tagFetishThe Wet Nurse

The Wet Nurse


Richard comes home from the hospital, after minor surgery, and needs a nurse to come in every day to tend to his incision by changing the dressing, checking his temperature and vitals. In general, preventing him from getting an infection.

Gretchen arrives wearing a short, white uniform that zips up the front. Her large breasts are straining at the material. She also has on white thigh high stockings, high heels, and a white lace bra with matching thong. When she bends over Richard catches a glimpse of her shapely ass. While Gretchen is taking his blood pressure, he suddenly sees two large, round wet spots appear around her nipples. With the thermometer in his mouth, Richard points and draws the nurse's attention to the problem. Blushing, she explains that she has a two month old at home who she is breastfeeding. When she is away from the baby for long periods of time, her breasts become full, tender and sometimes leak. It can become painful if she doesn't get relief within a certain amount of time. Gretchen finishes checking his vitals and changing the dressing on Richard's incision. Then she asks if there is anything else he might need.

Instead of answering her, Richard keeps staring at the nurse's chest as the wet spots become more and more pronounced. She notices this and asks him why he seems so mesmerized by it. Richard then proceeds to explain to Gretchen that he has always imagined what it would be like to be with a lactating woman. After giving her all the details of this particular fantasy and arousing the nurse with his story, she partially unzips the top of her uniform, letting him get an eyeful of her swollen orbs. Richard then asks her if she'd like to fulfill his fantasy. In answer, Gretchen stands up and slowly pulls the zipper down to her waist. Her bra comes into view, the milk glistening on the lace.

He stands up and unsnaps it, releasing both breasts from their confines while lovingly wrapping his hands around their fullness. She closes her eyes and sighs as he rubs his fingers over the nipples, then lowers his lips to the left one, suckling it gently. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Richard sits back down on the couch, pulling Gretchen onto his lap and picking up where he left off. Flicking his tongue over her erect nubs, teasing them with his lips, before getting back to suckling. Suddenly Richard's mouth begins to fill up with warm, sweet milk... turning him on tremendously. He loves the taste of it and nurses from her bosom like an infant, holding each breast in his hands as he sucks it.

All the time he's doing this, Gretchen is moaning and squirming around on his lap. Richard's cock is growing bigger and harder. She can feel it throbbing against her thigh, heightening her own excitement. The nurse reaches down and starts massaging it through his pants. He slides his hand between her thighs and rubs her clit with his thumb through the lace panties, causing Gretchen to moan even louder and grind her pussy into his hand. Then she takes his cock out and lovingly strokes it. Both of them bursting with unbridled lust, their eyes locked together, hands and mouths exploring each other's bodies...

With the temperature rapidly rising, Richard grabs his nurse by the hand and leads her to the bedroom, neither of them thinking about anything but satisfying their mutual desires. He hurriedly undresses her, then himself, leaving Gretchen naked except for thigh highs and heels.

Richard begins kissing her passionately while running his hands up and down her body. Gretchen fervently returns his kisses and pulls him closer, opening her legs... silently begging him to fuck her. But instead, he slides down on the bed and throws her legs over his shoulders, dipping his tongue into the nurse's hot, wet pussy and making her thrash around beneath his mouth. Richard reaches up to pinch her nipples, rolling them between his fingers while sucking on her clit. Gretchen arches her back and presses her sex into his face, exploding in ecstasy as he continues tugging at her clit, setting off a string of multiple orgasms. Richard licks up her juices while watching milk shower down upon them.

The nurse reaches for his hand, pulling Richard's body on top of hers, positioning his cock right above her face. Hungrily, she devours his entire length in her mouth, sucking it in and out while caressing his heavy balls. He reaches back to play with her nipples and laps at her pussy, causing her whole body to quiver. All of a sudden, she stops and pushes him off, gets between his legs and rubs her wet nipples up and down his shaft, driving Richard wild with desire. Then the nurse wraps her ample breasts around his pulsating member, jiggling them up and down as she teases the head with her expert tongue, lapping up all the liquid oozing out of his slit.

Gretchen lets his cock fall from her lips and quickly straddles him. Guiding Richard's hard tool into the core of her being as she presses down on his chest, making sure it is all the way in. The nurse takes his hands and places them on her breasts as she slowly starts riding him. Her tight pussy contracting in and out on his prick while bucking her hips up and down. Richard cups her left breast in his hand, lifts up his head and begins suckling. With that, Gretchen's body tenses up and she climaxes over and over again, saturating his cock and balls with her juices.

Watching her lost in the pleasure zone that he has created, only makes him want to give her more. It's like an aphrodisiac to him... seeing a woman orgasming over and over while fulfilling his fantasy. So much so that he isn't at all concerned with his own release. He takes Gretchen's right nipple between his lips and nurses the milk from it while thrusting his manhood deeper and deeper inside her. His turgid cock pumping in and out of her pussy like a piston. While she's in the throes of another mind shattering orgasm, with her cunt clamping down tighter and tighter on his shaft, Richard finally spills his seed deep inside her womb. Both of them shuddering in pleasure.

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