tagNon-EroticThe Wedding Story

The Wedding Story


She looked into the mirror and smiled. The mirror was tall as she was so that she could see herself fully in it. She looked beautiful that day. Why shouldn't she? All brides look beautiful on their wedding day. Her dress was of the purest white with a bell hoop skirt that came out from her waist and slowly went down to the floor in a bell shape. The top slowly dipped down in a slight curve so that it slightly showed off her wonderful cleavage. The sleeves were hanging off her shoulders. Roses adorned the little white bands of the sleeves that hung gently on her shoulders. She looked stunning. Her skirt was pure white, with lots of tulle under it. Her train was long and flowing behind with a rose that attached it to her dress. Roses slowly flowed down the train and matched the ones on her sleeves. She looked stunning. And the red rose bouquet that she held matched her dress beautifully. She looked wonderful. Her hair was up in a high ponytail with soft curls flowing down and around her face. Her headpiece was also adorned with roses and sat as a crown around her head. She had long flowing netted tulle serving to cover her face. She hadn't put the top layer over her face yet. She was going to allow her dad to do that but he hadn't come in yet. Her makeup had been done wonderfully by a makeup artist that she had hired just for this occasion, just as she had done with the hairstylist who did her hair. She just stood there smiling and staring. She could not believe how gorgeous she looked or that it was her wedding day.

"Mary," said a man's voice trembling, "you look so beautiful, my baby."

Mary turned around to see her dad. Tears were starting to stream down his face as he smiled sweetly towards her. His eyes shone with happiness and sadness at the same time.

"Daddy, don't cry" said Mary, "you're going to make me cry and ruin my makeup." Mary was trying her best to hold back the tears. Seeing her dad always made her cry.

"Sorry honey," replied her father with a shaky voice. "I can't believe I'm going to give away my baby today. You're not going to only be mine after today. I'm going to have to share you. My little girl will be gone always after today."

"Daddy," softly whispered Mary, as she walked up to her dad to whip the tears away, "I'll always be your little girl. Marrying Danny will not change things. I will always be your little girl no matter what. Once a daddy's little girl, always a daddy's little girl."

Tim, Mary's father, just smiled. She always knew what to say to him when he was crying. She was his cheer me upper when he needed her to be, which wasn't a lot. He made sure of that.

"I want a picture of you two alone," said Mary's mother, Julie, just then.

Mary and Tim stood together. Mary's arm was through her father's as if he was about to walk her down the aisle. Both stood smiling. Tim kept taking glances at her through the corner of his eye.

"I can't believe my baby is all grown up and I'm giving her away today," thought Tim.

"Is everyone ready?" asked a tall blonde woman.

"Yes" everyone replied.

"Then its time to get the show on the road!" the woman excitedly said.

This woman was Christina, the woman Danny and Mary had hired to help them put on their wedding day. Their special day was in her hands, the wedding coordinators hands. Danny and Mary had no worries though. Why? Because this was the woman who introduced the two almost five years ago at her house at New Year's Eve party. Christina just knew that Danny and Mary would be perfect for one another. Both had similar personalities and were interested in the same things. She smiled as she looked at the beautiful bride, a friend that she doted on like a sister. Danny was more like a little brother to her. She only wanted the best for them and knew she had done right by pairing these to up. A match made in heaven is what she called it.

Mary and Tim walked towards the door that leads them to the door into the hallway. They walked up the hallway to the door that would allow them to enter into the church. Mary glanced at her father. She could tell he was holding back tears.

"Ready?" asked Jane, Mary's maid of honor, also her little sister.

"Absolutely," replied Mary with a wide smile on her beautiful painted face.

The music started and Mary's four bridesmaids walked down the aisle accompanied by their respected groomsmen. Jane was escorted by Luke, Danny's best friend from way back. They had grown up together and were neighbors throughout their lives. Danny was Luke's best man only one year ago, when Luke married Stephanie. Stephanie had become good friends with Mary and was one of the bridesmaids. She was stunning, even with her belly showing, which was holding their child. It was a tiny belly of a woman who was only four months along. She was being escorted down the aisle by Mary's brother, Johnny. She was in perfect hands, according to Luke. Mary's sister-in-law, Kelly, was escorted down the aisle by Danny's brother, Billy. Pamala, a mutual friend of the couple, was escorted down by another mutual friend of the couple, Tony.

Then came the flower girl, Danny's four year old cousin, Michelle. The ring bearer was Mary's five year old nephew, David. "They looked so cute together," thought Mary as she watched them proceed down the aisle. David was looking at everyone and saying hi. Michelle was in deep concentration trying to make sure she had enough flowers to spread over the entire length of the aisle.

The music soon changed from a beautiful processional music to hear comes the bride.

"It's time Daddy," Mary whispered to her father.

With a smile and a look at each other, they began to walk in unison down the aisle. Mary looked straight ahead. She wanted to see the beautiful man standing at the end of the aisle who would soon become her husband. Her smile grew even bigger. Danny was gorgeous in his black tuxedo. He was tall and handsome, just like the first time she had met him, only five years ago.

Danny was as handsome as ever. His black tuxedo did him justice. His grey vest that she had helped him pick out was straight underneath his jacket. He had a grey handkerchief in his pocket. He stood tall and smiling. He looked back at his best man.

"She's so beautiful," whispered Danny to Luke.

"Now you know what I was talking about on my wedding day," replied Luke.

Danny wiped tears from his eyes as he turned his attention back to his lovely bride that was walking towards him. It was everything he could do to not start crying. He smiled even more the closer she and Tim got to end of the aisle.

Soon, Tim and Mary had reached the end of the aisle. Mary was standing next to her fiancé, soon to be her husband. Her smile shone radiantly. Tears were slowly coming from her eyes as she filled with happiness. The tears of joy were hard to keep back.

"Good evening everyone," started the pastor. The pastor was Danny's pastor that he had grown up listening to every Sunday throughout his life. Mary handed her bouquet to Jane and turned towards Danny. The pastor began to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the wedding ceremony of Ms. Mary Elizabeth Castle to Mr. Daniel Aaron Carpatrick. I am about to start the process to join these two in holy matrimony. If anyone does not think these two should be married, speak now or forever hold their peace."

Mary and Danny turned towards their audience as well did their wedding party. They looked around. Not a sound could be heard. Danny turned back to Mary and smiled. They both knew all was clear.

"Alright," said the pastor, "let's get this show on the road!"

Everyone laughed at that.

"Who gives this woman away?" asked the pastor.

"Her mother and I do," replied Tim. Tim turned towards Mary and kissed her. He put her veil back over her face, just as she had asked him to. She wanted to stay veiled throughout the ceremony and have her husband lift her veil when he went to give her their first kiss as a married couple.

"This is the day that matches all days in your lives, Mary and Danny. It is the most wonderful day and the culmination of one relationship to begin a new. You two started out as friends, and then became girlfriend and boyfriend. Then you became an engaged couple and that ended the dating relationship. Today ends the engaged relationship. You end one relationship just to begin a new one. This new relationship is one of a married couple. You go forth from this day as a married couple, to support and love one another. To be caring, supportive and truthful to one another. You will have your ups along with your downs. You will have your good times along with your bad times. This has been a pattern among all the relationships you two have entered into together. Today starts the beginning of another one of these relationships. But this relationship is different then the ones you were in before. This relationship will last forever because the love you hold for one another lasts forever. You step into a committed relationship showing to the world how committed you are to one another. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it is a relationship that you constantly have to work on throughout the rest of your lives. And it is now my pleasure to begin the vows and the exchanging of the rings that will bring you into your new relationship as husband and wife."

As the pastor spoke these words, Danny and Mary looked deeply into each others eyes. This was the day they had been waiting for. It felt like an eternity would come before their day would come, but it had finally come. They would soon be husband and wife. Nothing could ever be compared to this day. They smiled to each other knowing that in just a few minutes, they will be husband and wife.

"Now first, we shall first ask if these two are willingly going into mairrage. Then I shall do the act of exchanging vows then the exchaning of the rings. These vows are very special to this couple. They decided to make up their own based on traditional wedding vows. These vows will first be said by me and each of you will repeat after me. Now, first, I shall have you, Mary, answer this question. Do you, Mary Elizabeth Castle, take Daniel Aaron Carpatrick as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," responded Mary happily.

Turning towards Danny, the pastor asked "Do you, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, take Mary Elizabeth Castle as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I definitly do," responded Danny merrily.

The audience laughed at his response.

"Good! Now onto the exchanging of the vows since we are all in agreement that this marriage ceremony should go forth. Now, these vows are very serious. So serious are they that you two have decided to write your own. They are beautiful and are based on traditional wedding vows taken by all married couples throughout the world. Now, I shall first ask you Mary to repeat these words after me while looking into your beloved eyes. Now turn and face each other."

Mary and Danny turned towards one another. They looked deeply into one another's eyes. Their eyes glistened with happy tears. They smiled huge smiles that showed the love that they had for one another. The pastor turned towards Mary.

"I, Mary Elizabeth Castle, take you, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick," said the pastor.

"I, Mary Elizabeth Castle, take you, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick," said Mary.

"To be my husband."

"To be my husband."

"Through sickness and health, through richer and poorer."

"Through sickness and health, through richer and poorer."

"Till death do us part because we have lived through so much already."

"Till death od us part because we have lived through so much already."

"I love you with all of my heart and pledge these vows to you."

"I love you with all of my heart and pledge these vows to you."

"For all of eternity."

"For all of eternity."

Throughout saying her vows, Mary softly cried as she repeated those words to Danny with her loving eyes looking deeply into his.

The pastor turned to Danny. It was now his turn to say his vows to Mary.

"I, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, take you, Mary Elizabeth Castle," said the pastor.

"I, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, take you, Mary Elizabeth Castle," said Danny.

"To be my wife."

"To be my wife."

"Through sickness and health, through richer and poorer."

"Through sickness and health, through richer and poorer."

"Till death do us part because we have lived through so much already."

"Till death do us part because we have lived through so much already."

"I love you with all of my heart and pledge these vows to you."

"I love you with all of my heart and pledge these vows to you."

"For all of eternity."

"For all of eternity."

Danny struggled to hold back the tears as he said his vows to Mary. He was so happy. She was finally going to be his wife after all these years.

"Now that the vows have been exchanged," spoke the pastor, "It is time to exchange the rings. These rings are the symbols of your love for one another. They are also the symbol of the commitment and the pledge of monogamy that you are pledging to one another. When you put these rings on one another's fingers, you put them there to show the world that you are in a committed relationship for all eternity. And now, it is my pleasure to go forth with the ring exchange part of the wedding ceremony. May I now have the rings?"

Jane and Luke produced the rings that they were holding. Each laid the rings that they were holding onto the pastor's bible. The pastor blessed the rings and then turned to Danny. "Danny take this ring and as you slowly repeat the words I say, slip it onto Mary's left ring finger."

Danny took the ring that was for Mary off the bible. He took her left hand and slipped the ring onto the tip of Mary's left ring finger. He then looked up at the pastor waiting for the words that he would repeat as he slipped the ring fully onto Mary's finger.

"I, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, give you, Mary Elizabeth Castle, this ring," said the pastor.

"I, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, give you, Mary Elizabeth Castle, this ring," repeated Danny, as he slipped Mary's wedding ring onto her finger looking into her eyes deeply.

"As a symbol of my love."

"As a symbol of my love."

"And devotion."

"And devotion."

"For all eternity."

"For all eternity."

The pastor turned to Mary. "Now, Mary, do the same as Danny just did."

Mary nodded at the pastor and smile. She took Danny's wedding ring of the bible and then took his left hand. She slipped the ring onto the tip of Danny's left ring finger.

"I, Mary Elizabeth Castle, give you, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, this ring," said the pastor.

"I, Mary Elizabeth Castle, give you, Daniel Aaron Carpatrick, this ring" said Mary as she slipped Danny's wedding ring onto his finger looking deeply into his eyes.

"As a symbol of my love."

"As a symbol of my love.

"And devotion."

"And devotion."

"For all eternity."

"For all eternity."

With that done, Mary and Danny looked deeply into each others eyes with love. They both knew that they were finally man and woman, husband and wife, joined for all eternity. They were so in loved and loved sharing this moment with everyone. They lost each other in each other's eyes, but were brought back to reality when the pastor spoke once again.

"The bride and groom have chosen to light a unity candle as a symbol of them coming together and joining two separate lives into one. At my right, is that unity candle that represents the unity that is their marriage. Will both the bride and groom's parents step up and light the individual candles that are on either side of the unity candle," said the pastor.

With this, both Danny's and Mary's parents went up to the candle and lit the individual candles that stood next to the unity candle that was in the middle. After the candles were lit, both sets of parents stepped back to stand in front of their seats.

"Now, Mary, Danny, go together and each one take one candle and bring it together to light the unity candle together. The bringing together of two individual flames into one symbolizes the uniting of two individual lives into one. Two separate lives, two separate personalities are uniting to become one entity, one being. Always remember this moment and remember that the unity candle symbolizes your choice to unite your love in marriage and to unite your lives in marriage. You may now go and together light the unity candle," said the pastor.

Mary and Danny moved from where they were standing at the front of the aisle towards the candles. Each took a candle. Mary took the candle on the right while Danny took the candle on the left. Together, they brought their individual candles together and united them as they lit the unity candle together. When the unity candle was lit, they set their candles down and smiled at one another. They took a hold of each others hands and walked back to the front of the aisle.

"Now, with this done," spoke the pastor with a huge smile on his face, "the process of uniting these two young people is completed. Through this ceremony, two separate lives and two separate people have united to become a couple, a married couple. They joined their love together in the symbol of marriage. It is now my pleasure, with the power invested in me by the State of New York, to pronounce you husband and wife. Danny, you may now kiss your bride!"

Danny waited with no further instructions. He lifted Mary's veil and, with his arms around her waist, kissed her deeply, passionately, and lovingly. Mary kissed just as deeply back, sending her love for him through her kiss. Their audience erupted in applause and whistles as the couple kissed for the first time as a married couple.

When Mary and Danny finished their first kiss, which did not last too long since they were in a church, they turned back towards the pastor. He instructed them to turn around and face the audience. Mary took her bouquet from Jane and stood with her arm through Danny's, smiling radiantly.

"It is now my pleasure to present to you," sang the pastor out loud, "for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Aaron Carpatrick!"

The audience erupted in applause. Danny and Mary walked down the aisle towards the door that Mary had just walked through earlier as a bachlorette. When they got through the doors, they stepped aside and smiled at each other. They were finally married. The day they had waited for had finally come. They can now begin their lives together as a married couple. Their new lives were just beginning.

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