tagBDSMThe Weekend Ch. 3

The Weekend Ch. 3


This is another report in the Tom & Becca series. Please do not repost it without permission. Please send any comments to me.

If you are under 18, do not read this.

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When she awoke, Rebecca was confused, uncertain of where she was. As she rubbed her eyes, she realized that her wrists were both cuffed. She was startled, but then the memories flooded back -- the restaurant, the stranger in leather and linen, the note, the ride, the rest of the night all came rushing back. She was immediately wet, her pussy soaking and her nipples hard. They were pinched by the alligator clips on them and by the chain that tugged down on the clips. She could still feel the welts on her ass from the spanking, and then the flogging, she had suffered. She remembered the end of the night only as a vague dream...the hands on her, the orgasm exploding through her body.

And now, she was here, but where was here? She sat up and immediately was cognizant of being chained. She looked around and saw that her wrist manacles were attached to very long lengths of chain which were in their own turn locked to the brass headboard of the bed. She threw off the light blanket which covered her and saw the same had been done to her ankles. Then she looked at the rest of her body. She was naked, but for designs painted on her pussy and breasts. They seemed to be in strange letters --- runes! Runes like those on the belt and axe sheath of her Master. Rebecca stopped her thought process right there. "Master?" she thought. "Why Master?" But of course, Master...what she needed, a dominant, forceful Master. She felt a thrill course through her veins as she whispered the word repeatedly.

The room was amazing. The bed was large, more than king-sized, the head and foot boards tall, bright brass, highly polished. Next to the bed on each side was a small end table, each of which had no more than a lamp on it. The rest of the room was as sparsely furnished...paneled walls, no dresser, no closet, only three sets of heavy looking D clamps fixed to the far wall. Adjacent to the rings was a display rack with floggers and manacles attached to it. She recognized that the manacles matched those on her. She lifted her wrists and ankles to look at them again --- heavy leather, carved with runes, and lined with fur. The chains rattled on the floor as she inspected herself.

A voice came floating up the stairs. "Ahhhh, you're awake, Rebecca. Very good. Use the bathroom, then I expect you to be kneeling by the bed when I come to you. You have twenty minutes. You may shower -- the markings are quite indelible."

The voice made her quiver --- it was the same voice that had so firmly instructed her, guided her, took her the night before. She rose and found that she could move easily, if she stayed aware of not tripping over the chains. They were long enough for her to get to the bathroom off the master bedroom. She used the toilet, then climbed into the shower stall. The chains made an echoing rattle, but she found they were light enough that she could maneuver quite nicely. She soaped herself thoroughly, paying close attention to her breasts, ass, and pussy, still very sore from the beatings He had administered to them. But there was no cum! She was disappointed, because she knew that He had not taken her. She suddenly shivered, even though the shower was hot needles on her skin. If He hadn't had her the night before, what was He planning?

She sensed that her time was running short. She shut off the shower and toweled off quickly. She felt clean, vibrant, awake, and very hungry. As she padded back into the bedroom, she heard footsteps on the stairs. She hurriedly dropped the towel on the hardwood floor and sank to her knees on the deep pile throw rug by the bed. She faced the door, head up, eyes lowered, shoulders squared so that her breasts stood out. She spread her legs wide, exposing her naked pussy and placed her manacled hands on her thighs. She waited, holding totally still. She sensed his presence, then saw the bear paw slippers standing maybe 18" in front of her. She slowly raised her eyes to take in the short silk robe and a familiar, yet not yet seen, bulge beneath. Rebecca licked her lips automatically.

"Good morning, Rebecca," He said, his voice between a purr and a growl. He raised her face so that she would look into His eyes. He smiled and put down the breakfast tray on the floor by her. "Eat your breakfast, pet," he ordered gently. Rebecca dug into her coffee and croissant with marmalade, beside which was a cup of yogurt with strawberries. She ate as though she had never eaten before. He watched her briefly, then went to the towel, abandoned on the bedroom floor. He picked it up, briefly glaring at it, and tossed it into the clothes hamper. He turned to her, a slight frown marking His face. Rebecca looked up at her Master and knew that she was in trouble.

"We'll take better care in the future, pet, to make sure wet things don't end up on the floors. They might leave a mark," he murmured. From the vest pocket of His robe, He took a small notebook, opened it and jotted a quick note. Rebecca didn't need to be told that this was a demerit book. She was a bit frightened but also secretly thrilled.

Rebecca finished her breakfast, dabbed the linen napkin at her lips and sat back, flinching slightly as her ass touched her heels. She resumed the position and said, "Thank You, Master, for breakfast."

He smiled, "You're welcome, pet." He glanced at the clock...almost 4 PM. "You slept well, my sweet slave. Did you dream?"

She cocked her head, thinking. "No," she replied, "I don't believe I had any dreams at all, except for the waking dream you gave me last night." She thrilled at the quick flashback to his powerful hands guiding her, punishing her.


"Yes, pet, what do you need to know."

"Did You take Your pleasure last night?"

"In a way, yes. I was pleased by your responsiveness and willingness to be mine. But, if you mean, did I orgasm, no. Last night was yours, today will be mine."

Rebecca smiled sexily...she looked at His bulging cock, hidden by the silk robe. She thrilled, wondering what it would feel like, invading her body, in her mouth, her cunt, her ass. She felt the thoughts translating themselves into a tiny trickle of excitement running through her body. She straightened up higher, her nipples suddenly as hard as rocks. He chuckled.

"But first," He whispered, "we need to remind you of the rules, my pet." He patted His knees and she knew immediately what He expected. He was seated across the bedroom from her, on a straight-backed chair. Instinctively, she dropped to all fours and crawled, slowly, over to Him. As she crawled, her breasts gently swung and the silver chain attached to the nipple clamps weighted them down further. The dull ache returned to her nipples and then just as slowly to her pussy. She was ready for what was to follow. She felt His eyes burning a hole into her center as she crawled to Him, felt His passion rising as His slave moved slowly like a chained animal, to Him.

When she arrived at His side, she knelt and looked at Him.

Was He stronger than the night before? Or was it her position? She stared at the seemingly massive erection that swelled under His silk robe and shorts. Her hunger for it hit her like a hammer blow to her stomach. She smelled His scent, sensed His total power over her --- freely given & freely taken. She needed that cock between her lips, but she knew it wasn't hers for the taking. She impulsively leaned forward and kissed it through the silk. She felt it jump, heard the sharp intake of His breath, and then sensed the hand moving.

She yelped, for He had taken her by the hair and was pulling her up, forward, off balance, and onto His knees, face down. She was brought up and forward until her head hung down on the far side, her feet dangled barely touching the floor, and her ass was on His lap, utterly exposed to His will. She felt His manhood twitching under her belly. He was so close, so near to her, but she had no way of having Him.

His hand fell sharply on her buttock, crisply, causing her to jump. She cried out in surprise rather than pain, for, although the blow stung, the sting was more pleasurable than painful. She managed to gasp out "One, Sir," before the second fell, as hard and stinging as before, but on the other cheek. The spanking, at first gradual, soon built into a steady rain of blows. Rebecca fought her tears, fought her desire to moan aloud, fought to keep count. But soon she was crying like a baby, begging Him to stop, to give her relief. She had long since given up on trying to keep count when He stopped and slowly rubbed His powerful palms and fingers over her red, sore, swollen ass flesh. She whimpered, thanking Him for punishing her and begging Him not to do it again. She felt His cock, hard and throbbing, under her belly, and she realized that, at that moment, she was as much in control as He was.

But that passed, for He unceremoniously pushed her off His lap. She landed on her ass and cried out involuntarily, then caught herself and scrambled to her knees. He stood before her, and grabbed her hair. He looked her in the eyes and scolded, "Never be a messy girl again, or you'll be chained to the post and whipped, quite thoroughly. Do you understand? Never, in the weeks to come, will you ever EVER leave a wet towel or underclothes on the floors." She nodded, though it took her a moment to digest all that he had said. "Weeks" she thought. "Weeks?" Her emotions ran free. She started to cry, whether from fear or joy or relief, she was uncertain. "WEEKS!!!!!"

He pushed her again, this time to kneel on all fours. As she tumbled, He dropped His robe and His shorts in front of her. Then He forced her down into the silken bundle, face first, so that her ass was up and open for Him. She smelled His scent, His odor (Drakkar Noir), His power in the cloth. Then His hands were on her ass again, pushing and opening her. And then...gloriously, He took her...

They fucked, oh my god, how He ranged above her, thrusting and filling, pushing her over the edge time and again. Rebecca lost count of the times she came, screaming so loudly she thought the neighbors would surely hear them. She pictured the man across the street, sodomizing his lover as he listened to Rebecca begging for the same treatment.

She begged Him to take her, use her, fuck her cunt & ass, and He did. When He came the first time, she came with Him. Then He plunged a toy into her pussy and made her suck Him until He was hard again. Then, tantalizingly, He took her anal virginity, driving His hardness into her forever. Again and again she came, until He exploded the second time.

Then, after He had finished, He let her clean herself. When she returned to the room and looked at the clock, she realized it was after 10 PM. And she was exhausted again. Her Master took her in His arms and held her. Then He undid the chains to her feet and hands and attached new, shorter chains to tie her hands together. He bound her feet also and helped her into the bed. Once she was there, he secured her to the headboards, making sure she could only move enough to turn in her sleep. He kissed her goodnight and quietly left, turning off the lights as Rebecca drifted into her dreams again.

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