tagGay MaleThe Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

The Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02


It was Friday at 3:30 when Brad, Tim and I met in a parking lot on the way out of town. Brad drove a Denali, so we all agreed he would drive to the cabin. It was a fairly short drive, only 50 minutes or so, but more than enough time for Tim to make me a nasty bitch in the backseat.

As soon as we loaded the truck and got in the back seat, Tim ordered me to strip. I did as told and Tim rewarded me by tightly attaching a studded ball spreader to me. I watched in fascination as my balls narrowed more than I thought they could. Tim snapped the ball spreader tight at the next to last latch. I felt light-headed and submissive. Brad looked in the rear view mirror and said, "Now those balls look hot."

Tim roughly grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. I sat back and took it.

"You want to come, slut?" Tim asked.

"Yes, please." I moaned.

"You'll eat your cum then."

"Yes, sir," I answered. I could feel I was close to coming already even though it was less than two minutes that Tim was jerking me off. Tim sometimes got off on milking me hard and making me scream. He looked in an evil mood today and I knew I was in for a rough session. I could feel myself losing focus and I knew I was coming. Tim caught my cum with his left hand while still jerking me off with the right. Suddenly, his left hand was in my face.

"Lick it up, slut," he commanded. I opened my mouth and began to lick my cum off the palm of his hand and his fingers. My cum was very thick and tasty. My joy was interrupted when I realized Tim had not stopped jerking my cock. The corona was sensitive and I heard Tim laugh a little as I began to groan.

"What's wrong, bitch?" He said. I continued to lick his hand and tried to concentrate on that and only that. His grip increased. "Answer me."

"Nothing, sir," I whimpered.

"Well, then I must not be working your cock hard enough." And with that, he began to slowly work all around the head of my cock, using my own cum as a lube. It was amazingly sensitive and I tried to crawl away, but he used his other hand around my throat to hold me still.

"Don't move, you fucking whore." I kept as still as I could..

From the front seat, Brad said, "I've never heard him make those sounds before," and laughed. I realized I was whimpering and moaning and pleading for Tim to stop. I had forgotten Brad was there or even where I was. All I could feel was my poor cock, completely under Tim's control. Tim lifted his left hand from my throat and began to tap my balls. My legs began to shake involuntarily. My cock was getting hard again. Tim owned me completely. He leaned down and began sucking my cock, making sure to lick under the head and up and down the shaft where I was still sensitive.

"Oh, you bastard, " I let out under my breath. Tim heard me and stopped sucking. He sat up and began to smack my balls a bit harder. I groaned and felt light-headed again.

"Time to fill your mouth, slut." I looked down and Tim began to slide his pants off. He never wore underwear. He big cock flopped out and down his thigh. Tim was almost nine inches long with heavy balls. I quickly got on my knees on the floor in front of him. He spread his legs and directed my mouth to his cock.

"Get to work," he ordered. I opened my mouth and put my tongue out. His cock was in my hand and began to stand up. I felt his heat as he entered my mouth and I began to lick and suck. His cock became rigid and he started to pump into my mouth. I let my saliva ooze out and down, lubricating his shaft. I had to concentrate on opening my throat to him, letting his head push against the back of my throat. After choking and gagging for a few minutes, I felt the familiar moment where he was able to enter my throat and I could swallow him down.

It has always been one of my favorite moments. Tim let a moan of appreciation as he watched his cock vanish into my mouth. I concentrated only on relaxing and letting his cock fill my throat. I was as submissive as possible, completely under his control. He began to pump hard. I held his cock in my throat as long as I could and then letting his cock pop out of my throat and mouth, gasped for air

"Very good, slut. Don't stop yet."

I went back to work sucking his cock. swallowing hard to get him down and then concentrating hard on not gagging. He was pumping hard and holding my head. I could tell he was close to coming. I realized drool had covered his cock and legs and balls and was all over the seat. He was holding my head and fucking my mouth. Suddenly, he pushed even harder and I felt his cock stiffen even more. He came with his cock in my throat. He seemed to vibrate and was making throaty, guttural sounds. I needed to breath and pulled off him. His cock was glistening with spit and I watched him squeeze more cum out. I immediately began to lick his cum out of his piss slit.

"Damn, slowly, whore." He said. "Just hold your fucking tongue out." I did as told. He rubbed some cum off his cock and feed it to me. I was lost looking at his cock and tasting his cum.

"We're there," a voice said behind me. God, I had totally forgotten about Brad. As we parked outside the cabin, I leaned over the seat and kissed Brad slowly and passionately on the lips.

"It's my turn as soon as we get inside," he said.

"Yes, sir," I answered. I didn't even get dressed but walked to the door of the cabin naked except for the ball spreader and with Brad behind me pinching my nipples all the way. I unlocked the door and led him toward the nearest bedroom, leaving Tim to bring in the luggage.

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