tagNovels and NovellasThe Week of Memorial Day

The Week of Memorial Day


My wife Kelly turned 40 on the 15th of May. We've been married 17 years and she even more beautiful today than the day we were married. She's a very petite and fit woman, standing at only 5' tall and 115 pounds.

After the guests for her surprise 40th birthday party departed she told me that she wanted to go on a real vacation this year and only the two of us. She wanted to go to a beach within a reasonable driving distance from our home in Western Maryland.

She didn't have to convince me at all. We started our research online and narrowed it down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was about a 6 hour drive from our home and we've both heard good things about it from friends and neighbors. After a few hours on Google, we found that the top floor of a three story luxury home on the beach was available for the week of Memorial Day, which was less than two weeks away. There was not much else available until the end of summer. We called the realtor who listed the property and were told that the owners stay on the first floor and they lease out the second and third floor and operate it like a resort where food and drink are included. It was more expensive than other listings and lacked the privacy we wanted, but we felt that it would be fun so we locked in our reservation starting the Saturday before Memorial Day and leaving the following Saturday morning.

We left our home in Maryland around 6am on Saturday and arrived just after noon. It was a yellow three story home just like we saw in the pictures. There were 4 expensive looking cars in the driveway and ours was the only one made domestically.

We went to the front door and saw the sign indicating registered guests could enter at any time. As we went through the front door, we could hear people talking and laughing, so we continued walking towards the back of the house where there was a patio door that opened up to the pool area. The pool was very large with at least 20 lounge chairs sitting around it. There were 8 people hanging out by the pool consisting of 5 men and 3 women that all appeared to be in their early 20's.

"Hey! There they are!" one of the men called out as he raised his beer towards us.

Everyone came over to introduce themselves and we quickly learned that they were all students attending the same college. The guy with the beer was Jim, whose parents own the home. He explained that when the school year ends he and his friends spend 3-4 weeks at the house to relax.

I quickly surveyed each of the other guests and felt like I was dropped in to the land of beautiful people. The men were all handsome, fit and clean cut while the women were incredibly beautiful, with well tanned and extremely fit bodies. I saw a few of them checking out Kelly, who was the shortest and most petite woman of anyone there, but even around women half her age, she was still hot.

Jim gave us the grand tour of the house before leading us to the staircase.

"You have the top floor, so please settle in and make yourselves at home. I'm not sure what your plans are for the week, but you're welcome to hang out by the pool or go out on your own. Food and drink are included, so please help yourself to anything you find in the common areas. We're planning a big BBQ on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day and hope you will join us," Jim said in a very friendly and polished manner.

"OK, that sounds great. Thank You," I replied as I shook his hand.

Kelly and I ascended the staircase to the third floor. We had the entire third floor, which consisted of a large master suite with a king sized bed that opened up to a deck overlooking the pool area. There was a large mirror above the bed, which really excited me. In one corner of the room was a whirlpool tub with mirrors bordering two sides. The bathroom had a beautiful ceramic tile floor with a glass enclosed shower.

"Wow. This is so beautiful," Kelly said as she hugged me tight.

We spent Saturday walking around the beach and relaxing in the sun. We went back to the house to grab some food and drinks before heading back out to the beach for a walk at sunset. The atmosphere was elegant, but relaxing at same time. That night we went back to our room, showered together and had passionate steamy sex before collapsing in to the bed for our slumber. Kelly loved the mirror on the ceiling so that she could observe every stroke I made when we were in the missionary position.

We woke up Sunday around 9am then had breakfast by the pool before heading off to the beach. We borrowed a couple of boogie boards from the house and spent some time in the ocean paddling around and riding the waves back to the beach. We spent another evening walking the beach before returning to our room to shower and have more passionate sex before retiring for the evening.

On Monday, we borrowed a couple of bicycles and went for a ride around the island, stopping in town briefly for a homemade waffle cone with a scoop of ice cream. We made it back to our room around 2pm and decided to shower together since we worked up a sweat while riding the bikes. We decided to relax on the bed to unwind for a bit. She kissed me and thanked me for taking her away for a long overdue husband and wife vacation. We laid there spooning for about 30 minutes before I nodded off for a nap. I woke up around 4pm and found the note Kelly left.

Meet me down by the pool when you wake up. Love Kelly

I figured she was not tired since she usually has a lot of energy. I changed in to my swim trunks and t-shirt, grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool.

When I entered the pool area I saw Kelly sitting at the bar wearing her two piece swim suit and a tank top covering her. Her long jet black hair was pulled in to a pony tail revealing her beautiful neck. Jim was behind the bar talking to Kelly. Jim saw me and motioned for me to come over.

"Hi honey. Did you sleep well?" Kelly said as she leaned forward to kiss me.

I smelled the alcohol on her breath and noticed she was working on a wine cooler that was still fairly full. I knew this was at least her third or fourth wine cooler by the slight slur of her speech.

"Yeah, I slept well sweetheart. I see that you're having fun," I said while pointing to the wine cooler.

"What can I get you, John?" Jim asked.

"I'll have a beer," I replied.

Within seconds, an ice cold beer was retrieved from the refrigerator behind the bar and was sitting in front of me. The beads of condensation began to form immediately on the bottle. I have always savored that first sip of an ice cold beer on a hot day. This beer was special since it was my favorite kind of beer. It was both cold and free, or at least included in the price of our stay.

I'm 6'0 and 185 pounds with an average build. I consider myself average in general and have always been thankful to have such a beautiful wife even at age 40. Kelly was still a virgin at age 23 when we met due to bad experiences with men. I was the first man that tried to get to know her intellectually before trying to fuck her and I guess that helped me gain her trust which was the key to getting in her panties as well.

After dinner, we sat down on a pair of lounge chairs overlooking the pool and the ocean beyond that. Jim was busy cleaning up after dinner while a few of the guys took turns diving in to the pool doing various flips and tricks during their dive. It was fun to watch since they were all very athletic. Jim emerged from the house, took off his shirt and stood in line for the diving board. He did a perfect back flip from the board in to the pool, then swam to the edge of the pool facing us and lifted himself out of the pool using the ladder that was no more than 8-10 feet directly in front of us.

While he stood there dripping wet by the side of the pool, I could not help but notice that his swimming trunks were stuck to him and had revealed the outline a very large penis bulging inside his shorts. Jim turned and walked back to the line at the diving board to go again.

As he took his place on the edge of the diving board facing the pool we caught another glimpse of him, but from the side this time. The bulge was quite clear and from our perspective, it seemed that Jim was hiding a rabbit in his shorts.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Kelly taking a drink of her wine cooler and as I glanced over at her, she tried to pretend that she was not staring at Jim on the diving board. She immediately tried to play it off by getting up to get us each another drink. Upon her return, she handed me a beer then adjusted her sunglasses and relaxed in the lounge chair sipping her drink each time Jim popped out of the water in front of us.

Jim must have dove in that pool over and over for what seemed two hours, but only 30 minutes had passed since we sat down. Each time he emerged from the pool, it seemed like the world went in to slow motion with his python penis there for us to see. I noticed that Kelly was looking away and stealing looks towards Jim from the corner of her eye when she thought I was not looking.

Jim grabbed a towel, dried his hair and his chest and walked over to where we were sitting. The outline of the anaconda in his shorts was now more visible than ever as the large tube shape object protruded from his wet shorts.

"Can I get either of you another drink?" he asked nonchalantly as if he was not aware his cock was showing.

"No. None for me," I said quickly as I held up my hand to indicate I had enough.

"No thank you." Kelly replied as she finished off the remainder of her wine cooler.

I consider my penis to be average length and girth at just over 6 inches long when fully erect and maybe a little fatter than a banana while still in the skin. Judging from the outline in his pants, I'd estimate he could easily be 9 inches long when erect and almost as thick as the 12 ounce beer bottle I was holding.

Jim hung around the area, for another ten minutes or so while he dried off. He made some small talk with me and Kelly before finally heading towards the house and disappearing inside to his room on the second floor.

"Let's go upstairs," Kelly said after sitting there for another five minutes. She got up and held my hand while we walked across the patio towards the house.

As we entered our room, Kelly closed the door, locked it, and then led me straight to the bed. She began kissing me and rubbing my cock through my shorts with her left hand. I kicked off my shoes then she pushed me back on the bed and unfastened my belt. As she tore off my shorts she placed my cock in her mouth and I could hear her moaning as she sucked on it. She was incredibly horny and was in total control of the situation. I was not complaining.

I responded by pulling off her clothes and putting her on top of me in a 69 position, which is our favorite foreplay technique. As I pulled her pussy down on my face, I could smell the arousal emanating from her wet hole. She was already dripping wet, which was unusual since it usually took a little work to get her that aroused. I cupped her grapefruit sized ass cheeks in each of my hands and gently spread her cheeks apart. The aroma was heavenly. I pulled her down on my face and probed her smooth waxed pussy lips with my tongue. The taste the warm liquid oozing from her pussy was divine.

I positioned my right hand so that I could enter her with my middle finger. It slid in directly to the last knuckle without resistance. My finger bottomed out inside her and she had the entire length of my semi-erect cock inside her mouth. I felt the moan as her lips paused around the base of my cock. The suction was incredible as she continued to work my cock harder and harder. I love feeling my cock growing harder and harder while it is in her mouth.

I probed her a few more times with my middle finger and knew instantly that she was wetter than I have seen her in quite a long time. I immediately added my ring finger to the edge of her pussy and I could feel her excitement growing. Both my middle finger and ring finger were now both inside her as far as they could go. As I bottomed out inside her again, she paused at the bottom of my cock and moaned, which was an indicator she was thanking me for the pleasure. I felt the vibrations from her moans at the base of my cock where her lips were gripping my cock tight.

Those vibrations immediately made my dick go from semi-erect to solid steel. I began to work my fingers in and out of her and I felt her body tense up and freeze. This is the usual sign that she is about to cum. I knew she was close and continued to work her pussy with my fingers as my tongue alternated between licking her clit and probing the hole from which her sweet juices flowed from. I felt the electricity in her clit on my tongue as her orgasm slowly built inside her. I continued to work my fingers in and out of her using nothing but the natural lubricant she provided to eliminate the friction my fingers created.

Her body quivered and she bucked a couple times as the wave of her first orgasm went through her body. I wrapped my left arm around her waist to pull her body closer to me while I used my right hand to continue sliding my fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

My cock was not getting much attention during her orgasm since her orgasms are too intense for her to focus on anything else. As soon as her mouth returned to my cock, I knew that her orgasm was over and she was working on the next one. My cock was extremely hard after sensing how turned on she was. I was in heaven with the view of her perfect ass above my face combined with her sweet juice on my tongue and her working magic on my completely hard cock. I suspected she was horny because she was fantasizing about Jim's big dick exploring her tight pussy hole, but I didn't care since she was taking it all out on me.

She continued to expertly lick and suck my cock, while massaging my balls. My two fingers were easily sliding in and out of her. At this point, I'd normally explore her ass with my pinky finger while fucking her with two fingers, but I sensed that tonight she needed something different since she was a lot wetter than usual.

I pulled the fingers from her pussy and licked the sweet juice from my fingers. I re-positioned her ass above me while gently spreading her pussy by pulling on her left ass cheek. She adjusted herself accordingly as if to invite me to explore her ass with my pinky like I'd normally do at this point.

I grouped three fingers together (index, middle and ring) and put them at the opening of her wet hole. I sensed she was confused for a second while she moved her ass around to try to sense what was going on. My pinky finger was not pressing against her asshole as it usually was as this point. I slowly pressed my three fingers against her slippery entrance and as I did, she raised her head and my cock slipped out of her mouth.

Her body tensed up and her hips started to slowly rock back and forth to explore the girth of what was trying to enter her. I felt her body relax and she spread her legs a bit more to welcome the unfamiliar visitors to enter. I have never successfully put three fingers inside her before since in my previous attempts she said it hurt so I never tried again.

I slowly worked three fingers in to her about an inch. I felt her tight pussy clamping down around my fingers and I heard her starting to pant. I held my fingers inside her about an inch and I felt her starting to push back on them.

She slowly started to slowly sit back on my face while forcing more of my fingers inside her. I felt the walls of her pussy slowly opening to invite me to stretch her more. When my fingers were all the way in, she pressed down hard on my fingers and held the position. Kelly became very still as she got accustomed to having three fingers inside her. I felt her body begin to shake again as her pussy stretched and welcomed my fingers inside her.

She came again, but this time it was much more violent than the first and I was barely able to hold on. There was nothing I could do but keep my fingers buried inside her and hold while her body bucked and tried to squirm away from the intense pleasure out of fear for sensory overload. When the wave was over, she immediately turned around to straddle me.

She grabbed my cock and slipped it deep inside her, but instead of leaning forward to pump me or to allow me to pump her; she sat straight down on my dick forcing my ass further in to the mattress. She arched her head back, balanced herself on my shaft and began gyrating around my cock inside her. She was moaning in utter ecstasy while she rotated my cock inside her. I felt the head of my cock as it rubbed against the wall of her expanding pussy. She rotated my cock inside her to gently massage the walls of her slick pussy. She didn't speak a word, as if she were in a deep trance fixated only on pleasuring herself from the inside. From my view she looked like a belly dancer slowly moving her hips in a circle.

After five minutes of her gyrations, I felt the sensation in my loins that signaled I was going to blow my load.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered.

She put both hands on my chest and forced herself down even further on my rock hard dick. She held my cock buried inside her as far as it could go while she rocked forward and backward as if to milk the sperm from me. I shot my load deep inside her pussy. She tensed up as soon as she felt my hot liquid inside her, which drove her to her third orgasm of the night. We were both frozen as our bodies shook with our respective orgasms. Finally, she collapsed on top of me and we kissed. My face was still wet with her juices, but she didn't seem to mind. I felt my cock shrinking inside her as gravity pulled our combined juices from her hole, down my ass crack, contributing more liquid to the puddle forming on the sheets below. For some reason these wet spots are always left on my side of the bed as if Kelly plans it, but I never complain.

She kissed me for a few minutes and we spooned while we both savored the moment. I nodded off in 20 minutes or so. I woke up around 6am to see Kelly was under the covers and still naked from the night before. It was a beautiful sight. Tuesday and Wednesday were very relaxing. We had a very relaxing time at the beach. We also spent each evening drinking poolside and getting to know Jim and his friends better. Of course there was the wet bathing suit python show that ended each evening, but that did not stop Kelly from sitting in the same lounge chairs adjacent to the ladder as if she wanted front row seats for the wet man meat display in Jim's pants. I didn't care since the sex between us was amazing each night.

Thursday was pretty much the same thing. Around 10pm, Kelly rose from her chair to retire for the evening. I opted to spend an extra 20 minutes at the bar with Jim and have one more drink before going upstairs.

When got to the room Kelly was naked on the bed waiting for me with the lights off. I immediately dove in to lick her pussy and she was even hotter and wetter than she was the previous two nights. I was treated to her sweet liquid and felt as if I died and gone to heaven. She rode me for 10-15 minutes before my balls exploded deep inside her.

Friday evening we were poolside again enjoying the man meat show from our front row seats by the ladder. I'm not sure who did it, but the lounge chairs were at least a foot or two closer to the pool than they had been the day before. Kelly was my prime suspect for the chairs being closer to the ladder than before, but I didn't care as long as she was happy and horny.

Like clockwork, at 10pm Kelly rose from the chair for our exit although this night was different since we ended up saying goodbye to everyone. It was our last night at the home and our plans were to leave at 6 or 7am.

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