy a girl a drink?"

"Good thing I didn't take your bet."

"I only bet on sure things. Are you a sure thing?"

"Why didn't we do this while we were upstairs? Would have saved me some time, the cost of a couple of drinks and my room was only one floor away."

"True, but I was on the clock and there are some things I can't do on company time."

"Do you really want that drink or is there something that you would rather have?"

"I think you already know the answer to that sweetie."

"Then let us get the hell out of here and get to it."

In the elevator he said, "I noticed your rings. Do I have to be quick so you can get on home?"

"Don't you dare be quick, but yes, I do have to get home by eleven. That gives us two and a half hours. Plenty of time if we use it wisely."

Inside the room he wasted no time in undressing and neither did she. He pulled her to him and kissed her, slipping her a little tongue. She sent hers into his mouth and the two tongues dueled for several moments and then he broke the kiss and lowered his mouth to her hard nipples. She slid her hand down his body, grasped his cock and started to stroke it. His hand slid down to her pussy and he started to rub her clit and she moaned. He picked her up and placed her on the bed and she hissed out:

"Fuck me lover, fuck me now."

He penetrated her and she pushed up at him as he drove himself deep into her. Her legs clamped around him and he started fucking her hard. For maybe three minutes he pounded her pussy hard and then he groaned:

"I'm close baby, real close. Are you protected?"

She was, but thought it would be more of a turn on for him if she said no. "No lover, but it doesn't matter. In me, I want you to put it in me." She felt his spurts as he let go in her and as he softened and pulled out she said:

"Again lover; I want to do it again."

"As soon as I can get it up again honey."

"I'll help" she said as she changed position and moved her head to his crotch. She licked their combined juices off of his limp cock and then took the head into her mouth and started sucking on him. Slowly his cock started to rise and when it was hard enough to suit her she swung over him and slid down on his erection. She rode him until he came again and then he went down on her. As he licked up his own juices she wished that it was Jake down there cleaning her out. After several minutes she pushed him away and moved into a sixty-nine and when he was hard she rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide and said:

"Again lover, fuck me again."

A she was dressing he asked, "Does your husband know? Is he one of those guys who gets off on his wife taking on lovers?"

"No. He doesn't have a clue that I play around."

"Just out of curiosity, why do you do it?"

"Because while my husband is a nice guy and a good provider he doesn't get the job done where it counts - in the bedroom. On a good night I get three minutes and then he is done and rolls over and goes to sleep. Most nights I don't even get three."

"I'll be here through Sunday."

"I can only get out on nights I work and tonight was it for this week."

"Can I call you the next time I'm in town?"

"I'm sorry, but no. I don't take too many chances. Tonight just turned out lucky for both of us."

She left his room, went to her office and got her travel bag and then used her master key to get into one of the rooms used for the fittings. It wouldn't get maid service until the following morning. She showered, douched herself, and as the nozzle of the douche bag slid into her pussy she thought of the cock that had just been there and how Jake would be getting his seconds within the next hour or so. She smiled as she reminded herself to make a check mark in her notebook.

To be continued.

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Stupid pathetic nonsense wimp tale. 1* for this garbage

Wimpy cuckold brainless writer.
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1* for this crap.

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An Evil Twat!

Forget Jake and the whole "revenge" thing. The evil cunt is now shitting all over the families that provide her with her position.(job)
Have to hope that she suffers BIG time whenever this tale ends!

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Wow the story continues

Proving the point that she is a bitch, She fuck and sucks and takes control of everything. First Jake after all is a good lover, and now he isn't. haha Wtfe. you are a good writer and this is a goodmore...

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