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The Wee Wee Contest


Hilda Humper was trying to think of a way to make class much more interesting for her high school students. Having some knowledge of health and being in perfect shape herself, Hilda was currently teaching a senior level health class that discussed sex and the human body. With Hilda's overt and voracious sexual appetite, she saw the opportunity for all sorts of carnal fun with her class. The classroom would become a hands-on place under her able tutelage. It might even afford her the ability to get some of what Hilda often called "yummy wee wee".

"Hello, class," Miss Humper spoke in a friendly voice and with a sexy smile that hardened the penis of every male in the room. "Today we are going to talk about sex and the mechanics of it."

Hilda wore a blouse that had a low cut scoop neckline that revealed the countless acres of cleavage that she sported. Hilda knew that all the males were going crazy at the glimpse of her triple J cup boobies that were trying, aching to be free of her insufficient top.

"We are going to have a little contest today all just to simply show how the man's sexual organ works in the heat of a hot sex act. If you will look at the board, I will give you the exact term for what we are going to see occur here today."

Then in all capital letters and in a blue erasable marker, this busty teacher wrote the word FELLATIO for the class to see. There were a few snickers and smiles after Hilda had written it. Then she pressed her giant jugs together and glanced at several males in the classroom.

"Holy motherfucking shit," Hilda cursed to the surprise of her class as many students raised eyebrows. "It makes me so damn horny just to think of that word and all that it entails. It makes me want to suck the fuck out of the nearest wee wee I can get my fucking hands on. Just this morning I blew the paperboy's wee wee like nobody's business. I'll tell you girls something. Nothing makes your paperboy know that you appreciate the work he does more than when you drop to your knees and suck his wee wee till it squirts. So what we are learning today is very useful in the real world and in real life. It will enrich all your lives. Now let's get started with today's lesson."

"Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" the students all cheered at once.

"I am going to need several male volunteers," Hilda mischievously spoke and then gave a naughty little grin that bespoke the shameless hubris and courage that characterized so many of the actions that she engaged in at the school and got away with, whether it was fucking her male students or giving blow jobs to the janitor every week. "This class will be divided into two sides. The left side will be Group 1 and the right side will be Group 2. I will need your clapping, your cheering and any other outbursts of enthusiasm that you can muster. Are you all ready?"

The students, both male and female, but especially male, clapped and cheered after Hilda had barely spoken the question. They were ready for an object lesson in sex.

"I'm going to need two male volunteers," Hilda said and then watched as a bunch of guys raised their hands. "Kenny Long, how about you?"

"Yes, ma'am," the 18-year-old young man replied with a pleased grin before striding confidently to the front of the classroom.

"And Chuck Dicker. Come on up here, you stud," Hilda Humper laughed as she beckoned the youth forward. "It's wee wee time, boys."

"Yaaaaahhhhh!" a bunch of female voices squealed with excitement as the two popular guys now stood at the front of the room.

"Is everybody ready?" Hilda asked slowly, working the class to a frenzy.

"Now I need one female volunteer to assist me in this lesson. Missy Cummings, get up here and help me teach this class hands-on. Come on, sweetheart."

"Yes, ma'am!" the voice of an overeager and oversexed Missy Cummings replied heartily as she beamed, making every guy in the classroom want her to suck his penis.

The full-figured brunette with beautiful, flowing hair and an angelic face pranced sexily toward the head of the class, her hips wagging all the way. Missy's breasts were so big that they seemed to be way ahead of the rest of her. She was a fine buxom young hellcat vixen and a cheerleader as well. Most of the football players' wee wees had been either in her mouth or her pussy or in both. Hilda chose Missy because her boobs were big, though not nearly as large as Hilda's whopping and gargantuan monster tits.

"Now, boys, I want you to undress and display what kind of nice, big wee wees you really have to these ladies in the class. Missy, you and I are going to also strip naked and help illustrate a sexual act to the class by helping these boys feel pretty good. We're going to make their big wee wees squirt. I want everyone here to truly understand how special an act fellatio is and how lucky any guy is to get a girlfriend that will suck his weenie."

Hilda and Missy began to slowly remove their skirts and blouses at the same time that the boys, Kenny and Chuck, unbuttoned their shirts and pulled down their pants. Teacher Hilda Humper and student Missy Cummings were both stripped down to their bra and panties and the whoops from the guys in the class were by now almost deafening in their intensity. Kenny Long and Chuck Dicker were now in nothing but their briefs and the ladies in the room excitedly squealed and shrieked when they saw both of the boys' massive erections straining against the fabric that was drawn taut. Their wee wees looked like giant poles that were encased by nothing but their Fruit Of The Looms.

"Now, students," Hilda announced, smiling hornily and taking off her green brassiere. "This is where the fun begins."

"Mmmmmmm," Missy Cummings breathed huskily and licked her lips as she gazed wide-eyed at the hard stalks that jutted out from the two young men like they were asking for her to pleasure them. "Gosh, I need me a wee wee."

"You and me both," Miss Humper replied, grinning and looking now like an animal moving in on its prey, as both she and Missy finally removed every stitch of their clothing and stood in all their big- boobed splendor before the class, their bulging, gargantuan assets jiggling with excitement, their fleshy orbs shimmying saucily. "Now let's show this class what fellatio on a healthy wee wee looks like."

A chorus of cheers rose from the class, from both guys and girls excited to behold the sight of a real live sex simulation happening right before their very eyes. Hilda and Missy put on quite a show, making their big boobs bounce and sway and then going to their knees before the two young men.

"Now this is going to be a full scale wee wee contest," Hilda explained as she gingerly rubbed Kenny's big penis through his underwear and Missy kissed Chuck's hard-on through the thin cloth. "Side one of the room will cheer for me. Side two of the room will cheer for Missy. We will each suck our respective wee wee vigorously. Whichever one of us makes her wee wee come first will be the winner of the contest. Is everybody ready for this shit?"

"Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" the class resounded with an enthusiastic din of clamorous yelling and applause. "Suck! Suck! Suck! Don't give up!"

It was humorous to hear the improvised cheers that the class joined together to say. Hilda and Missy each peeled down the underwear of each of the boys. The girls in the class shrieked with awe as the two huge cocks sprung up into view, with Kenny several inches longer than Chuck. Chuck, however, was still a substantial seven inches. Kenny was a truly astounding ten. Suckhappy Hilda had one of the students do a three count and when it was done, she and Missy grasped the cock that each had in front of her, took it into her mouth and began to vigorously suck.

"Go, Hilda, go!" Group 1 cheered as the blond, buxom babe of a teacher slid Kenny Long's extremely and ridiculously long pecker in and out of her hungry and very accommodatingly open mouth. "Make that fucker come!"

"Suck, Missy, suck!" Group 2 implored as the whorish, yet busty and sexy brunette bombshell devoured the protracted member of Chuck Dicker quite happily. "Make that pecker shoot!"

The oral sex grew loud and was so wet and slobbery that it could still be heard over the roar of the students in the room. Hilda was taking her dick in and out a little faster than Missy, but Missy was applying tremendous pressure to Chuck's wee wee and it was clear from his cries that her fellatio was efficacious. The two lucky recipients let their hands rest and dawdle in the women's hair as they pleasured the boys in an excruciatingly effective manner.

"Holy fucking shit!" Kenny screamed as Miss Humper sucked him so fast that it practically made his head spin.

Kenny's cock was tingling so profusely that he thought he might come at that instant, but he managed to hold back for a little while longer, savoring every sweet second of having her mouth on his erection.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Chuck Dicker bellowed as his rigid shaft disappeared in and out of the big-bosomed vixen's orifice. "That feels so fucking good!"

The cheers grew wilder and more frenzied and the guys in the class watched with smiles as the breasts of the women jounced and bounced like basketballs as they moved up and down with their heads on Kenny and Chuck's swollen organs.

"Come, Chuck, come!" Group 2 cried out. "Getcha, getcha some!"

"Jizz, Ken, jizz!" Group 1 sounded back, enjoying the thrill of competition. "Your dick's fucking bigger than his!"

Both sides of the classroom were passionately rooting for their respective teams. Side one chanted for the pair consisting of Hilda Humper and Kenny Long, and side two cheered for the duo of Missy Cummings and Chuck Dicker. Each side got louder and louder and the wee wee contest reached a sloppily audible oral crescendo that had Kenny and Chuck, the suckees, practically crying and begging for these two rampant cocksuckers to finally make them come. The two women were taking the boys' weenies in and out like they were trying to devour their genitals alive.

"Come in her mouth! Squirt it all out!" the fans of Group 1 cried in encouragement as Kenny felt his enormous dick tense in Miss Humper's oral embrace and her gigantic jugs beat heavily against his legs as her slobber dribbled down onto his big balls.

"Shoot her a load! It's time to explode!" the other side of the room returned in a humorous chant as every student watched with wide eyes as the wee wee sucking neared its impending finale.

"Oh, fuck!" Kenny grunted an obscenity as Hilda slid her lips down his shaft, using her teeth just a little bit to excite him even more. "This wee wee is just about to fucking fire!"

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Chuck wheezed as his slightly smaller member received the oral expertise of Missy's overactive mouth that made the wee wee suckee feel amazingly close to an orgasm. "I'm almost there! I'm almost fucking there!"

"Come on, Kenny!" his team yelled, spurring him on and hoping for victory. "Give it to her! You can do it! Squirt that cum right down her throat!"

"Chuck, let it go!" Chuck's team cried. "It will feel so good when you do! Fill her mouth up with that load!"

Both boys ground their pelvises into the faces of the women that took their wee wees in and out like efficient machines. They were both striving to be the one to have his penis come first. They both grunted and groaned and cried out and winced, all at the same time. But the boys knew only too well that there could be but one solitary winner. And that was when it finally happened. The winner squirted his triumphant victory.

"Yes!" was all that Kenny Long spoke, moaning as he prevailed in the contest, his firehose of a penis jerking and then tightening as he went off in Hilda Humper's mouth.

The jism rocketed full force from his wee wee in virtual jet streams of thick release. Again and again the semen unloaded itself into his favorite teacher's fellating mouth.

"Mmmmmphhh!" Hilda managed, her mouth full of his liquid as she swallowed the first several squirts and then pulled him from her lips to repeatedly shoot his cum all over the carpet in full view of the class and its throng of screaming students. "This is what happens to a healthy wee wee during fellatio when it is all done. See how hard it squirts, students?"

"Yes, ma'am!" a chorus of voices said in amused jubilance as they watched their teacher grip this ten inch pole as it messily shot its delight all over the place, staining the carpet with its sticky overflow.

"And the cum shot is an important thing," Hilda explained, smiling as she watched her student finish firing his long rocket. "Oh, fuck, but that jizz looks yummy. You had a lot in there, didn't you, Kenny?"

And then something followed her remark mere seconds later.

"Mmmmmmm!" Chuck Dicker exclaimed as he too reached his joy and held Missy's brunette head as he emptied his sack and the boy smiled when she drank down every drop wafting from his mushroom wee wee head.

"Now, students," Hilda explained as she stood, still proudly naked and stained by cum before the class. "Fellatio, or as some of you would call it, a blow job or a hummer, is a very, very important part of sex. You girls need to make your boys' wee wees feel good from time to time. And even if you're not dating him and he is just a friend, suck him anyway. His wee wee will thank you for it. And do what Missy here does. Swallow. It will make your man feel even more special when you drink him down. I may have been the official winner of this wee wee contest, but I think that when you learn what you need to know about sex, everybody is a winner. I want all of you girls to go give some lucky guy's wee wee a little fellatio today. Give him a nice long blow job, if for no other reason than the fact that he has a penis. It's there for you to suck."

"All right!" one guy in the class cheered, pulling out his pecker and watching one of the female students instantly drop before him and take it in her mouth, his cries beginning to resound as she started to suck his wee wee.

"Class dismissed," Hilda said, chuckling at what had just transpired. "And you know what? I am going to give the janitor's wee wee a little suck today too. He will deserve it after cleaning up all this mess."


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