tagIncest/TabooThe Whisperer Ch. 04

The Whisperer Ch. 04


I woke to the sound of soft whimpering. I looked next to me to find Amanda sobbing and shivering. The sun still glowed brightly from her bedroom window, illuminating the vibrant summer trees that shifted delicately in the soft summer breeze.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, feeling a twinge of sympathy despite myself.

No answer. She kept sobbing. Her naked body lay next to me facing the window. Her soft skin glowed in the sunlight like a blade forged in the darkest fire. My fire. She was mine, but what was happening to her? Did I go too far? Could I heal her?

I slowly reached my arm up to touch her shoulder. Her soft, smooth skin shivered even though the room was warm. I recoiled and asked her again, "What's wrong, Amanda?"

She turned to face me, tears cascading from her deep brown eyes as they looked into mine. "Nothing's wrong," she smiled, tears still streaming down her face, "I've never dreamed of anything more in my life than being yours." Amanda moved her face towards mine and pecked me on the lips. Unsatisfied, I pushed my lips back onto hers, and easily slid my tongue into her delicious mouth. I savored the moment as our tongues danced incestuously in each other's mouths before I broke the kiss and slowly guided my hand across her face and into her hair. Amanda looked into my eyes again with that childlike gaze of adoration.

"Somnus," I whispered.

Instantly, Amanda's eyes closed and her body went limp. She had fallen into a deep state of sleep. I tweaked her left nipple as I began to whisper.


"Yes, Mark?" She answered innocently.

"What did you mean when you said you'd dreamt of nothing more than being mine?"

She stirred visibly, as if she were about to unearth some dark secret, "Ever since I was fourteen, I've been having these fantasies. They were subtle at first, just me picturing kissing you on the lips, but then I started fantasizing about doing other things with you." Her lips curled into a slight smile at the admission.

I played dumb, "What sorts of 'other things'?"

"I dreamt about you taking me to out to dinner and ordering my food for me, about you telling me what to do, protecting me and taking care of me. I brushed those off as harmless dreams, but then I thought about you fucking me, about you making me into your little fuck-slut, dominating me in and out of the bedroom. Most of all, I dreamt about you roughly fucking my asshole and spanking me like the whore I am. The fact that we are cousins made those thoughts twice as dirty and," she moaned softly in pleasure, "arousing."

I was speechless. My member was instantly hard as I pictured Amanda pleasuring herself to the image of me dominating her even without my powers. But why did she always try to boss me around?

"If you wanted me to dominate you this whole time, why were you such a bitch to me and the rest of the world?"

"When I was young, I told my mom about my fantasies. She beat me and ridiculed me, and wouldn't let me out of the house until I told her I hated you. She wanted me to be just like her with the parties and fucking people over for their money. And she won. I became exactly what she wanted me to be. I fucked over so many people it makes me sick. And since I never stopped loving you, I felt that I needed to be harsh with you so you wouldn't get close enough to me that I'd be able to hurt you." A single tear escaped from underneath her eyelids.

I sat back on the bed. What had I done? Here she was, this beautiful woman who went through hell because she believed that it would keep me from getting hurt, and I had violated her like the asshole I am. I really am a monster.

"Amanda, do you want me to remove the triggers I've given you, and release you from your contract? You'll be able to feel pleasure normally again."

"No." She answered flatly.


"I was a horrible person before you did those things to me. But you made me better. You fixed me. I want to be your obedient girlfriend and cousin. I'll never want anything else," she spoke with sheer conviction, something I had rarely experienced from the people I whispered with. "Please don't make me go back. Please - I'll do anything. Please let me stay this way!"

I was taken aback when she shouted that last part, and was worried about what could happen if a person woke up in the middle of my Whispering.

"Are you sure?" I pressed on.

"I've never been surer of anything in my life," Amanda answered, her voice quickly quieting back into a normal innocent whisper.

I relented, "Then you'll stay this way, Amanda, for as long as you want to."

Her lips curled into a miniature smile again, "Thank you, Mark. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Amanda," I whispered and kissed her lightly on her delicate lips. "Somnus."

Instantly, her gorgeous eyes opened and she gazed at me, smiling.

"Hey you," she whispered, as if her loudness might disturb our embrace.

"Hey," I whispered affectionately, and smiled at her.

Amanda brought her lips close to mine and whispered, "Let me give you a present, sir."

I was too tired from our fucking earlier this morning to respond. I simply watched as my gorgeous curvy cousin made her way down my body and took my cock out from under the bed sheets. Instantly, my member sprang to life. As she caressed it, her massive tits swayed back and forth.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "Such a nice, fantastic cock. You fucked me so well this morning, sir, I think it's time I return the favor."

She bent down and her lips hovered over my massive dick. Slowly, Amanda eased her tongue over the pre-cum forming at the tip of my cock and worked her way down to my balls. I felt her warm mouth envelop my left testicle as her tongue massaged and caressed it with the skill of the most talented porn stars. After a minute, she alternated to my right testicle, taking it fully into her mouth as she tried desperately to suck the sperm from my balls. Amanda released my testicles from her mouth and slowly worked her tongue down lower to the outer edge of my asshole. Feeling bold, she probed closer to my sphincter.

"You want to lick your cousin's asshole? I would've never guessed you were this dirty." I taunted.

Amanda looked up at me, giggling mischievously. "Oh you have no idea, Mark," she promised. Then she plunged back down and began licking my bare asshole. I felt oddly aroused as she probed deeper into my ass with her tongue. When she finished licking my ass, Amanda dragged her tongue up, over my balls, past my cock shaft, and enveloped my cockhead with her hot, dirty mouth.

"You like sucking your cousin's cock after you lick his asshole, huh slut?"

Amanda moaned a "mhm", shoved my dick further into her mouth and began to pump her mouth up and down over my cock with such ferocity that the room was filled with her slurping and gurgling sounds. Suddenly she stopped fucking my dick with her face and looked up at me lovingly. Her dark eyes glittered with pure lust. Amanda closed her eyes and shoved my dick all the way inside her mouth and into her throat. She held my dick there for what seemed like an eon of pleasure before she retracted my cock from her mouth with an audible "blop". Amanda looked deep into my eyes again and shoved my cock back up into her throat.

I took in the sight of my 22 year-old cousin deepthroating me. Her warm, wet mouth and throat caressed my cock so tightly I felt that I was about to explode.

"Amanda, I'm coming! It's gonna be big!" I warned her.

I expected her to take her mouth off my dick, but she held herself in place and looked at me lovingly as I emptied my balls deep into her throat.

My busty cousin slurped and gulped down my cumload. She swallowed it so eagerly that she nearly coughed some of it back up, but she recovered and downed the rest in one gulp. Amanda looked up at me, and when I saw her face covered in mass amounts of saliva and drivel, I took one look in her eyes and said, "Baby, you are the most beautiful thing on the planet."

She stood up to look at herself in the mirror, took one look at me and we both burst out laughing. I grabbed her by the waist and forced her down with me and we wrestled and kissed on the bed. I grabbed and spanked her bubble butt as our tongues explored each other's mouths. I had never been happier in my life.

Suddenly, a noise sounded from downstairs. "Mark! Amanda! We're Home!"

"Crap! Our moms are back," I whispered.

Amanda moaned in disappointment, "And I never even got to show you how bad of a dirty, submissive cousin I am."

I was stunned and for a moment, my cock threatened to rise again. "You certainly are just full of surprises, Amanda." I swatted her on the ass and caressed her magnificent breasts, eliciting low moans of pleasure from her. "Get dressed, slut, and I'll show you later how much of a domineering bastard I can be."

She gave me an adoring smile and I kissed her one last time before I got dressed. As I made my way into the hallway, I whispered, "Carpe diem," into Amanda's room. I chuckled with satisfaction as I heard her collapse and struggle to stifle her moans. I made my way downstairs with a smile on my face.

Mom met me when I came downstairs. "Oh, honey, I'm sorry we got back so late. The main route was bumper to bumper on the way back."

Of course I told her being late was no problem.

"We brought pizza because I figured you and Amanda would be hungry after waiting for us."

Ah, pizza. "Thanks Mom!" I hugged her. I didn't pay much attention to the way her breasts crushed against my torso because I was still reeling from my lovemaking with Amanda. Lovemaking, huh? I thought to myself. I had never made love before. No, before this I had only fucked, but with Amanda, I felt like physical pleasure wasn't the most important part of what we did. I was beginning to suspect I might be falling in love with her.

Amanda came down soon after and we ate pizza together. Mom and Aunt Sarah went into the TV room to watch a movie and we were thankfully left alone. She wore tight blouse that crushed her breasts against her chest and a short skirt that accentuated her jiggling ass. She was a vision.

We didn't speak as much with words as we did though eye and body contact. We would gaze longingly into each other's eyes as we caressed our bodies with our legs and feet under the table. As Amanda was finishing off one of her slices, a piece of sauce dripped down onto the wooden table. I picked up my napkin to dab it off, but she waved it away. She bent her head down and slowly licked the sauce into her mouth and smiled devilishly. Feeling like doing some punishing, I stuck my bare foot between her legs and my big toe met her warm, delicious pussy. She hadn't even worn any panties with that fucking skirt! Her breath did a sharp intake as I stuck my big toe further into her cunt. Amanda closed her eyes and moaned softly as I teased her pussy. After a minute or so, she opened her eyes to look at me. Her watering eyes begged me for more, and I intended to deliver. I stuck another toe deep into her cunt and continued to fuck her with my foot while our moms were in the next room.

Emboldened, I shoved a third toe into her soaking pussy and fucked her harder. I motioned for her to lean forward and I retracted my foot from her cunt and put it on the table. She didn't need to be told what to do. Amanda instantly engulfed my toes into her hot mouth and sucked ravenously at her own pussy juices.

"I think it's time we take this little party back upstairs. Go upstairs and get ready for me."

"Yes sir," Amanda smiled with anticipation and slowly walked toward the stairs, looking back at me as she swayed her ass seductively.

I smiled at her as she walked up the stairs. Now I had one last chore for the night before I could spend the rest of it in heaven. I walked into the TV room to find Mom passed out on the couch, but Aunt Sarah was still awake and watching television. I wanted to wait for a little bit to see if Aunt Sarah would go to sleep, but something inside me urged me to try something.

"Hey, Aunt Sarah."

I must've scared her, because she quickly turned toward me and let out a sharp yelp. I looked toward my mother. Still asleep. Good.

"Do you feel tired, Aunt Sarah?" I wondered. I felt as if a dark presence within me were reaching out to Aunt Sarah. It was significantly more perceptible than the feelings I sometimes got when I whispered to people in the endless cosmos of their dreams. Here, there was no cosmos. Just terrible, binding reality. I could make Aunt Sarah want to let go.

"Y-yes," she answered, suddenly yawning.

"Wouldn't it be great to just fall asleep and let all your worries go?"

"N-no," she struggled as her eyes threatened to close.

"You've had a hard and stressful day, haven't you Aunt Sarah? You've had to deal with shopping and traffic all day, and on the top of that you have to put up with a disobedient daughter and needy guests. Don't you just want to slip away and enjoy the bliss of your dreams?"

"Y-" she let out a long yawn, "Yes." Her eyes closed, "Need... to sleep."

"Sleep, Aunt Sarah."

And she was asleep. I thought about probing her for information on the horrible things she did to Amanda, but I could always do that tomorrow. I could make her sleep whenever I wanted, and Amanda, the hot vixen cousin of my dreams was waiting for me. My work could wait at least until after the sun rose to dominate the landscape once more in its daily conquest against the fathomless abyss of space.

"Mom? Aunt Sarah?"

"Yes?" they both replied in unison.

"Today's been a rough day. There's no need to wake up early. You want to relax and sleep in, right?"

"Yes, Mark." The way they answered in monotonous simultaneity gave me the chills. It was like they were connected somehow. Maybe siblings had some sort of connection that transcended rational thought. But enough questions for tonight.

"So, if you wake up early, you'll stay lying down in this room until you can sleep again, because you want to relax, right?"

"Yes, Mark."

"Then, if you wake up you will look at the clock and see that it reads a number before twelve PM tomorrow morning, you will instantly fall asleep again. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Mark. Anything for my son." Mom replied and she was silent.

Aunt Sarah's voluptuous body shuddered before she answered, "Yes, Mark. Anything for my son."

What the hell?

"Mom?" I replied, too stunned to say anything else.

"Yes, Mark?" They both replied in perfect unison.

"Aunt Sarah?"

"Yes, Mark?" They both replied.

I recoiled and took a few steps back from Mom and Aunt Sarah. Did siblings share a subconscious or was I somehow serving as a bridge between them?

I approached Aunt Sarah and knelt over her, fighting the temptation to stare down her massive cleavage. "Hi, Aunt Sarah," I whispered in her ear so Mom would not hear.

"Hi, Mark," They both answered in perfect unison.

Suddenly, I heard a noise in the hallway. I exited the room to hear someone quietly climbing the stairs. The wooden stairs at Aunt Sarah's house always creaked when someone tried to traverse them. I walked up the stairs as silently as I could. Had Amanda seen me? Even though I had bound her voluntarily to my will, I still didn't know how she would react when she saw the thing that really made me a monster. I would have to be cautious.

Silently, I entered Amanda's room to find sitting on the bed facing the door. Instantly her dark gaze was upon me, her eyes ablaze with curiosity.

I looked at her and asked, "What did you see?"

She didn't feign ignorance, "I'm not sure what I saw, Mark! What the hell were you doing to them?"

Although I could have lulled Amanda to sleep and coaxed her into forgetting that she saw me control our mothers, I decided to be honest. I told her about how I originally discovered my powers of suggestion when I manipulated her subconscious mind a few days ago, to how I had fixed the mistake that was Heather Richardson. She was receptive throughout my confession and silent until I mentioned that I had manipulated her early that morning.

"Wait, Mark, you did this to me?" She shot me an uncertain look, the way an amnesiac would when he is told who he is, but doesn't understand or believe in his former life.

I nodded guiltily and said nothing. My gaze wandered toward Amanda's dark window. Outside, the sun had completely set, casting dark hues of green into the violet evening sky, paving the way for the first stars which cast their light like timid fireflies gliding down from the heavens.

"I guess that explains why I haven't felt the need to hurt anyone, and why I can be so completely honest with you," she pondered, "So, that thing you do, is it like some sort of hypnosis or mind control? Could you get someone, such as my mom, to do things they wouldn't normally do?"

I gazed into her eyes again, "It's like I told you before; I can only control people while they sleep, and even then I can only easily manipulate their subconscious actions. It's a lot more difficult for me to change how a person acts when they're awake. I still don't know why that is, or why any of this is happening, or if any of this is even real. I sometimes imagine that I died a long time ago, or that I'm in a coma and my life so far has been an echo of the loneliness I have felt when I was awake. I keep expecting to wake up in a world full of friends, but I always wake up alone," She looked at me, tears forming in her eyes, "But to answer your question: Yes, I could probably get someone like your mom to do something out of character with a strong enough push while they sleep. Why?"

Amanda shook her head and slipped out her one-piece nightgown. Her massive mounds shot out of her perfect hourglass figure. "Never mind what I said, Mark," she walked softly towards me, "My questions aren't important. You saved that little Richardson boy and his father, and you didn't give in to temptation to experiment on innocent people. You're a real man, Mark, far better than I deserve. I can only hope to prove myself to be worthy of serving at your feet. I'm a horrible person Mark. I've hurt a lot of people, but what you did to me helped me become a better person. I'm in love with you, Mark, and I'll always love you. I don't expect you to love me, Mark, but I promise that as long as you let me serve your wants and needs, you'll never have to wake up alone again. And-"

I grabbed her by the arm and forced my mouth onto hers. Her body melted in my arms as we kissed more passionately than either of us had before.

I broke the kiss and stared lovingly at her eyes which were still closed. My arms caressed the smoothness of her behind.

She opened her eyes and smiled contentedly, "Well, I guess that settles it then."

I quickly positioned my arms long her back and lifted her up. She squealed happily in surprise as I carried her to the bed and set her down. She spread her legs as I took my clothes off and positioned my face between her legs. My cousin moaned with anticipation as my tongue approached her beautiful pussy. Amanda drew a sharp intake of breath as I stroked her clit with my tongue and rubbed the length of her pussy.

"Ah, ah, Master, oh! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" she begged.

It was the first time Amanda had ever called me Master, I mused, and continued licking her delicious cunt. I stuck my right index finger into her pussy and pulled it out. Slowly, I inched my lubricated finger towards her sphincter.

I removed my mouth from her pussy and asked her, "How would you like my dick in your tight asshole?"

"Mhmmm. Yes, sir, I'd love your cock in my ass!"

"Good girl," I pushed my index finger past her sphincter and into her asshole. My index finger easily slid in. She must have played with her ass many times before. I quickly developed a rhythm finger fucking her tight bowels before I slid a second finger in to the knuckle.

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