tagIncest/TabooThe Weekend with My Sister Ch. 01

The Weekend with My Sister Ch. 01


This is a story I never told anybody, I never wanted to reveal, but now I must, my feelings again take over.

My name is Marcus; I've never been a popular person, always been the outcast and never had many friends. So because of this I seemed to always be at home, with my sister.

My sister Kelsey is probably my best friend; she's so lovely to be around, we spend lots of time together. We're nearly the same age, I'm 19 and she's 18. Me and her share similar hobbies, which ironically she's a tomboy!

We normally spend the weekend together since mom and dad tend to go out and call the house at about midnight saying "we'll be home in the morning, we've just stopped off at a hotel tonight. Be good."

So then me and my sis had the house to ourselves. After we received the phone call, we'd go and grab a movie from my room off the shelf and we'd take over the lounge TV and sit together on the sofa and watch the movie. We'd stay up till around 2 and then we'd finally head up to bed.

This sort of became a regular routine; me and my sister really enjoyed what we called 'movie night', so we continued it. Every Friday she'd come in from school (I finished school earlier so I came in before her) and she'd run up to my room, grab an arm full of movies and ask which one I wanted to watch, like a gentleman I let her choose, besides, she had better taste in movies than I did!

So mom and dad went out again at around 8 that night, they later rang at about half 12 with the same old excuse as to where they are and why they weren't coming home, we knew what they were up too. So I shouted Kelsey, she was up in her room and I got no answer "Kels?" I shouted as I walked up the stairs. Her door was locked so I wasn't exactly sure what she was up to, I then heard dirty noises coming from her laptop, sexual moans as though she was watching porn.

I crept away from her bedroom door and made some stepping noises and shouted "Kels?" this time I wanted to make sure she'd hear me; after all, I didn't want to embarrass her by walking in on her...

Kelsey then shouted back "be down in a minute" which she seemed to be rushing round closing the laptop and sorting herself out. I just thought she was doing what every teen was doing.

I sat on the sofa down stairs and I heard her open her bedroom door and run down the stairs "Sorry, was just getting ready" she was already in her pajamas, which to be honest, she looked really cute in! So she sat down beside me and we began to watch the movie she picked earlier.

About 20 mins into the movie, Kelsey seemed to be getting tired, I laughed and said "sleepy already then, eh?"

She replied saying "Definitely not, I'll manage the whole film. Just you watch me."

I just smiled and looked back at the telly. Another 20 minutes or so went by, and Kelsey was really tired, I woke her up laughing saying "we still got another hour left!"

She then sat up and smiled "I can manage it, I really can!" she yelled. I just turned my head back to the screen.

Then for reasons unknown, she began to lean over onto me, I thought it was her nodding off again, but she was wide awake! She began stroking my body, which I wasn't exactly sure how to react to this, there I was, sat on the sofa with my sister lay pretty much on me stroking my chest area.

I then tried to shuffle over but she just carried on, I said slowly "Kelsey, what are you doing?" She looked up at me and smiled. She then started hugging me and I just sort of, went with it.

I asked again what she was doing; she then sat up next to me and put her hand on my leg, "Mark." She said in a very firm tone, "There's no easy way to say this, the time we have spent together these past few weeks has really been amazing." She then looked as though she was going to cry, and then she shouted "Because I love you!"

I had no idea how to react; I was so shocked at the words spoken from my sister. But the truth was, I loved her too, I just didn't realise it.

I couldn't believe what was happening, she pushed me over on the sofa so I was now laying down, she then lay on top of me and began to hug me really tight.

I have never felt like this about someone before, so I hugged her back. It was about half 1 in the morning, and I was on the sofa with my sister on top of me hugging me, and I was hugging her back!

She then started trying to kiss me, at this point I pushed her off and she looked really upset, she then said with a tear in her eye "Mark, what's the matter? Don't you feel the same way?"

I looked up at her beautiful face, and said "Kelsey, we shouldn't be doing this, we're brother and sister, I love you just like you love me, but do you think this is a good idea?"

She then smiled "Let's find out!" and within a split second, she was stood there in front of me, topless.

I couldn't believe what was happening, I was in love with my sister, sat on the sofa with my sister stood in front of me topless! She asked me to remove my shirt, I wasn't sure what response to give, and I was still wondering whether this was a good idea or not.

Instead of listening to my head and every rational thought I had, I listened to my heart and removed my shirt. So there we were, in the lounge, topless. She began to tease me and I honestly couldn't believe my eyes, my sister was so adorable!

Why did I never notice this, she was stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, with her lovely blond hair straightened and coming over her shoulders. I stood up and hugged her, and she pushed me back onto the sofa and climbed on my shirtless body.

She then began to rub her hands all over my body with a grin on her face "You wanna take this further?" She said in such a sexy tone. I was overwhelmed by all of this; I still couldn't believe what was happening. She was in control, and I was possessed by her.

I just couldn't say no to this, although it may seem I wasn't into it, I was totally in love with her! So I just smiled and said "Definitely!" Kelsey then removed her pyjama bottoms and slid them onto the floor, now she was completely naked.

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