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The Weekend


You may recall a movie from years ago called "Same Time Next Year". In that movie, friends since youth meet once a year to rekindle their feelings for each other. After that weekend, they each return to their spouses and their routine until that following year, when they meet again.

Ours is not a situation where we sneak off and meet someone else. But it is a situation that occurs only once per year to fulfill what started out as two different fantasies. For my wife, it was the dream of seeing an old college lover again. For me, it was the fantasy of being a humiliated cuckold. And the ability to combine those dreams makes for a weekend that provides a year of memories until we repeat it.

It started after we were married for about seven years. Some call it the itch. For us, it was the routine that almost did us in. The sex was OK, but it lacked that freshness that comes with a new relationship. I was always more daring than her, and it took some convincing to get her to try some role plays and talk about fantasies, both of which spiced things up.

For me, it was seeing her in sexy clothes. Short skirts combined with stockings and high heels always got me going. Once she realized how excited I got knowing she was wearing a garter belt with old fashioned stockings or thigh highs with no panties, she did it on a regular basis. At this point, I should also tell you that at 38, she's ten years my junior. She is slight of build with perfect, perky tits and great legs. She always enjoyed wearing short skirts, and knows how to "work it" to get men's heads to turn. And it still gives me a rush to see men look and her, knowing she was going home with me. She is a southern belle, so her hair and make up is always right, and she also enjoys the looks of admiration from men.

After a while, I started to fantasize, like many men, about seeing her with another man. We would be home in bed after a night out. She would be lying there in her stockings, heels and nothing else rubbing her leg on my thigh. At the same time, she would play with my dick while I fantasized aloud about seeing her with another man. Those fantasies grew to not only seeing her, but her taking control and making me watch her pleasure a stranger. She became a master at keeping my dick on the edge of exploding for up to an hour while we talked about my fantasy. I'd come close to cumming, and she would stop. Then repeat it, sometimes bringing me to the brink eight to ten times. The combination of the build up and the stories made for an orgasm that defies description for me.

After a while, she got very good at helping me with the stories. The theme was often the same. We'd be in a bar, she would spot a good looking guy and approach him, explaining that I didn't please her last night. As a punishment, I would be forced to watch her be taken by a real man. In other stories, she would further humiliate me by making me approach the man and invite him to our table. But, these were only fantasies. Until one certain evening.

We were playing our game. When I came through the door, she was dressed in a short brown skirt, sheer blouse through which I could see her nipples at attention. When she sat down, I could see the very tops of her stockings, and on her feet were the sexiest four inch stilettos. I was aroused at once, and before I knew it, we were in the bed, with her hands lubed up and my dick being tortured oh so well.

As we got into a fantasy story, she asked how much I wanted it to become a reality. She had always balked at such a situation in the past, but there was something different tonight. She already had be so aroused I was ready to say yes to almost anything. Then she hit me with it. If I really wanted it, she was ready to make it happen, but on her terms. And once I said yes, there was no turning back.

She knew I had no choice. She had already brought me close to orgasm six times. I was ready to explode and when I am that horny and aroused, I have no willpower to say no. So I told her I was ready for anything she could come up with.

She kept playing with my dick as she fed me her breasts. And when I begged to cum, she hit me with her plan.

Her fantasy was often to reconnect with her college lover Clint. She spoke of how rugged he was, with a great build, confidence and an outstanding cock. I brought her to many an orgasm over the years by playing with her pussy while she fantasized about fucking him again. It was safe for me, because he lived across the country. And it was sexy to hear her stories about meeting him in a hotel and seducing him.

Now, she said, it was possible to combine our fantasies. Clint was coming to our city on business, and had called her to find out what her situation was. They had not spoken in years, but he got her number from an old college friend my wife stays in contact with.

She told me it was time to put up or shut up. Live out the fantasies we'd discussed for over a year or stop talking about them. She told me how she would meet Clint while I watched, and how she would explain to Clint that she had every intention of fucking him while she forced me to watch and do as I was told. It was more than I could take. I said yes as she brought me to the most thundering orgasm I could ever recall.

Now it was too late to turn back. She knew she could talk me into it. And after I came and I was cleaning myself up, she told me Clint would be in town next weekend, and he would be our guest.

It was a long week. She teased me almost every night but would not let me come. She dressed sexy every day as she left for work, saying she was getting geared up for the weekend. And when Friday arrived, I could not wait to get home.

Clint would be flying in that night, and we were going to pick him up at the airport. His flight was right on time at 7:05, and when he walked down to baggage claim, I could see why she was so excited. Like my wife, he was ten years my junior. And you would easily believe he had just left college a couple of years ago. He was tall, with chiseled good looks and clearly in shape. They greeted each other with a strong embrace, after which she introduced me to Clint. I was not prepared for what happened next. She told him right there that she was in charge in our relationship, and that I was prepared to assure they enjoyed each other for his brief visit.

As we walked to the car, she told me to drive, but she would sit in the back seat with Clint. I already felt humbled as she told me to get the door. She slid in the back seat, clearly allowing her skirt to ride up so Clint could see her thigh hi stockings. He slid in next to her. I closed the door and went around to the drivers side like the chauffeur I had become for the night.

The drive home took about 20 minutes. But it was long enough for her to tell Clint that in our relationship, she was the sexual boss. In all our fantasies, I enjoyed thinking about humiliation. Now it was real, and for a short time, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. As she told Clint that she loved me, but was unhappy with my cock, I could feel myself turning beet red. As she told him how much she missed his tool, I felt my cheeks flush, but I was also aware that I was getting aroused.

Clint told her that he remembered both her pussy and her oral skills. Looking in the rearview mirror, I could tell he was not yet comfortable with the situation. But she put him at ease as she took his hand and guided it to her thigh. Before long, he was running his hand well under her skirt. When he asked if she was sure this was OK, she replied by lifting her ass off the seat, reaching under her skirt and pulling off her panties. She put them on my shoulder and told him again she was in charge, and I would do as I was told. Then she forced me to confirm it with a meek "yes Ma'am".

As we arrived home, she told me to set the table for dinner and be prepared to serve the meal in the oven in just a few minutes as they enjoyed a drink in the den. And, she said, I was to be naked when they returned.

It was my fantasy coming to life. I quickly set the table, poured the wine and undressed. While I had dreamt about such an evening, I really felt like a total fool when they returned to the dining room, and I stood there stark naked in their presence.

My wife came over and gently played with my cock while Clint watched. Despite my humiliation, or maybe because of it, I started to get a hard on. She teased my dick only to say that it was time for me to see a real cock. With that, she told me to stand still, and she invited Clint to undress her.

It was torture to watch him slowly remove her blouse. He unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, and she stepped out of it. Now, she stood there in her lacy bra, tan thigh highs and high heels. It didn't take Clint long to remove her bra and fondle her tits. It was the first time I had ever seen her touched by another man, and I wanted to cum right there.

She ordered me to serve dinner for them, but I was not allowed to eat. Clint stayed dressed, and they only played with their food. It was clear both were ready for what was clearly on the menu as dessert.

I was forced to clear the table, then my wife summoned me back. She instructed me to play with myself until I was erect. Even when erect, it's only five inches, something she took great pleasure in pointing out. She asked Clint to stand and retire to the den, telling me now I would see a real cock on a man who knew how to use it.

I followed like a little puppy. She showed Clint to my big leather chair, and told me to get down on my knees and watch from across the room. With that, she sat on his lap, nibbled on his ear and neck and fondled his crotch through his pants. She slowly slid down to the floor and undid his belt and zipper, reaching into his pants to bring his dick out to be seen.

She was right. It was impressive, and it wasn't even all the way hard yet. As she played with his dick, he removed the rest of his clothes. This was the dick she had been dreaming of for years, and now it was in her hands. This was the dream I had been talking about for years, and now it was before my eyes.

He said he had long remembered what a great fuck she was, but wanted to be assured that it was ok to do this in front of her husband. She said she'd already told him once that she was in charge, and asked if she needed it prove it.

Clint said he'd feel better about it if she could demonstrate her power over me. With that, she stood up and commanded that I crawl to her on my hands and knees. I quickly complied. She then commanded that I kiss the tips of her high heels, and lick up her leg to her knee and back down. Again, I blushed with humiliation, but loved every moment of it.

Clint was awed by her power. When he suggested that he needed a quick shower after the long flight, she told him there was no need. Then she instructed me to get a cloth from the linen closet, soak it in warm water and bring it to her.

I did that quickly, and upon my return, she was sitting on the floor playing with his now erect tool. As I handed her the towel, she kicked the humiliation up a notch. No, she said. I was to clean his dick.

Even I was surprised at how quickly I complied. Any trace of my manhood was destroyed in his eyes as I washed his pubic area and she watched, standing over me. And just when I though it could get no worse, she told me to kiss his dick and thank him in advance for bringing my wife great pleasure that night.

I was like I was on drugs. I looked at her briefly, seeking some relief, but getting no mercy. "DO IT", she demanded. And all of the sudden, I realized she enjoyed her new found command position. Clint was amused by it all, took a hold of his own dick, pointing it at me, just waiting for me to comply.

There I was. My wife standing over me in her stockings and heels. Her college lover in my chair, naked, holding his own dick. I leaned over and kissed the tip of his magnificent penis.

Again, she upped the ante. She said his dick had become too dry for her to enjoy, and asked if I knew what a fluffer was. I replied that it was someone who worked off the set on porn movies, getting the male stars ready for action. Good, she replied, telling me to fluff him while she watched. With that, she sat down next to him, and waiting for me to take his dick in my mouth.

He reached over and cupped her breast in one hand while he held his dick out for me with the other. I just sat there in disbelief, until she made it clear that if I didn't do what I was told, only her fantasy would be fulfilled that evening. They would leave and go to his hotel, she would spend the weekend sucking and fucking her college sweetie, and I would see none of it.

That was when I knew I had become the cuckold I dreamt of being. I took his dick in my mouth as their mouths met. As I looked up, I could see their tongues touch. And I felt his dick growing in my mouth.

Their kiss broke, with her saying it was her turn to enjoy that dick, and I was to crawl back across the room.

I did so as she slid back off his lap and between his legs. I could only watch as my wife at first teased his dick, then took it all the way into her mouth.

I know how good she is at giving head, so I could understand why Clint let his head fall back and just moaned. He said he had waited a long time to feel her mouth around his dick again. And she said she had waited a long time to feel his cock enter her pussy.

She looked over at me to assure I was watching. She took her mouth off his cock to look at me, saying I should prepare to see how a real man fucks a woman. And I should also prepare to clean them both. The first fuck would be quick, she said. She new their lust for each other would assure that. And she said there would be no towel used to clean them after they fucked. You will do that with your mouth, and she called me her little oral slut.

I had never kissed a dick in my life, much less sucked on one. In one night, I had been instructed to do both. And now I was being told I would lap up their juices on command. And I knew she was right. I almost came all over myself as she climbed on his lap and impaled herself down on his dick.

More in part 2

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