tagBDSMThe Weekend That Started It All

The Weekend That Started It All


We spend our first time together in a small, restaurant, nothing fancy or flashy. We eat light as I inform you that we'll be spending much of the evening together. You are wearing a sexy black and red laced body suit under your dress. The waiter has noticed on several occasions that you are not wearing any underwear when you lean in to kiss my neck. We eat for an hour and walk slowly back to the hotel room.

Once in the room, I give you a quick tour, it's a fancy place. With a large old oak four poster bed and dark burgundy drapes. The carpet is creamy and plush, and the bathroom has a large shower and a standalone bath. You stare at the bath for a few moments when I walk up behind you and undo the zip at the back of your dress, all you can hear is my breathing. Getting heavier and heavier. I tell you to stand there as I turn the taps on and let the hot water pour in, I slowly help peel you out of that bodysuit. There you are standing in your heels and nothing else. I press up against your back and run my hands over the outside of your arms. Slowly I brush one hand up cupping your right breast with a gentle squeeze. My other hand reaches to your neck, applying gentle pressure I tilt your back as I nibble your ear and neck, slowly I move my lips down to your shoulder and back, all the way down to your pert bottom. I firmly slap each cheek and as you feel my gruff stubble rub its way down your legs.

With the bath now run I tell you to get in and enjoy a long soak before the nights activities.

Your slowly rub your body and feel your heart beat quicken in suspense of all the pleasure you will shortly be feeling. As you get out of the bath and wrap a towel around you, you hear a noise. I am putting a large box with a ribbon around it on the bed as you walk out drying your hair, I ask you to finish drying your hair and to pull it back out of the way. I ask you to open the box and put on the attire within, you see that I am leaving the hotel room and putting my jacket on. You enquire as to where I'm going but I wink and say I'll be back shortly.

Once your hair and body is dry, you pull your hair back and open the box, removing the red packing paper you find black and red stockings, a garter belt and a matching bra. With a little note.

"I will be back shortly, when I come back I want to find you dressed in your knew clothes and in the proper posture, on your knees hands on your thighs palms open and facing up. Chest out and chin up, eyes straight ahead. Oh and use the lube."

You look under the lingerie to find a small silver jewelled butt plug, your heart is pounding, though its not your first time doing anal, and you've used toys before, the idea that I might be wanting to use your butt for my own pleasure has you nervous.

Nevertheless, you pull on the stockings and bra the garter belt and matching underwear, a lacy thong that rides all the way up. Not the most comfortable thing but when you look in the mirror you see how sexy you look. And you realise that this is how I see you every time I look at you.

Grabbing the lube and the butt plug you lay back on the bed an spread your legs to the side and towards your head, lifting your bottom off the bed, you slowly push the small cold plug in to your ass, you realise you have probably used a little too much lube but never mind, it will no doubt come in handy. At the bottom of the box along with the butt plug was ankle and wrist restraints, black leather with small buckle, you put them on and take out a similar looking restraint only this is your new collar. You tie it around and tighten it gently.

You note I have been gone for almost 35 minutes and you're starting to worry. That's when you hear a knock on the door of our room and my voice calling, "I hope you're ready for me".

Panicking you quickly jump to the door and assume the proper position as I turn the handle and walk in... to be continued.

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