tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 04

The Wedding Planner Ch. 04

byJust Plain Bob©

Monday was a busy day for her. She had a trade show that was running from Tuesday to Thursday, a motivational seminar to set up for Wednesday and two weddings coming up on the weekend. For the first time since she had started her affair with Dan when he called her and asked her to meet him in room 617 she was reluctant to go. She just had too much on her desk. But she hadn't had sex with Jake since Friday night so they would almost certainly have sex that night and she couldn't pass up a chance to give him his 'seconds.'

It was enjoyable as always - and when she was getting dressed Dan asked:

"Have you given any thought to what you are going to do when you get caught?"

"I don't intend to get caught."

"But you will. It is inevitable. No one ever thinks they will get caught when they cheat and I will grant you that some don't, but only because they do it only once or twice and then stop. Those who continue doing it always get caught. Think about your case. Do you think Jake thought he was going to get caught? No he didn't, but circumstances put you in the right place at the wrong time for him and the same could, and eventually probably will happen to you."

"So what's your point?"

"I'm just asking if you have thought ahead."

"No, I guess I haven't. Some day, way down the road, I intend to let him know that I found out about him and that I have been getting even, but I'm thinking years before I do that. Why are you asking?"

"I was thinking of offering you a proposition that would help you get ready for the day when it comes."

"A proposition? What kind of a proposition?"

"Don't get pissed at me here; I'm just thinking of something that can benefit us both. You want to screw a bunch of guys to get even with Jake and I have guys who ask me to find them women. I have a list of girls that I use for the purpose and they make on the average of two thousand a night."

"You want me to be a prostitute?"

"Yes, but not really."

"Explain that to me."

"A prostitute stands on a corner or sits on a barstool and takes on anyone who has the price. You would be more of a high class call girl. You wouldn't be looking for customers; it would all be set up ahead of time. Say Bill calls me and says he will be in town on the twentieth for some meetings and he has to stay the night. He asks me if I can find him some company so I say sure and I call one of the girls on my list."

"So you are a pimp?"

"Nope. I don't take a dime for setting him up with a girl. I just do a favor for some one I know. Most of the girls on my list get fifteen hundred a night and they usually get a tip on top of that. If you are interested I can add you to my list. It would help you build up a slush fund for the day everything comes unglued for you."

"I don't know Dan. I don't think I can do it. I wouldn't have any problem screwing them, but there is no way that I could spend a night."

"Doesn't Jake go out of town on business trips? You could do it on the nights he is gone. I'm serious Fran. You could build yourself a very nice financial cushion against the day your marriage ends. And I do get some guys who are only looking for afternoon fun. I'm not trying to talk you into anything here Fran; all I'm doing is offering you a chance to do something different in sticking it to your husband."

"I'll have to think on it Dan. It sounds a little way out there for a girl like me. But I will give it some thought."

"Well sweetie, think about this while you are thinking. I've got a guy coming in tomorrow and he was wondering if I could find him some companionship for Wednesday afternoon. My other girls tell me he is a fun date and he tips well if you make him happy. If you are interested I'll give him to you instead of one of my other girls."


She did think about it. She thought about it all the way home and she thought about it as she fixed dinner. She was even thinking about it as she was giving Jake his 'seconds.' How would it feel letting Jake lick a pussy that had been bought and paid for by another man? Would it feel any different than him eating her or fucking her after Dan or one of the men from a wedding party? Would the fact that she took money for cuckolding him excite her more?

Something that Dan mentioned came back to her. "You could do it on the nights he is gone." She did intend to go out and pick up guys when Jake was out of town on business. If she was going to do it anyway why not get paid for it? Why not let Dan set it up instead of going out and taking pot luck. Then the thoughts were driven away by an approaching orgasm as Jake worked on her clit.

The next morning she asked Marci if Jake was available and Marci told her she would check. Five minutes later she called and said Dan could see her in ten minutes if she could make it. She went right over to Dan's office and while she was waiting to get in and see him Marci asked:

"How are you and Dan getting along?"

"What do you mean?"

"You told me that he hit on you and when I asked you what you did you said you smiled."

"I've done a little more than just smile if that is what you wanted to know and so far I'm not regretting it."

"Just be careful Fran."

Just then the intercom went off and Dan asked if she was there yet. Marci said she was and Dan said to send her right in. She walked in and sat down opposite Dan and said:

"I've thought about what you brought up yesterday and I think I'd like to try it at least once and see how it goes. But, never having done anything like that I have no idea of what to do."

"Ever gone out on a date and ended up in bed with the guy?"

"When I was in college."

"That's all there is too it. The only difference is that when it is over you have money in your purse."

"But what do I ask for? What do I charge?"

"You don't. You just go on a date and when it is over he hands you an envelope. You smile sweetly, tell him you had a good time and wouldn't mind seeing him again sometime."

"What if he doesn't give me an envelope?"

"Then the next time he calls me and tells me he is coming to town and asks me what I can do for him I hang up. It has only happened once in the last ten years."

"So I have no way of knowing what I'll make before hand?"

"Fran, let me be honest here. You were going to go out anyway when Jake was out of town and all you were going to get out of it besides getting laid was a couple of drinks that you wouldn't have had to pay for. So what do you care about what is in the envelope? If it was only twenty bucks you would still be ahead. But I will say this; none of my other girls has ever complained about what she got out of the deal. So, should I set you up for tomorrow afternoon?"

She hesitated for a second or so and then said, "What the hell; why not. If I don't like it I don't have to do it again."

"Good girl. I'm betting that you won't be disappointed. Since I won't be seeing you tomorrow I guess I'd better get my fill today. You feel up to wearing me out this afternoon?"

"Always lover, always."

And she had worn him out that afternoon. There was just something about sticking it to Jake that charged her batteries and made her feel like a sex machine and Dan, depending on how you looked at it, paid the price or reaped the benefit.

As she was dressing Dan told her that everything was set up for the next day. "Just go to the Hilton at one and tell the hostess that you are meeting Mr. Ferguson and from that point on treat it like a blind date."

"You don't book him into our hotel?"

"Usually I do, but since this is your first time I thought you might be more comfortable some place else."

"He does know that I have to be home by seven; that I'm not going to be spending the night?"

"He knows."

She was at the Hilton at five to one and when the hostess led her to Ferguson's table she was pleasantly surprised. He was an extremely attractive man and she wondered why he was paying for his fun. She wouldn't have expected him to have any trouble at all in picking up some one in any one of the local lounges.

His name was Sam and he was pleasant company. He had a nice sense of humor and she was very comfortable with him. After lunch he suggested a drink in his room and she of course said she would like that. In his room he took her in his arms and kissed her. It was a long, hot kiss with some tongue action and when he broke it and asked her what she would like to drink she said

"Water will do fine. Alcohol dulls my senses and I want to enjoy this to the fullest."

And she did.

They undressed each other and then he ate her to a screaming orgasm and then he mounted her and fucked her hard. He gave her two more orgasms before he had his and then she went down on him and licked his cock clean. She kept licking and sucking on him until he was hard again and then she mounted him and rode him cowgirl through three more orgasms before she was able to coax his seed out of his balls.

She rolled off of him and let her hand trail down his body until it came to his limp, wet cock:

"How soon before you think you might be able to go again?"

"You keep that up and it won't be long."

It was almost ten minutes before he was able to come erect again and when he slid into her he fucked her slow and easy through one more orgasm and then he sped up until he pumped his load into her.

And then she had rushed so she could beat Jake home and be showered and douched when he got there.

As Jake slid his cock into her well used pussy she was thinking of what a good lover Sam had been and how much she had enjoyed her afternoon with him. She hadn't looked in the envelope he handed her until she was in her car and she was astonished to find one thousand dollars in it. Four hours of absolute enjoyment and she was paid two hundred and fifty dollars an hour for something she would have done for free. When she moaned:

"Fuck me lover, fuck me" she was saying it to Jake, but she was thinking of Sam.


It was Saturday night and once again Jake was sliding his cock into a well used pussy. She hadn't expected to bed anyone from the Baxter wedding party, but circumstances had dropped the best man right in her lap.

The wedding was a small one and it took place in the morning. Instead of a regular wedding reception there was a wedding brunch after which the happy couple was going to catch an afternoon flight to Cabo San Lucas. Normally she wouldn't have even been there, but Jake had a golf date and she didn't feel like sitting at home and so she had gone into work to check on things. She had looked into the banquet room where the brunch was being served and she was standing there looking at the newly married couple when the best man walked up to her and said:

"Sickening isn't it; the way they hang all over each other?"

"I think it is sweet."

"Just how sweet would you think it was if you knew that two nights ago she was in my bed?"

"You're joking, right?"

"Afraid not. It is killing me that she is going to be with him tonight instead of me."

"If you feel that way about it why didn't you marry her?"

"She turned me down. She said she liked me as a good friend and bedmate, but she didn't love me enough to marry me."

"And he still wanted you as his best man?"

"He doesn't know and God knows I'll never tell him."

They stood there looking at the couple and then he said, "It still pisses me off that she will be with him and I'll be alone."

"Is that love talking or are you just upset that he will be getting laid tonight and you won't?"

He was silent for a few moments and then said, "I guess it is a little bit of both."

"Well, I can't help you with the love part, but I could probably help you with the other."

He turned and looked at her and she smiled at him and said, "Well, they are going to be leaving in a few minutes and so your best man duties are done and I don't have anything else to do until three this afternoon."

"Now that is a coincidence. I don't have anything to do for the rest of the day either."

She didn't know about the rest of it, but it didn't take her long to find out why the bride had liked him as a bedmate. He was a passionate lover and he was superb when it came to eating pussy.


She got home before Jake and changed into a pair of Daisy Dukes and a tank top with no bra underneath. She knew the outfit would push Jake's buttons and he would want to make love by the time they went to bed. She'd read in Cosmo or some other magazine that one of the signs of a wife cheating was either a big slow down in the sex department or a significant increase in frequency so it was important for her to get Jake taking the lead in getting things going.

He had taken the lead and she was taking his cock deep into her as she thought about the three hours she had spent with the best man from the Baxter wedding. She had never learned his name, but he was now a checkmark in her little spiral notebook.

To be continued.

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