tagInterracial LoveThe White Girl - Getting Engaged!

The White Girl - Getting Engaged!


Author's Note: It is highly recommended that before you read this installment that you review the first chapter of THE WHITE GIRL to better understand the characters, their situation and the surprise ending. ATTENTION ALL READERS WHO SELECT MY STORIES AS THEIR PERSONAL "FAVORITES", I WOULD ASK THAT YOU REMEMBER TO "CLICK ON" YOUR SELECTION FOR A RATING FOR ALL OF MY STORIES, PLEASE!


When Johnny got back to his lonely world of teaching all that he could think about was the delicious weekend that he had just completed with Karen. His most 'tastee' memory was of the time that he had her on the side of her bed, slamming and sliding his dick in and out of her slick, wet pussy in the "Doggie-style" position. He had fucked that pussy so good that neither one of them wanted him to pull his cockmeat out from between her thighs and for him to return back to teaching.

Upon his return to the college he put a tremendous amount of time and energy into preparing his lesson plans, and getting all of his classroom materials together, and getting to work early each morning before his students arrived. But all that Johnny really seemed able to think about was whether or not he was going to ask Karen to marry him the next time that they got together. That decision became his every day, all day obsession as he thought about his current life situation as a long-term bachelor and the prospect of packing it all in to move in with her.

Johnny had been a divorce for nearly ten years, and although he had had his share of wild and crazy gals, none of the previous women that he had been involved with had captivated his libido like Karen did. He loved her sharp, witty, smart-aleck personality and her intelligence, her considerateness, her sincerity, her shy innocence, her compassion, and her passion, but mainly he loved her because she loved him first.

Karen had fallen in love with Johnny's MATCHBOOK Profile image. She loved his handsome photos, his intelligent writing, and his articulateness. But she also loved his practical, real-time qualities. She loved his thick Negroid lips, and his long, Black monstrous dick.

She loved his humility, his sexy voice, his patience with her, and his suave and sophisticated way. She also adored his respect for women, the fact that he made her feel important, and his funny sense of humor. There was no doubt that Karen had placed Johnny on a very high relationship pedestal.

But Johnny knew that he would have to have a prepared decision together by the time that he rolled back into Karen's place again come the weekend. She had TEXTED him early in that week telling him that she planned to pick him up from his job on the Ohio State University campus on Friday and to bring him back to her place to spend another frolicking and sexually delicious weekend.

Johnny and Karen were truly a love-starved pair. During their time being separated from each other through the week they would spend hours and hours of time on the telephone each night. They would write old-fashioned "Love Letters" to one another through the U.S. Mails, and they would even drive half-way to the other partner's city to have lunch or dinner with their love sick absentee companion.

Karen was usually the first party who would initiate contact by telephone every night at around 10 o'clock P.M. She would call her lover to inquire about how his day had been, to tell him about her's and invariably they would descend into "PILLOW TALK". This was usually Johnny's domain which would occur when his heart started moaning and yearning for her love.

The two love birds were big fans of R&B music and particularly the Love Songs and male-produced Ballads and the female-produced Diva tunes. Invariably whenever one lover called the other you could hear some memorable tear-jerker or heart rendering tune playing in the background on the receiver's line.

Johnny was a big fan of Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers, the O'Jays, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. And the song that would make his heart yearn the most for his love accomplice was Gaye's hit "Distant Lover!" That song could even sometimes have Johnny crying over the phone for Karen, yearning and feening for her love. He would actually be craving her physical presence and emotional embrace.

Karen loved it whenever Johnny cried for her. She would tell him, "I love that you cry for me!" "My heart breaks at the thought of it and at the same time I love it." She would actually get giddy when she thought of how sincere and tender Johnny's love for her really was.

On the day that he was scheduled to travel to her home to be with her for the weekend she would often arrive ahead of schedule just to sit and watch Johnny end his final class of the day, pack up his briefcase, loosen up his tie and come down and jump into her old, used Chevrolet sedan. Johnny at the time of his love affair with Karen did not own his own vehicle.

He usually rented late model or brand-new vehicles from Frugal Budget Rent-a-Car because he liked the feel of a newer car and because all of his adult life he had owned brand-new vehicles. His first divorce had produced a young child from that marriage and in deference to the "blood-sucking" Child Support Agency in Ohio he had returned his last late model Mitsubishi Eclipse to the dealership to better concentrate on providing for that child.

When Karen came to pick Johnny up they would normally return to her neighborhood community and pick out one of the local restaurants to have their early supper. She might then stop to check in on her two sons in town before returning for the evening back at her abode.

On this special Friday Johnny had pre-packed his belongings at his apartment before he left for school that morning. And after spending a quiet afternoon eating their dinner he suggested to Karen that he needed to pick up some toiletries for the weekend before they turned in for the night.

He specifically wanted to go by the Mall of America to pick out his sundry lotions and shaving crème. Strolling through the Mall that Friday night things were buzzing with the high school kids all bustling over the hottest movies at the Cinema and the adults were all rushing to make their last minute purchases before turning in themselves for the evening.

Just as the loving pair were about to reach the shopping center's CVS pharmacy they strolled past the local outlet of the Osterman Jeweler's store. Focused and striding to reach their intended destination, Karen had her mind targeted on her weekend laundry, manicuring her lawn and what to cook for her loving man that weekend.

When out of nowhere Johnny stopped completely in his tracks and did not take another step to keep up with Karen's procession to the designated pharmacy. By the time that she realized that Johnny had stopped and was standing strangely in place, she turned and looked with puzzlement into his eyes, only to find one of the broadest smiles that she had ever seen on his face, it was then that she realized that he was pointing straight at the diamond ring collection in the jewelry store showcase they were standing right in front of.

Mouthing the words, "Will You Marry Me," Karen read from Johnny's lips and immediately burst out into tears herself as she realized that he had accepted her proposal from the previous week and that he was agreeing to get married to her and to become her lawfully wedded husband! The loving couple stood together in the Mall's atrium crying in one another's arms as they both embraced the emotionalism of the moment.

Back at her house Karen broke out the remaining Champagne & Chablis from the previous Valentine's Day observance and the two sweethearts toasted to the eternal success and happiness of their marriage which they both hoped and prayed would be their final march down the isle of matrimonial bliss. Both being 'Baby-Boom' generation babies they recognized that this might be their final chance to grasp the brace ring of love.

As a special treat on the occasion of the declaration of their eternal love, Karen decided to allow Johnny to pick out the X-rated 'around the house' sexy garment that he wanted her to wear for the evening. When he told her that he wanted her in the Pink camisole top she was not surprised, but when he added that he wanted her to exclude any panties or undergarments beneath she was fascinated about the prospects.

For his part Johnny had been lusting all week about the thought of having his sexual love kitten in each and every room of her home starting back in the shower. He had been craving the thought of copulating with his big legged, full-bosomed, big assed love dessert in the tender, intimate confines of her enclosed shower stall so that he could slam into her luscious hindquarters as the soothing, hot water caressed their passionate and sex-hungry bodies.

Drinking of his champagne and taking in the gravity of the moment, Johnny could not help but to be mesmerized by the sight of Karen's gorgeous, pale, White ass, peeking out from underneath her short camisole. He would lose his breath beholding the magnificence and the grandeur of the mountains of curvaceous rump roast he saw wiggling, giggling, bumping and jostling unencumbered by panty or girdle.

As Karen passed by within his grasp Johnny reached up and squeezed the rumptious, gluteus globes of nature's softest and plumpest cushions underneath her garment. Turning to give him a lecherous smirk she continued to waddle over to the '5' ft. high flat screen T.V. in her livingroom to turn the channel to the HGTV show 'Rehab Addict'.

Karen was a junkie for home improvement shows that she watched unceasingly throughout her free time. As a single, independent lady she was accustomed to fixing and connecting gadgets around the house.

Sitting down on Johnny's lap after she found the television station that she was looking for the pair launched into one of their patented, passionate and erotic French kisses including the swapping of tongues, saliva, lips and faces. For extra measure Johnny slid his broad, masculine right palm down between Karen's exposed and naked thighs until he came into contact with her wet, slippery and swollen pussy lips.

The pair began making out on the Arm Chair in the livingroom, then they sprawled out onto the floor, tumbled into the diningroom, stretched out up against the wall in the hallway, stripped each other nude at the entrance to the bathroom and eventually ended up under the hot water of a closed off shower stall. At this point Karen whispered into Johnny's ear, "You know what one of my sexual fantasies has been all my life?" she said. "No, what has your little heart longed for all of these many years my sexy pet kitten?" Johnny responded.

"I have always wanted to experience the thrilling sensation of a 'Golden Shower' right here in my private oasis inside of my personal shower," she purred. "Well, I think that I can satisfy that fantasy of yours my dear right here and now," Johnny replied. And with that he turned the Waterpik shower head nozzle away from Karen's body, redirecting the water stream, pushed her shoulders down guiding her to the floor of the shower stall and stepped back a pace and began peeing down all over her shoulders, her neck, her breasts and finally pointing his stream all over her face and hair.

Karen exclaimed when the warm, wet stream of Johnny's urine reached her face and head region. She was shocked by the volume of yellow, sweet smelling, pure textured liquid that ran across her upper extremities, over her head, down her chest and on to her lower body. She turned towards Johnny and twisted her face to him to get the full blast of the near minute long drenching of her skin and hair and upper body. She loved it!

Once Johnny had emptied his kidneys of all of his 'Golden Juice' he grabbed Karen's hands and pulled her back up off of the shower floor and back up to chest high levels beside him and redirected the warm water stream of the shower to wash, and cleanse and rinse her off of the urination he had deposited over her entire body. He took his clean hand towel and lathered it with soap and the couple mutually bathed each other as they kissed and embraced and hugged in the stall.

Exiting the shower they toweled off and redressed to prepare to visit Karen's cousin across the street from her house to announce the happy news about their nuptials and to engage in one of Karen's favorite past times, a competitive card game of SPADES! She loved to talk smack and to hear the revelry of the other participants talking trash and dishing smack to each other.

Once the excitement had died down after the newly engaged couple showed off their respective rings the serious work of determining a SPADES card game champion was at hand. The participants were Karen's cousin Charon, her husband Douglas, Johnny, Karen and a surprise entrant, one of Karen's other cousins Cheryl and her new fiancée Lamont.

Lamont and Cheryl were surprise entrants because they rarely showed up at family gatherings. They were also a surprise because from the moment that Karen and Johnny walked through her cousin's door Lamont had his eyes glued to Karen's big ass.

The festivities began with the normal family revelry of signifying and jiving that always went on whenever Karen and her family members gathered. Her cousin Charon was older than Karen and she knew of all of Karen's childhood secrets. Charon's husband Douglas was a big man but he was very much subordinate to his wife.

Cheryl and her fiancée Lamont were the wild card of the group as not much was known of their chemistry as they were a younger couple in their late twenties or early thirties. But there was no doubt that Lamont had eyes for Karen.

As the game started off the couples paired up with their romantic companion separating their seats by opposite sides of the card table. As it turns out Karen was seated next to her young cousin's fiancée Lamont. As soon as the first hand of cards were dealt Lamont turned to Karen and said, "I know that you and Johnny have been fucking up a storm since you two met haven't you?" he asked. "That's none of your damn business" Karen whispered back in return.

The gist of their conversation was muffled by the fact that Karen's neighbor cousin had start passing around fresh drinks of liquor, wine, carbonated beverages, chips and pretzels. Everyone at the table had started to focus their individual attention on their cards that had been dealt and were busy sorting their hands out.

"I know that I would sure as hell love to take your pretty little self back up into the Appalachian Mountains with me to my place in the hills and wear your ass out!" Lamont retorted to Karen. Embarrassed and amused Karen looked flush across the card table to see if anyone else could hear that her young cousin's fiancée was hitting on her and making all kinds of sexual advances.

But the play at the table had become intense with Johnny and Douglas butting heads and taking wagers on who would be running the table and setting the other couples back for over bidding their hands. Douglas and his wife Charon started out fast and were leading the game three hands in with Johnny and Karen coming in second, followed by her cousin Cheryl and her pesky fiancée Lamont.

The alcohol and cigarette smoke was getting thick around the table and nobody seemed to be noticing Karen and her pesky stalker. The card game continued with a heated pace and the noise and the volume was uproarious.

About midway through the card game Karen felt some woolen fabric mingling in with her bare feet beneath the table only to find that Lamont had kicked off his cowboy boots and was playing footsie with Karen. Realizing that this young man was smitten with her and that he had proceeded to wrap his woolen sock feet around her hanging bare feet shocked and startled Karen.

Lamont by this time was feeling no pain from the glasses of alcohol that he had consumed and from whatever else it was that he had been smoking before he and Cheryl had arrived. He was grinning and making goo-goo eyes at Karen the whole time.

When Karen started to feel uncomfortable about Lamont she didn't know whether to shout out loud at the interloper or to just ignore his forwardness. Her confusion lead her to take no action at all and the next thing that she knew he had taken his free hand and had started drawing circles around her naked knee cap with his fingernail.

Embarrassed and befuddled by his physical aggressions Karen tried to make eye contact with Johnny but he was totally absorbed in the card game that he was engaged in. He was completely unaware of the precarious situation that his wife-to-be had found herself in.

On the one hand Karen knew that if she did blurt out that Lamont was violating her personal boundaries it would make a major scene at the family get-together. But on the other hand if she didn't act fast he was becoming more and more aggressive and would surely be close to broaching her private areas very soon.

She didn't want to shame her young cousin Cheryl who was so happy about her upcoming plans for marriage. But at the same time she was worried about Lamont's public indecency in front of her other family members.

The indecision and the mystery all came to a head when Karen noticed something that felt like a warm, rubber, water balloon with fingers climbing up her thighs. When she looked down in her lap she realized that it was Lamont's drunk hand and fingers slowly sliding up her skirt and heading directly for her pussy.

Aroused and overwhelmed at the nerve of him to run his hand and fingers up her skirt while his fiancée sat less than two feet away on the other side of the card table, Karen immediately jumped up from the ongoing card game and shouted, "Hot Damn, I forgot to turn off my gas heated, hot water tank in my basement before Johnny and I came over her to play cards," she exclaimed!

"Come on Johnny, I need you to help me cut off that gas line before my house blows up and takes this whole damn block with it," she pleaded. "Sorry that we've got to rush off, but two dealt hands leaving the game at the same time will allow everything to remain even with the two couples still left behind to play," she explained. And with that said, Karen scooped up Johnny, grabbed her purse and they were out of her cousin's front door and back across the street to her own house before anyone could offer a substantial resistance.

Unlocking the door to her own house Karen sighed as a huge rush of emotion left her body upon entering her livingroom. She turned and said to Johnny, "Don't be mad at me, but I just made up that excuse to get out of my cousin's house because that damned Lamont was trying to sexually molest me underneath the table and I had to get out of that place pronto!"

Upon hearing her explanation Johnny immediately stormed for her front door to return back to Charon's house to punch Lamont out, when Karen grabbed his shirt in the chest and said, "Please Johnny don't go back over there and make a scene," she pleaded. "My family will take care of that situation and my brother's-in-law will handle Lamont in their own way," she continued.

"Why didn't you say something to me or to Douglas while all of this was going on Karen, I am just about as mad at you as I am with your family?" said Johnny. Your family shouldn't let creeps like Lamont join into your clan prying on your women folk like he just did," he added.

"I know, I know, baby. But I didn't want to embarrass my young cousin who is scheduled to be married to Lamont later this month, and I surely didn't want to shout out in the midst of the card game because we would have had a major brawl in my cousin Charon's front livingroom if I had just blurted out, There Is A Pervert In Our Midst," Karen chuckled. "My sisters and I will speak with Charon privately and maybe we can let her down easy and alert her to the train wreck that she heading directly for," said Karen.

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