tagBDSMThe Weekend Game

The Weekend Game


It has been a long day dealing with difficult clients and I am more than ready to leave the office for the weekend. On my way to the parking lot my cell phone rings. It's you. You probably need me to stop at the market for something.

"Hi sweetie."

"I was a naughty girl today," you say in a childish voice.

"Just how naughty were you?"

"I won't tell you, you'll spank me."

My erection swells, you want to play our Game.

"Naughty girls need to be spanked, you know that."

"But it hurts when you spank me."

"It's supposed to hurt."

"I'm going to hide. You'll never find me."

"You better be sitting on the couch when I get there if you know what's good for you."

"I'm scared. It's going to hurt."

"You should have thought of that before you were naughty. I'll be right home. Don't you move."

"I'm not wearing any panties," you say and disconnect.


The drive home seems to take forever; my cock is so hard it hurts. As the front door swing shut behind me I'm already removing my clothes.

"Where are you?"

"Here in the parlor."

You're seated on the sofa, bare legs drawn under you. You're wearing a miniskirt and a sheer blouse, the hard nipples on your firm breasts prominent against the taut fabric.

"So you've been naughty again?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Please don't spank me."

I sit next to you on the couch, my cock straining to be free of my boxer shorts. You look at it and lick your lips in anticipation.

"Naughty girls must be punished. Get over here and lie face down across my knees."

Shivering, you comply meekly, presenting yourself to me in abject submission. Your skirt rides up as you drape yourself over my knees and you bare ass cheeks come into view. It takes every bit of my will power not to cover them with kisses and licks, but we must play the Game.

I pull the skirt up above your waist and my hungry eyes travel over the expanse of silky flesh. You are trembling in anticipation, bracing your bare feet against sofas arm, waiting for the first blow to fall.



"Ow, that hurts."



"It's supposed to hurt."






"Owwww, I'll be good. Please stop."




"Owww, it hurts! Please stop, please."

"Be still, I'll stop when I feel you've been punished enough, not before."




"Owwww, it really hurts, stop, I'm begging you."




You begin to cry, still begging me to stop. If I stopped now you would be mad at me all weekend and I know it.

I continue to spank you as your cheeks turn rosy pink, then bright red as you sob, whimper and beg, but you're raising your ass to meet my blows, wanting more.

Several more slaps and you're writhing in my lap, rubbing your wet pussy against my throbbing cock; only wet cotton separating us. I can't stand it any longer, I want you now.

"Get up, take your clothes off and bend over the arm of the sofa."

You do as I say, freeing your firm breasts and stiff nipples, your lightly furred pussy leaking precum down your thighs. You are shaking with lust as you bend over, cradling your head in your arms on the sofa cushion, your wet pussy and red ass on glorious display. I strip off my boxers and position the head of my cock against your dripping slit.

"What are you going to do to me now?" you whimper.

"I am going to spank you and fuck you. You've been naughty."

You moan in response, and then squeal as my cock surges into you, your cunt muscles gripping me like a velvet fist. I grit my teeth, fighting the urge to cum and then I'm all the way in you, your ass cheeks hot against my stomach.

I begin fucking you slowly, slapping your butt cheeks as you moan and gasp in pleasure.

"Do you like it when I spank you?"

"Oh, yes."

"Do you like it when I fuck you?"

"God, yes."

A few more minutes of slow strokes, then ...

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?"

"Please, please fuck me harder, give it to me, I want it all."

I clutch your hips and pound into you, your cries of delight urging me on. You grip the cushion tightly and your pussy tightens on my plunging cock. I feel cum building in my balls as you begin to tremble and I know you're about to orgasm. One last powerful thrust and you scream lustily in your release, your pussy gushing around my cock as I spurt deep inside you, my head spinning with the intensity of my cumming. I keep fucking you until a second orgasm rocks your body and you slump on the couch and I sink to my knees.

When I can stand, I join you where you lie on the couch. I take your head in my lap and brush the sweat soaked hair from your face. You smile at me, eyes heavy lidded and I know you want more.

You begin licking the head of my cock and it jerks in response. I relax and enjoy your mouth as it coaxes my cock stiff once again. Then you lie back against the cushions, spreading your legs wantonly while I lick and suck your delicious pussy. You fill my mouth again and again with a rich soup of my own cum and your creamy pussy nectar, moaning and gasping as I eat you out until you cum on my face.

Before you can recover from your orgasm, I am between your thighs; I lift your legs over my shoulders and my cock slides in your juice filled cunt until our pubic hairs tangle. I begin stroking into you slowly as we exchange open mouthed kisses.

"Mmmmmm ... so good, so good ... fuck me, baby," you moan happily.

"I love you and I love fucking you," I reply, thrusting harder.

Our bodies slam together and the sound of sweaty bodies smacking fills the room. I grip your shoulders and drive deep into your tight cunt. You wrap your arms around me and we become a single being coupled together, grunting and moaning like animals in rut.

I can't take it any longer and cum with a guttural roar.

Your screaming orgasm merges with my cry of release and our mingled fluids spatter our bellies and thighs and pool on the cushion. We lay entwined, panting and kissing until we recover.

We smile at each other tiredly, but we're not done yet.

You kneel on the floor, putting your head down and raising your ass in the air. Resting on your shoulders, you reach back and spread your ass cheeks wide. Your puckered little star glistens with sweat above your sopping pussy as I line up behind you, my cock hard as steel.

You look up at me, smile, lick your lips and purr "Fuck me in the ass, lover. Put that big cock in my little hole."

No matter how many times we do this, it never fails to send me into a frenzy of lust and you know it. Just knowing that I'm going out of my mind balling you is enough to make you erupt in a shattering orgasm.

I take several thrusts in your gooey pussy then I place my cock head glistening with your juices against your puckered hole and push. The head and an inch of cock pop into your asshole and you gasp and sigh. I pull part way out and push in further as you wiggle your hips to encourage me. Soon I am fully inside you and you whimper in delight.

Buried deep in your gripping ass, I lose all control and surge into you with quick jabs, your cries of passion inflaming me. You reach back and finger your pussy and clit, grunting "Unhhh, unnhhh," as I pound you unmercifully. You push your ass back onto my cock wanting all of it inside you. I hold your hips and thrust as hard as I can, your moans and the "squish ... squish ... squish" of my cock in your gripping asshole driving us both insane with lust.

Our bodies shake uncontrollably as my orgasm takes hold. I roar in ecstasy and squirt a load of hot sticky juice deep inside your gorgeous ass, then I keep pumping until I cum again. My cumming in your ass and your fingers working deep in your wet slit send you crashing over the edge and you scream as one violent orgasm hits and then another.

I collapse on the floor, my softening cock pulling out of your asshole with a slurp as a river of cum leaks out. You snuggle against me murmuring "If there's a heaven, it can't be any better than this."

"God, I love you," I reply and we kiss tenderly.

When we've rested, we go into the kitchen, fix a delicious meal and eat sitting naked on a fur rug before the fireplace. I'm already thinking about us fucking again when you wink and say "I feel naughty, baby."

What a wonderful weekend this will be.


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