tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 15

The Wedding Planner Ch. 15

byJust Plain Bob©

Monday was a slow day and it was going to be a slow week. There were no weddings scheduled for the weekend and only three events were going to be held in the ballrooms or conference rooms. At ten Pam called her and invited her to lunch and at eleven-thirty she slid onto the seat across from Pam in the booth. After they had ordered Pam said:

"Well, we had our talk for all the good it did."

"That doesn't sound very encouraging."

"It isn't. He flat out told me he doesn't love me. He loves having sex with me, but he only married me because his father expected it of him. He was surprised when I told him that I married him because I loved him and not because of our parents grand dreams of a family and business merger.

"I asked him if there was any chance he could learn to love me and he said no. He told me that he was already in love with someone, but she was unobtainable because of the fact that she was already married and so was he. I pressed and found out that the object of his affections is none other than your friend Marci. In the end we agreed to keep up appearances and turn a blind eye towards each others affairs. I'm right back where I was before the wedding; in love with a guy who thinks of me as a sister. The only difference is that he apparently doesn't mind committing incest with me. He doesn't love me, but he loves fucking me. At least I'll have that much of him."

"What a mess. Oh God honey, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be Fran. Thanks to you we got it all out into the open. We both know each other a lot better now. If it hadn't been for you we would have gotten married and the ended up cheating on each other behind each others backs. This way we are together and have an open marriage and for me that is better than nothing. Plus, as long as we are married and living together I have the opportunity to work on him. I'm not going to give up Fran. I have half of him now and I'll work on getting to other half. You going to tell Marci?"

"Good God no! That would only mess things up even more."

She told Pam about how Marci felt about Bobby, "And if I told her what you just told me she would divorce her husband tomorrow and for what? You won't give him up because you love him and Bobby won't leave you because it would upset the merger apple cart and piss off his father and your father. Oh no Pam; if Marci ever finds out it won't be from me."

They finished lunch and she went back to her office. She felt bad for Pam and couldn't help but wonder if Pam and Bobby wouldn't have been better off if she had never gotten involved. She was sitting there wondering how things might have turned out had she not invited Pam to join them that first time when the telephone rang. It was Harvey. Jake was going to be offered his promotion to the Atlanta office on Wednesday. She thanked him for the heads up, made a phone call to her attorney and then went to Dan's office and let him know that she was taking the rest of the afternoon off and then said:

"If you can set me up for something tomorrow I would appreciate it. If not, can you keep yourself available?"

"What's up?"

"Tomorrow I need to feed Jake his first pussy full of another man's cum."

"What if he notices?"

"Won't matter. I'm serving him with divorce papers on Wednesday."

"You can forget about me setting you up with someone. I want to get in on this. We can do it just before you leave work so it will be nice and fresh."

She left work and stopped by her attorney's office and picked up a copy of the divorce paperwork and then she headed home. She had a nice dinner fixed and ready for him when Jake got home from work and she was so lovey-dovey that it was almost sickening.

When they went to bed Jake wanted to fool around, but she told him no.

"I have an appointment with my gynecologist tomorrow and I have to be really, really clean when I see him or (and she giggled) he sees me. I'll make it up to you tomorrow."

Most of Tuesday was spent in reviewing contracts and doing some preliminary work on events that would be taking place over the next few weeks. At 3 p.m. Dan called her and told her to meet him in room 719. She entered the room and found him already naked and lying on the bed. His erection was pointing up at the ceiling and as she closed the door behind her she said:

"Is that for me?"

Dan fucked her three times and they both would have liked to do it one more time, but she needed to be home when Jake got there so she got up and got dressed. She thanked Dan on behalf of Jake for the gift he was sending Jake and then hurried home.


When Jake got home at six she was waiting for him in a black lace night gown and "come fuck me" pumps with four inch heels. Jake took one look at her and smiled.

"Dinner going to be a little late tonight?"

"If we even get to it."

She turned and walked to the bedroom and Jake followed. She moved to the bed, turned and slowly let the night gown slide off her shoulders. "You like?" she asked as she cupped her breasts in her hands.

"Do I ever!"

He stripped as she got on the bed and spread her legs wide. "Come on baby; turn me on the way I love."

Jake climbed on the bed and his mouth went straight to her pussy and the feeling that she had knowing that Jake would be sucking up Dan's cum was almost enough to give her an orgasm. Jake's tongue delved into her and her body shivered.

"Like that, do you?"

"Oh God yes baby, I love it when you eat me."

Jake went back to work on her pussy and it was a good two minutes before he raised his head up and looked at her.

"You taste funny and you are extremely wet."

"It is probably the douche making me taste different and I'm wet because I have been extremely horny for two days now."

"Douche? Why did you douche before making love?"

"The doctor shot me full of dye for one of the tests and then the nurse gave me the douche to get the dye out of me. I knew we would be making love so I asked the nurse about the douche and she told me that some men like the taste of it. She told me her husband loved the added flavor. What's wrong baby; is it upsetting you?"

"No. It is just that you taste different and I wondered about it."

"Well honey; if it bothers you, you don't have to do it."

Jake hesitated a second or so and then he went back to licking and sucking on her pussy. She smiled as she thought, "That's it you mother fucker, clean Dan out of me" and then she had her first orgasm and it was brought on as much by knowing she was feeding Jake another man's cum as it was by Jake's tongue and mouth action. Jake ate her for another two minutes and then she moaned:

"Fuck me baby; I need your hard cock in me."

She was thinking "Hurry, I want you to feel sloppy seconds on your dick" as he slid his cock into her. And then she turned it loose and tried to fuck his brains out. It would be their last time and she wanted to give him something to remember - something he could look back on and be sorry that he had tossed it away. She fucked him five times that night - the most they had ever done - and she was trying for six, but her mouth just could not get him back up and all the while he was trying to push her away saying:

"Enough Fran; enough already!"

Oh yeah! He would remember all right!


She was sitting at her desk and reading a memo from Dan. "How ironic" she thought. The memo informed her that there would be a meeting in his office Friday at ten to discuss the details of the up-coming Daimler/Parsons wedding. It was the cancelled Daimler/Parsons meeting that set in motion the events that would later on that day culminate in her dropping divorce papers on Jake.

The phone rang and when she answered it was Harvey on the line.

"He was offered the promotion and he took it. He was told he needed to be in Atlanta on the tenth and he said there wouldn't be any problem with that."

"There won't be. He could probably report there in the next day or two since I'll be kicking him out of the house tomorrow. I wanted to do it tonight but the lawyer told me it would be better if we did it tomorrow."

"How are you going to do it?"

"He will come home happy as all get out and give me the good news and then I'll give him the bad news. I'll hand him a copy of the divorce papers, but the attorney says that my giving them to him is just more or less for show. It appears that my handing him the papers carries no weight in the law so tomorrow a regular process server will give him the official set which, by the way, will include the restraining order that the attorney wouldn't give me a copy of. Anyway, when he leaves the house tomorrow he won't be coming back unless it is a court supervised visit."

"So what will you do once you have booted him out of your life?"

"For one thing I'll stop my wholesale whoring. Once Jake is history I won't need any more check marks in my little black book. In fact, I'll probably become a pretty good imitation of a nun. At least until the divorce is final."

"Why would you do that?"

"I sued for divorce using infidelity as grounds. Jake will be looking for something he can use to counter-sue, at least he will be if he gets a half way decent attorney and does what the attorney tells him. My attorney suggested that I be as pure as the driven snow until the divorce is over. You are the one who recommended him and told me how good he was. I would be foolish to ignore his advice."

"Do you really think you can go without sex for as long as the divorce is going to take?"

"I didn't say that I was going to go without. I said I'm not going to go out playing."

"I don't get what you are saying."

"No more bars, no more wedding party hook-ups, no more afternoon or evening dates set up by Dan. But if you were to come to town and take a room at the hotel the chances are damned good that sometime during the day little ole me will show up at your door. Whoever Jake has following me will follow me to work and then will wait outside to follow me when I leave work. He won't have a clue about what I do from 9 to 5 inside the building."

"I still think you should come to work for me."

"I wouldn't be what you want Harv. You want a slut, but my slut days are over when I'm rid of Jake. I only did what I did so I could throw it in his face. On the day the divorce is final Jake gets the whole story, but my time as a slut ends when I hand him the divorce papers tonight."

"The offer will always be there sweetie. I'll talk with you later."


She had dinner ready when Jake got home. She was surprised that he was quiet and somber. She had expected him to be happy and ready to share his good news. She didn't even get the usual kiss on the cheek.

"Bad day at work?"

"No, not bad at all."

"Then what seems to have you down?"

"Just something that I have to do. I've been putting it off until the right moment and I guess now is as right as the moment is going to get and it is proving to be harder to do than I thought."

"Does it have anything to do with us?"

"Yes it does."

She was thinking that he knew she wasn't going to be all that keen on moving to Atlanta and he was wondering how to break the news to her so she said:

"Just spit it out Jake; it can't be that bad."

"I'm afraid that it is."

"For Christ's sake Jake, out with it!"

He took a deep breath, "I've been spending a lot of time in Atlanta for the company. Well, the thing is that I've met somebody; somebody I'd rather be with. I want a divorce."

She sat there stunned and looked across the table at him. This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. He was supposed to be happy over his promotion so she could rain on his parade with the divorce papers. Then she would smile sweetly at him as he looked all confused. It wasn't working out that way.

"Divorce? You want a divorce?" she said as she stood up from the table and walked over to the kitchen counter. She picked up a large envelope and turned back to him.

"You want a divorce? Your wish is my command" she said as she threw the envelope at him. "You can sleep in the spare bedroom tonight, but I want your ass out of here in the morning."

She was in the bedroom fuming when Jake came into the bedroom waving the divorce papers. "What the fuck is this infidelity shit? And I'm not moving out of this house."

Do the names Sarah Gilman and Joan Feldman ring a bell asshole?"

"You had me followed?"

"Bet your ass I did. After I caught you with that slut at the beach I knew you were a cheating bastard and I set out to get all the proof I could get to use in court when I filed for divorce."

"What slut at the beach?"

She told him how she had gotten loose from work and had rushed to the beach to try and save the weekend and then she told him what she had seen from the dive shop window.

"If you have known since then why haven't you done anything before now?"

"I was waiting for your big promotion and raise. The more you were making the higher my alimony would be. I just got tired of waiting. I don't believe there ever was a promotion. It was just a fucking excuse to cover all of your screwing around."

"Well I'm not leaving the house. I make the payments. If anyone moves out it will be you."

"Maybe if you can find a good enough lawyer you can get me out and you back in, but until then read the paperwork. Pending hearings I've been granted the sole use of the residence. And notice the interim separate maintenance. Miss one check and I'll have your ass for contempt of court. Now get out of my face before I call the cops and file a complaint against you for spousal abuse."

"That's bullshit and you know it. No one is going to believe it."

"Want to bet that I can't give myself several bruises between the time I call 911 and the cops get here? It will be your word against mine and I'll be the one marked up. Save yourself some grief and get your ass out of this room and over to the spare bedroom and YOU WILL be out of here tomorrow. If you are still here tomorrow you had better plan on staying awake 24/7 because if I catch you asleep I WILL cut your cock off and feed it down the garbage disposal. In fact, I'm not all that sure that I won't do it tonight. Now get the fuck out of my bedroom and stay the hell out of my sight."

Jake stared at her for several moments and then he turned and left the room slamming the door behind him.


She was watching when Jake left the house in the morning and she called the locksmith she had already made arrangements with. Then she called Dan's office and left a message on his voice mail that she would be a little late getting to work. By nine the locks had all been changed and she headed in to work.

She stopped by Marci's desk on the way to her office and asked Marci to tell Dan that she needed to talk with him as soon as he could see her.

"I pulled the plug on Jake last night. I served him with divorce papers."

"I thought the plan was to stick it to him for years and years."

"It was, but he got a promotion and it is in Atlanta and I am so not moving there."

"I guess now you are free to party."

"Just the opposite. I can't give Jake any ammunition to use against me so I'm going to have to behave. No going out and giving some private eye a chance to follow me and catch me being bad."

"Oh you poor girl. With your sexual appetite how are you going to survive?"

"That's what I need to talk with Dan about."

At 10:05 the attorney called and told her that the process server had served Jake as he was going into the building where he worked. At 10:15 Marci called and said Dan could see her. She entered Dan's office and said:

"It is done. He's been served and it will change some things for me. You will have to take me off your list of girls. I know Jake and I can predict what he will try and do. He will hire a private detective to follow me and try to catch me doing something that he can use to counter-sue. I'm still going to want some sort of sex life so if you have some one who is staying here in the hotel during the day I'll take it otherwise I'm off the market."

"I can use you some during the day, but it won't pay you near as much as you get working evenings or going out of the hotel on dates."

"I know, but I've got the asshole right where I want him and I'm not going to give him anything to ease the pain. Besides, it was never about the money. What got me into it was being able to hang horns on him - put check marks in my book. The money was just a side benefit. Like you told me in the beginning - a slush fund for when and if I ever dumped Jake."


"I would have kept hanging horns on him for thirty years if things had remained the same, but his promotion and having to move to Atlanta to take it changed everything. I wasn't about to follow him to Atlanta."

"I don't know of anything coming up during the day this week, but you will get first crack at it if something comes up."

"I'm counting on it."


The divorce took eight months to become final mostly, she figured, because Jake was dragging his feet to give him time to come up with something that he could use to counter her filing of infidelity.

There would have been a ton of stuff he could have used if he could have gotten his private detective into the hotel to spy on her during the day. A week didn't go by that she didn't take care of at least one friend of Dan's or Dan himself and Harvey was a frequent visitor to the hotel.

Finally, probably because legal fees and whatever it was costing him to have her watched were eating him up he stopped dragging his feet and things were finalized. She was awarded half of the assets (money from savings, checking, certificates of deposit and half of the equity resulting from the sale of the house) a share of his pension and 401k and separate maintenance. She had her attorney make Jake's attorney an offer. She would give up the separate maintenance in exchange for Jake's half of the equity in the house. Jake's attorney responded and said the offer was unacceptable since alimony would stop as soon as she remarried which she could do the day after the divorce was final. In effect his client could end up giving up seventy thousand dollars in exchange for one separate maintenance check.

There was some negotiation and the end result was that she relinquished her claim on his pension and 401k in exchange for his half of the house, but she kept the separate maintenance. Jake didn't know it, but he would be paying her alimony for the rest of her life as she had no intention of ever getting married again. If she found some one she liked well enough she would live with him, but marriage was out of the question.

The day after the divorce was final she and Jake along with their attorneys, a woman from a title company and a man from the mortgage company met for the transfer of the ownership of the house into her name. Once all the papers were signed she asked for a private moment with Jake. When the room was cleared she opened her purse and took out her little black book and handed it to Jake.

"I want you to have this. It is a little something to remember me by."

Jake opened the book, leafed through the pages and then looked at her in confusion. "It is nothing but a bunch of pages with check marks on them?"

"But each one of those check marks has significance. Each mark represents a guy that I fucked after catching you with that slut at the beach. Remember how I always wanted you to eat my pussy before we had sex? Every time you licked my pussy one of those check marks had been in it just hours before your tongue got there. All of those check marks made you a cock sucker by proxy."

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