tagBDSMThe Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow


I had been stuck in an extended period of time where I refused to allow myself to show my weaker emotions. I was pissed off all the time at the circumstances I had no control over. On a particularly trying day where the sass and sarcasm flowed with abandon, you decided that once I got off work you were going to test my limit on spankings.

The thing about it is though, that you can't spank someone with a strand from a willow tree. So you got creative and cut three strands six foot long each, and then cut them in half again; leaving you with six strands three foot long. Twisting two strands together until you had three twisted strands, you then braided them into one solid piece. Normally this wouldn't be called for, as when I'm channeling my submissive alter Stormy, I'm quick to do as I'm told, and obey to the best of my ability anything you tell me to do. The problem was, while at work you had to deal with the smartass personality of Wendy and couldn't pull forth the submissive Stormy in this setting. But you recognized the need for a physical release in my snarky behavior, and realized it couldn't be done with sex.

As the day wound down and was finally over, you met me in the parking lot with a determined look on your face to match the stubborn one on mine. "Wendy, I understand that you're not a sub all the time, but as your friend and your Sir, you do owe me the courtesy of respect at all times. So what I'm about to do you're probably not going to like, but you need it whether you realize it or not."

I looked at you with the light of the anger that was still lit in me and spit out a suggestion that was physically impossible, and turned to open the door of my car.

You had parked your truck right next to my car; you grabbed my arm, spun me around forcing me to bend over the seat of the truck with your larger frame. You knew that I had lost some weight from watching me tug upward on the pants I was wearing all day and, that you could pull them down far enough to expose my ass. I struggled against the arm that was pinned across my back, cussing a blue streak while I did.

At that point you said, "Stormy, I apologize that you're going to be subject to the punishment that Wendy so obviously needs, but I know of no other way to gain your compliance."

At just the sound of that name I stopped fighting and held very still while saying, "I understand Sir, you know what's best."

"I need you to feel for all of yourself, what Wendy is refusing to. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes Sir. I understand."

With that ascent ringing in the air you let loose with the willow branches you had braided together, using it like a thick switch across my ass. My body jerked with the fist stinging strike, and with every subsequent stripe you made. "I'm not trying to hurt you, and I'll stop the moment you let loose the tears that need to come out."

Stormy nodded her head and flinched as each stinging swat landed on her naked flesh. But inside Wendy was seething and refused to allow Stormy to give in to what Sir wanted.

It wasn't until about the twelfth stroke when you said, "I need you to let the pain go. Holding it in isn't helping."

It was at that moment that I felt a single tear drop land on my skin, between the swing of your arm, and I finally broke and cried. I couldn't stand the thought that my stubbornness was causing you to hurt as well.

The moment you felt my body start to shudder with uncontrollable sobs, you threw down the willow switch, quickly pulled my pants back in place and lifted me out of my bent position so that you could slide into the seat. I crawled in beside you, and into your lap as best I could.

You held me tight as I buried my head in your chest under your chin, and shook with the pent up anger and hurt that I'd been trying so desperately to hold at bay. I have no idea how long it took for the massive amount of bottled up feelings to pour out, but you never once acted in any way like you'd rather be anywhere else. When my violent sobbing finally trickled to a sniffling halt; I was mortified that I had allowed anyone to see me stripped so bare, and tried to escape the gentle hold of your arms.

You tipped my face to yours and told me, "Wendy, I'm sorry for what I had to do, but it was the only way to get through to you. Don't ever feel embarrassed, or ashamed of any emotion you feel in my presence. The things I do for and to you are for both of our benefit, and you can't keep carrying a weight like that without it effecting our friendship; and your ability to be Stormy the best you can when I need you to be."

The emotional release from crying had actually made me feel lighter. The anger from before was all but gone, and I couldn't even muster the energy to be mad at you for whipping me. I could feel the slight tension in your frame as you waited to see if I was ok, or if I was going to lash out at you for your, cure.

I heaved a deep breath and said, "Maybe next time trying fucking me senseless instead, that really stings."

I felt you relax, as you realized that I wasn't angry at you, and everything was going to be ok. "I want you to promise that you'll talk to me about the things bothering you. Pushing things down for so long isn't good for you, and could cause you to lose your temper."

"Ok, I promise to talk to you more, but after that you owe me dessert. There's a Dairy Queen a few miles down the road. What are you waiting for?"

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