The Whipping Post


"Take off your clothes."

Although I hesitated for a few seconds, the black dress came off, and I stood before her wearing my g-string and heels. The realization of what I was doing and FOR whom, was like a blow to the stomach. My soul surrendered. If only my online Master could see me now.

"Put these on and get on all fours like a bitch dog."

Tanya handed me a pair of leather hand and ankle cuffs, both with D rings. I got down on my hands and knees, and under her cool gaze, exposed my deep humiliation.

"Crawl over to the spreader bar."

My ass was waving in the air. There was no graceful way to crawl.

"That's a good bitch."

It took a lot of trust and a strong desire to please, for me to be in this position. Hell, she colors my hair, how much more can I trust a person? She fastened my wrists and ankles to the bar. My butt and pussy were totally exposed. I felt like a real bitch dog. Did she expect me to bark?

It was at that point that the fog rolled in. With the crop in hand, she tapped my shoulders, upper back, and whatever parts of my breasts she could get at. At first, I wanted to jump out of my skin. Then, she moved onto my butt, cutting little slices on the white canvas. The thighs and calves were incidental.

"What are you thinking slut? Talk to me!"

She wanted to know if I was ok.


"That's better."

The tiny flogger was used on the bottom of my feet. It was tingly at first, but then, it stung as if I had run across hot concrete.


I bit my lip. Would she stop? No, thank God.

Tanya moved through the different toys and described what she was doing. Her words were punctuated here and there with a sharp stroke or thud. Oh, it was heaven. I could have listened to her all day long. However, as the intensity of the strokes increased, her talking decreased. She moved rhythmically in a figure 8, evenly spacing and placing the blows. Blows? No, not blows, they were deep kisses on my skin, lasting ones that I'll remember for awhile. Her shitzu stood at attention close to my face. She looked like a smiling chrysanthemum.

Suddenly the phone rang. Tanya cursed and tried to ignore it for one second, but she took the call. It didn't bother me because I was enjoying the smoochy pup licking my ear. Life was good.

Returning quickly, she asked, "How's my bitch."


Wasting no time, she picked up where she left off and took me even higher, alternating instruments and surprising me. At one point, she put her hand between my legs and pulled my hair with the other.

"Are we wet? Of course! My slut is always wet."

Her breath was ragged as her hand continued to explore my wet cunt. I was riding the edge of a cum.

The phone rang again.

"Fuck!" she spat and stormed out with the baton in hand.

I was getting kissy licks from the little dog again. Wish I could remember her name. Oh yes! Now I do. The doggie's name was Mitzi.


With a slight exasperation in her voice, she checked something on her computer. It was the same caller as before, changing the first appointment.


"Yes, I'm checking. No, there aren't any more appointments for the rest of the week. Ok?"


"See you then. Bye."

When she hung up the phone, she stormed back into the room and cracked that baton on the couch so hard, the dog jumped in the air. Under her breath, she vented about the caller. I hoped she would channel that anger into intensity. She started with the baton again, moved to the flogger, and by the time she got to the crop, I didn't remember anything else but calling her a bitch.

"Are you still wet?"

I felt the handle of the crop between my pussy lips. She didn't expect me to answer, did she?

"You are going to cum for me."

What? WHAT? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her pull out a big vibrator. She crouched near my ear and turned it on. I tried to scoot away but couldn't.

"Don't! Please don't make me," I pleaded.

Tanya laughed.

Suddenly, I felt cool air my hoo hoo. It was little Mitzi's short, quick, breaths. Was she trying to protect me or enjoy the show? The vibe tickled the tip of the clit. More fluid came out. Tanya toured the nooks and crannies of my hole. I trembled more.


"I panted pushing against her hand. My asshole was winking.

"Fuck it." she ordered as she stuck the vibe inside.

To my utter horror, I did.

And so began the mantra towards cumming..."Fuck...fuck...fuck me..."

"No bitch. You are fucking yourself for me...and I'm enjoying it."

As my hips rotated against her wrist, she pulled the vibe out of my pussy, put it against my clit again, and then stuck her finger in my juicy snatch. I hunched and rode the crest...about to cum. After pumping in and out a couple of times, Tanya put a finger in my asshole.

"Cum for me bitch."

There was a long, lusty wail. It was me. Tanya put down the vibe. Her breathing was hard as she watched me cum.

"You might think you're done, but I'm not," she said, picking up the flogger again.

I don't remember how long she took, but the implements stroked rather than struck. Her fingernails ran along my tenderized skin, though it burned, I cooed. Then her palms ran over the same spots and I got goose bumps. She was bringing me back down slowly. Finally, she unshackled me from the spreader bars and rubbed my wrists and ankles. The walls looked like water.

A sweaty, drained, and parched Tanya checked for bruises or marks and rubbed some cocoa butter here and there. I couldn't care less about the physical marks because none of them was as deep as the humiliation I bore for the bitch.

For some reason, I felt like guilty because appeared strenuous for her and for me, it was cathartic.

"How are ya doin, kiddo?"

How was I? My subbie instincts kicked in and I was concerned about Tanya. How was she?

"Good Ma'am. But, I have a question. Did YOU enjoy it?

She turned to me with a smirk and said, "Hell yeah! I just found myself a whipping post."

That was the nicest thing that bitch ever said to me.

The end.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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