tagGay MaleThe Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

The Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01


Our assignment was to each bring two guys up to the cabin for the weekend. For some time, Eric and I had talked about having a weekend long orgy with six men. Eric had already made arrangements with two men he was fucking. I had met Brad and Tim online. I had sex with each alone several times. I decided I needed to approach them separately and see if they could get out for an entire weekend.

On a Monday, I slipped away from work and met Brad at a local motel. Once we were in the room, I stripped and assumed the position: on my knees, head down, mouth open. Brad liked to dominate me. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out of his black bikini briefs. He was uncut and thick, about 8.5 or 9 inches. He gagged me the first few times, but I learned to deep throat him. It took longer to take him all the way in my ass.

After I sucked him to full attention, I told him about the cabin and Erik and our plan. He was surprised and said he could get away. He'd tell his wife it was a company retreat. He asked who else I wanted to bring and I told him about Tim. We had also met online. He was hung (as you can tell, I'm a size queen) like Brad but not as thick. He was a rough fuck. He'd pound my asshole and spank me. He loved to cum inside me and watch it drip out. He was the first guy I'd ever done ass to mouth with. He really got off on watching me suck his big cock after he'd been fucking my asshole.

Brad said he was in and then laid me back on the bed and slowly entered my willing asshole. He kissed me and tweaked my nipples. Generally, Brad treated my like I was his girlfriend, and I loved it. My legs were spread and angled up. He put his hands under the backs of my knees so he could pump into my asshole at his leisure. He slowly built up speed until I could sense he was ready to cum. I pulled and twisted his nipples like he liked and he pushed deep into me and came. I could feel his cock spasm and a warmth inside me. We spent some more time at the motel and agreed to meet Friday at a parking lot were I could leave me car.

Tim met me the next day at the same motel. Once inside, I quickly told him about the cabin. Tim didn't like me to talk after we were fucking. He asked a few questions and agreed he could do it. His wife was out of town Thursday through Tuesday. He then ordered me to strip. In seconds, my cock was in his hand. The ball spreader and cock ring were in place and I was on my knees, Tim's cock hanging in front of me.

"Suck, you little bitch," he said.

For the next 10 minutes, his cock was never out of my mouth, but it kept getting deeper and deeper into my throat. I have to confess. I've watched Bobbi Bliss movies just to get pointers on cocksucking. Finally, Tim was all the way in and my nose was in his pubic hair. I gasped for air when I could and was covered with drool. He face fucked me. Then I was on the bed, head hanging over the edge. I watched his come toward me upside down.

"Open your fucking mouth, whore," he commanded.

"Yes, sir." As I said it, his cock went right in and down my throat. I gagged hard but he held still, grabbing my nipples. If Brad was like a boyfriend, Tim was like a rapist. After he was satisfied fucking my throat, he rolled my over and got behind me. I quickly lubed my asshole and started fingering myself. He slapped my hands away and pushed his cock head in against me asshole.

"Fuck," I moaned.

"Shut up," he said slapping my ass. He then took up a spirited spanking that left both ass cheeks sore and reddened.

With a deep, hard push, he was inside me. For ten minutes, Tim pumped without mercy. Sometimes he long-dicked me, going from the head all the way down to the base. Sometimes he held just the head of his cock inside and gave me short hard pumps while smacking my ass. Either way, I was in ecstacy. He repositioned my on the edge of the bed on my back.

He would fuck my ass and then move around so I could suck him. He really fucked hard and then tried to ram it down my throat. In a lot of ways, it was like a fight and I always lost. After some time had passed, he grabbed my cock as hard as he could and used it leverage himself into my asshole. He fucked me until I saw red and then he came, driving his cock into me and growling. What he did next always got his dick hard again. He grabbed the plastic cup from the bedside and held it under my asshole.

"Squeeze it, you fucker."

I squeezed my ass and felt his cum run out.

"Yes, oh, fucking yes. More, slut. Make more come out."

I tried as hard as I could. I pushed with my sphincter and felt the warmth.

"Up on the bed. On your knees." He held the cup up. There was cum oozing down the side and pooled in the bottom, a quarter inch deep. "Open your mouth, tongue out."

I did as I was told and Tim tipped the cup up and let his cum drain out onto my tongue. It was thick and viscous. I could feel it pool toward the back of my mouth. I knew not to swallow it yet. Tim liked to watch me play with it.. I had to blow bubbles and then swallow it all at once. Tim's cock would be hard again and the second assfucking would begin. This was the assfucking I feared and looked forward to. Tim would stay hard, rock hard, for a half hour or longer. My ass would be gaped to the limit by the time he came again. Then he would let me cum which I would also have to lick up and swallow.

The invitations had gone so well, I couldn't wait to see how the weekend went.

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