tagGroup SexThe Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 05 - Holiday

The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 05 - Holiday


Continuing on after the weekend away, Dan and Hayley's holiday continues...

Parts 1 - 4 can be found through my profile.

This picks up shortly after part 4 finishes.


Since the partner swapping session with Gia and Luca a few days ago, Dan and Hayley had been loving the holiday time, having sex at least twice a day, sometimes more. They had christened the huge hot tub in their room that they got as part of the free upgrade due to the hotel's mistake, the balcony, and most quiet areas around the hotel grounds where they could see no security cameras. Most days, they had found something to do, but normally ended up back on the beach to sunbathe for a few hours. Hayley didn't care about being seen topless any longer, so whilst she would have been happy to stay on the public beach, the only reason they went back to the hotel beach was because they could eat and drink for free, and had begun making friends with several couples around their age range on the complex. Since the majority of the hotel guests were groups of lads, any time they walked past there were always prolonged stares at Hayley as she lay on the lounger, soaking up the rays. Knowing they were looking at her always made Hayley smile internally these days, having grown to love her smaller breasts in the last few weeks.

Having stayed around the hotel for the morning, they made their way out to the beach behind the hotel, but since they hadn't gone further than the rocks they usually sunbathed next to, Dan suggested that they take a walk past them and see what I further up the beach that way. As they walked around them, they saw that about 100 yards ahead was another formation of rocks, this time protruding out into the sea. Undeterred, they walked up to them, and found that they could easily pass to the other side by navigating their way around the obstruction. This only took a couple of minutes, and when they saw what was on the other side, they were glad they did. A huge cove lay between the rock wall they had just climbed around, and the cliff that spanned from the back up to the other end, enclosing the hidden gem. A completely empty beach that nobody probably even knew about was in front of them with golden sand, several huge boulders towards the back, and a large opening that appeared to be the entrance to a cave lay before them.

"I bet Miruna doesn't know about this place babe, as I bet she would've done the photoshoot here!" Dan said to Hayley as they started walking on the uninhabited sand.

"Definitely. This is gorgeous. I think we've found my new favourite sunbathing area!" She said excitedly as they approached the cave to have a quick look inside.

Standing by the entrance, the cave itself was not huge, it was still pretty big, and would be useful if they were ever on the beach and got caught by a passing rain shower. After a few seconds of looking, Dan ventured deeper in, and found a small passageway at the far side, hidden from view by the cliff formation and lack of natural light, but it was what he could hear that caught his attention - Water falling. He walked through the gap, and could see a big pool of crystal clear azure water, like someone had created a private indoor swimming pool with a small waterfall to his left. As Hayley caught up to Dan, all she could muster was 'Oh wow' when she saw it, standing amazed at the site in front of her, and visions of skinny dipping in the pool with Dan running through her head. She walked over to the edge of the water, before putting her towel on the ground, and turning to her boyfriend.

"Come and swim with me!" She said, before removing her bikini totally and getting in.

Dan needed no second invite, taking off his t-shirt and shorts before joining Hayley in the cold water, the pair of them messing around like kids before ending up underneath the waterfall with Hayley's legs wrapped around Dan's waist, and they started kissing passionately. This led to Hayley reaching beneath the water and sliding Dan's hard cock into her, and another intense sex session followed in the newly discovered lagoon before they made their way back out to the beach and dozed in the sun for a couple of hours, Hayley in only her bikini bottoms, and Dan in just his shorts. When they woke up, they decided to head back to the main beach for a bite to eat at one of the small restaurants, so once they were dressed, they made their way back around the rock wall and back along the beach, past the hotel, to the main strip, before choosing somewhere and sitting down for some food. While they were waiting for it to arrive, the two lads that had saw Hayley's beach picture shoot came over to their table and again complimented her on it, before striking up a conversation with the couple. It turned out that there was 8 of them on the holiday, and that one of their friends who wasn't at the beach that day was a photographer, but they were sure he would love to do some shoots with Hayley if she was interested, before saying which club they would be at that evening if she wants to go and meet him. With that the food came out, so the lads left the couple in peace.

They discussed the opportunity over their meal, with Hayley saying she loved the experience with Miruna, so would like to do it again, and Dan agreeing that he thought she was incredible and the shoot was so hot, he thinks she should as well, so they decided to head to the club that night to speak to the guy. The afternoon flew past, and before they knew it, they were almost ready to head to the club. Hayley was wearing a denim micro-skirt and white vest top with a print on the front, and as was now standard, no underwear beneath either garment. As they walked the short distance towards the jumping party zone, Hayley mentioned that she hoped they could find the group as she would love to do another picture set, before they reached their destination and walked in, the thumping music playing as they headed to the bar. When they got there, Dan ordered their usual drinks, before Hayley asked for 2 sambuca's and 2 jagerbombs to get the night started. She slammed her sambucas down while Dan did the Jagers, and they turned to look for the guys from earlier. They had one quick walk around the club but couldn't see them, so instead found their way back to the dancefloor, and started moving to the beat as the drinks continued to flow.

Hayley was again attracting a lot of attention from male onlookers due to the sexy dancing she was doing on Dan, most of them noticing the erect nipples showing through her top as the temperature in the club made the t-shirt stick to her. Several more drinks later the guys from the beach finally found the couple and started talking, explaining that their photographer friend had gone to the toilet and would join them when he came back. As the group started talking, the rest of the guys from the beach joined them, before the photographer spotted them and made his way over. The first thing that ran through Dan's mind was 'Jesus Christ, this guy is the photographer!' He initially introduced himself as Stephen, but Dan couldn't confirm that as he was disbelieving at what he was seeing. Stephen was roughly 6 foot 2, and could pass for a model himself, with his sculpted cheek bones and jaw line, thick long hair, and extremely toned arms and shoulders, Dan was thinking that I bet he has no problem getting any woman to take their clothes off, whether it's for work or pleasure!

As Dan and Hayley chatted to Stephen, he explained that his parents were quite well off, and because of this, they didn't mind him following his dream of becoming a photographer, and he has had multiple exhibitions for his landscapes and 'artsy' pictures as he called them in famous galleries, but is equally as proud of his glamour, swimwear and nude shoots that he has done which have been published in magazines or on websites. His passion for photography was evident in the way he spoke about it, and whilst he was open to admitting that he does lead a luxurious lifestyle some of the time, he made the point that he does work very hard and loves his job.

'Taking photos of gorgeous women in various stages of undress, who wouldn't love that job' Dan thought.

A few of the group had begun dancing with several girls that were close by, and a couple of them motioned for Hayley to join them while Dan and Stephen continued talking. When the conversation moved on to the shoot the following day, Stephen said that while he doesn't have all of his normal equipment, he would still ask one of his friends to help him carry it as long as Hayley doesn't mind. Dan told him that they had found an ideal place for the shoot, and that he was hoping all of the group would come and watch, not just one of them.

This surprised Stephen, as Hayley had made it clear that she was interested in doing all kinds of shoots for the day, from bikinis and lingerie, topless, and full nude included. When he mentioned this to Dan, Dan explained about Hayley's recently found love for being seen naked by strangers, and that she would most likely enjoy the attention even more, which made Stephen smile. They were then joined by one of the lads that had been dancing with Hayley, who was clearly a bit tipsy when he came over and congratulated Dan on getting such a hot girl, and saying how envious he was as she is also incredibly sexy. Dan chuckled as he leaned in and told the guy that if he thinks this is sexy, what would he think about being told she wasn't wearing underwear? His answer was obvious with how his eyes opened wide in disbelief, and he looked back at Hayley as if he was trying to verify the information he had just been given, despite the fact he clearly couldn't see through her skirt.

Dan took Stephen's number to message him the next day regarding the shoot, before he looked over at Hayley, and watched as she did three shots of Sambuca in quick succession, as another tray of them was brought over by someone else. He moved to in front of his girlfriend, as she told him that she thinks they are trying to get her drunk deliberately, probably to see if she will do anything with any of them.

"Maybe they are" Dan replied, "Would you care if that's the case?"

"So long as you don't mind, I wouldn't" She answered, at which point Dan handed her another shot.

"Then have this, and carry on enjoying yourself" he said. "Oh, and like normal, you don't have to stop them if they start touching you, unless you want them to stop".

She smiled and did the shot, before moving back towards the lads, now feeling the effects of the recent deluge of Sambuca, and started drunkenly dancing with them again, before they quickly started moving to form a circle around her. As she continued throwing shapes, almost immediately she could feel a pair of hands placed initially on her hips, but soon moving around to cup her bum, kneading at her pert buns for a few seconds, before finding their way between her legs. She wasn't initially aware of it, but her pussy was already wet, and whoever it was responded to this immediately, slipping two fingers straight in to her love hole as she continued grinding to the beat. The person fingering her was not gentle, as they roughly thrust in and out like they on a pneumatic drill, however Hayley was ok with this, as she felt an unexpected surge of pleasure course through her body, until the fingers were unexpectedly removed, much to her chagrin.

The group of lads were laughing amongst themselves as another shot was handed to Hayley, which she downed immediately, before she could feel hands between her legs again, signalling for her to spread them further. As she did this, Hayley could feel something being pressed against her entrance, before it entered her, sliding in with ease before being pulled out and back in again. This was a completely new feeling for Hayley, as she had never felt anything like this inside her before, the strange shape of the object stimulating her g-spot from the angle it was inserted at, causing her legs to start becoming weak as her orgasm again begun to approach. Seeing the unsteadiness of her as the object was still being thrust in and out of her, two of the group took an arm each, giving her some semblance of support as her orgasm hit, resulting in her legs turning to jelly while she bent over, the mixture of the alcohol and the climax making her feel dizzy while the object, that turned out to be a beer bottle was slid from her.

Dan was still looking over to ensure she was ok, and had seen the whole thing with her being fucked by the bottle, taking note of how effective it had been in getting Hayley to orgasm. He continued to watch as the lad that had used the bottle on Hayley had now unbuttoned his fly, taken out his erect cock, and expertly slid himself in to Hayley in one go before starting to fuck her. This raised an eyebrow from Dan, but he stayed back and watched as the strangers cock disappeared inside his girlfriend before pulling back until just the tip was left in, and then being thrust into her again. Hayley however, was oblivious to the cock inside her, as she was still intoxicated from her climax and the multitude of shots she had downed, and remained bent over as it seemed to be the only position she could actually stand in. It wasn't long before a different member of the group was pulling his dick from his fly, and he spoke to the one fucking her, who pulled his cock out and fumbled to put it away, while the second man immediately replaced him, sliding into Hayley and fucking her with long, deliberate strokes.

He didn't get as long, as once Hayley began to regain her equilibrium, she asked him to stop, which he did straight away. She stood herself up straight, and walked over to Dan, asking if they could leave now since she felt quite drunk. As they did, she said bye to Stephen and that she is looking forward to tomorrow, and they headed back to the hotel. It didn't take Hayley long to pass out, as the multitude of shots she had drank in the evening, mixed with the extra activity at the club caught up with her. When she woke up the following morning, Dan had already gone to the hotel shop and brought a pack of asprin, anticipating the hangover she would have, however it was surprisingly mild, and Hayley was good to go after a bite to eat and bottle of water.

While Hayley packed quite a large bag with different outfits, Dan filled another with drinks, and they headed up the beach to their normal location to soak up the sun while waiting for Stephen to message them. Arriving by the rocks, Hayley stripped down to her bikini and lay on the towel, whilst Dan sent Stephen a text telling him they were awake and looking forward to the day. It didn't take long for him reply, asking where to find them, and he would be on the way shortly. It took him almost half an hour, but finally Stephen turned up with one of his friends helping to carry the equipment, who he introduced as Josh, and they started to make their way to the cove for the shoot. As they got to the rock wall, Stephen and Josh were apprehensive about where they were going, but followed as Dan and Hayley both made their way over the rocks, and around to the other side where the empty beach lay waiting. When he clapped eyes on the hidden treasure, Stephen couldn't believe it, an idyllic location that close to where he was staying but he had no clue it existed.

When the group reached the beach, Stephen immediately pulled out his camera and started taking pictures of the sensational landscape while Josh put the equipment down on the sand ready for the session to start. After about quarter of an hour of shooting pictures of the beach, Stephen suggested they start with some bikini pictures, and he directed Hayley towards the giant boulders towards the top of the beach and they started shooting as Dan sat watching. Josh was constantly moving around with various light boards or reflective panels, and it made Dan chuckle how every time Hayley changed her bikini, he would turn around or do something to make sure he wasn't looking towards her. After an hour or so of that, they switched to lingerie shots and carried on, Hayley had taken quite a selection of outfits, and was having a fantastic time having a professional photographer taking the pictures. As lovely as Miruna was and as much as Hayley enjoyed that photoshoot, Stephen was an expert at what he did, and this showed through in every picture he took, the varying angles highlighting different aspects of the photo.

After roughly another hour of this, Stephen walked over to Hayley and asked him if she would mind doing some pictures with Josh, as he was a part time model as well, and it would help bump up his portfolio. She had no problem with this, but he still asked Dan to make sure it was ok with him too, which he didn't, and even offered to take Josh's place helping, which Stephen was extremely grateful for. Whilst Josh wasn't an especially good looking guy, when he took off his t-shirt it was obvious he loved looking after himself. His torso was ripped beyond belief with a six pack that looked like it was sculpted, broad shoulders, and lean, toned arms with bulging muscles. Hayley couldn't help but notice this as well, although her eyes were instinctively drawn to his lower abs, an extremely well defined V leading beneath his shorts, which he then also removed to leave himself in just black Calvin Klein boxer shorts. The bulge at the front of his boxers was obvious as he stood chatting with Stephen, discussing various ideas, so Hayley decided to change her outfit again, this time selecting the most revealing outfit she had. Her choice was a black, see through mesh bra and thong. Having quickly slipped it on, she moved down and took instructions from Stephen about what he was looking for, before moving into position with Josh to capture the desired images.

As Dan continued helping, he couldn't help but see the eroticism of the pictures, their bodies entwined as the camera continued capturing the moments perfectly, teasing of what could possibly happen next. As the images continued while the pair appeared to get closer, Dan suggested that Hayley remove the bra, which she was happy to do, and they carried on shooting, although Josh seemed to be a little more uncomfortable now, almost like he didn't know where to position his hands if they were even close to Hayley's breasts. Stephen asked him what was wrong, and he confirmed that was the case, especially given that her boyfriend was literally feet away, so he wasn't sure what would be ok or not. Both Stephen and Josh looked at Dan, seemingly asking an unspoken question regarding limits.

"Anything is fine with me." Dan said.

"So long as Hayley is ok with it, I'm ok with it. To be honest, I'm hoping you'll go further than just underwear, as I think this is an incredibly hot set already, but it's how far you, Stephen, and Hayley wish to go. I'd have no problems with you going all the way if you want to. I will leave it between you two and the photographer."

"It's up to you two" Hayley chimed in, "I'm good with whatever".

Following that, the shoot continued, and Josh was back to posing naturally, not concerning himself with where his hands were, while Stephen directed the two in the types of pose he was looking for, now with a seemingly free reign to work with. Whilst Josh was clearly trying to keep his composure, Dan could see by the expanding bulge in his boxers that the intensity of the shoot was getting to him. Following on from one shot taken where Hayley was kneeling in front of a standing Josh, her head turned to the side and resting against his crotch, Dan suggested that he thought the picture would be better if his boxers were pulled down to his knees, and Hayley's face was covering him. Stephen thought about it for a few seconds, before agreeing, and asking both models if they were ok with that, which brought no opposition, so the picture was taken again, before several more where Josh's boxers were pulled down further, until Hayley removed them completely. It didn't take long for the positions to be reversed, with Stephen directing Josh to remove Hayley's thong over several pictures, until they were both naked, and the picture Dan suggested taken the other way around, with Josh's head covering Hayley.

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