tagIncest/TabooThe Wedding Spent

The Wedding Spent


In our family weddings are something special. Something very special. It all started generations ago, with one of my forefathers who decided he had to make sure his son's bride entered the marriage as a virgin.

Grand-grand-dad Sylvester invoked the 'Droit du Seigneur'. This is the to the Roman Emperor attributed ius cunni, or ius primae noctis. The 'right of cunt', or 'right of the first night'. The emperor was supposed to have the right to deflower any bride within his jurisdiction. No better way to make sure his daughter-in-law-to-be was still a virgin by testing her virtue himself. Ôle Syl took her the night before the wedding. With the initiation of the girl to the carnal pleasures of marriage he convinced himself she had been a virgin indeed, and thereby worthy to be married to his son. And so his oldest son married a girl no longer a virgin, with his father's seed deep inside her womb. Most probably his first grandson was at the same time his own son.

When his daughter married my Grand-grand-dad combined the 'Droit de Seigneur' with the Jewish custom that the groom delivers evidence of the consummated marriage by presenting the blood stained bed sheet, implying his spouse is no longer a virgin and the marriage was spent. But he took this to the next level.

Grand-grand-dad Syl picked up my grandma right after the vows, ripped her dress off and draped her on the table next to the freshly signed wedding certificate. In the presence of the entire assembly he pierced my grandma on his rampant cock, took her virginity and pumped her pussy full of his potent baby batter. In doing so witnessed by all present at the wedding ceremony, the taking of his daughter's cherry silenced any possible claim of unvirtue by the groom or his family. The family honour cannot be taken lightly.

With his drastic action he also extended his genetic heritage into the next generation by ensuring my mum was the product of himself and his own daughter. My mum's granddad was also her dad, and everybody in the family knew it.

When it was my mum's turn to marry, my granddad did as his father had done before him. My granddad fucked my mum at the wedding party. He filled her never used before pussy with his incestuous seed. But mum had outwitted my granddad by informing my dad the day before their wedding. Knowing what was going to happen they understood my mum's deflowering by her father was inevitable. But they decided they were going to refuse him an incestuous child.

The penis having the form it has, especially the mushroom-like glans, is designed to remove all sperm inside the vagina and replace this with a potent load of its own. Sloppy seconds means scraping out the already present spending, pump the cum to the outside, and injecting a fresh load deep inside. So dad mounted my mum immediately after my granddad had delivered his seed. Before his sperm swam into my mum's cervix dad raked it out again and replaced it with his own. This way my dad had ensured that my genes were strengthened and not the product of repeated incestuous mating.

Nowadays our family wedding parties are evolved into crazy sex marathons, where all the present married males try to impregnate the bride while the groom tries to avoid this.

My cock being not the largest in town, my mum came to my rescue and fixed me with some tricks to enhance my chances to deliver the entire day, from the ceremonial break-in of my Eve by dad at noon, until the end of the party at midnight. All present males will challenge my girl during twelve long hours, and I can't afford to falter and risk her getting knocked up by someone's stray cum.

During the day all common activities of a normal wedding still occur, like the wedding dinner and reception. But I can't keep an uninterrupted eye on Eve all day, so there is danger all the time. Some uncle or nephew or any guest of the wedding can nail my Eve without me realising right away that her vagina is filled up again and in need of immediate cleaning. Every second delay gives the little beasts a better chance of reaching their final destination.

More so since all weddings in our family are carefully planned to coincide with the most fertile days of the bride. This results every time in a certain pregnancy, so there's no room for error. Just one lack of immediate counter action allows the wrong seed to swim into the brides sanctum. Once passed her cervix the little swimmers have carte blanche to do their evil and everlasting work inside the uterus.

So my mum came to my help. When our wedding day was decided on the advice of the family doctor she took me apart that night and filled me in on all the dirty family traditions.

"Dave, you're aware of the sexual attics in our family. You've witnessed what's going on at the weddings since you're eighteen. But you were not allowed to participate since you were not a married man.

"The wedding will be final once dad has desecrated your Eve by taking her cherry. I won't say it nicer than it is, for it's an outraged carnal attack on Eve which takes twelve hours. And I trust she'll love it. Actually most women in our family do. But for you this day will not be that pleasurable. Your time will come at future weddings. Quite a few nephews and nieces are planning to marry, and your sister Amy will follow next year. As a married man you will be expected to do your thing and bring pleasure to the brides. Those are the days you can eat your heart out.

"Your single goal this time will be to try to make Eve's first born your own child. Mark is very happy you are his own son, and deep inside he wishes you to achieve the same. Nowadays this is much more complicated, since in our time we had only to survive granddad's assault.

"I replaced dad's sex pills with a placebo. Here are his MaxPerformers. You take one pill every day until the wedding next month. It will make your dick bigger and longer, and give you more stamina. That way you will be better equipped to clean out Eve's love box from all the baby batter. You have to make sure to reach her bottom every time to scrape out all the sperm, especially deep down close to her cervix.

"Even more the pills will double the sperm volume and boost your sperm count, increasing the chance to effectively plant your own seed deep inside Eve's womb.

"I will wake daddy on the mourning of the big day by sucking him dry. That way he will have less seed to fertilize Eve. You must masturbate at least once a day until three days before the wedding. It will help trigger your sperm production. The last days you must refrain from jerking off and collect a formidable big load to blast Eve into motherhood. The night before I will fix you with a tight rubber ring around your penis and behind your scrotum. It will help keep your torpedo hot and ready to fire the whole day. You won't need to shoot every single time, but your scraper must be ready for immediate action every time your bride's pussy gets soaked."

Thus somewhat reassured I dutifully took my pills and jerked off a few times a day. My load size increased incredibly. A week before my wedding it had more than doubled in volume. My cock was also significant longer, at least one whole inch.

I was still worried if I could reach Eve's cervix. I had no idea how deep her love sheath was. She'd be better not too deep, for with my average cock I had to rake her clean after every ejaculation she'd receive on our big day.


Our wedding day started just like a wedding normally does. We went to the registers office in a romantic coach pulled by two black Frisian horses. For this occasion the registrar resided in a back room of our family church, together with our pastor. All went well, except maybe my rampant cock in my slacks.

Last night mum gave me my tight cock ring. After fixing it around my tool, which was pretty awkward in the first place, she cuddled me and played with my family jewels. "I hope the contents will make sweet Eve a happy mother," she sighed, "and will give me a fine little grandchild..."

What really was different from a normal wedding was that quiet some men sported an obvious bulge in their trousers. At all weddings men check out the bride and fantasize about her without the dress. But today all men without exemption did precisely that, and very openly so. Most probably they envisioned themselves with my Eve in very lecherous and sordid actions. In the knowledge this was actually going to happen today.

My nephew Ron, who married last year, stroked his hard-on very openly through his slacks with a lecherous smile, sitting next to his lovely wife Alice. Meanwhile even Alice beamed a big smile, perhaps because of her obscene big belly, or because of sweet memories from her own wedding, or maybe both. Possibly she envied my Eve.

After Eve and I had made our vows and exchanged our rings my dad took the stand and announced the proceedings of the day. "In a few minutes it will be noon on the wedding day of Eve and Dave. As the grandson of 'Ôle Daddy Syl' it is my duty to invoke the family tradition on our newlyweds. We will proceed as follows.

"All minors under sixteen have their own party in our family estate, so they're not present today. Those of you who are still single are invited to stay and witness all action. Consider today as part of your sexual education. Although you can observe everything up close you are not allowed to participate yourselves in whatever way. Nor experiment with each other. Except maybe with a stolen kiss or a cautious stroke here or there. But we won't tolerate hands inside someone else's clothes.

"After the pastor has given his blessing, I will initiate my sweet daughter-in-law into the delights of married life. Then Dave will consummate the wedding and take Eve as his wife.

"Thereafter Dave will be delighted to share Eve with you all. Every married male present is kindly asked to show his respect to the bride by sharing with her their divine fluids. All wedded girls are asked to help their hubbys and assist Eve."

With this said, the pastor took out his cock and started to jerk himself off. "Dearly beloved. Now that you are bound in holy matrimony I will give you my blessing. Give each other your right hand, the hands with your wedding rings."

Father Matthew sprayed his seed as a blessing over our entwined hands, and added: "May your lifes be filled with love and sex and lust, for each other and for all your married relatives and friends, and with all married couples that cross your path, from now on until the day you die."

With this blessing my dad stepped forward, took Eve's cum covered hands and lead her to the bench which stood ready before the altar. He made my girl kneel on a cushion in front of the bench and pushed her torso gently down. Then he lifted her dress up over her head, draped the fabric over her backside covering her upper body and hiding her head completely, leaving her bottom and legs bared in the open.

Lifting one leg at the time dad freed the dress from under Eve's knees. Then he slid her silk white knickers slowly over her thighs down her hips, unveiling her creamy buttocks. Off course I had seen Eve's butt before, even caressed those sweet globes, but never in the way my dad was doing now. He simply made love to her behind with his smoothing hands. But once Eve's butt was warmed up he smacked her with a flat hand, making her firm flesh quiver. The punch made a sharp pang which resonated through the hall. Everyone had kept their breath and was dead silent in anticipation of what was going to happen. Now a common sigh broke the spell and released the tension.

Eve uttered a shriek. Her buttocks rebound upwards in anticipation of another slap. Which came down sharply and was followed directly by a third and fourth punch, leaving both white cheeks quite red. Dad knelt down behind Eve, firmly grabbed both red buttocks and spread them apart admiring her quim. The outer lips of Eve's pussy dilated to reveal the inner recesses of her wet pussy. Her tiny inner lips and her moist entrance. He inhaled deeply her fragrances and put his mouth against her slit. Eve moaned, acknowledging dad's munching of her sex.

Eve squirmed from dad's manipulations. Not that this was entirely new to her, for I had already tasted her fruit. Mum had advised me to prepare Eve by giving her oral pleasure. Technically that doesn't count as a breach of marital sex. By making her perceptive to sexual stimulation the first breaking in of her pussy by my dad's seasoned cock would be better to bear.

Eve's writhing was no doubt also the result of her anticipation of being fucked for the very first time in her life. Her unused snatch was about to get its first use, and possibly the most intensive use ever. We had talked this over, and Eve had firmly decided she'd let all that would come wash her over. She said she was sure she will enjoy getting pregnant, and let me worry about the outcome. She will love her baby no matter what, and it was entirely up to me who's child she would birth.

She definitely enjoyed the preparing bit of getting deflowered. Dad decided she was ready enough for his tool, he straightened up and lowered his pants. He lined his stiff cock with her cunt. He still held on to her buttocks, keeping them well spread. Partly to gain better access, partly to ensure I would have a clear view of his taking possession of my wife.

Then the haze began. With one big push dad shoved his thick dick right through the hymen getting to a standstill deep inside Eve's virgin pussy. Off course she shrieked. She stopped then and there being a girl and suddenly was a sexual being. (And no doubt a very pregnant one by the end of the day.) After a few minutes in which Eve could get used to her pussy being filled up, and I could admire the lewd sight of my dad having his baby maker buried deep inside my girl's love canal, dad started to pump his piston slowly in and out of her sex.

Her quim clamped itself down on his spear, holding on to the throbbing intruder. He moved his hands from her buttocks to her hips, and gradually increased his tempo. For ten minutes or so dad pumped in and out of her, faster and faster. Her lips pushed inside with every in-stroke, and held on to the throbbing fucker with every out-stroke. Eve began to sweat, her body trembled all over. I'm sure she was experiencing her first ever vaginal orgasm. It made me feel proud of her, that she fit into my family so well enjoying plain hot sex in the midst of my relatives.

Suddenly the deed was accomplished. Dad came again to a standstill, holding his crotch firmly smashed against Eve's butt, pulling her hips into his loins. His pulsing weapon, snuggly nestled within Eve's womb, shot it's deadly content deep inside. Right after the uploading, dad pulled his cock out. It was smeared with some red blood and streaks of white sperm.

Eve's pussy stood alluring open. I had already lost my trousers, stepped to my wife's back side and shoved my cock into her soaking pussy. With one push I bottomed out, hitting her bottom deep down. As instructed by my mum I rammed my rod home and kept it planted inside. I had never pushed my cock into a pussy before, but the preparations by dad made it a smooth and easy penetration. It felt a warm slick grease pot. Dad's spunk gave an eerie sensation, knowing my dick was in intimate contact with his sticky load, right inside my wife's pussy. My cock searched his sperm to expel it from my girl's body.

Reaching her cervix in one push somehow made me anxious. I was glad I could reach her deepest recesses and therefore was able to rake my Eve's pussy clean again after every sperm dump which would take place today. But banging into her cervix made me aware more men would hit her innermost sanctum and deliver their seed right at the doorstep of her womb. And probably propel at least some of their seed right into her uterus, where it will be definitely out of my reach...

I scraped dad's load out of Eve's vagina. Seeing the amount of spunk dripping out of her sheath gave we again some courage. Thick globs of spunk came out of Eve's fuck canal with every haul I pulled. Still slick from some clinging remnants my dick was greased and I started to fuck my girl for the very first time. In the midst of my family and friends and a few colleagues. Witnessed by many men who would do exactly the same to my sweet wife.

Knowing my little man was very excited to do what it had always longed to do, I made deep deliberate strokes all the way in and out again. To make sure I raked out as much cum as I could, and to enjoy Eve's sanctum to the utmost.

When my first ever orgasm inside a woman announced itself, I gave some more fast and furious pushes and erupted deep inside and very close to Eve's uterus. A uterus that was as ready as it could be to receive my potent seed.

Spent for the first time as a married man and inside a woman my member lost its hardness and shrunk to somewhere between rock hard and limp. Despite the tight cock ring and the pills. I was suddenly pulled away. Adam, my father in law since half an hour, picked up his daughter and holding her in his arms kissed her straight on the mouth. He laid her down on the bench, on her back, and pulled his trousers down. Another mighty looking cock came out in the open. It wouldn't surprise me if he was also an avid user of MaxPerformers. Despite the amount of spunk I had just left inside Eve this didn't make me restful...

Adam took his daughter's ankles in his hands, spread her legs wide, and put his penis inside her pussy. With a big gasp Eve accepted her father's big dick, the same one that had started her own life nearly 19 years ago. Good old-fashioned missionary fucking occurred. To my horror Adam stopped the steady pumping of his daughter after a quarter of an hour. I'm sure his massive tool pumped a copious amount of sperm inside my Eve, considering the pulsing movements his cock made. He kept his rod still for a whole minute, meanwhile making dreadful driving motions. Some abundant seed leaked away, proving Eve's honey box had to be full of her dad's spunk. The horror scenario was that Adam went on pumping his daughter denying me the possibility to clean out Eve right away, giving his own seed ample time to seep inside.

Eve's mum Rachel came to my rescue. She took care of my member since it was nearly paralysed because of Adam's action. She knelt before me and revived my willy with her mouth. And did she know how to suck cock! Life came back to my pecker. Ten minutes later I nearly lost my second load in Rachel's throat. But Adam just finished a second, although much smaller orgasm inside Eve. Rachel tapped Adam's shoulder, pulled him away and shoved me between Eve's thighs. I rammed my rod again deep inside Eve's chute, banging into her cervix. Sperm squished out of her pussy as I cleaned her chute with some big hauls in and out.

This scenario repeated itself quite a lot during the afternoon. First came Ron, my eager nephew. He had an amazing big cock of maybe eight inches long. Of course he couldn't fit it entirely inside Eve, but nevertheless he loved to fuck my beautiful girl, encouraged buy his gorgeous wife. I remember not being able to do my duty every time someone dumped his cum inside Eve. But I did clean her out whenever no immediate lover presented himself. We didn't give my poor girl many breaks. But nearing dinner all eager males had satisfied themselves.

After dinner the party went on. All clothes had gone. It was one happy naked family. From eight till midnight it was one big orgy. I figured my girl had received so much sperm inside, one load after another, it really didn't matter much anymore. Enough seed must have slipped inside her sanctum she had to be pregnant anyways. I only hoped I will turn out to be the father. I gave myself a fair chance, since I injected a fairly big load early on. But deep inside I feared Adam had fathered his own daughter.

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